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  1. Traffic police fined me illegally

    You seem to assume that Thailand operate under a rule of law They may appear so, having institutions and documents that appear like it
  2. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    MA-LA Craze Not an actual restaurant visit/review but a note to keep an eye out for the new Thai restaurant craze of MA-LA (Chinese for spicy) Basically a bbq type restaurant with spicy Szechuan pepper sauce on various things on skewer and of course Szechuan pepper soup. This trend were first around Northern Thailand and is now everywhere in Bangkok, most are outdoor type like a all you can eat BBQ place, with probably cheap and not very good quality ingredients, but hey, if you want tingly MA-LA Szechuan pepper, they've got it. It's only a matter of time when one opens in Pattaya
  3. Article is wrong, from Bangkok to Pattaya is 60 baht, pay at Pattaya's gate same 60 as before where you pay at the Chonburi Gate until April The old booths at Chonburi (Pan Thong) are being dismantled now
  4. That'd get the shop to direct you to a body shop or a hardware store to find a hinge or something
  5. Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    ราคี and มลทิน is like a patina, if a woman's been touched by a man she is said to have them มลทิน is also used in context of criminal case where once someone clears their name they are said to no longer have any หมด มลทิน
  6. It's the Socks and Sandals Thread

    What's worse, sandals with socks or no shirts beyond 2nd road?
  7. Highway 7 toll

    In theory once they got rid of the big Chonburi bound tolls and each exit has their own tolls there should be less queue as Pattaya bound traffic only pays once to exit at Pataya, and Rayong bound traffic pays at 36 exit, and countless other along the way like Sri Racha/Laem Chanbang The remaining bottleneck would then be the Bangkok bound final toll
  8. Avoiding BKK Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Pattaya

    On the 7 as you head just past the airport, before turning into 9 there's roadworks and congestion in the afternoon/evening of around 40 minute wait
  9. พร้อมเพย์

    years ago DTAC, the Mobile company called their pay as you go line DPrompt, and in Thai it sounds like ดี พร้อม
  10. Highway 7 toll

    Just because the sign aren't temporary doesn't mean it can't be replaced at a later date at significant cost
  11. What happened to The Coffee Club ?

    The one in Harbor on Klang is empty most of the time, they probably terminate their lease on the 31st December, only yesterday they were still moving the fixtures away and the shop is now boarded up
  12. early bus

    Chao tee sood, (the earliest morning) or Rot Kun Raek (The first car/bus) is best understood
  13. Songkran 2018

    When is Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day every year? SAME DAY EVERYYEAR It's not a holiday like Easter or other Lunar calendar-based day that moves around B-b- but Pattaya is on diffrent date..... Yes, the 19th, every year, any festivities before or after that date is spill over from other area
  14. if you want to make sure tre is pronounce tre in stead of te ros put a tan thakat( ์) over the s making ลิเทรส์
  15. Jai choom choom

    choom is from choom-chum =moist, juicy or choom chuean = also moist Jai Yen Yen, yen is of course cool, but another more colloquial variation is Jai Rom Rom where Rom is umbrella, used for same effect