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  1. Another mess from Obama that Trump has to clean up.
  2. I guess I mean Road Insurance instead of liability insurance.
  3. Questions. Where is the best place to buy the basic motorbike liability insurance, the kind you need to have to get the bike tax sticker? Can I buy it at the DMV where I pay the tax and get the sticker? Or is there a better place? Thanks.
  4. Apparently he missed the lecture in How to be a Criminal 101 that says "keep a low profile."
  5. Haha even resistance member and the original "sensitive man" Phil Donahue knows Trump will never be impeached. He says other stuff, too, but the bottom line is Trump will never be impeached. "When asked about whether he thought Trump could be impeached, Donahue said that Trump is too popular and it wouldn't be a good decision..."
  6. I'm the same age and am in the same situation regarding younger Asian women. I get the idea they are interested because they won't have to wait all that long for me to die and then they get everything.
  7. Actually it will be eight.
  8. The topic has nothing to do with Trump, does not mention his name at all in the OP. Time to get over it.
  9. A big nothing burger. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  10. Resistance is futile. Give it up. As Sebastian Gorka told Anderson Cooper, "the President is a steam locomotive that will not be stopped." The best the resistance members can do is to run a viable opponent in 2020, perhaps someone better than a broken down old communist or a clone of Ma Barker. But even then Trump will win. So just get over it, accept it, and work to help President Trump implement his agenda, an agenda for the American people. Do your part to bring the country together, if only in a small way. Help make America great again. Remember, the President is a steam locomotive that will not be stopped.
  11. Resistance members (again): "Oh boy, we've got Trump this time!" LOL
  12. LOL. Similar things were said when the soon-to-be "resistance" movement predicted Trump would never be president.
  13. This is all a big nothing-burger. Despite the penalties quoted, people lie on that form all the time.