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  1. Excellent speech by President Trump. This is no Obama-like apology tour. The President is well on his way to a second term.
  2. Same people who said he didn't have a chance to win the election. Ho hum
  3. Do you have a source for that? Maybe a poll like the ones that said Trump would lose by a landslide ("Hillary will win AZ, and TX is in play")?
  4. This poll, "Do you think Trump will be impeached or forced to resign?" is nothing more than wishful thinking by those who are upset that Trump won. Trump won the primary. Trump won the general election. The recount failed. The embarrassing emotional appeal to the electoral college failed (In fact Hillary lost more than Trump). The "the Russians hacked the election" nonsense failed. And now this idea that he will be impeached will fail. Trump will remain president for his entire first term will be reelected by a landslide. Or, put another way, get over it.
  5. I would look on Facebook or other social media for a farang-owned, farang-maintained car. The Thais tend to forego preventative maintenance.
  6. I really don't know, but I wish it was. Just joking in my post above.
  7. Yeah, power is on now. Lots of localized flooding around Night Bazaar. Some of us turned around and backtracked.
  8. now off again.
  9. now on again.
  10. Power out at CM Gate.
  11. And people who want to get to know students, *wink wink*
  12. Sounds like you've got a case of "impeachment fever" that has been going around. LOL.
  13. I never get stopped in the car. On the bike I get stopped every now and then. They only ask to see my license.
  14. The whining and complaining about Trump is indeed good group therapy and support for those who need it, in other words those who are still upset Trump won. The president has every right to fire the FBI director for whatever reason he wants. Even Comey agrees with this. All the work Comey was doing will be done by his replacement. Trump keeps moving the country ahead, suckering the whiners with things like this. At least Hillary,, of all people got it. At the end of one debate she said, "If Donald wins the presidency, that's the way the cookie crumbles." In other words, no big deal. In the past I have felt the whiners should just get over it, but now I see they need this therapy to help them. So, whine away while President Trump continues to work for the benefit of all Americans.
  15. The same people whining about Trump's refusal to fire Comey earlier are now whining about this. Go figure.