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  1. There is said to be 4 ปัจจัย in living 1. Food 2. living space 3. Clothing 4. Medicine Some modern take has a 5th one either transport/car or money As it is technically prohibited for Buddhist monk to handle money, sometime cash is euphemistically referred to as giving ปัจจัย to the monk
  2. digbeth

    หมั้น vs แต่งงาน

    หมั้น is official 'proposal' after the หมั้น you are fianceed modern Thais do this in the morning of the wedding day, or it can be done well in advance of the proper wedding
  3. PALA by Pan Pan is definitely on the watch list, it's on the top floor next to the loud game arcade and cinema. When they were in Central even as it was getting long in the tooth they had the 'old faithful' menu and the Pizza was always dependable, now with a new format and menu there's more pasta on the manu but the Pizza is reheated from a selection in the window, ok for grabbing a few slice before going to the cinema in idea, but they price for a couple of reheated slices of Pizza is about the same or more than their freshly made whole pizza in their other locations.
  4. digbeth

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    4-5 storey building with workshop, accommodation and retail space could just be a shophouse
  5. How much didnt she pay? was it 10 baht or 20 baht