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  1. question do you have to use a bank letter or can you use a print out from your online banking if you print it out that morning
  2. go and price a chevvy and ford pick up then look at the australia price and they are both made here in thailand and not that long ago it cost $3.000 AUS to ship an old car from usa in a container to aus so to ship a boat load from here
  3. with the blood group that sounds like it is worth while have one
  4. implanted and the idiots in brown will have a scanner, my amphur is in suwannaphum roiet and it took about a mouth to get my yellow book (gold i think that is what she thought they were made of) that was about the same time they were getting there id cards in roiet well a mate of mine had taken a photo of one with his phone to show in our office, well did that start a chain of events,the hold office went mad ,where did you get that ,they scanned it onto there computer we were told to come back later as they were looking into it, i still dont know if he got one as i went back to aus and a bit later he pass away
  5. the (FTA) only works one way thai way, as for cars how come it cost around $12,000 more for one of those cars in australia so there is no tax/duty free i know bought one here in thailand and priced it when i went home
  6. there is more danger on a thai road then there was in them caves, The aus PM is giving the australian divers a bravery medal at the same time kicking aussie war vet in the guts and to all you douters i was a tunnel rat in the vietnam war
  7. when at swampy go down to where you catch the train and when you get to where you buy your tickets go to the left the money exchange there is as good as you will get in pattaya, and in bangkok ,have a look around because the rate changes for different country ie us is better at the kasikorn and the aus is better at the others don't go to the two at the top of the walkway because they are the same as upstairs
  8. If only he had checked how much air he had in his tank before setting out on that final trip he would be with us today
  9. mate it is years since i used one, when i went to caambo through the hat lek crossing with one, they were not happy no tea money as i have been riped off there before
  10. how about all the chemicals they sprayed on us in the vietnam war and we still have promblems
  11. you need two copies of the visa one for when you leave thailand and the other when you return
  12. Bang Post ran this same story and in it was said that 53 country have already banned these chemical's ,so why is thailand trying to do all these study just ban it you are not that smart