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  1. Seems to get "quality" tourists the relevant department need only to perform some " quality" calculations to arrive at some "quality" numbers!!!
  2. You are obviously mixing in the wrong circles dear boy!
  3. Because we love 'em, and it's a cost of living factor, which is what a lot of people discuss, everywhere.
  4. Beautifully sanitized. How boring.
  5. Agencies divide up 300 cases of embezzled temple funds

    Call me cynical, but I am reading Agencies divide up 300 cases of embezzled temple funds. Anyone else?
  6. Yes but will that happen, I mean with all the wais that have already been exchanged, case closed.
  7. There's the proof that men CAN multi task!
  8. Wooppee cushions on all the bar stools should do the trick!
  9. Seems Interpol is about as toothless as the United Nations
  10. Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    The only time I have believed " and justice for all" is when Metallica released it as their fourth album. All other times it just doesn't work so well.
  11. Yes officer thats them. They robbed me of my innocence.
  12. Because maybe if you get them out of the head down habit it may save their life- next time it might be a bus, not a person
  13. Children's powdered milk – what am I missing ?

    Chinese folk buy this stuff in enormous quantities in Australia and ship it to the relatives in China, they just clean the supermarkets out. Not only do they think the quality is better but also safer than the same product made in China. Imo, its just a massive con worldwide helped along by some slick marketing preying on people's love and desires for their kids. Breast milk and then mashed veges do the trick. Amazing how babies survived in the old days without these powdered formulas!!
  14. 'Boss' outruns another charge

    Well this absolute farce is playing out exactly as many of us expected. What strikes me is that in Australia, my home country, when a Police Officer is killed, especially in the line of duty, the Police Force will pull out all stops to bring the culprit to justice. The country is turned upside down, and all overseas options fully explored.They take it very seriously when one of their own is harmed, and rightly so.The difference here is stark.