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  1. mcgriffith

    This Time I'M Serious

    I'll throw in my two bits worth. I have an HP Pavilion dv1000 laptop that I bought in the US Dec 05. It's an antique by current standards. Pentium Centrino 1.6 GHz, 2 GB Ram, and don't laugh...a 100 GB HDD Have run it under much the same conditions as scea. Can't believe it is still functional, but it is. Of course, I have an external archive HDD for music and photos, and another HDD as my backup drive. The fan is starting to whine a bit; it's only a matter of time really before the hard drive gives up the ghost after this much use. I'm seriously considering an all-in-one, either HP or Acer. Upright on a desk, better cooling in this hot climate, bigger screen, and way better internal hardware and specs in my price range than an equivalent laptop. I want to spend somewhere between 25-30ish THB. Let us know what you decide on, scea. Oh, and to make this CR specific- did you find any vendors in Chiang Rai?
  2. mcgriffith

    Thai Baht Exchange Rates

    Yeah, like scea says the Aeon ATM's don't charge the 150 B fee. I use big lump sum transfers through BBL New York to my local Bangkok Bank account a few times a year to get my money here. Whatever works for you, works for you. Signed, The Iron Duke, aka mcgriffith....
  3. mcgriffith

    Thai Baht Exchange Rates

    Hard to compare the various Thai banks current day; the BOT uses an average of all of them here. But it is an average of the prior day's rate. Here in CM we have a money lender/currency trader who I understand offers a tick or two above the Thai bank rate for customers buying baht with foreign currencies. Never been there, but quite popular with local long timers who seem to deal mostly in cash. They are on Charoen Prathet Road, just up from the iron bridge, east (river) side. Thai Indian owners. I know this is of little use for Chiang Rai residents, but thought it might be helpful nonetheless.
  4. In answer to the OP's question- I don't think there is a farthings worth of difference in price anywhere in Thailand or Chiang Mai regarding highly desired models like the Toyota Vigo Hilux. All the dealers are within a set of free floor mats in price. It is a totally fixed market, with very little competition. The entire country has been enamored of these models for quite a while, as Thailand's excise taxes, gov't incentives, and exports to Australia, the Middle East and Africa have created a very positive market for these vehicles. Get one at these low prices, while you can, anywhere in CM. The powers that be are seriously thinking of taking away all the tax benefits that make these behemoths so cheap, relative to vehicles that are more fuel efficient. The original thinking on this was that Thailand has a lot of farmers, that need full sized pickup trucks. And that this would support the Thai auto industry, a decade or so ago in the export market. And it did. But the new deal is in the works; just read the paper. Buy it at any price now, because these mastodons are facing their tax-advantaged extinction soon.
  5. mcgriffith

    Couple Oil Massage

  6. mcgriffith

    Thai Baht Exchange Rates

    Ah well, as I am not exactly in the Warren Buffet investment category, I can appreciate that Taco Boy. Seems like the THB is weakening to the 30.90/31 USD level short term. I guesstimate that this might be a good time to move money here, if you have any to move, as the long term trend is a down USD. But who knows? Predicting currency trends is a fool's game. Just too complex, and based on so many things we simple folk don't get to see. I stick to equities and bonds, where I can at least look at fundamentals and a bit of charting, when trying to read the tea leaves.:jap:
  7. mcgriffith

    Thai Baht Exchange Rates

    A few other factors to consider. Political risk is back in the SET with the TPN/PAD/Santi Asoke demonstration at Gov't House. US equity markets are improving; some money being pulled out of emerging markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines and sent home. China tightening monetary policy bodes ill for Thailand as China has become a major importer and trade partner of ASEAN nations in the last few years. Tightening means less trade and foreign direct investment with Thailand. EU is the second largest trading partner of Thailand, and is in way worse shape than the various EU politicos want to let on. It has affected Thai exports to the EU. Less euros being converted to THB means a weakening THB vs. EUR. Thailand's single biggest export is rice. Rice price in USD terms down this year, after the high base of last year. Enough. You get the picture- it's a very complex and multi-faceted issue when we talk about currency exchange rates. To make this Chiang Rai relevant- so what exchange rate are YOU getting in Chiang Rai?
  8. mcgriffith

    New Hooters (Thailand) Franchise Opening At Meechok Plaza

    Ah, the whole thing is a hoot. Nice one, Winnie! We needed something to perk things up after the holiday doldrums.... Can't think of a more inappropriate place for Hooters than Thailand. The slang expression in Thai for "fried eggs" comes to mind. Let me know when they open; I'll be right over....
  9. mcgriffith

    What'S The Deal Mr Forbes

    You're right there, harrry. But speaking in tongues..... Back on topic- anyone want to 'fess up to this scary Photoshop exercise?
  10. mcgriffith

    Canal Rd Massage Recommendations?

    Done, David.
  11. mcgriffith

    Canal Rd Massage Recommendations?

    Closed, duplicate thread.
  12. mcgriffith


    Duplicate thread; closing this one as the other has more info.
  13. mcgriffith

    Bank Interest Rates

    Thanks for the informative link, CMMCB.