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  1. jadee

    MRT Yellow Line Started?

    Hi, I live in Samut Prakarn (Srinakarin road) so I've noticed the Yellow Line construction has started. I see this post is from March but I just noticed there's a video about in on YouTube that shows the route so I thought I'd share.
  2. Interestingly, the north-south divide in both the UK and Thailand are very similar. Just as Brits complain that London both generates the majority of tax revenue (and receives the most investment) so do Thais have similar complaints about Bangkok in relation to the rest of the country.
  3. jadee

    Asking a Thai girl out

    I'm just interested, does the OP mean the girl works at 7-11 or just that he sometimes sees her there? His post mentioned that she works in a leasing office. It could be a little creepy staking out the place to see another customer but if he's got her routine down, then maybe the encounters seem spontaneous.
  4. jadee

    Spray wheel rims

    If you are feeling brave, you could buy wrap from Lazada and try to wrap your wheels yourself. There are many how-to videos on youtube. Otherwise, looks like you should just go to Richco's. Wrap: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/3m-wrap-film-series-1080-30cmx30cm-i130972788-s139129903.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.16.379e1c95jbTJzB&search=1 How to wrap wheels: https://youtu.be/JVkGZ-vXhHc I don't know about the roof though, that would be extremely challenging. Personally, I can't even put a tiny screen protector on my phone without getting dust and bubbles underneath!
  5. Many thanks for all the replies from everyone, I'll look into the Mirror foundation locations and see if I can donate them.
  6. It's amusing that the officers missed the details in the law, but my biggest surprize is that there were THREE vice officers in one club - presumably being paid with taxpayer's money - how common is that? Wouldn't one officer be sufficient? What's this news going to do to patronage of strip clubs once everyone knows that there could be three undercover vice officers in one club?
  7. Hi, I have a couple of old routers and I know I can just throw them in the trash, but I saw recent articles about Thailand cracking down on e-waste recycling plants so I thought I'd ask on here - where should you properly recycle e-waste in Bangkok? I would sell them but doubt anyone would buy them as they are just old True routers. Thanks if anyone knows, Have a great day!
  8. jadee

    Spray wheel rims

    I agree with the above reply that power-coating is the way to go, however the other alternatives are vinyl wrapping and liquid vinyl wrapping. This video gives a comparison: https://youtu.be/64kNx06rFZ4 Probably any shop that offers vinyl wraps will wrap your wheels - it's not permanent and you can remove it without damaging your rims when you get bored with black. https://youtu.be/shhx9O2W6dk It's obviously not as hard wearing as powder-coating.