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  1. Normally when I get on a local songthaew and sit down if an older person gets on board and there's no free seats left I would stand up and offer my seat to them . The moment when it hit home the moment when I realized that I was getting '' old '' was the time when I had just got onto a songthaew and all the seats were occupied so I stood there holding on to the hand rail when a young woman got up from her seat and offered it to me . This had never happened before . Any one else remember when they first realized that they were now getting '' Old '' .
  2. Ive often thought about the question of her family and how they will for sure 100% approach her for money when I'm not around . I wish there was a way to help my wife now so she can prepare for the inevitable requests from deadbeat members of her family . I'm still searching for a workable answer .
  3. I like the sound of floating up up and away
  4. An interesting and sad story that reminds all of us just what may be around the corner . My own personal worry relating to my wife is not so much about her coping or being strong enough to deal with legal or authority issues but how many of her family vultures will be circling with the ....... as your rich farang husband has now gone can you lend me some money..... type of requests
  5. I had to look up ''Prakan Sangkom '' I thought it was going to be some sort of religious order / cult Good advice
  6. A bit off topic I know I have a theory well more like a strange feeling really . Ive started to notice that upon meeting other members of our growing expat gang its becoming apparent that the one's who seem to be blessed with a good sense of humor and are all ways in a jocular type of mood are the ones who on listening to them recount their life's up's and down's , are the one's who seem to have generally gone through life with far less medical problems compared to others . So my budding theory is this . Could having a good sense of humor in some way play a part towards fending off health problems .
  7. Your words give me hope , but the word dementia sends shudders down my spine , and your comment about a goodbye pill ( or other method / solution ) is starting to be a reoccurring comment I keep seeing and hearing about when in the company of other Twilighters . Makes you wonder if a quick goodbye solution was on hand . Would it be actually used
  8. I admit that sadness does run throughout my comments , but could it stem from actually being just a realist and some one who accepts a situation as it really is , I'm not sure .
  9. The worrying about loved ones and their future is some thing that I hope Ive covered by making provisions for in the form of legal paperwork . Your elements in the universe theory is one I'm going to have to work on
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts , I was concerned that this subject may have been some what distressing to some people . I just hope that's not the case and its a subject that can be openly discussed. Your comment about marrying some one closer to your age is an interesting one , and not really some thing that Ive ever thought about . But your other observation about trying to remove from your mind certain thoughts certainly rings a bell with me , and as for being 61 in June I wish I was 61 again
  11. The knowing just what gives me joy has slowly changed over the years to a point in time now where I seem to be more happy and contented with the simple things that life has to offer .Gone is the burning desire to constantly be wanting to acquiring more stuff , be it property cars or expensive designer gear . When a friend telephones or emails me and asks how are you doing , my stock and true answer is now , I'm fine and just glad to wake up in the morning . I know this may sound a bit of a cliché but when I walk out side and feel the sun on my face and see a clear blue sky it brings home the reality of , any day now that feeling of happiness could be gone in a flash . As for drinking like you I'm not or ever been a heavy drinker . But in my past pre Thailand days I did have a routine of enjoying a good bottle of red wine with my evening meal , it became some thing I look forward to after a hard days work. Fast forward to now and I still love red wine and on occasion have a glass or three with an evening meal , but afterwards strangely I some times now have a guilty feeling.
  12. Ive spoken to my Thai wife a few times about the subject of whats going to happen if I'm not around any more , its obvious that in her mind she is a firm believer in reincarnation and there's nothing to worry about as in your next life things will be even better than your present life . Convincing my self that may be true is an up hill struggle
  13. The balance between indulgences and over doing it is some thing that other members of the gang mentioned several times , like why not just burn the candle at both ends and cram in as much as you can for the remainder of the time you have left , why worry if you drink to much or constantly smoke and why not even take risks that you never even thought about before this curse of getting old struck . Like you I constantly think to my self , may be I have another ten years left , or even longer . But should I be still around in say 20 years time what will I be able to do or could I be sitting in an arm chair struck down with dementia waiting for incontinence to set in . I would hate to think that my family would be counting down the days to my departure so they can get on with their lives .
  14. Well another meet up of the local expats gang , this time to celebrate a birthday , the birthday boy told us how he had recently attended a Thai cremation ceremony for a relative of his wife and how when his time arrived to depart this world he wants to be buried in the ground and not go up in smoke . Well as the drink started flowing that comment started the ball rolling and the rest of the evening turned into a sort of mixed confessional / death anxiety / mortality / I'm trying to get my mind around it sort of free for all. Nearly every one around the table commented on how they seemed to be getting more and more preoccupied with the subject of their own eventual demise and their inability to mentally cope with an uncertain future . Some said that they had all ready gone down the route of trying to prepare for the inevitable by sorting things out , the last will and testament or joint bank account with loved one's . The letters to be posted and insurance to be claimed. Other plans included trying to extend life expectancy with on going diet and exercise . But some did freely admitted that in their mind they were now on the downward slope of life and they had decided to cast caution to the wind by throwing out their books on dieting and selling there home exercise equipment . Instead they were now hell bent on enjoying their remaining time left with a life of indulgence and personal gratification in other words . Eat , drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. Personally at 67 I find thinking about my own demise upsetting . I know its coming and I know that I can't stop the grim reaper from knocking at my door . But I still try not to dwell on the subject of death to often, and I take its reality seriously . It looks like many others in the gang have the same internal struggle to try and mentally prepare for that day when we finally pop our cloggs and bid farewell to all earthly things . I just have my fingers crossed that I leave this world quickly without pain or suffering and not end up a dribbling dementia case . Like many of us sat around the table I personally do not have the comfort of a religious faith to calm or help me overcome my fears. So now I'm wondering what others here think on the subject . You have done all the family legal stuff and necessary paper work and you are trying to stay healthy with diet and exercise but that little voice inside your head keeps reminding you. The sands of time are running out . So how are you mentally preparing your self , how are you mentally coming to terms with your own inevitable demise and what if any advice can you offer to other's . What are you doing to try and put you mind at ease . Or have you like some gang members cast caution to the wind and decided to just throw in the towel and take your chance by ditching a healthy life style in favor of unchecked consumption and indulging unsafe practices for the remaining time you have left . Are you looking towards your religious faith to help you mentally prepare for the final step in your life . Or could it be that you are possibly in the same frame of mind as one gang member who recently had his sixty eighth birthday and from his agitated comments he seemed unwilling to come to terms with or accept that he like most of us sitting around the table were in our final twilight years , he seemed to be in some sort of bury your head in the sand and denial frame of mind. --