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  1. Hey you baldy – Yes You

    Well after reading all the comments I lay in bed last night and made my mind up , I'm going to not completely shave my head . My wife has kindly suggested that she have a go at cutting my hair as short as possible using the electric dog grooming clippers that she cuts our dogs hair with . Looking at the over all results my wife gets when cutting our dogs hair with the electric clippers , apart from the normal small cuts , abrasions and lacerations the dogs receive , the overall results considering her lack of training seems acceptable . One area where I'm still concerned is that on the side of my head I have what I can only describe as a small lump or as my wife describes it a small duck egg . Being born at an early age I faintly recollect seeing this duck egg bump even back then. My current concern is that when my dear wife is let loose with the electric dog clippers the final results will reveal my prominent protruding duck egg lump even more and this may in some way make me look even more freakish that normal . As a side note , my wife said that her brother who is a park ranger had a thinning hair problem and he managed to rectify his problem by using an old magic recipe that park rangers had passed on over the years . The magic recipe involves collecting fresh elephant dung along with a verity of plant leaves , wild ant eggs and a secret ingredient only known to rangers You should liberally apply the magic mixture to the areas where thinning hair is occurring and cover the head using a plastic shower cap just before going to bed , you keep repeating the process until your happy with the results .
  2. Being in my late 60's over the past few years Ive steadily begun to notice I am loosing more and more of my hair to a point where I now have a completely bald patch on the top of my head which is starting to make me look like a medieval monk . At the same time my hair has been receding at the front of my head at an alarming rate. . I did think about growing my graying hair to a longer length allowing me to comb over the bald patches and hold the comb over in place with a strong hair spray . The only other realistic option as I can see is to go the whole hog and completely shave my entire head and as I don't have a lot of strong thick hair a short American style Buzz haircut may be out of the question . I have asked my Thai wife what she thinks to my idea of shaving my head and her view was it would make me look even older than I am , so I countered her answer with , ok then how about I shave my head and then grow a beard or small goatee . As she rolled her eyes in an upwards direction she said that to have a shaved head along with any facial hair ( beards , mustaches or a goatee ) would only make my appearance even more dramatic and look like a monkey house photo ( Prison Mug shot ) So I'm wondering if any one has had this same type of dilemma and gone for the shaved head look , if you did eventually shave your head how did you feel, did it in any way affect your self confidence or the way other people started to perceive you . Did any one shave their head and then grow a beard / goatee and how did that work out . Any thoughts , suggestions or comments on my dilemma most welcome
  3. There seems to be differing views as to whats the best way to go. So lets say that '' Your '' partner has been seen by a friend in similar indisputable circumstances including photographic evidence . Putting to one side the eventual outcome of the situation and how you would feel / what you would then do. I want to ask You this .......... Would you want your friend to tell you . Yes - or - No
  4. Tom is a well respected and genuine guy that in my view should be alerted to what was recently seen , should nothing be pointed out to Tom right now then at some future date things could get even worse for Tom not only in the relationship area but all so with the financial aspect of things . The guy who saw Tom's wife at the resort is convinced that there was no mistake , the couple spent the night together in a cabin and from their obvious actions they were not just good friends or family relatives. How are we the guys who knew all about what was obviously going on regarding Tom's wife going to feel because we decided to keep it to our selves and then Tom finds out that all along we all knew but did not tell him. Tom's not only going to feel betrayed by his wife but by his friends as well
  5. well a smaller turnout this time but never the less one interesting topic made every one think , one of the regular guys did not turn up , I was told he was back home attending to some personal business , this guy I will call Tom . Tom has been married to a Thai woman for a few years . Many of us had seen Tom's wife when she brought him to the ex pat get together as Tom did not want to drink and drive. Tom in every body's view is a kind decent likable retired local ex pat guy who seems to be more than happy to go out of his way to offer help and advice to other local expats in any way he can. When I inquired about Tom's return date one guy made the comment in about three weeks and then added how he felt sorry for Tom. Of course I had to ask why . It seems that the guy who made the comment that he felt sorry for Tom , had found out that it looks like Tom's Thai wife is being un faithful . This guy is a big bike enthusiast and regularly goes on motorbike trips to other parts of Thailand . While Tom is away the guy went on a long bike trip and on his first night he decided to stay at a rural resort . It was late at night when the guy arrived and paid for 2 nights in one of the cabins. The following morning the guy went to eat breakfast at the resorts food place . As he sat alone eating his food in strolled Tom's wife accompanied by a Thai gentleman . In the guys words it soon became obvious that they were more than just good friends , and Tom's wife seemed not to recognize the guy . The guy went back to his rented cabin and waited to see where the couple went next . The couple came out of the resorts food place and strolled further along from the guys cabin and then went into another cabin , there parked down the side of that cabin was Tom's car that has an unmistakable distinctive side stripe logo on it and parked next to it was pickup with a Bangkok number plate. So after being told that story every one who sat around the table including my self wondered what if any thing should they do , should the guy who actually saw Tom's wife at the resort and by the way took a photograph of Tom's wife with the mysterious Thai gentleman together , tell Tom what he saw or should he just keep mum or should the next time we all meet up together along with Tom , just tell him what had been seen . Personally I would more than appreciative to be told by a friend some thing that is going on that I am oblivious to especially where partner relationships are concerned . Some may think its none of any ones business but Tom's and let things run their natural course or don't stick your nose in sort of attitude. Having said that every one sitting around the table that had listened to the guys story of Tom's wife felt in some way sorry that Tom such a nice kind man is being made a fool of . In the end we all just said our see you next time goodbyes and nothing really was concluded about what if any thing should be done . So if you were sitting around the table with us and heard that same story about some one you personally know what would you do or suggest
  6. Recently I posted a topic about what advice would benefit a new guy who is making his home in Thailand and the possible pitfalls of having a relationship with a Thai girl. The newbie mentioned in that past topic Ive now been told he actually went with his Thai girlfriend on a trip to see her mother and father and he was so enthralled with what he saw and a fantastic plot of land the girlfriends mother by chance had for sale , that he's decided that he wants to build a house right there so he can in his words '' relax '' in the beautiful country side . To me this all seems to be going at a very fast pace considering how long this newbie has been residing in Thailand Just thinking about what Ive learned from my own personal experiences and the advice Ive been given and what Ive read on the subject . I thought that may be a quick general Newbies guide to building a house in Thailand may be a good topic . This simple guide is not focused on the actual construction of building a house but more on general advice relating to the Do's and Don'ts if considering the building of a home in Thailand and what problems or issues it may bring along the way 1. Never invest any money in some thing you aren't prepared to just walk away from especially involving property . 2 . Make sure of the land title before you spend your hard earned cash . If possible buy land that has the land title registration called '' Chanote ti din ''. 3.Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand but there are a few options available. like a 30 year leasehold arrangement . If any of these possible options are to be considered than consulting a lawyer is recommended . Simple guide to land titles in Thailand. A. Chanote ti din this gives you incontestable possession of the land. B. Nor Sor Sam - These are land title deeds issued by the District Land Office with clear records of ownership which can be sold or leased by posting 30 days notice to the public. They are less accurately surveyed that a Chanott , so ask the owner to stake out the boundaries and then ask neighbouring landowners to confirm it. C. Nor Sor Sam Kor -These are similar to the above but are more accurately surveyed and correspond to an area on an aerial photograph. They are registerable as a right of ownership and that they may be sold or leased, but they tend to be less accurately surveyed than Chanote titles . D. Sor Kor Nung - These are only a notification of land possession and to continue existing rights. Long-term dwellers may have the right to apply to the government for a higher form of title deed , they are essentially squatter's rights registered at the district office for a small fee. Unlike the Chanote and the Nor Sor Sam Kor, they cannot legally be sold, nor can you build on the land . E. Tor Bor Tor Hok and Tor Bor Tor Ha - These are squatter's claims to occupy land that has been settled. It is not possible to legally build on the land, sell or lease it. Note - The Chanote and the Nor. Sor. Sam. Kor. are the only titles over which registrable right of ownership or lease can exist, and are as such the only ones that a wise foreigner should consider. If you the foreigner are married to a Thai national and provide her with the funds to purchase land then you will have to sign a disclaimer stating that the money did not come from abroad and that you assert that the property is the separate property of your wife and that you acknowledge that you have absolutely no rights or interest in the property. This is in Thai and signed at the Land Registry Office . Units of land measurement in Thailand. 1 Wah = 2 Meters 1 Talang Wah = 4 Square meters 100 Talang Wah = 1 Ngan 4 Ngan = 1 Rai = 1600 Square Metres To convert to Acres: 1 Acre = 4840 Square Yards or 4046.8 Square Metres = 2.53 Rai 1 Hectare = 10,000 Square Metres = 2.47 Acres = 6.25 Rai (All decimal points are approximate ) Land prices in Thailand are normally given as Baht per Talang Wah or per Rai. Usufruct - ( The Thai legal term Sitthigapgintalordsheevit ) the best way to describe is a lease , contact a lawyer to learn more. So you have found that land your little piece of heaven on earth . Now comes the checking . 1. Is the land near any telephone lines , if not check at the local TOT office as to the situation , can a telephone be provided and can the line support ADSL internet . 2. If no telephone land lines are near the land or they cannot be provided then check out other options for accessing the internet ( 4G wireless – WiFi -) . Not having access to the internet or access to the outside world in your new house especially if the land is situated in a rural location will slowly drive you insane . 3. Check with the local electricity company and see if power would be available to the land location and if it is make sure you get the correct size of electric meter to suite you house power needs 4 . Check with the local ampur water office that metered piped water is available to the lands location . 5. If the land you are thinking of purchasing is accessed via a private road or track and you have been told by the owner of the land the road / track belongs to , that there is no problem using their road to get to your land. Then be careful as the land owner of the road may change their mind at any time and as in many cases the roads owner may ask you to pay a yearly payment for access or even denies you access. 6. Never build a home to near your Thai partners family . If you do you may be constantly plagued by random un announced family members just popping in and out, at first you will smile and just give a wai thinking its nice to see people but be assured after a time this will get on your nerves, and in the end you will be so cheesed off every time you go to the fridge to have a cold beer only to find the beers are all gone, you may come home to find strangers sitting on a mat in your lounge and be told its a cousin, you won't be able to watch Tv as mama is watching her favorite Thai soap , people will come and go cousins, aunts and assorted distant relatives and hangers on, and in some cases people who you don't know at all ,and they may not even acknowledge that you are actually there . You will have paid to build the house but have no control over who does what in your own home , you can stop a lot of the above by not building your dream house to near any close family members . I'm not saying keep the family out , only don't make it too easy , or it may end up becoming a burden , a stress inducer and augment starter along with final I'm packing my bag . 7. If possible preferably build the house away from other houses as the sound of the next door Thai neighbors chickens crowing at dawn or their chained dog constantly barking or the daily early morning starting and reving the motorbike or their nightly drinking or karaoke sessions will get to you in the end . 8. Never build a house near a Wat/ temple . If you do you could be woken up every morning at 4 am by the sound of a big Gong and incessant annoying chanting , if you value your sleep , keep well away from from a Wat. 9 . Never build a house near a school. Again if you build near a large school it can get noisy and in some cases parking and traffic can be a problem. 10 . Don't build near a busy main road. The first night you quietly lay in that new bed clasping hands with your lady , you will start to hear the vehicles speeding along that near by road , the same vehicles that you don't normally notice during the noisy day time. 11 . Don't build near water. I know it sounds idyllic sitting there sipping your ice cold beer looking at the pond lake or stream, but come the rains the water could become home for a large number of frog's looking for a partner to mate with, and trying to get to sleep with the ever present highly annoying croaking chorus for hours on end will drive you up the wall. Also being too near water can be a possible problem in the summer months with ever Persistent mosquitoes . 12 if your considering a rural location do not build any where near a cassava possessing factory , you will be driven crazy with the constant traffic and more importantly when the wind is blowing the nauseating sickly sweet smell will make you close all the house windows and head for the fridge and your friend Mr Chang . 13. Build a Wall . You may think why do I need a wall around my house and a lockable main gate , it will spoil the view it will make the house like a prison , it will give the impression to my neighbors and partners family that I want to be private from them, that I want to keep people out. The answer is and should be ''Yes '' you want to be private , with no boundary wall around your property you will be at the mercy of every strolling soi seller around, if its not brushes it will be some one trying to sell the rich foreigner life insurance or collect money for some thing you have never heard of and will never hear of again, the daily intrusions will never stop, every time some one approaches you house you will think now what. A high wall and main gate will stop all that dead in its tracks , you can put your feet up in the knowledge that no one will be knocking or walking straight thought your front door , and mark my words they will try. It may be considered by some of the partners family and locals that you don't want to get involved well so be it , wearing an I don't want to get involved badge is far easier to do than the one that reads , I am a mug please Just walk in as Ive got no privacy in my own home . 14. Don't go Crazy. Ive seen some huge palatial foreigner houses built in small villages , yes its possibly cheaper to build property here than say back home, and yes its nice to have a large home that may be you could never afford back home , but in many cases having a huge house especially out in a rural areas is like waving a red come and get my lovely stuff flag to every burglar wandering deadbeat scrounger and drunk around and in some cases it breeds local rich foreigner resentment . Keep it simple is the key. 15. Yellow House Book. After you have built the house when your Thai partner goes to obtain their new Blue House Registration Book , go along as well and apply for a Yellow foreigners house book called Tor Lor Sip Sam ( Yellow Tambien Ban.) for your self , this may come in useful in the future. 16. The house Party. Normally its expected that a new house owner has a house party / blessing where the guests numbers can be high and cost a lot of money to stage , all really in the name of not loosing face and Thai one up man ship . Personally I would feel guilty about spending such large sums on what amounts to an event that will be forgotten the day after , attended by many people you have never seen or met before who consume large amounts of free food and alcohol and then disappear with out saying good bye . Providing such a large event may make you feel like a king for the day , but it only sends out the wrong signals ( rich foreigner with money to burn ) . I would go for a small close family get together , save your money for some of the future family monetary requests , that will surely come . 17. Just say NO .Now you have built a lovely house and you are a foreigner you will all ways be considered as rich, this may be true compared to your Thai counterparts but here's one of the best thing you can do , set the ground rules from day one , or your future life may be a constant mental battle and in the end your Idyllic laid back way of life will be no more and instead one of constant family friction , arguments and stress .There may be many repeated questions and pressure from family members and in some cases by neighbors, questions like why you not buy mama some Gold , why you not buy your lady a new motor bike , why you not buy the land next doors , the list will be endless like the questions you keep getting asked . If you too easily say yes in the early days to any request you will be setting a fixed president that will come back to haunt you all the way to the atm, and the same applies for the can you lend me questions , don't forget that the words lend and foreigner put together translate into the Thai word for Gift . I know you may want to spend your hard earned money or pension showing the family and neighbors just how much you like them, holidays to the coast , shopping trips to the big city , new motor bike for the cousin and yes it can be an ego booster but in the end it will never make how you are perceived any different , even if you are down to your last Satang no one will believe it and the large amounts you have all ready lavished in the past , will not be quickly remembered as most Thais only live in the now moment and for today and last Month's spending spree won't count . So ground rule One say ''NO'' if you can, say it with a smile but say it , the say no. The signal you first send out from your wallet may be the only one that will be clearly understood , your reply should be some thing like ive spent most of my money on building this house and now money is tight , no one will believe your plea , but at least you have made your first '' no '' stand. Over the years especially in the beginning of my marriage , I had repeated requests from my wife's relatives to lend them a sum of money to normally buy some thing , may be a new TV or a rice cooker , mobile phone etc , at first as a Greenhorn I considered it not a problem to help out my in laws and handed over sums of money , nothing big but never the less a steady flow of requests . Then it suddenly dawned on me that the request for money to buy a new mobile phone , that new phone never appeared , same with many things the item I paid for never turned up. So I decided that if mama wanted a new rice cooker , I would buy it my self and hand it directly to mama . For some strange reason the request for money to buy some thing were throttled back, and I think we all know why . I would recommend if possible to buy that rice cooker etc your self instead of handing over your hard earned cash , So if you find yourself un able to do the above and say no, then may be you buy the items requested and hand them over your self . So have you got any thing you can add to the above general thoughts or do you have any other snippets of advice that you feel would be of benefit to a greenhorn who may be thinking about building a house in Thailand
  7. When the wife gets back I'm going to start taking interest in this Lime / Lemon / growing , its a shame to see this '' rust '' problem not being sorted out before it got to this current stage , all Ive got to do now is some how try and convince the wife to let me get involved and help out . This is what our green lemon looks like inside. Any one else growing Lemons and can offer advice related to growing them in Thailand
  8. Well to day I went to the local vegetable market where my wife sells her Lemons and low and behold there were some of the same brown skin lemons there for sale . You say your limes , can I ask if you are growing to re sell or just for personal use.
  9. I sent my wife a photo of the brown lemons and she seemed some what unphased about it , which was a surprise , personally I now cannot rest until this '' rust '' problem has been sorted out
  10. I'm just starting to understand what you mean
  11. I generally don't get involved in this lemon growing malarkey , and spend my valuable time reading the thaivisa posts and riding my motorbike Oh and of course looking after any BBQing that needs to be done and as for asking her indoors why she let this '' rust '' problem start in the first place , that would take several large Chang beers to build up the courage
  12. Thanks , this looking after lemons is not easy
  13. Thanks for that Yes it does look like the current problem on our lemons , at least I can't get the blame .
  14. My wife is growing 1 Rai of Lemons that she sells to the local buyers market and has been looking after them well . Currently she is away and has left me in charge of looking after them. For the past few days Ive started to notice more lemons that seem to be going a dark brown color , Ive done no spraying of chemicals or any thing that I think could be causing this other than watering them with the sprinkler system. I'm sure when the wife gets back she will think its all my fault Any one have an idea what may be causing this problem ? Most are like this nice and green , but some are turning brown .
  15. Thank soidog2 Just out of curiosity how much does one spray can cost.