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  1. Knee Replacement

    Hi and thanks again for the outline , as a side note I am 68 years old and recently jumped health insurance ship from Thailand Bupa to an International health insurance provider with out any problems . Good luck with the therapy and recovery .
  2. Thanks every one for your comments , its interesting to hear your experiences This unknowing the future as we get older where medical issues are concerned seems to be an area where many retired expats who I have chatted to , is an area where some seemed totally unconcerned , Ive sat and talked with a number of expat retired men on the the subject of health insurance in Thailand .Many of these older expats had a similar view , which generally was they are now in their golden years , they have worked hard all their lives and saved a tidy sum , and that sum of money will now provide them with a financial safety net , should possible future health concerns arise . The other reoccurring view these retired expats I have met and chatted to, kept bringing up was this , I have worked hard all my life and finally in Thailand I have the money and freedom to enjoy my golden years , why should I worry about some thing that may never happen , why spend my time fretting about what I eat and drink , my waist line is on the large side, so what , daily exercise is some thing only young bucks do , eat drink and be merry, spend you hard earned money on things and other nocturnal pleasures '' today '' and stop worrying about what may never happen tomorrow, as its quite possible that you will peacefully pass away in your sleep after deciding just enjoy your remaining golden years the way you really wish to , instead of becoming a fully paid up member of the grumpy expat worriers club and all that comes along with its membership . Now I don't personally subscribe to these types of ideas , but just some times the thought , what if their right , does flash through my mind, what if , what if. How many people who have private health insurance and on getting the news that their next years health insurance renewal premium cost has skyrocketed beyond belief , start to reconsider their options . May be some , may be not .
  3. On a personal note when I first became resident in Thailand the friend that I came with , who is the same age as my self ( Now 67 ) , we both went to the local Bupa office and inquired about private health insurance , I can't remember the monthly premium details , but I remember thinking that's not to bad. I signed up with Bupa my friend did not , saying that he was going to take a chance and if any thing health wise went wrong , he would return back home for treatment . Fast forward to now , my friend is still living in Thailand , he has never had to return back home to seek medical attention and has like my self only needed medical outpatient treatment . Its now a standing joke that my friend makes when health insurance is brought up in conversations, His comment is always that I should have not taken out private medical insurance and that I wasted all that money and I should have done what he did . After around 16 years of paying for continuous private health insurance in Thailand , could I be the winner , or has any one here been paying for private health insurance in Thailand for longer than me
  4. I keep reading about the cost of medical treatment in Thailand and how even in a Thai government hospital the final invoice can be high . There seems to be a general consensus that if you are resident in Thailand then obtaining private medical health insurance is advised instead of self funded health insurance or returning back to your original country to seek medical treatment. Personally I have held private continuous health insurance in Thailand for over 16 years and I have never ever had to make a claim for inpatient medical attention. I have on some occasions had a minor medical problem which only required seeing a doctor and receiving medication as an outpatient which I paid for my self. It would be interesting to hear from other forum members who have received inpatient medical treatment in either Thai government hospitals or private hospitals and was the medical treatment paid for by private health insurance or yourself . It would also be interesting to get an overall picture and learn the type of medical problem involved and end cost of the medical treatment , along with any thoughts on the quality and service you received at the hospital involved. Another thought , did any one receive inpatient medical treatment in a Thai hospital and personally pay the cost themselves , then after that experience go and get private medical insurance. And finally , did any one return back to their home country for inpatient medical treatment , and how did it work out for you. Any thoughts on the above , most welcome
  5. Knee Replacement

    Thanks for the background , whats the doctors prognosis and were the hospital costs involved paid by you or private insurance , if private health insurance in your view how did the insurance company work out , if you paid the hospital costs your self , would you / are you going to now consider subscribing to a private health insurance policy .
  6. Knee Replacement

    moe666 Thanks for posting your experiences , I'm always interested to hear how people get on when receiving medical treatment in Thailand . Can you outline a bit of past history that led you to have the knee replacement surgery , did you do much research as to which Doctor / hospital would be the best , how old are you and was the cost of the surgery paid for by your self or private health insurance.
  7. The Korat Mall - How do the shops survive

    Just how many huge shopping malls can Korat sustain , Ive been to most of them on different days and times , and nearly always the majority of shops seem to be void of customers , the banks seem to be fairly busy as are the Ais / True Move / Detac shops , the gold shops seem to have a few customers , the food courts seem to be keeping busy but look at the majority of stand alone restaurants and the tables are constantly empty , glance into any opticians shop and you see a few staff but no customers. Now the furniture shops , with their vast floor areas of stock and empty aisles is another head scratcher . And now Korat is getting yet another mega shopping mall, CentralPlaza Now I know that retail competition is good for the consumer, but when every shopping mall is full to the brim with the same brand name outlets , the same shops selling the exact same product or services , the over all shopping experience in these new outlets must eventually wear off . So how many more shopping outlets can Korat take . How do these shops that seem to have very few customers manage to survive and stay open
  8. Children's powdered milk – what am I missing ?

    never had kids ? lucky man Never having any children is one thing that I now wonder about , my past pre Thailand life was filled with work and a wife who really never wanted children , so the die was cast . My family name stops with me , so no loving children to spend Christmas and holidays with , no loving children to say , hay dad come stay with us when you retire , no loving children to look after me in my old age. Did I make a big mistake in not having children , who knows .
  9. Children's powdered milk – what am I missing ?

    The more I think about this '' face '' thing , be it showering people with dodgy very expensive useless gifts to show how much money you have , or the ever present opposite , the loosing face syndrome where being shown up as some one who has made some sort of mistake or made an obvious poor decision, seems to be a genetic curse that no sane person would want or have to live with. I'm still at a loss to understand how people can go through their entire lives with the loosing face syndrome and not see it for what it really is .
  10. Children's powdered milk – what am I missing ?

    This is another one that seems vastly over priced , looks like some sort of chicken drink , 400 Baht for a small bottle
  11. I was just looking through the Tesco Lotus stuff and I was amazed to see endless boxes of powdered milk for children , what was even more shocking was the price , now Ive never had children , but why is this powdered milk so expensive , even to the extent that each box on the shelves for sale , has an electronic anti theft device fitted . What am I missing ? Written on the box Contains: - International Patented Synbiotic (Probiotic; Bifidobacterium Breve M-16V and GOS/lcFOS ratio of 9:1) -2 soluble fibers that support gut microflora resulting in soften stools. - DHA 18 mg /ARA 18 mg per 100 kcal , Omega 3, 6, 9 (80, 765, 1910 mg per 100 kcal) - vitamin B12, A, C, E, Iodine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, - Choline 26 mg, Taurine 9.1 mg, Nucleotide 2.2 mg per 100 kcal
  12. I came across this shop by accident , its a few doors down from the Suzuki show room on the opposite side of the road to the Mall department store . At first I just walked on by , but decided to have a look inside , well what a surprise , the place is full of electronic stuff and gadgets , electronic components and all sorts of DIY consumables that you normally ( well I don't ) see in Korat . The shop seems very well set out and clean , and every thing is marked with the price . I was in a rush and only wandered around for a few minutes , but I'm definitely going back for a longer look . If you love gadgets and electronic stuff it may be worth a look . I have no connection what so ever with this shop, its just nice to find what appears to be a well stocked and run Thai shop.
  13. Want to buy a Mini Truck – Looking for Advice

    Yes its a very basic vehicle , I'm going to see what the road / inside cab noise is like now Ive reduced the tire pressures , I was surprised at how quick the acceleration was and it does fly along
  14. Want to buy a Mini Truck – Looking for Advice

    Thanks for the suggestion , Ive just checked the tire pressure on the new Carry and Inside the drivers door there's a stick on plastic label that shows the recommended tire pressures 1. Unladen FRONT …... 29 P.S.I REAR …..... 35 P.S.I 2 . Laden FRONT …...35 P.S.I REAR ….......51 P.S.I My current tire pressure ( from the Suzuki show room ) FRONT ….. 40 P.S.I REAR …... 46 P.S.I For most of the time I don't have any heavy loads on the back of the Carry . So I'm now going to adjust the tire pressures to ... FRONT …... 29 P.S.I REAR …..... 35 P.S.I And see if there's any difference in the road / inside cab noise.
  15. Want to buy a Mini Truck – Looking for Advice

    Well I did spend some time looking at second hand versions , they were either very high kilometer usage or a few years old and relatively low kilometer , but very near the cost of a brand new model. So I went for a brand new version , this was the final deal I managed to get...... 369,800 TB - Vehicle Cost Paying Cash Discount 10,000 TB 359,800 TB Free – bed liner / window tint / floor mats / one year first class insurance / 1,000 TB petrol As I did not manage to get a test drive before I purchased the vehicle I was surprised at the outcome . One of my concerns was the fact that both the front seats were not adjustable in any way , but being fairly short I found that sitting in the drivers seat and operating the manual gear stick , was not a problem. The internal cab noise is a bit louder than I expected , at high speed and when I selected the 5th forward gear , it feels that the engine rev's seem a bit high and there should be another next gear up that you could select that would then lower the engine rev's / noise . Cruising at high speed while in the 5th gear is generally ok , but a bit on the noisy side. Sitting in the cab gives a good all around view but one thing I miss is a reversing camera , which I will be fitting at a later date. One other thing I am going to do is install extra sound dampening material inside the cab area , I know the Carry is a work truck but a little quieter in cab area would be nice. Over all for the price and functionality , I'm Happy .