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  1. Maybe so, but I come from the poor half of the USA, and an awful lot of people in America don't feel "rich". There is huge disparity when talking averages, and in addition to being a large economy, the USA also has a very bad distribution of income. That is a more important consideration than size.
  2. I agree people regret it. They had hope that he would be better than he is. Knowing that won't change anything though. Given the same options, they will still vote for him, because Hillary was worse. If you think people aren't angry, go to flyover country and talk to them. They may not like Trump, but he will win by default unless something is done about the rest of Washington.
  3. Let's get one thing straight. Nobody likes Trump. Few of the people who voted for him actually like Trump. Of course they will disapprove of him. The problem is that they hate the establishment even more. Approval ratings are always relative. People keep getting distracted by the wrong thing. It isn't how great a job Trump is doing, it is the failure of those who have held the reins for the last century to recognize their mistakes and accept that they need to change. Trump is a demagogue and a psychopath. He is dangerous. Nobody likes him. He is also going to win unless the media stops trying to demonize him and instead starts focusing on the problems that put him in charge.
  4. 2012 data?? This is very out of date. USA is currently ranked #11. Next time, please check your facts, rather than finding archaic graphs just to support an incorrect statement. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-richest-countries-in-the-world.html
  5. Never go against a demagogue when a country is deeply divided. It's a sucker's bet. Trump is extremely skilled at setting the stage in such a way that he will get the majority. Many people are hoping that he will be impeached and convicted. Very unlikely in the current climate. Nobody really has the stomach for that today. It's not a Nixon situation, no matter how much the media might be portraying it like it is. Times have changed, and people's tolerance for corruption is much higher than it once was. The establishment politicians over the last 50 years have made them mostly numb to scandals such as Trump's. They are all crooks and thieves, or so the thinking goes. The only hope of getting rid of Trump is for the Democrats to run someone like Sanders in 2020. If they put an establishment candidate like Hillary up again, you're looking at 4 more years of Trump. People were angry in 2016. That is why Trump won. People are still angry, and the more the media demonizes the cretin, the more they simply fuel the electorate's hatred of the establishment. The anger has not gone away. If anything, it has grown. The only way anyone like Hillary could ever get elected again is to genuinely fix the problems in the country, and there is no way the elite allow that. I called Trump's victory the last time when most news channels had Hillary up by 10 points. I got ridiculed then too. As for many of those people who are outwardly saying they hate Trump and agreeing with you...that is just so they don't get labeled a Trump supporter. But when the curtains close on the polling booth, they will probably still vote for him, despite what they might be telling you to your face. That is how much people hate the other candidates. I really wouldn't bet your farm if I were you. You could wind up homeless and hungry.
  6. Agreed. This article is horribly confusing. I understand the argument behind Tether propping up Bitcoin. Namely, that when people exchanged Bitcoin for Tether, instead of selling the Bitcoin on the market to buy USD which would have depressed the price, Tether simply held it, creating an artificial demand for Bitcoin and driving it to unwarranted highs. But the process described in the article above doesn't seem to offer any support for that, only normal market action. Of course, as cryptocurrencies drop people are going to unload it for stable coins in significantly larger numbers than when it was rising. I suspect reading the actual paper written by UoT would make sense, but I often wonder where Reuters finds these reporters and editors.
  7. You need to start at the Swedish embassy in Bangkok. This will be an intercountry adoption. The procedures are quite different than a local adoption, and only the Swedish embassy can get you started properly. If you do a Thai adoption, it will almost certainly not be recognized by Sweden.
  8. Non-B, marriage extension, out of work for 18 months. Trying to send only $1000 USD to my brother in the states. "Can not" was the answer at all 5 branches I tried where I have accounts. Finally had to go Western Union and get screwed. Your apparent experience is the exception, not the rule. No, I am not a preferred customer at CIMB, so I didn't try there.
  9. Because if you don't have a work permit, most branches will not allow you to do this. Don't know how you got so lucky that you say "no questions asked." Believe me....for everyone but you apparently, there are many questions, and an awful lot of "can not's" that come back.
  10. If anyone runs into roadblocks in this situation, a relatively painless way to solve this problem is as follows: Take out 2 million baht in cash Fly to Phnom Penh. Declare the cash to customs. Have your records ready to show the source of the funds. (i.e. a bank statement) Get an E visa to Cambodia at the airport Pick up a local prepaid SIM card at PNX so you have a local number Extend the E visa to a 6 month EG using an agent in Cambodia Find anyone willing to write you a letter of residence. You don't actually have to stay there, just make an agreement that says you will long enough to open a bank account. Open a USD bank account at ABA in Cambodia and deposit your money. Wire the money back into Thailand. You are legally allowed to take out 2 million baht at a time to a border country from Thailand. You can do all of this in 2 days with an overnight stay in Phnom Penh. The exchange rate you will get going from THB->USD->THB is the cheapest you are going to get. The most expensive part will be the 6 month EG in Phnom Penh (around $160) plus about $100 for the flight. You may have to offer some compensation to get someone to write you a letter of residence. It is best to arrange this on a forum before you arrive. It is a small PITA, but it complies with all the rules and will resolve any issue you have.
  11. Actually there is lots of doubt about this statement, but that is beside the point. Democracies rarely if ever survive the appearance of demagogues. Even the ancient Greeks knew this, which is where the word comes from. It isn't a shocking, new discovery. Once Thaksin came on the scene, whatever flavor of democracy that existed in Thailand was doomed. Demagogues always indicate the end stage of a democracy. Prayut is just one possible consequence of the people electing a demagogue like Thaksin to power. It could also have gone the way of Cambodia if the military had not intervened. Thailand is not alone though. The USA is also in its own throws of democratic disaster now that Trump has been elected. History gives us ample evidence that this is the beginning of the end for the American empire. Of course, each country decays according to its own culture, and while Thai democracy may have ended in a military dictatorship, the USA is likely to fracture and eventually break into two or more new republics. Demagogues are always bad news. They signal deep divisions within a society, and a people unwilling or unable to face the real problems associated with their conflict. Democracy simply doesn't work under these conditions. Doubt this if you want, but history has proven this to be absolutely correct.
  12. Talent? Probably not. An awful lot of luck though. From the air, you really can not see if a power line might be in your way, and there is no way you can account for traffic. Doing an emergency landing on a street is generally one of the last things you want to do. I trained in the SoCal area and it was driven in over and over again exactly how dangerous that maneuver is. Pilot skill has little to do with executing it successfully. It may have been her only option though, and good on her for getting it down safely. Time to buy a lottery ticket. Glad she's alright in any case and there was no damage.
  13. Why would you waste everyone's time with this stupid video that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic under discussion? On a relevant note, keep in mind that anyone who believes a constitutional convention can be limited to simply overriding a couple of unpopular national laws is living in dream land. Once a convention is called, those representatives can do ANYTHING, up to and including dissolving the United States of America, and there is absolutely nobody who can limit their authority. If 3/4 of the states can accept it, then it happens even if it means that the United States ceases to exist as a country. I for one can imagine that after months of delegates digging in their heels over abortion or gay marriage, people might genuinely be ready to partition the country in order to move forward. A constitutional convention is no trivial matter.
  14. Mutilated passports are also replaced. Just run it through the washing machine. Oops. Dopey me. Can you replace my mutilated passport kind sir? Yes, I know. It was my maid. She just didn't look through the pockets before doing the laundry.... I seriously doubt you will have a problem. You can also spill cough syrup on it, or some other sticky goo....lots of ways to get a new passport that don't require lying about losing it.
  15. If you can identify the specific transfer that you want, simply go into your local branch, and tell them you want a "Debit Advice" for the specific transfer in question. You'll need to identify the transfer by date, amount and any other unique, distinguishing feature. As it is over 3 months old, they may need to write up the request and send it to the head office, and it will probably take about a week to get a response. Banks usually have a fee of around 100 baht for this. Each bank seems to have a different procedure. You may wish to call the bank's head office and ask them specifically what to do so you can explain it to the person at the branch. This should be a standard service that any bank can give you.