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  1. Bitcoin Trading Volumes

    China-based exchanges stopped offering margin lending and also stopped 'no-fee' trading. Coin Desk is reporting that the Lightning Network is almost ready, something that could improve liquidity https://www.coindesk.com/lightning-last-test-shows-bitcoin-scaling-solution-almost-ready/ A far more pressing issue; CME Group are releasing bitcoin futures tomorrow. No one is really sure what effect being able to short bitcoin's price will have on its value.
  2. I'm British but I try to keep up with US politics and thinking back to the US election last year, I honestly believed that Hillary would have been more likely to let NK escalate and that Trump would have been more pragmatic. I couldn't have been more wrong.
  3. Hi, yes of course you can find work teaching in Bangkok with those excellent credentials and experience. You are qualified to work at literally any school. Top international school will pay the most. Find vacancies on sites such as Tieonline, Search Associates and so on. Ideally, you would want to go to a jobs fair in the US to secure the highest package. Search Associates is running three fairs in the US this year. You can expect flight allowance, housing allowance, baggage allowance and a top salary. Join Search Associates or other site to see the range that each school pays. If you are concerned about salary then Thailand isn't necessarily the place with the highest earning potential. Have a look at Aristotle Education - they are recruiting for a school in Saudi Arabia - it's in a different league to anywhere in Thailand. They send new hires to the University of California, Berkeley for a four-week induction program, offer a $5,000 signing bonus and pay a tax-free salary of $72,000 per year.
  4. Hi, as per the title, is anyone on here using Playstation Now on PS4 in Thailand? My son wanted a specific game that was only on PS Now, I ran a connection test and couldn't establish a connection. I have True home internet 13Mbps download speed, using LAN cable. I know PS Now is a streaming service so I figure I probably don't have good enough internet. I just wondered whether anyone can shed any light on whether the service is even available in Thailand. I tried asking Playstation who seem only contactable via twitter at askplaystation but they just referred me to a generic website. Many thanks for any help!
  5. Power Buy doesn't sell PS4 or Xbox One. Sorry, I've never been to Udon Thani but there may be a Sony store there, perhaps they sell it. Another idea, if you want to buy used is to join a second hand group on Facebook, maybe somewhere on there wants to sell.
  6. This sounds like a variation of 'web-camming' which has been going on in many other countries for years. Girls talk/do things on webcams and desperate men watch and send gifts or money. This has the advantage that girls can potentially make money online themselves from their own homes instead of having pimps or going on the streets/brothels, however, 'VICE" made a good documentary about web cam girls in China who were essentially controlled by 'media companies'. As for Thai girls using the internet to prostitute themselves out, that's been going on for years. I first came to Thailand in 2006 and I remember trying online dating - can't even remember the name of the site. I remember one lady showing an interest in me and when I responded, she sent me a link....to her escort agency's website!
  7. I seem to remember John Oliver doing a whole show about Trump's family name originally being 'Drumpf' - his show created an web browser extension that would automatically change any instance of Trump to Drumpf. I'm unsure whether the dates match but if the book if from the 1800s, isn't it possible that Trump's relatives could have seen it and been inspired to change the family name to Trump? Besides, the similarities are fairly weak - The news causes those “in the upper portions” of the city to sit “as if paralyzed with a nameless dread.” - well, maybe this was true for some, but a whole lot of 'upper portions' were delighted by the possibilities of tax breaks from Trump. Shortly after the election, he ditched the press pool and went to a steakhouse, promising other patrons 'We're going to lower your taxes everyone'. Trump's proposed tax plan is astonishing as almost all the breaks will go to the top 10%. The same for health care and if the infrastructure plan ever sees the light of day, it will be a boon for the wealthiest.
  8. Typical thai incomes

    For No.2 - you can find jobs boards in any Thai mall advertising the salaries for positions at those types of shops inside the mall such as McDonald's, Burger King etc. They are in Thai but you can read the salaries. Or you could ask the workers if you speak basic Thai. I've tried practicing my Thai with shop keepers in my local mall, people that run toy shops, clothing shops and coffee shops. Most can speak a little English. I'm interested in how much their rent is and it's always astronomical,but somehow people make it work. One lady with a dress shop admitted that sometimes she doesn't make enough to cover the rent and her husband bails her out. She also sells online though. Another guy who runs a coffee shop has done quite well - he started off renting one 'stall' area and has now expanded his shop to three so he's obviously doing well.
  9. By out of town, do you mean out of Bangkok? You're unlikely to find anyone to pay that much in rent in places like Samut Prakarn. People live out of town precisely because it's cheaper. Check Prakard.com to see what other owners are charging for rent before deciding what you can charge for rent. You'd be surprised how cheap some places are rented out for in out of town locations.
  10. Damn Bangkok Taxies!!!

    Out of interest, what were the 'crazy prices' you were being asked for? If you paid 500baht to get there in a taxi off the meter, what were they asking for to take you home? I do agree that using Uber was smart but I'm just curious about what the taxi drivers were asking for.
  11. My advice to the OP TingTawng is to check out property sites largely used by Thais to get a good sense of the market. Sites such as Prakard are a good way of finding out what people are charging in a particular block for rent and/or what they are asking for. Your point about 2nd hand being a buyers market has some merit; you can always make a low offer on a place you like and see whether the owner is interested. When looking at Prakard, you click on the development and then the rent/sell page. If the first page has posts that are over a year old, you're probably looking at some desperate sellers and an indication of a place that won't be in demand. There are some prime developments where posts don't stay on the front page for 30 minutes, they're that popular.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I emailed the school that I will go to Savannakhet and this was the reply: "Since we have no experience with Thai Embassy in Savannakhet, would it be possible for you to go to Thai Embassy in Vientien instead where it is surely for Non B. Please consider." so, any ideas how to respond to this? What 'experience' does a school need with an embassy? My prior emails with the school led me to believe that the school would help me get a letter from the MOE and I'd take that to the embassy to apply. thanks
  13. Hi, thank you for the prompt reply, I really appreciate it. I've never heard of Savannakhet and didn't know it was an option. What the HR lady in the school in Bangkok actually emailed me was "You may go out to one of the nearest country like, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore where there is Thai embassy." I'll just reply that I'll go to Savannakhet and see what she says. I'm not sure of the difference between an embassy and consulate. I Googled Savannakhet and can see there is a Thai Visa thread from 2015, so can I just ask, have you applied quite recently or do the rules about getting a non-B stay quite constant? Another newbie question, if you don't mind, do you take the bus from Ekamai bus terminal in Bangkok? Many thanks for your help
  14. Hi everyone, I'm British, male, 34. I currently teach in China and will move to teach in Bangkok. There was a delay in the school getting the MOE letter for me to apply for a non B at the Thai embassy in China so I will have to enter Thailand on a 30-day exemption, collect the letter and then travel to a Thai embassy outside of Thailand to apply for the non B. Could anyone please advise me, which is the easiest/most convenient option for this as I haven't done it before. I did use the search function on this forum to find other similar threads but didn't find very recent ones and am aware rules may have changed. I did email a few visa companies in Bangkok to see what they suggested - one company replied "we provide apply Non-B single entry as well cost 8300 THB not includes hotel stay at Poipet border for 4 night before 3 night only" - is that correct? Can I get a non B at the border? Do all embassies take 5 days to issue non B visas or does it vary? Lastly, about the cost, I was reading a few trip reports about people going to Cambodia having to pay other charges. If anyone has got a non B recently or knows the most convenient way to do so, I'd appreciate advice, Many thanks
  15. School priorities and their consequences

    Hi, I'm curious, you are French and you are sending your son to a Thai public school? Why? Most Thai parents wouldn't want their kids studying in a public school if they had a choice, they would pay for a private school if they could afford it. As for the priorities being uniform, haircuts etc, that's the basis for discipline for the whole year, it's not misguided, it's essential to maintain discipline for learning. If schools didn't do this, classrooms would be in chaos and no learning would take place. Granted, the low English ability of the teacher is a concern, but there is method to the madness.