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  1. Ive been out looking at laptops with the wife's sister and spotted this ASUS laptop on sale , while checking its specification I noticed on the laptops screen was a 7-11 shop logo , I asked the sales boy what that was about and he said that the laptop came with a 2 year warranty and if there's a problem within the first 7 days , the laptop will be exchanged for a new one at that store , should there be a problem after the first 7 days , go to the ASUS web site and download and print 2 forms then take the laptop and completed forms to your nearest 7-11 shop who then will arrange a repair under the warranty agreement . When the sales boy first said the words 7-11 shop , I could not help but at him , but on asking the sales boy again if this 7-11 option is correct and hearing his reply of yes , the thought of TiT flashed into my mind So has any one taken their laptop / PC into a 7-11 shop for repair ?
  2. Yes I thought the cost was on the high side , but the dealer has you by the short and curlies , if you don't have the service done at an official Suzuki dealership ( and in the province I live all Suzuki dealerships are owned by the same person ) then the vehicles warranty will not be honored , so for the next three years if I want to keep the warranty active I have to pay what they demand for any servicing cost
  3. This TiT curse can certainly be frustrating , I was quite surprised when the sales assistant actually admitted in front of the assembled staff that she had made a mistake Some may thinks its best not to stand your ground when confronted with some thing that is obviously incorrect or wrong , or just smile and pay the requested amount , as not to cause a fuss or embarrass people , or even accept the situation and move on like a good little boy
  4. I agree may be the pressure washer did cause this problem ,( but not sure ) but no one at the dealership when purchasing the vehicle ever said do not use a pressure washer , and nothing is shown in the owners manual that warns owners not to use a pressure washer . I think there must be a high numbers of forum members here who have their vehicles pressure washed without giving it a second thought . After the original sales assistant admitted that she did say '' everything '' is under warranty during the first year, that should have been enough . The service department manager should have said , look be very careful if you use a power washer as it could damage this part , then the service manager should have said , no charge for the new clutch fork rubber boot cover , just for good customer relations , but no they continued to push us for payment
  5. A bit of a ramble , so here goes So I took my Suzuki Carry to the dealership I originally purchased it from for its 1st 10,000kn service . Cost for the oil filter + oil ( no charge for the labor ) total 1,750 Baht The service department receptionist came to me as I sat waiting in the service lounge area and said that there would be an extra charge of 590 Baht to replace a clutch fork rubber boot cover . I then went over to my vehicle which was up in the air on a hydraulic lift , to see what this problem was. The service engineer then pointed to an opening on the the engines clutch assembly area ( Screen shot below ) . Inside the clutch assembly opening was a flexible rubber boot that should cover the outside access area ( Red arrow in screen shot ) but in fact the cover was now deep inside the clutch assembly area. I pulled the rubber boot out by hand ( Screen shot below ) . The rubber exterior boot should look like this ( Screen shot below ) and this is how the damaged clutch fork rubber boot cover looked when I pulled it out So then thinking back to when I purchased the vehicle , when I asked the original sales assistant about the warranty and what it covered , she said in the first year '' Everything “' , so when I now reminded the service department receptionist that I had been told in the first year the warranty would cover '' Everything '' why am I being asked to pay 590 Baht to replace this clutch fork rubber boot cover ? The answer came back that this particular part was not covered under the vehicles warranty as its considered a consumable part , I was then shown in the vehicles warranty book , a small one line passage about the consumable parts ( in Thai ) . And yes I had not gone through the warranty description things by each item with the original sales assistant , as she had confirmed that in the first year '' Every thing '' would covered under the three year warranty period. On hearing my comment about the original sales assistant and how she had said that '' Every thing'' is under warranty during the vehicles first year , the service department receptionist then said , are you sure that our sales assistant said to you that '' Every thing '' is covered under warranty during the first year , my answer was yes. The original sales assistant was sent for and she confirmed that she had in fact told me and my Thai wife that '' Every thing '' is under warranty during the first year of the vehicles life . She apologized and offered to pay ½ the cost of the new clutch fork rubber boot cover. Now I know its normal with some warranty's that things like tiers are not covered , but what I would call engine / clutch / parts should be included in at least the first year of warranty period. On hearing the original sales assistant admitting her mistake, the service department receptionist asked if we had been taking the vehicle to any car wash shops to have the vehicle cleaned , I said yes we take it to our local car wash shop , the service department receptionist then said , was a power washer used to clean the vehicle , I said yes to remove all the mud and dirt under the vehicle . The service department receptionist then said , it was our fault that this rubber rubber boot cover had been damaged , due to a pressure power washer being used to wash under the vehicle , and we should approach the local car cleaning shop for compensation . So I then said to the service department receptionist , if that's the case and no power pressure washer should be used in case it damages a consumable part , please show me where in the vehicle owners manual the page it says …. Do not use a pressure power washer machine on the vehicle due to possible damage of consumable parts . The the service department receptionist , just smiled and walked off . We ended up paying 50% of the clutch fork rubber boot cover cost . Its no so much the cost of the clutch fork rubber boot cover . It was the fact that the original sales assistant had admitted her mistake , yet we were still being asked to pay for a part that in my opinion should be covered in the warranty , and to top it all then we were told that it was our fault for taking the vehicle to our local car wash shop, and letting them use a power washer to clean under the vehicle. The other thing just looking at the damaged clutch fork rubber boot cover , I can not really see how that sort of damaged could be done by a water pressure washer , but then again how did the clutch fork rubber boot cover end up looking like it does ? , and surely Suzuki knows that a product like the Suzuki Carry truck will be cleaned by people using water power washers , so why fit a clutch fork rubber boot cover that can not stand power washing ? Rant over
  6. I'm not really up to date on motoring gadgets , so can some one please explain why I keep seeing more and more cars with some sort of round tube running across the vehicles back window, and what are the small round holes drilled into the car rear bumper for ? , and do I need to have them on my car .
  7. What kind of person takes a cruise not for a week or a month, but for the rest of his life? Meet Mario Salcedo, who says that nearly 20 years of nonstop cruise ship living have made him “The Happiest Guy in the World” — though the truth of that claim may be in the eye of the beholder. I'm not sure this lifestyle would suit me , living for 20 years on cruise ship would no doubt drive me up the wall . But then again may be the guy's right and it does have more advantages than a normal land based life . Could you see your self spending the rest of your life living on a cruise ship . .
  8. A bit off topic , when buying a new SD memory card from the internet ( Lazada / Ebay ) which as I live out in the bush is an easier option , how do you tell / check that the new SD memory card is genuine and not some crappy copy , fake before you buy one . What do you do to check ? Any thoughts .
  9. Thanks for the link . Ive just heard that Lazada are having a sale between 25th - 27th of April so I'm going to check that out . I happened to mention that I'm looking for a new Android tablet to use in bed to a Thai neighbor and that my idea was to lay in bed holding a light and thin 7-8 inch screen device to watch films . The neighbor said that he also had a tablet that he and his wife used in bed , but the tablet had a 10.6 inch screen and weighed around 600g . I said , that must be very heavy to hold all the time . This is what the neighbor is using ........ https://www.lazada.co.th/products/avantree-minitable-tb101-i8534036-s10717382.html?search=1 After seeing the neighbors laptop table , it seems to be a good idea that opens up more options for my new tablet relating to weight / thinness / screen size. So ive ordered the same table to see how it feels , if it works out ok , then my hunt for a new Android tablet may become easier. Now where can I find an Android 12'' tablet
  10. Am I detecting a closet Apple Fan Boy ? Come on admit it , your among friends here
  11. May be a silly question , but here goes . I want to buy an Android Tablet to watch videos in bed so it needs to be the thinnest and lightest model I can find at a reasonable price , with a 7 – 8 inches screen size . So Ive come across the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 , ( 2GB/16GB – 7,999 Baht ) it seems to have a fairly good specification . http://www.siamphone.com/spec/en/xiaomi/mi_pad_2.htm The question ….. So is any one here using / has in the past used an Android Tablet device '' without '' a SD memory card option, if so how did things work out , were you happy or did you come to realize you had made a mistake and should have bought one with the SD memory card option . Any thoughts , comments or suggestions please.
  12. I know there's been several posts and topics about films and TV content , but I thought I would ask if you have come across and watched any factual informative, interesting and entertaining documentaries. So if you have ................. can you please share them here and may be your views . So Ive just watched a recent Netflix six part documentary called Wild Wild Country , which is about a religious cult and its charismatic leader Bhagwan Shree Raineesh . Its one of the more crazier documentaries that ive watched Here's an outline ….............. In 1981, the followers of Indian spiritual guru—and alleged “sex cult” leader—Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh purchased a 64,000 acre ranch in the middle of Oregon. Soon, thousands of followers dressed in red were swarming into the state and constructing an entire town with everything from a pizza parlor to an airport, placing sex ads in the local newspaper, and cheering as the Bhagwan was driven around in his literal fleet of Rolls Royces. And then things got weird. Great documentary , well worth watching .
  13. I'm sure I keep seeing more and more comments on thaivisa and on other forums from retired expats who are permanently residing in Thailand , some of these retired expats seems to indicate that they are now regretting making a move to Thailand . It seems in some cases having that feeling of regret is only being made worse by knowing that they have burnt their return home bridges by selling any property they once owned to raise funds for a move to Thailand or they have financially over invested in their life style after arriving in Thailand. Adding to that the ever declining currency exchange rates, so they now find themselves with limited or no money to enable them to return back home and no prospects of things ever improving So there they are , no property back home to return to , their bank balance has drastically shrunk due to over spending on their retirement life style in Thailand , their pension is shrinking due to poor currency exchange rates . It looks like the realization of being stuck living in a land that you have come to dislike but cannot permanently leave is having a knock on effect as indicated by what looks like an increase in negative posts and vitriolic comments relating to expat life in Thailand To be in a situation where you feel unhappy about the country you reside in and then come to realize that at your age you may end your days there must be a real downer I wonder just how many retired expats are in a similar situation to above , may be we will never really know the true numbers as admitting to the world that you made a mistake and cannot now correct it ...........................can be a bitter pill to swallow Any one else seeing this possible trend ?
  14. Ive just had to go and do some paperwork at the Immigration office , but before doing that I went with my wife to the Mall to do some shopping . Strolling around the mall I often see other foreigners some times they are walking alone some times they are with their Thai partners. So on this occasion while walking around with my Thai wife there coming towards me was a lone male foreigner and as we started to pass each other , I smiled and just said in a friendly way Hi In my mind it was just one foreigner in a foreign land greeting another foreigner , nothing more than me trying to be pleasant . The foreigner obviously heard my greeting and glared back at me with an angry look on his face and proceeded to silently walk straight on by I though no more about it until a bit later as we continued to stroll around , there coming towards me was another lone foreigner. So again I smiled and just said Hi in a friendly sort of way. This time as soon as the foreigner heard my Hi he instantly dropped his head and looked at the floor as he walked straight on past me . Fast forward to the immigration office , so there we are my self and wife waiting for the door to open after lunch . Sitting on the bench waiting was a western foreigner ( I could see his passport ) so I thought I would just try to break the boredom and say Hi to him . Well on hearing my friendly Hi he frowned , got up and shuffled away not even acknowledging me at all Ok the office door is unlocked and we proceed inside to get my paper work checked , then take a seat to wait for my number to be called . So I sat down next to a foreign gentleman and yes I smiled and said to him , hello . Nothing . As I sat there now wondering if trying to be friendly towards other foreigners was in fact a bad idea, when in walked a woman who I assumed was a Thai national , she came over and sat in a vacant chair right next to me . Now wincing from my recent ordeal of being ignored I decided to say nothing to her, when she turned to me with a smile and said '' Hi how are you '' in English . It turns out she was from the philippines and teaching English . I know some may say that its silly to expect a complete stranger to acknowledge some one they don't know and to some foreigners it may feel a bit unnerving . But in my simple mind all I'm doing is to try and be friendly to other foreigners who have a common bond of being in Thailand . So I'm now wondering if my recent experience of being ignored by other foreigners is some thing that others here have come across . When your out and about do you try and say some thing even its just a quick simple Hi to other foreigners you come across or do you tend to try and pass any approaching foreigners and you stay silent . If you are out and about and an unknown foreigner you come across says some thing like Hi or hello to you , how do you react .
  15. I recently spotted this electric log effect heater for sale , now the question I would like you to please answer is .. Why would this item be on sale in Thailand ?