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  1. Anywhere between 5-8 baht/km seems to be the usual for private companies today, the higher end being more common. You can pay more if your intention is to give your employees extra perks without taxes. So if you are going to pay 650/100km, that would be around 6.5/km which is reasonable. You might get some grumbling about companies that pay more, but I doubt anyone would quit over it.
  2. That is a matter of interpretation, but reading the context around the clause would seem to indicate the intent was to exempt temporary visiting professors and the like. If you are contracted for longer than 2 years you are not a visiting teacher, but have apparently moved to the new country for permanent employment. I would actually be inclined to agree with the interpretation of the Thai Revenue Department here. If your contract exceeds 2 years, you are not exempt for any of it. But my opinion isn't the one that matters. As I see it, the reasoning behind the clause "for a period not exceeding two years from the date he first visits that State for such purpose" would be to clarify the time frame in the case where a visiting professor flies home for a brief period. In that case, the 2 year period does not reset, but is counted from the time he first started to work. It seems to be clearly written to indicate that only teachers visiting temporarily are exempt.
  3. You don't mention what is causing the hyperthyroid condition in your girlfriend, however the most common cause is Grave's disease. You don't mention the medication she is on, however a drug like Tapazole is a common way to deal with this problem, although much like patients with hypothyroidism she will need to take the drug for her entire life or as long as the hyperthyroid condition exists. (Edit: actually you do say the drug is Methimazole/Tapazole. -- propylthiouracil is listed as the alternative) Regular blood tests are very important for this therapy. Before considering more invasive procedures like surgery, I would ask the doctor to change her medication and see if she does better on a different drug. If she is having trouble with the drugs, you can consider radioactive iodine therapy or surgery which actually kills (or removes, in the case of surgery) a part of the thyroid gland to limit the hormones it can produce. The problem here is that the productivity of the gland can actually change over time, and she runs the risk of becoming hypothyroid later and being forced to take supplementary T4 for the rest of her life. Her doctor should be discussing all these options with her and finding the treatment best suited to her, but I would definitely give the drugs a chance before going to other options. Surgery is not inevitable in my opinion, but it can be the best choice if the other options are not giving satisfactory results. I would get opinions from several medical professionals, but ultimately it is your girlfriend's choice how she wishes to handle this condition. You can also look into non pharmaceutical remedies such as Moringa, which can help in regulating your thyroid gland, but it is important to do this in conjunction with regular blood tests.
  4. I don't expect a person like you to understand, but I encourage you to climb off your horse and actually try and empathize with fellow human beings. Hard, I know. But worth the effort. When you are in these positions only then will you be qualified to comment. In one case, the wife abandoned him and his 3 children. He can't get the kids out of the country and can't qualify for a Visa because he has to wait 3 years for a divorce by abandonment. The children do not know anyone else. Leaving means putting them in an orphanage or to a distant relative nobody knows. It is easy for you to judge when it doesn't affect you. But the truth is there needs to be an appeal process for those with families who can not meet the requirements for some reason.
  5. Extreme? Not really. I know 3 people on overstay. All have families and got into the situation due to economic difficulties. They now have no legal way to clear the problem and keep their family. There really should be a way for those with families but struggling financially to appeal for leniency. These people can not even get a legal job now. It is a truly awful situation to be in and those with no empathy really need to take a hard look at the realities.
  6. Medical package for visitors from China

    Given that Thai social security exists on the order of 20 baht per person per day I would say it sounds completely reasonable.
  7. Do this all the time. Never had a problem. Your signature is on your passbook in invisible ink. They check it under a black light. If it matches and you have ID no reason for them to refuse.
  8. Metfone from Cambodia. Sign up for roaming in Thailand. Free incoming minutes. 10 cents per minute for outgoing calls to either Cambodia or Thailand. $2/month for unlimited internet. Speed is very restricted though.
  9. If you are not going to appear in person at the US Embassy in Bangkok to do the notarization, then you will need to get the document apostilized by the Secretary of State in the USA. The Thai Embassy in the USA has no legal basis for accepting a US notary. The Hague Treaty requires the notarization be apostilzed by the US federal government, and then that apostilization can be stamped by the Thai Embassy. This is a standard process which is always used for international documents. There are services in Washington DC which will handle this for you. Please see this website for more information: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal-considerations/judicial/authentication-of-documents.html Again, only an apostilized document can be accepted by international treaty. A local notary from the USA is meaningless by itself. The state department has to attest that the notary is acceptable, and only with that apostilized seal can the Thai Embassy certify the document. If you don't want to deal with this, just have your wife fly to Bangkok and do the notarization at the US Embassy here. Otherwise just accept the inconveniences of international treaties. Edit: Here is a direct link to the competent authorities to apostille a document notarized from a notary public in a particular state. It is reachable from the above link, but buried. https://www.hcch.net/en/states/authorities/details3/?aid=353
  10. How can Surapong Kongchantuk even say this with a straight face. Solving the problem along the lines mentioned would remove any possibility for getting a 20% kickback for authorizing a purchase of ridiculously expensive and useless retina scanners. Good god man...get your priorities straight. It's like you live in a different country than the rest of us. Elections are coming next year and these guys will soon be out of a job. This is their last chance at the government trough. Fingerprints. Please. Next he'll be saying we don't need $10,000 radar guns either...
  11. The rhizome from the Smilax Glabara he is using is well known to have a history of suppressing some kinds of cancer in vitro, however it has never been shown to be effective in vivo to my knowledge. Thus, it is entirely possible that his concoction may actually help a percentage of patients, but it is unlikely he understands why or which people it will help. Major pharmaceutical companies have not been successful in making a usable drug out of this plant, so it is unlikely he has found anything truly novel, but there is enough evidence that I can believe the conditions would randomly exist to work for some given a large enough sample. I looked into this plant a few years back when trying to help a friend dying of bone cancer.
  12. Fine. Good to see pedantics is alive and well. It is very possible to fit her crime into the fiducial laws of England.
  13. Actually, no. There does not have to be a conflict of interest or personal benefit. That is only where you acting in an agency relationship. This would be more similar to that of a trustee, who is obligated to act in the best interest of the beneficiary. The trustee does not have to personally gain to be in breach of their fiduciary duties. They only need to be shown to be acting in the interest of a party other than the beneficiary, or failing to take reasonable action to protect the interests of the beneficiary. I don't see much chance that a defense of innocence will work here. She is guilty even under UK law. Her best bet is to push forward with the argument that her prosecution was political rather than criminal.
  14. The time when America stopped being great

    There is no justification for thinking capitalism is the best option we have, other than a religious dogma that says it has to be. It is the one espoused by the empire of the day and certainly the one desired by those that are benefitting from it, but there are hundreds of other options out there. And only 1 of those options is socialism. How about the late king's idea of a "sufficiency economy". How about distributism? Only the seive of the cold war forced everyone into a binary choice between capitalism and socialism. There are an infinite number of 3rd options that are more suitable for the current world where growth is killing us. Capitalism isn't the best option for an economy any more than a cancerous tumor is the best option for weight gain. But those in charge will never accept that the 200 year orgy of growth is over.
  15. Then you make out wrong because that is what she was convicted of. This section, of which she was convicted, specifically refers to statutory and fiducial responsibilities, not "negligence".