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  1. No, but it is also irrelevant to the discussion. Put up a candidate that will be even more chaotic and radical than Trump that doesn't have these characteristics and you might find support among the public. The issue is not what Trump is doing, but simply the fact that he is rejecting the logic of the last 50 years. Concentrate there, and you have a chance of moving forward. Try to save the status quo including things like free trade and open borders, and you are destined to fail.
  2. What you call "peace and relative stability" has come at too high a cost for many people. The fact that you don't feel overburdened merely shows that you are one of the ones benefiting from the current scheme, rather than one of those subsidizing it. The world is chasing peace and stability yes, but only in the sense that everyone wants their particular version of it. Sadly, the current system does not provide that in a meaningful way as perceived by the majority. It is only a mirage currently enjoyed by the privileged. The majority are struggling under the weight of what you call "peace and stability", and what it actually means to them. This has been coming for a long time. It is not unusual in the historical context. If you want to talk historical references where people rejected "peace and stability" in favor of change, there are countless examples. And yes, the result of change usually brings a Napolean. But it does change, it upsets the order, and gives the underclass a new chance on a new path. That is where we are headed right now. I do not advocate it. I merely point out this is where we are at in history. You can't go back.
  3. Why not at your expense though? You are one of the ones who benefited from the previous 50 years of policy that has caused so much suffering to the wage class. If you like the current situation, it is because you benefited from it, and you want to keep benefiting. No problem there. I get it. But what are you offering to those who lost during that period? Eat cake? You can't continue to have what has been happening. So if you don't like Trump. Fine. I think he's a psychopath and I'd be happy to see him go. But come up with something radically different to offer people. And yes, everyone is likely going to have to pay for it. You, me, the incredibly rich, and the poor. This isn't a situation you can disown. It's not that type of world anymore. Unless you are ready to offer that, you are going to continue to get Trumps, or worse....
  4. What is fascinating to watch about this whole situation is how specific groups react to these changes. For example, what is confounding the defenders of the status quo, is that when they point out all the negative ramifications of Trump's policies to his supporters, rather than causing resentment, they actually seem to be having the opposite effect. It is causing them to double down on Trump. Of course, this makes many think Trump supporters are just idiots who can't see reality, but the truth is much more complex. The fact is, Trump has given his detractors hundreds of opportunities, but nobody has yet given the people an alternative. These trade wars aren't about numbers and whether bankers can show that traditional macro economic indicators are growing or declining. It is that people no longer actually believe in these macro economic indicators, therefore they are simply irrelevant to much of the public. When the Fed says they can't just "print money", the average person says "why not?" You did it to bail out Wall Street. Just do it again. Make everyone too big to fail. Trump is saying the same thing, and the people love him for it. Not because they are looking at how it effects their lives in the short term, but because it is different. Wildly different. Trump is causing chaos, and that is what people want at the moment. The only way to beat Trump, is to promise even more chaos than Trump is currently creating. And that is not what Trump's detractors are offering. They are offering a return to their version of stability, and anyone who thinks the American public is going to accept that just hasn't spoken to an average rural American recently. Expect more tariffs and a further turning away from free trade. This is what is coming, and cackling about traditional economic indicators and how much this is hurting people is just stupid. Trump supporters don't care. No matter how many jobs a government lobbyist says are lost, the previous system is still unsustainable, and everyone has recognized it. What Trump is promising is truly different. That is exciting. People want to see it through. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. Hate Trump? Then put up a candidate even more reckless than him. This is the new world. There is no path back to what was before.
  5. I think you are wildly missing the point of that statement by the US embassy. The Thai DMV is not looking for just a notary. If that were the case, why not just use a Thai lawyer to notarize it for you? What they are looking for is an official, recognized Thai government organization that says this is your address. In lieu of immigration, they will usually accept a statement from the embassy. It just so happens that the US government has no way to verify your actual, registered address, so they will notarize anything you tell them. Other countries may have ways of checking to see where you have declared as your domicile. Once you have a yellow book or work permit, this is no longer necessary because they have an official address for you already. So no, I am extremely doubtful you can use your bank for this purpose.
  6. You forget the signals from the engine maintenance system. By analyzing the signal strength and triangulating it is clear the engines either went southwest over the Indian Ocean or northwest over China. Those are the only 2 places that are possible and agree with the evidence. The plane could not have turned around and flown east. So unless you are going to make the claim that the plane flew in a different direction than its engines, then no. The plane could not have gone literally "anywhere". There are only a couple of very specific places it could be. Unfortunately, the most likely place is an area that is hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean, and it may never be found.
  7. I think much depends on the structure of what is happening. If the company's Thai operations are being taken over by a different Thai entity, and the company will be continuing as a going concern, then realistically you can be transferred to the new entity and your employment contracts will also be transferred. They do not require you to consent when the only change is an administrative detail. If they are asking you to accept a completely new position however, in a completely new entity because they are moving operations to a new jurisdiction, that is not an amalgamation or asset acquisition. In any case, I would think any arbiter on this is going to look at the intent of the company in placing you in a new position. If the company's intent is legitimate in that they are honestly merging two entities and nothing about your job or responsibility will materially change, then I don't think they need your consent. On the other hand, if they are simply trying to move you in order to avoid paying the statutory severance, then you are going to need to consent to that. Suggest you go consult with the labor department about your rights before you sign anything or accept any offer in compromise.
  8. Monomial

    How much do you smile whilst living in Thailand?

    It takes too much energy to smile, it's not healthy for you, and Americans smile the most anyway, so apparently Thailand was a move down in the smiling category. https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/do-you-smile-too-much-the-answer-is-probably-yes-heres-why-thats-bad.html I've found as I've been here longer and have more bills from the children and the mortgage, I definitely smile less. I was much happier in my 20's when I moved here without a care in the world and money to blow. Yeah...I'm in a bad mood today.
  9. Meanwhile, the engines, having successfully departed the aircraft, continued flying themselves out over the Indian Ocean as determined through actual analysis. Without wings to provide lift, there is no explanation for how this occurred. This incredible phenomenon has brought into question the Bournolli Principle that has stood unchallenged since the Wright brothers first discovered powered flight over a century ago. The shocked Google investigator was said to have reported "I believe this MH370 conspiracy goes deeper than we thought. Why, it appears that the governments behind this conspiracy even changed the laws of physics to accomplish their evil plans."
  10. I would look at the golf courses in the surrounding provinces (Samut Prakan, Nonthaburi, Pathumthani). They are all within an hours drive of central Bangkok. Some of them have some very nice houses. The green tends to keep the air cleaner. During morning rush hour nothing other than lower Sukhumvit is within an hours drive, so you can't worry about that. It takes 30 minutes just to get off the tollway, and even inner Bangkok isn't within an hours drive from inner Bangkok.
  11. Not sure the problem here... You are required to have a work permit in order to work at a school. If you do not have a work permit, then you can not legally work. You are under no obligation to pay for that administrative detail. It is part of the work permit process. If they refuse to pay for your work permit, then that is equivalent to terminating your employment. You simply need to give the school a written later stating that you understand they have refused to provide you a work permit and therefore you can not begin work. You then look for a new job. Don't get drawn into a discussion about their internal policies. You can't win. It doesn't matter what the real problem is. They have more information than you do, and it is their problem to sort out. Just leave. Or pay it yourself if you really want the job. Those are your only options. Don't turn it into a drama...
  12. It's not quite as evil as you make it sound. 7-11 has a policy that if your store is doing more than a certain volume per day, they will authorize a second store in the area to relieve the traffic. They do this so that customers never have to wait too long for service. It can be either a corporate store or another franchise. It depends on the situation. On busy intersections, it is not unheard of to see 4 stores, one on each corner. It is a distinction without a difference though. Your maximum growth for any 7-11 has an upper limit. You can not exceed this profit by design.
  13. You are making my argument for me. Like many, you are hung up on criticizing what Trump did wrong, or why Trump is bad. That is totally irrelevant until you address why Trump won to begin with. He won because people were so upset with the status quo, that they were willing to accept anything that might change it. Making arguments about how unpleasant that anything turned out to be doesn't matter. Unless and until the Democrats provide an option, they are not going to find a receptive audience. So stop concentrating on Trump, and start concentrating on what went so wrong that people prefer the disaster that is Trump to anything else on offer.
  14. While not the topic of this post, the 2016 results are very important to understanding this election. There are many ways to view the results of 2016. At the electoral college level, Trump won. Democrats don't like this result, so they prefer to consider popular vote. An actual analysis on a county by county level is more revealing however. Consider the following image from the actual 2016 election: This shows unequivocally exactly where the Democratic support base lies. By and large, any place where Democrats have support already has Democratic senators. The country is basically a sea of red (Trump) in the rural areas, with islands of Democratic support in every major city and around the Mexican border areas. This should tell everyone something about what is really going on. The Democratic support base is in the major cities, which is where the voters live that currently benefit from the status quo. In the rural areas, independent of state, the people are angry and are tired of the situation. They want actual change, and they don't care what needs to be done to get it. Certainly not some possible campaign violations or collusion that they feel every politician does anyway. In order to win, the Democrats need to stop doing what they have been doing, and reach out to that sea of disenchantment in the rural areas. This is the challenge that they have. They have done absolutely nothing in 2 years to address the real reasons they lost. They have done nothing to tell those rural voters how they will disrupt the status quo. All they have done is concentrate on disparaging Trump, but the divide is so clear and obvious that this is irrelevant. If you are in a red area, all you will hear is that the media is on a witch hunt. If you are in a blue area, you will have your opinions confirmed. It is the divide that is dangerous, and it is obvious where the fault line is. Rural = angry. Metropolitan = more of the same. It doesn't help to keep preaching about how many city dwellers support the Democrats. It is rural America that needs to be convinced, and that is where most of the critical Senate seats are being contested.
  15. The problem the Democrats are actually facing is that they have yet to accept why they lost and actually do something about it. The average Trump voter from 2016 doesn't even like Trump. They aren't going to be swayed by the stories of his guilt from the media. They voted for Trump because the hate the status quo. Trump's crimes are mostly irrelevant to everyone except the people who already hate him. Unless the Democrats put up candidates that promise to upset the status quo on the same or greater level than Trump, they aren't going to win. It is really very simple. The Democrats are their own worst enemy. Any candidate that stands a chance of actually winning these Senate seats away from the Republicans is never going to be selected to run by the Democrats. So unless and until the Democrats get their collective heads out of their south mouth, they are going to be stuck in this position. It's not Trump or the Republicans they need to beat this year. It's their own platform and leadership.