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  1. mcgriffith

    Electronics In Chiang Mai

    Gotta be a record. 2 posts resurrected from 2007 in one day....
  2. Always enjoy your helpful comments.

  3. mcgriffith

    Dermatologist In Cm

    I have to say I am a bit perplexed by the fascination with seeing a dermatologist MD who is female and very attractive. Logic (to me, anyway) would dictate that if I had some god-awful unsightly skin disorder, I would chose the exact opposite to view my condition....
  4. hope my advice will be of some help to her because harleys in thailand is like a minefield their up to everything.

  5. I concur..you da man! You gotta great sense of humor..hope to meet ya at the TV party...

  6. mcgriffith

    Squash In Chiang Mai

    I am going to merge this thread with the other Squash thread. It will be somewhat problematic as the sequence of posts might be nonsensical; my apologies for that.
  7. mcgriffith

    Criticising Local Businesses

    I try not to criticise any local business. I just try to patronise all the local businesses. The alternative is flying to BKK for a baguette.... As far as the other issue....don't know how a 6 month old dormant topic got a revival, but I will say that I miss the Chiang Mai Pickle King's small gherkins that I used to buy at the old Rimping.... Not a big hummus or baba ghanoush fan, but Jerusalem Falafel does a good job with that, too. It's all good in the 'hood, my brothas 'n sisters....
  8. we wuv you too :P or is that 3?

  9. You don't look a day over 95 McG..

  10. Best book I've read in and about Thailand. This is a wonderful book. Read it, loved it, and saved it in my library!
  11. thanks for the choccies :D when are u gonna visit with real ones? :P

  12. mcgriffith

    Do It! Open Mike Night

    Yo, dude, just read this (and your PM)....count me in next time McG