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  1. Note to the original poster..............be careful of this avenue because the company that needs to be formed to "make this work" has to be a bone fide operating company, producing something, paying tax and dividends to the shareholders; not set up with the sole purpose of acquiring property/land. In addition the shareholders have to invest their own funds or show from whence these came and be liable for them, so where do you find these Thai people who are willing to invest their own funds (even if borrowed from a bank) in what is really a company set up to help you buy property/land. In effect the Thai shareholders will be liable for around 1.4 m baht, and if there is no real operating company, how do they access their funds if they want out? Completely different if you have a true operating company producing a turnover, paying tax, has audited accounts and so on, and paying dividends to shareholders, even then you own nothing but a minority share of a so called company, not actually owning the land, so outside of that, do you really want to take that risk, or go through the bother/hassle of setting up a real company, whose shareholders really hold the key. Anyway, looking back at the posts, you say that you want to stay within the law and investigate the usufruct option and I think that is a wise decision. The look of despair on my friend's face when he lost his villa and retirement savings when going down this route stays with me, that is why I am so against these schemes dreamed up to circumvent the law.
  2. Going to be a lot of court cases then as just about all of the "named" goods sold in Bangla and in the surrounds are fakes!! As for a provider of these goods, who pays off the authorities to turn a blind eye to his knock-off imports......will this income stream be stopped (don't answer cos we all know it won't)????
  3. xylophone

    Patong - The Wake

    As other posters have noted, it's the spending thing that seems to be down for many small businesses this year, even though I would add that in my opinion, the numbers are down also, even though last night out in Bangla, the place was crowded with "walkers/sightseers", but spending money?? Big C has its moments, and I think the turnover there is much the same as it was last year, with perhaps the Chinese contingent being a little less, however being made up for by more Russians and I witnessed a little spectacle which made me wonder about the mentality of some folk……at the entrances to Big C there are store personnel who will put some tape around the openings to the bags one is carrying, this in an attempt to stop shoplifting (along with a few staff watching down the aisles of the cosmetics and beauty products because the Chinese have a habit of removing tops and coverings of items to be able to smell and look at them and taste the toothpaste) and this is all well and good for most people who duly offer their bags for the tape to be applied. On this occasion a young Russian couple were stopped by the staff member to apply the tape and the girl refused to let her do this, making a bit of a fuss about it, so her boyfriend got hold of the bag she was carrying and offered it to the tape lady, only to have his girlfriend throw a tantrum, just like a spoilt kid would do, before grabbing the bags and storming out of the store! The restaurants in the Jungceylon restaurant strip have been quiet for many days now, as have the stores in Jungceylon itself, and last night on the way to Bangla, the restaurants in Nanai Road, were also quiet with no one in Dons, Da Moreno about 25% occupied and other bars and eateries sparsely populated. The Italian restaurant in Soi Banzaan had no one in it at 8:15 PM and the Chinese restaurant a little further down and just three people in it. And as if to carry this theme on, my usual Italian restaurant was very slow, with the restaurant next door having just two customers in it, and the bar opposite having three customers in it. There would be many more examples I could quote, but I think the point has been made. The friend who has walked away from his bar with nothing in his pocket from this "business venture" has also pointed out that other bars in that Soi are struggling for business, with a few more being empty. But what of those folks who were milling up and down Bangla, well, people watching is intriguing to say the least, and there were many groups of Chinese, although these supposedly have been falling off of late, and groups of Indians so the "masala express airline" seems to be doing good business.........and so that I can dispel a much quoted and supposed "urban myth" I saw a group of four Indian guys walking along with two of them carrying bottles of beer and they stopped and passed the beers around so that they could all drink from the two bottles! Don't think these guys would be adding much to the bottom line of the businesses here. Bangla is what Bangla is and the short-time rooms in Soi Sea Dragon were busy enough with attractive young ladies persuading their newfound catches, which were mainly younger guys, that this was the best thing to do for a quickie, rather than going back to the guys room, which they do mainly because as soon as this little escapade is over they are back on Bangla looking for another catch. Saw just a few of the old-fashioned bar mongers, but in the main the groups were of the younger set and that would probably explain why places like New York, Monsoon, Red Hot and the like were busy and have been for a while now. Mentioning Red Hot, I got up and sang a few songs with the group, and a great group they are too, and whereas previously I had done this, I was singing to a large contingent of Russians, but this time the Indians were in ascendance, and although the place was busy, it was nowhere near as busy as previous visits. I ended up going to a bar called Hippie Road, off Soi Sansabi and beyond a few of the small bars which have sprung up there, and it was a bit of a “bikie bar” by all accounts, however although it was a bit “raw” and the band were playing some pretty heavy rock, it was friendly enough place and had about 20+ people in it. However, as I have the willpower of a tame rabbit, I sang a couple more songs and had a few more drinks and didn’t get home till about 3 AM in the morning and felt a little worse for wear the next day!! Jumping around a bit now, and just a few days ago I took the car for a drive south to Chalong and was held up behind a few other cars because the Chinese duo on the scooter in front was all over the place, almost wandering from the left side to the middle of the road for seemingly no rhyme nor reason, other than the fact they probably have never driven a scooter before – – very dangerous and it wasn't more than a few minutes after that I came across a couple more like this and gingerly overtook them, giving them a wide berth. And just to add to the fun, and give the Thai drivers something to aim at, two new pedestrian crossings have been added around Patong, but of course they have different meanings for different nationalities, whereas the foreigners see it as a place to safely cross the road, the Thai drivers see it as a place to try to disable a few pedestrians, mainly because they never been taught what these things are for I would suppose? So is Patong dying, NO; is Patong thriving, NO, not in my opinion and those others in business that I know; is Patong attracting the right sort of visitors, NO from what I have seen………so whilst this is not a wake, it shouldn’t be a celebration either.
  4. And totally against Thai law..............as I said in another post, "forming a company whose sole purpose is to own property/land is illegal" no matter how you try to work around it.............so stay away from this avenue at all costs.
  5. Well you have been given some good advice apart from the chicanery around company shareholdings, but this is Thai law, "forming a company whose sole purpose is to own property/land is illegal" no matter how you try to work around it. A good point was made inasmuch as your Thai partner can buy/own the land whilst you can own the house, but the funds to buy that land should come from her. I am not au fait with usufructs/superficies etc and folks on here who have knowledge and experience with these may be able to help, but not sure how many Thai lawyers will have the requisite knowledge either, so hunt around and please don't be pushed into the "company route" esp if the "company" has no other purpose than property/land ownership..........losing everything or the potential to do so is not a burden to be carried lightly.
  6. Irrespective of the "discussion" on this, I have a saying that as Thais don't know how to use a roundabout there is no hope for them coming out of the developing/3rd world (I know, I know) category...........something so simple yet they can't fathom it out, just all pile on thereby creating gridlock. Pure stupidity.
  7. xylophone

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Can I borrow your eggcup, the dog needs a bath!
  8. I'll have to disagree on that...................some things that affect tourists but which are unsafe:- The roads in general because of their poor state of repair. Thai drivers in the main. Jetski operators. Parasail operators. Argumentative Tuk Tuk and Taxi drivers. Corrupt cops. Idiots on m/cs who have been rented a m/c despite no licence or indeed anything else (money talks). Pesticide and fungicide laden vegetables. Contaminated sea water. Koh Tao. More to come but I'm sure others can add to the list............
  9. Nothing like the amount that Immigration makes out of the agents and other backhanders. A former Consul said that Immigration where I live make "hundreds of million" baht a year this way so don't expect the recent changes to the Embassy letters fiasco being solved because it will drive many expats down the agent route..........."a nice little earner" as the saying goes.
  10. The problem here is that the Police are involved in corruption, extortion, drugs and other criminal activities, so to expect them to be responsible for ones safety or to uphold the law is a nonsense, whereas in other countries there is the rare "bad cop".............that's the difference.
  11. xylophone

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Thanks for the detailed response billd, much appreciated. Think I had the "bat" virus as other things happening as well and did eventually discover it after running "Hitman" app, even then had to reset my Windows 10 so wiped files etc and was able to reinstall from a backup, but had to get a mate round to help as it became a little complicated. Also switched back to Chrome as am more comfortable with that..........and now my pc is fixed, only need this site to be fixed and all should be well!! Thanks again.
  12. xylophone

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Just before you go Billd..................am having trouble with my computer but don't know if it is related to the problems on this site?? For example my comp just shut down without warning, this when I was typing a post (has happened a couple of times). I am using the Opera browser. Thanks in anticipation of a reply!!!
  13. Couple that aspect with the fragile male ego here and the "loss of face" scenario and you have a volatile mix. And an enquiry found them to be the most corrupt government agency in Thailand. So if you think you are safe with these corrupt, gun toting, fragile ego'd specimens around, you are sadly mistaken.
  14. No........but then again I wasn't comparing actual names/bottles. Just that a 750cl bottle of the fruit wine (if one likes it) here is around the same as a bottle of plonk in OZ/NZ (i.e. a cheap swigger, but not fruit wine). As I said earlier the price of wine here is extortionate and there is no need for it as it seems there is no "direct competition" so it seems to be a revenue generating exercise at the farangs (mainly) expense.
  15. The Thai ones do, but you don't see it in Oz or NZ................not yet anyway!!!