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  1. Good tv series

    Thanks for the reply SooKee, and it's Gmail for me too............so nothing to be worried about I take it. And the reason I ask this is because the Google message to my phone suggested that someone had tried to "use my password" (or similar wording) which did cause some concern.
  2. Good tv series

    I've had some great help from Timbob, who has been most forthcoming with assistance regarding the same thing, but using My Expat VPN network. In my case I had to change from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge in order to get the whole thing working, but so far it seems to be working okay-ish....... apart from one peculiar problem and I wonder if anyone else on here has experienced this. When I log onto the Expat VPN site, which can be a bit of a chore (and one has to pay for it, but not much) I immediately get a message on my outlook Gmail requesting me to re-enter my password, and although I do it, it doesn't seem to let me use Gmail, so I am locked out. Not long after I get a message on my phone saying that someone has tried to access my Google account from Dubai?? No matter what I did I couldn't get my Gmail (via Outlook) working again and it took me over a day to figure it out – – when I disconnected from the Expat VPN, the problem never occurred, then when I reconnected, the message regarding my password cropped up again, locking me out of my Gmail, as did the message from Google regarding someone trying to access my account?? I did look on Google and it seems that what was happening to me has happened to others, or at least something similar has happened, and I wondered if anybody here had experienced the same thing. I realise this is a little off topic, however feedback on this problem would be much appreciated.
  3. Patong - The Wake

    I must get the Atlas out again because I wasn't aware that Thailand was now in China, and it is the Chinese we are talking about, as you well know. As for unacceptable behaviour, well all of the Thai people who witnessed the disgusting behaviour of toenail clipping on a cafe table and also shouting and snotting around the place, did not consider this "acceptable behaviour" so I doubt whether the Thai people will want to adapt to these "acceptable behaviours" as you call them. In their eyes this is disgusting and totally unacceptable and I doubt whether any farang I know would want to adapt to this either, or for that matter of learning how to urinate on the airport floor. If you believe that we have to adapt to this behaviour, then perhaps you can sponsor a company that can write books for the visitors – – "The art of gobbing 50 paces", or "Faecal matter and its placement on pavements", or "The joys of coffee, toenails and dead skin in a Latte". No, neither we nor the Thais have to adapt to this sort of behaviour and hopefully they/we never will. You did promise that you would leave this thread and allow others to post, and suffice it to say that many hundreds of comments have been posted on the subject of Patong over a couple of different threads, so obviously it has done perfectly well without your input up to now. Goodbye and good luck with mastering the behaviours to which you believe we should adapt.
  4. I like that!! Just Google it and all you need to know is there and as per another post, you won't need someone to feed you a cocktail or an injection! IMO, that's the way for me, given the chance.
  5. Patong - The Wake

    The problem being that if you remonstrate with them at the airport, they'll just p1ss on you rather than the floor, which they seem to have a penchant for doing!
  6. I bought one once (not here) and thought it would be good for my back, but didn't like it one bit!! Sure the foam moulds to your body, but how capable is it of "re-moulding" with all of the twisting and turning going on, and as I seem to move around a lot in bed, so I couldn't get on with it.......it was a Dunlopillo as I recall. Food for thought perhaps?
  7. Helium gas will get you where you want to go, along with a little handiwork, and painless and quick too by all accounts.
  8. Patong - The Wake

    That would be my experience here too KB as I have met a few of the younger ones of that ilk. Perhaps it is the "lo-so" ones on tours who predominate the Patong scene and who have filthy habits and are "socially unaware" of the world around them. And as NKM has said, they don't queue and when they have pushed in front of me in cafes and shops, I firmly tell them "no" and point to the back of the queue........glaring at them until they move.
  9. Dr good with bad backs

    I had some good feedback from folks who have visited this guy........perhaps go along and see what he says, if you are not convinced then you can leave.
  10. Genuine/valid copy of Windows in Patong

    Recently bought Windows 10 and Office 365 in Powerbuy at Central.
  11. Patong - The Wake

    I am so happy that you like your environment and all of its lovely Chinese and perhaps you deserve one another. As Karen Bravo has pointed out, it's not just a few of the Chinese who are rude, dirty and sometimes disgusting, because of all of the hotel owners, guesthouse owners and workers, shop and bar owners and all of their staff, including the staff in Big C, restaurants and other retailers here, I don't know one who likes these people, and these folks would number in the many hundreds (along with motorbike taxi drivers who hate them with a vengeance because they block the roads and have absolutely no road sense, thereby endangering others). I don't know of any bad living environments (with perhaps the exception of Lagos) as you stated, because I have always found something of interest, pleasure and/or beauty in everywhere I've been, from Auckland to Amsterdam, Rarotonga to Rochelle, Sydney to St Petersburg, Sussex to the Sahara and Paris to Patong, and that's the beauty of being balanced and, "getting out more" which is what I've always done. Now that you seem to be spending more time on your computer, you may wish to peruse a few other posts and see what other folks have to say about your preferred race – – but be prepared as you might get a shock, because those rose tinted glasses may not shield you from reality. Have a really lovely, beautiful and scenic day, and if not today then tomorrow and forever henceforth.
  12. Patong - The Wake

    Thanks for that explanation 'bth'.........and don't hold much hope out for the future performance of these newly laid drains!! Seem to recall other drainage systems in the new middle road be re-laid several times and still the BIB house gets wet!
  13. Patong - The Wake

    Well if I have got "a Chinese eye" you are quite possibly blind to their filthy habits.......not that the customers and manager at Starbucks was just recently, when one was clipping his toenails and dry feet skin on the table. If you were to read other posts on TV you would see MANY similar posts regarding their habits and posters who lived there say likewise. My girlfriend in NZ was physically sick when she had to clean the toilet of an apt she rented to two young Chinese students........excrement up the walls, on the floor and urine soaked carpets etc etc. The kitchen wasn't quite as bad. Anyway enough of this about these disgusting habits as I am sure the mods will stop this soon. As I recall you were commenting on my post about things in general in Patong, and felt the need to post a patronizing response about it, offering me advice on how to live my and life/spend my time!! I shall continue to post that which I observe and if you want to spend your time posting patronizing responses....then up to you!
  14. Patong - The Wake

    Yes I have, to the point of throwing up. But I've NEVER seen any nationality snotting in shopping centres, crapping on the pavement next to a restaurant or cutting their toenails on tables in a café. Unruly behaviour I can just about put up with, but filthy and disgusting behaviour such as displayed by the Chinese here; no way. And the post by billythehat, although humorous, contains many truths........... You should get out more.
  15. Patong - The Wake

    Agree with you on that..........and then as if to qualify/support it, states, "I'm older than you"!!