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  1. There's a reason why manufacturers discontinue extended warranties on laptops after only 3 years or so.
  2. Let me be the first to say,, "This old chestnut"
  3. Amazing Thailand [emoji1242]
  4. They didn't even see it coming!
  5. Going after the private business sectors profits and ensuring the tax collection. Didn't they talk about state run grocery stores coming awhile back? What's the political name for a society where the state operates all the enterprises like gas,electricity,water,transportation etc.?
  6. So you think there is no traffic regulation for how far the load can protrude behind the truck?
  7. They don't dare go on record descending is my guess.
  8. Someone will buy a unit with a previous tenant or squatter who can not legally be evicted or forced to pay rent because they have no lease with the proud new owner.
  9. Galore
  10. I'm confused by the multiple references to religion and Buddhism.
  11. Thanks, I've tried all of that. It never loads.
  12. The page is set to default and will not open fully to change settings. I have deleted and reloaded the app with no change.
  13. He's the only person I know that always wants to who the "they" before the conversation can continue.
  14. Go to settings and change preferences.