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  1. digbeth

    Central Festival opens at 10 am now

    The food court at T21 in Bangkok is rent free to the vendors, the management selected a few 'household name' street food shop to be in there to attract crowds. Not sure there are many well known street food brands in Pattaya, the basement food court in front of Central Food Hall had seen some Local Well known shops there when it first opened year ago, (Nang Nual from Walking Street, Dang Dum Noodles are few that I recall) but most had left by now and might not even go to T21 even if the it's rent free. Even a well to do restaurant already established in Pattaya were offered to be in the FoodCourt at T21 rent free, some might even turn it down, how're they gonna find the staff, how would their buying operation scale with another location? The foodcourt in Terminal 21 in Korat is also not as popular as the one in Bangkok, it all depends on what's available locally.
  2. digbeth

    Heads up about new parking restrictions

    The cable laying that seem to be finished months ago were just the conduits. This afternoon 2 PM they had big reel of cable on a truck feeding into hole in the ground in front of Foodland, everything was cleaned up and they were gone in about couple of hours, so there might still be sporadic work around
  3. They seem to be selling the 'eilte' experience as a concierge service, they already do the 90 day report for you and book all sort of place at a discount, maybe if there's a reason they can't legally do the yearly extension, maybe most of the jetsetters don't need to... at least they could have a data on every of their client, when they entered and how long their stamps last until and at least made an effort to reach out and contact the customer. Even if for legal reason you have to be at immigration in person to make the extension, they could at least make an appointment for you to skip the queue or check your documents that everything in order and escort you through the process. The only recourse now is maybe try to sue them for the overstay fine, but I'm pretty sure when you signed up they had tried to explain and had you sign things that cover their asses already.
  4. digbeth

    T21 big bird has landed

    If you're not excited, move on, us cheap charlies can't wait to hang around the food court
  5. Japan has just came out with special law or permit for AirBnB and bookings are being cancelled now that owners are scrambling to get permit
  6. digbeth

    Unwritten vowels and consonant clusters

    บริษัท is sometime pronounced as บอริสัด might even be archaic spelling too maybe due to the way some sanskrit/pali words were written, there's no distinction between ออ and อะ vowel
  7. So they can do 90 days report for you but can't do the 1900 baht extension of stay? For half a million I'd expect better service, at least a record in their system to at least remind when your visa's up and offer to at least escort you through the process of getting an extension if they can't do it themselves due to some legal reason. When they got your passport for the 90 days 'service' they had multiple opportunity and should have at least checked If there could be a resolution to this if they could get their acts together with immigration and allow a backdated extension of stay
  8. Newer buildings now uses post tensioned concrete and low mass bricks. If the cables and rebar are capped properly there shouldn't be problem with corrosion
  9. digbeth

    Map of Road 7 extention and a New East-West link.

    Just found out that OpenStreetmap has pretty good outline of the new route
  10. digbeth

    Fool's Gold?

    Lots of trading company and even banks now let you have a gold account where you buy in a share of the fund that's indexed to gold price, you only need to hold the paper, but some company lets you 'cash out' in bullion too. The bank funds only seem to be a fund that invest in 99.95 or 99.5% gold that's probably indexed with international price The (Thai) gold company trade in Thai 96.5% gold and Thai price The Thai gold companies match the gold shop price, I think one is the gold traders association themselves, when you buy the gold on paper, at least they don't charge the 'premium' to buy and sell like in the physical shop, and you can cash out with real gold, they have branch all over the country just like gold shops. The ones I know are Ausiris and Hua Sen Heng
  11. I have it, you get Air-Asia miles every 20 baht spent on the card, also priority boarding. Also gets free drinks worth 60 baht on board... that's a can of coke or whatever you choose from their menu the voucher they gave for upgrading things when you first got the card are useless, they expire too soon or something, never used them. also let you book certain sales before general members.
  12. Is the black cock's bottle bigger than the red one? Pineapples are cheap now, I think most of the Thai 'cognag' and some rum are made with pineapple
  13. When needing things like statements in English in support of visa application, some Thai banks are more useless than others. My personal experience: Bangkok Bank: best so far, even small branch can make a letter from the manager in English stating how much money you have in 'figures' (nothing too specific to be vulgar) and seem to know their way around what's needed for a Visa application, printed statements etc. All done within hours. Siam Commercial Bank: Can do statement and bank letter, small branch not as clued in. Krunsri: useless, they seem to have their own system of transliterating Thai names into latin character based on what's entered in Thai when opening accounts. Wouldn't even correct mis transliterated Thai name in their system to match passport/ID card Kasikorn: No bank letter but can do English statement but 1 day wait, they had to have corporate help out or something, What are your experiences when applying for visa for your spouse? Some countries like those that gets outsourced to VFS now accept photocopies of just the Bank book in Thai just fine right? but with the trend being about moving the actual decision and processing of application away from Bangkok, would the need for support documentation in English be more needed then? I've seen translation place that'll translate the bank book/statement for a fee but that seem excessive.
  14. digbeth

    Gloom, Doom, Hotel Room...

    You're right they might not have a licence, they just seem to legitimate with certificate and everything displayed behind the desk I heard that only hotel licenced place can give tax receipt for the special tax return break. the revenue department even have a list of which hotel are eligible. The list for Chonburi is comically short with only around 300 hotels Come to think of it, when we had relative come to stay and I put them in the room they made a small hassle about getting the tax invoice, and looking through the list I don't see the name of the hotel listed, they could be using different company name but I doubt it. I understand any registered company can issue tax receipt. Well then, I'll be watching to see when they are raided next then, the new one soon to open just opposite this one is owned by ex MP Thai too, this will be interesting.
  15. digbeth

    Paying electric bill online?

    Line Pay in the 'Line' messaging app can pay both metro and rural electric, but only metro water but they accept credit card