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  1. SCB to reduce number of branches to 400

    They will not change that money maker is my opinion.
  2. The cheapest farang in town!

    At one time they took inventory of cups in the 7/11 in the USA which is why they provided an optional cardboard sleeve to insulate hot cups.
  3. Migrant arrests ‘risk new panic’

    I don’t understand allowing 2 million migrants into Thailand to do unskilled labour and housekeeping. Those are jobs Thais are most qualified for and should be protected.
  4. Airconditioner wars with the missus!

    People spoil easily when you take them from having little to living their dreams I think.
  5. How about forward looking traffic cameras onboard and a bumper guard on the front. If vehicles don’t move in reaction to the sirens the ambulance driver gently taps the rear of the offender. If they still don’t move over review of the cameras will get them a visit from police or a significant fine in the mail.
  6. What’s truly amazing to me is it takes a 13 minute news segment to handle this story. Usually something like this would only require 9 or 10 minutes tops.
  7. Retirees in Thailand

    Thailand is a nice location for me because nobody from the USA calls me to help them or borrow from me.
  8. lets build a few catamaran!

    I know enough about boats to warn you this will be your most expensive whimsical adventure and possibly the one that sinks. B.O.A.T. Acronym, Break Out Another Thousand and in Thailand that would currently be ฿31,994
  9. Shipping electronic goods to thailand,tax,vat etc

    In some people case (who’s families aren’t millionaires) poor people would pay for the high value item and have them forward it, calling it a gift to hopefully find a way from paying the true import costs.
  10. Shipping electronic goods to thailand,tax,vat etc

    Yes it’s tough when trying to subvert declaring the true contents and value.
  11. New vehicles with temporary license plates to be banned

    Don’t forget the lucky or beautiful numbers premium.
  12. I hope the landlords electric meter is as quiet when it starts screaming around in circles.
  13. Bank may compensate ID card fraud victim

    I was allowed to hold the picture of my pp on my cellphone up the the camera when entering through security at the viewing. Actually I was amazed as tit and all.