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  1. digbeth

    Junta replaces Pattaya Mayor by article 44

    You make it sounds as if they care about how the raids affect businesses. This move is nothing to do with those, its all about delivering the Chonburi votes to the Junta coalition comes February next year.
  2. digbeth

    Need help with a medical term..

    ปื้น is used to describe hives like skin rashes or dark patches
  3. digbeth

    Typhoon Mangkhut = Typhoon Mangosteen?

    วิกฤต for crisis วิกฤตต้มยำกุ้ง was how the 97 crash was known you can google hamburgur crisis too
  4. digbeth

    Typhoon Mangkhut = Typhoon Mangosteen?

    ฝืด Fued is friction เศรษกิจฝืดเคือง economy in a slowdown เฟ้อ is bloated/increase เงินเฟ้อ inflation ท้องเฟ้อ bloated stomach
  5. digbeth

    Typhoon Mangkhut = Typhoon Mangosteen?

    The American 2008 Sub-Prime crash was also called 'Hamburger Financial Crash' by the Thais also
  6. digbeth

    Typhoon Mangkhut = Typhoon Mangosteen?

    Thailand gets to name it this time
  7. digbeth

    New Pedestrian Bridge Engineering

    On the subject of Thai engineering fails here's a new build condo in Bangkok that has failed slabs that's being reinforced with more external post tensioning
  8. digbeth

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    Absolutely certain
  9. digbeth

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    They'll have Foodland Supermarket instead, T21 in Korat got a Foodland, and it's going to be Foodland in Pattaya T21 too, The grocery store in Asoke was way before they had a deal with Foodland. That grocery store in Asoke is operated by The Mall group of the Emporium, and is actually a competitor to them now
  10. digbeth

    Villa Market (Old Index)

    I heard opening is around 20th
  11. digbeth

    Galaxy Note FE

    I have one for ten months now, pretty good so far the good point is that when I bought it (for 20,000 then)it was last year's flagship for middle tier price, at the price they're now just above 10,000 is great value. Great features that make me reluctant to replace it with newer Samsung models for 2 reason: Probably the last model with finger print reader in front home button and no stupid Bixby button Bad point is that cases are hard to come by, there's one in the box but if you go through that it's hard to find in the shop.
  12. digbeth

    New Pedestrian Bridge Engineering

    This bridge is steel truss I think, I only mentioned concrete as that concrete is usually simpler and post tensioned concrete is used everywhere now
  13. digbeth

    stop in pattaya driving a new car

    You can demand to have white plate from the dealer on day one, cut the cheque for the price of the car and wave it around the dealer's nose and say delivery with white plates only. This could result in your brand new car sitting on the dealer's forecourt for sometime, but saves the headache of chasing up the white plates months later. Or you can demand the 'registration kit' and take it to land transport department to register it yourself, done in half a day. Only the keeping up with the jones type prefer the red plates to show of to their neighbour that they are in a brand new car.
  14. I've seen buildings where there's a shared carpark on the first level making a sort of 'basement' and there's a shophouse or town house like office block that appears detached/semi-detached above the car park level, some with garden or swimming pool in the middle above the car park, they must definitely be using condo title as there's a need for common upkeep. But when does a condo / moo baan definition lies? there's both juristic person, even house in a moo baan will share walls(fence) with the common area/neighbor just like a condo building. Enterprising developers could try to make a village with condo title and sell sort of detached house to expats this way.
  15. They don't need, to, if it's close enough then it's close enough, Phattaya vs Pattaya they know it's พัทยา