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  1. Yes, PaulP, is a very good photographer. But where have you been from the end of 2015? Please come back and I promise, never to say a bad thing about you.
  2. TP1

    What I saw.

    Yeap....it's in the middle of the picture. Hope its not the evil eye but the good one.
  3. Happy New Year to everyone.
  4. TP1

    Sunsets And Sunrises

    A very Happy New Year to you and your family Welcome back.
  5. TP1

    Up the workers!

    Hey, Assurancetourix, I wouldn't mind working with them.......and without pay
  6. TP1

    Sunset Jomtiem

    I love the way she has the sun in her hands. Nice capture.....doesn't mind the camera.....the composition is great Would like to see more pictures from you
  7. Very nice picture. Where is the road or street on there? Must be on the other side
  8. TP1

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Thank you Paul. And a very Happy Christmas to you, your family and everybody on TVF.
  9. TP1


    Clouds over the fields
  10. Tangaroa, seems we got the same guy. 2 differences.....mine was taken with my mobile phone and it was in Kho Samet. Same, same but different.
  11. TP1

    Cats & Dogs

    A dogs life in Thailand.
  12. TP1

    Rural Landscapes

    A farmers house in Issan
  13. TP1

    Please read!

    Shaggy, you have been doing a great job on this forum. I admire your sensibility in your posts and I commend your efforts to keep the photography forum going on a decent standard. One thing I have to tell you is please learn and try to ignore. Please keep up the good work.....most of us are supporting you.
  14. TP1

    What I saw.

    Mobile, who's the prettiest of them all?