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  1. As long as they are photos from Chiang Rai, I don't see the harm in posting any kind of photo. Some like landscapes and scenic views. Some enjoy images of people and cultural events. Some prefer shots of nature, flora and fauna. As long as it is from Chiang Rai, and you took it, and want to post it here....that is fine.
  2. Fresh start to the New Year! Post your images of Chiang Rai here. Link to previous years:
  3. Thanks for that gerry1011. Looks like quite a celebration. Great effort on the part of the sponsors.
  4. Lanterns falling out of the sky right and left here on the west end. Steady medium rain.
  5. Absolute lashing driving rain here on the west end near CMU. Just saw an Air Asia A320, operating at very low engine, barely skim the top of my building a few minutes ago. Hope they made a safe landing; lots of lightning and thunder now....
  6. At least your helmet lining got a good washing... I was at Nat Honda today around 1 PM on Huay Kaew Rd. Had to wait about an hour for a vehicle inspection. When I came out of the customer waiting room around 2- the rain was bouncing off the ground. Quite unexpected, and no doubt welcome to the farmers here in the North.
  7. It's been raining steadily here on the west side for the last hour...
  8. Ah, the good life....
  9. That's fair enough, CM. I didn't intend to sound so strident in my defense of Grace- perhaps I should have inserted a smiley emoticon in my replies. I have also used Y&B (behind the Phucome Hotel on a small soi). Had a sudden dental emergency just before Songkran this year (a very painful gum abcess). Went by Grace- they had a sign saying they would be closed for 5 days! Went to Y&B- they were preparing to close for the holiday as well, but at literally the last minutes before closing agreed to see me. Was very impressed with their office, and professional expertise. Really it just comes down to personal preference where you go. If you are blessed with a largely healthy set of teeth and gums, I'm certain that just about anywhere would be fine. If you have a more problematic dental health (as I do) then the extra fees charged is money well spent at clinics like Grace.
  10. I pay 1300 B for a cleaning at Grace. But it is not a simple cleaning, as I have had a life long condition of excessive plaque deposits due to a hyperactive saliva function. (And yes, I brush 3X daily, floss religiously, and observe a very rigourous course of dental hygiene). So I see a periodondist, a specialist in gum disorders. I'm usually in the chair for about 45 min- 1 hr. Ultrasound and deep root scaling with dental instruments on every tooth, and then a polish. Every human, and their mouth is different. What they charge me is more than fair for the effort they expend, in my particular case. Someone else, with fortunately a less complicated set of circumstances, would be charged less at Grace. There is a scale, depending on the difficulty, for every procedure there. What I am charged for is a periodontal cleaning (medium deposits). Don't go by what you read on their website. It is a rough estimate, no more. A crown can be all over the map in pricing, depending on what level of difficulty, amount of damage to the underlying tooth structure, is it a re-do, what level of materials you choose (do you want the Mexican steel tooth, or the Swiss gold that was awarded the Nobel Prize in dentistry, Sir?), etc. I'm sure that other dental practices in CM do a good job too, but for me Grace is the gold standard, and I don't see the founder for every little visit, and pay a very fair price for services that are to me better than most of the dentists I saw in the US for many decades (and I always had top flight practitioners there).
  11. Been a customer at Grace since I moved here 6+ yrs ago. In that time, I've had: Emergency root canal surgery (they saved the tooth) A crown. A root canal under a US done crown. Another crown. And myriad routine procedures, such as thrice yearly periodontal cleanings, etc. Although I am American, I inherited my mother's family crap English teeth, and it has been a lifelong struggle keeping them in my head. At nearly age 61, happy to say I still have them all. I think some people who go to Grace are fixated on seeing only the big gun owner. Each dentist who works there (almost all are female, and professors at the CMU dental college) charge whatever fees they want. With all my myriad procedures over the years, I have had various dentists, all of whom were excellent, and I question anyone stating that the pricing is twice other dental clinics. I don't need the founder/head of the firm/rock star to do a simple perio cleaning. Each dentist in that office has a clear area of expertise. You go with whoever is available in that area. They are all good at Grace. I always ask many friends here who have had procedures done at other dental clinics how much they paid; I would guesstimate that Grace is maybe at most 20% more than the bog standard clinic. Not double, not even 50% more. I am OK with that, as it is maybe more hygienic than the best office in the US I've ever visited, a very pleasant and relaxing environment, with very modern equipment, and the staff are super efficient and friendly. Grace has my vote 100%
  12. Re: flying termites- turn off all the lights, and use one of these: Note the built in small flashlight- lures them right into the kill zone.....
  13. Last 2 days at the Orchid pool...blistering heat, then sudden big drops, then total downpour/sheets of water in the mid or late afternoon. Refuge in the gazebo for the first time in ages. Sure feels like rainy season. Not that I'm complaining. Air is the cleanest in months, and can see the mountains around Mae Taeng from my apt.