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  1. If there was a 2nd Referendum then this would lead to a constitutional crisis. We had a peoples vote in 2016. If Mays deal goes ahead the Tories will be defeated at the next election because many Brexit voters will refuse to support them. If it is No Deal then they will likely also lose the next election because of their incompetance in failing to prepare for this situation. The media will destroy the Tories will negative stories everyday. Either way it looks like Corbyn and his idiots will be the next Government.
  2. They are trying to bully the UK because they are scared of having a major competitive economy on their doorstep. The problem is that May always gives in to EU demands because she is desperate for a Deal.
  3. The Deal agreed by May and Barnier looks worse in the long term than the short term problems of a No Deal. With the latter at least we would save 39 billion Euros.
  4. Project Fear 3 or is it 4 from Hammond. If there is a No Deal then austerity will have to end because he will need to provide a massive stimulus to the economy to counteract possible disruption to EU trade.
  5. There are only 2 options, a Canada type Free Trade Deal or No deal. Mr Barnier will get nothing from Arlene Foster except straight talking about the realities of trying to change Irish politics.
  6. It has been said on various news programmes recently (Sky, Politics Today etc.) that leaving the EU on March 29th is irreversible, unless the UK government decides to temporarily request a halt to the Article 50 process. Leaving the EU is now UK law. There is no legislation before Parliament that can stop Brexit and the legislative timetable is controlled by the Government. Remoaners should get over their loss and get on with life.
  7. Glad to hear an important European politician doing some straight-talking. The problem is that too many politicians in the UK believe that the Europeans are our friends. The truth is that they might like our money but they are definately our business rivals. They do not want a successful UK outside the EU.
  8. The corruption and lack of democratic accountability are examples of why 17.4 million Brits voted to leave the EU.
  9. Labour will ignore a democratic vote to get into power. A slippery slope to dictatorship.
  10. May is an embarassment. Party members at the Tory conference next month need to stand up and tell her to resign.
  11. The photos prove he is a liar and his behaviour to Jews is racist.
  12. Those people wishing to punish Johnson, including Mrs May, have clearly lost the plot when it comes to defending free speech.
  13. June 2016 George Osborne predicted economic collapse and hundreds of thousands of City jobs moving to Europe. Yesterday the City of London estimated that between 5000 to 13000 jobs will actually move. The Europeans need to wake up and understand that a No Deal will have a significant effect on future trade on both sides of the English Channel and Irish Sea.
  14. The EU are getting worried that they will not get our £40 billion exit fee.
  15. We now have a PM without a Party. The Remainers MP's might support her, but the Party Members will regard her as a traitor. This will be her downfall in the autumn at the party conference.