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  1. It used to be that local governments handled the vaccinations with free vaccinations, but a couple of years back the anti corruption commission ruled that purchasing of vaccines and giving them out is not the job of local governments, and although the case was overruled local governments are still afraid of touching anything vaccines should there be legal repercussion, so now the disease spreads
  2. how to write Autism/Autistic in Thai

    if they fail to understand ออทิสติก I'm afraid there's ปัญญาอ่อน which is quite offensive but would get the point across without lengthy conversation
  3. I've had diesel engine in a car that has blown the piston seals and head gasket that won't turn off even when the ignition is off and is drawing in engine oil to combust
  4. pretty number plates

    They're legit, the nice, auspicious numbers are reserved and sold at Land Transport office's auction, There are re sellers that sell them Each province gets their own pretty picture too how much do you think typical one cost and how much are you willing to pay for one?
  5. Saha Farms was bankrupt already some say a lot of profit from the business was used to build this monstrosity of bad taste
  6. Speed limit and fees??

    The guy with the radar gun could have turn their neck to read you numberplate, but more likely they'd only need to radio in to the checkpoint that the guy on a 'big bike' and then you were pulled over. That spot in Sriracha is fixed, there's couple of guys in the middle of the road under some umbrella less than a Km before the checkpoint There's no traffic court in Thailand so good luck trying to dispute that it's your words against the policeman's
  7. กล้วยทอด

    Some Thais seem to have some sort of cultural tourette's where when they are startled, would let out long list, really vulgar expletives
  8. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Just went to Central Festival after a couple months away... The San Dominico Italian Restaurant (Pan Pan) is now gone, both the restaurant and the gelato/cake stall out near the escalator The hoarding now say Pepper Lunch is coming in March Pepper lunch is a chain restaurant that has meal coming on a hot plate, usually a steak or meat and some rice. They were in Central Festival when the mall first opened all those years ago and left within months of opening due to lack of customers. The first couple of years at Central see many Japanese chains pack up: There's Mos Burger and Japanese Curry only restaurant the comes to mind. will the independent non-chain/non tourist trap restaurant struggle to survive in Central?
  9. Handwriting samples

  10. กล้วยทอด

    another is ถั่วต้ม for affirmative but I haven't been able to locate the source yet
  11. กล้วยทอด

    take it as a Thai version of cockney rhyming slang, the full phrase was พระเจ้าช่วย กล้วยทอด
  12. Not sure if there's also reporting requirement for Thai nationals, but most hotels seem to take Thai ID cards and at least keep a photocopy as well, so it's hardly them screwing over foreigners
  13. Panini Press

    Makro south Pattaya used to have some big square industrial ones, not sure if they're still around,
  14. There is a class of taxi that was 'grandfathered' in before meter use, and other 'newer' restrictions like age of the car and size used, newer 'metered' taxis can only be used for about 10 years and has minimum engine size(and resulting interior) so these 'old' plate taxi is often running on a tiny Vios on really old beat up corolla usually the color is black and yellow with the ทก or มก licence plate The plate can be transferred to a new car, so the plate is worth a lot more than the car and very likely mafia owned so if you see a Taxi like these, don't argue over the use of meter, they won't even have them installed
  15. I just noticed in my travel is that when Hotels check you in, they only require 1 ID/Passport, in case you're travelling with your Thai wife and they took her ID, or if there's two of you and they only take 1 passport, the result would be that you don't get reported on the TM30 and immigration only see that you stayed at your original place. Should you insist on the hotels making TM30 report for all in your group when travelling? or does it save you the hassle of reporting yourself when you are 'back home' in case where you are