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  1. "e-begging" - I love it, best description I have seen!
  2. You're nearly there, they both shoot, but two very different outcomes!
  3. Its happening a lot more often these days. The rebels boss has been stuck in Malta for a few years now,same situation. Been heaps sent back to UK and nz last few years.
  4. Frenchman killed in motorcycle crash on Samui

    I don't like to speak ill of the dead but the French man didn't have a clue about how to ride a motorbike. That accident could have been very easily avoided.
  5. Yeah , and the recycling program is going great guns ha ha
  6. All of the above exist in and around Pattaya, there is more to the place than soi 6/8/10 and Walking Street. Go take a look sometime.
  7. That's a brawl? I've seen rougher play in a pensioner's square dance!
  8. Eye witnesses are often unreliable and contradictory, and as this was reported to be over in 15 to 20 seconds, most of the people in the place would have no idea what had happened until it was all over.
  9. Australian man victim of violent assault in popular Pattaya bar - report

    Don't like 'em? Then don't go to them. Simple.
  10. Why Thailand if Malaysia is so much easier and nicer

    Aboriginal Australians, who comprise 3% of the population, have had $130 BILLION ($130,000,000,000) spent on aid and programs for them in the last 8 years, hardly "3rd class citizen" treatment. "Non white immigrants are discriminated" is a pretty big blanket call, I enjoyed a few beers at the local club yesterday with the Chinese cook and his Vietnamese wife, I don't recall much discriminating going on. The "refugees" are actually economic migrants who falsely claim to be fleeing persecution, after having paid illegal people smugglers to transit them through several safe countries. When entering Australia's waters, they then destroy their documents making it very difficult to establish exactly who and what they are. Australia is under no obligation to accept them, Australia advertises this fact widely, yet they still choose to attempt the journey, at their own peril.
  11. Why Thailand if Malaysia is so much easier and nicer

    Over 1/3 of Australians are Asian or of Asian background.
  12. Well that's my next Christmas holiday sorted then!
  13. Crypto Currencies

    Agreed 100%, and yes I am a gambler ( even day trader?). Gambling with what I can afford to lose, it's a hell of a ride!
  14. If you still want to eat Peanut Butter, there will be an article somewhere that says it's good for you, just keep googling.