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  1. I like your post because you have been perfectly upfront about everything in it and you seem to have gone into your relationship with eyes wide open, which is great. You decided to give your wife and her family some financial support and it's not as if you were "held to ransom" to do it, you decided to do so of your own bat. It matters not what other people think about sin sot or the like or that you may have been too generous, because you have decided to do what you have done with some thought and by the looks of things you have reaped the benefits – good on you. I notice many posts about guys "marrying hookers or ex-bar girls".........so what? The majority of these girls do what they do because of necessity and once you realise that they are sacrificing themselves for the good of their children and relatives, then perhaps it doesn't seem so bad. I had the good fortune to be able to help out a very good mate of mine here who had a great bar which was always full of attractive girls, some who had been with him for a while, and others fairly new and I got to know them, and believe it or not there were some lovely girls in amongst them, great personalities and most could speak some English and they were not the "gold digging" type as so often portrayed here. Sure there are some out there, and you will find the same sort of women just about every country – – witness the posts by some farangs who have been taken to the cleaners by their non-Thai wives overseas. Although we mostly always hear the horror stories here, there have been some great posts about the relationships with Thai girls, whether or not they were bar girls or whatever and sure, as the heading says, "marrying a rich Western may not be a dream come true" means that the Thai folk find difficulty in these relationships as well. If you go into a relationship with your eyes wide open and understand that there will have to be compromise, and also very importantly, understand that if you are substantially older than the girl/woman then it's unlikely that she has fallen, truly, madly, deeply in love with you, but could like and respect you for the security and future that you offer her and her family, then once you know that, the rest should be plain sailing.
  2. ccleaner - uh-oh!

    That explains a lot because even though I have also got the 64 bit W 10 version, twice over the past couple of weeks Bitdefender has picked up a Trojan in the update of CCleaner.........luckily it found them.
  3. Ah so..........don't they cotton on that the stuff is already in China?? Naïve or stupid?.........or poss both!
  4. Phuket weather 2017

    Didn't you know that Thai tyres are different to other tyres because they grip better in the wet whilst going faster..........same same Thai electricity doesn't need an earth!
  5. Actually, it's not that hard because the juice can be pasteurised to make it stable and also chilled to stop any fermentation. So there are a couple of theories posted so far, one that if water is added to reconstitute concentrated grape juice, it can be detected and therefore not allowed OR concentrated grape juice is imported and reconstituted with filtered water, for example. I really don't believe that they import the bulk wine because the addition of fruit juice to a finished product would be easily detectable and quite probably unstable as well. However having said that I could well be wrong, but it would seem to be an easy way to lower the cost of the product by bringing in grape juice in whatever form and then fermenting it here along with whatever is added (Roselle, for example). As has been mentioned, Roselle doesn't actually have a fruit, but a Calyx and it is this which is used in drinks and not only is it very healthy (and can be a laxative!) It does give a nice red colour to the drink, so it would be most likely that a whole bunch of these calyx are added to finish the product and whether they are fermented with it or not, who knows? And what about the white wine?? I do know that some of the red wine which is produced in Vietnam and sold in the Wine Connection stores is a mixture of grapes and some strawberry juice, whereas the white wine has grapes and some grapefruit juice. Previously passionfruit juice was added to the white wines and juice of "dark fruits" to the red wine. Fascinating subject, this especially when we really don't know what this "Fruit Wine" consists of or how it is made!
  6. Thank you for that information, of which I wasn't aware, however it does strengthen my original theory that what these companies do is to import the grape juice, not the concentrate which needs the addition of water. Once they've got this they can then add whatever fruit juice/Roselle they want and get on with the fermentation, or at least that's the way I think it works here, but no one can be sure because it seems to be a closely guarded secret. Certainly a lot of the practices in the "old world" wine production have been forbidden for some time now and stricter rules and regulations ensure that a lot of the stuff that used to happen just doesn't these days, although I'm sure there is the exception! Having said that, there is still some leeway in the New World wines and in Australia, for example, some white wines are allowed to have the addition of other grapes, without this being notified on the label. For example a bottle labelled "sauvignon blanc" can have the addition of some semillon grapes (up to 20% I think) without this being mentioned on the label. Other wines can be blended with juice from Thompson's seedless grapes (yes the ones that make sultanas) for example, and so on, not aimed at deceiving the general public, but apparently to assist the wine producers/grape growers. "Fruit wines generally attract less excise duties which explains the addition of fruit juices to many wines imported into Thailand because that minor contamination alters the "purest" definition despite not altering the alcohol content" Not too sure of the amount of fruit juice needed to enable the product to pass the excise duty regulations with regard to lower duties, but seem to remember it being more than minor contamination........again, I think it was covered in the Montclair thread.
  7. I don't "fear" anything, I was just saying that it is possible that NK could launch strikes (even nuclear) on the US and then all hell breaks loose killing millions in various countries..........my post really relates to the fact that NK thinks they can and so they might.
  8. "If threatened, U.S. will 'totally destroy' North Korea, Trump vows". I seem to recall just recently that the North Korean leader stated that if necessary North Korea will reduce the US to a pile of ashes, or something very similar. I would suppose that many people laughed at the absurdity of this statement and suggested that he and his cronies/the people "get real", but you know I have seen this before and stupid as it may sound, these people actually believe they can do that! I was working in Libya about a year after the Gadaffi revolution and relations with the US were not brilliant and there was some sort of diplomatic row going on between the two countries and the young Libyan engineer (University educated and from a good family) I was working with, stated that the US had better be careful otherwise the Libyan army would invade and wipe them out. I tried to reason with this supposedly intelligent young man that Libya had neither the manpower, firepower, armaments or anything like that which would be necessary to even inflict minor damage on the US, but he was adamant that he and his fellows knew best and that they would utterly destroy the US if necessary. I believe it is indoctrinated in these people from an early age and they come to believe it. Given that to be true, if it is, then North Korea may be more of a threat than we think, not because they can actually succeed in what they want to do, but at least they will give it a try believing they can – and that is dangerous.
  9. Having new boobs seems to be very popular at the moment and two guys I know (not wealthy by any means) forked out the necessary baht for their girlfriends to have the implants and the girls left them within four months, probably armed with their new-found attributes on the lookout for another wealthier sucker!
  10. Have to agree with you there and this has been said on many threads similar to this subject – – relatively poor guy in the UK (for example) seems to be wealthy to some of the poorer girls from the likes of Isaan, until they find out too late that this isn't the case. There are those girls on the other hand who really do like to play fast and loose, even when they have found the "wealthy millionaire". One particularly attractive girl who was around 26 years old married a sophisticated French guy (about 46 I would say) who was very wealthy and he bought her a car, an apartment here and just about everything she wanted, as well as flying her back to Paris for visits and holidays, and she had it made. However it seems as if she just couldn't forget the lure of the nightlife here and the "paid easy sex" and whilst her husband was in France, she was offering herself around at 3000 baht a short time. I had known her before she got married and on her visit back to Patong she approached me with the offer above and I chastised her somewhat saying that she had everything that a Thai girl could want yet she was in danger of throwing it all away for a 3000 baht short time (she then said 1500 baht!!). So to all intents and purposes she had "her dream come true" but threw it all away, because the husband found out about her infidelity through friends and ditched her and the last I saw of her was about three or four years later when she looked very haggard and unhappy.
  11. A product labelled "wine" has to be from the fermented juice of grapes, I can't see anywhere where it states that it has to be "direct fermentation of fresh fruit". However if you have some info in this, I'm always keen to learn, so please post. Interesting point you make with regard to reconstituted grape juice however I think that the finished product is still regarded as wine? It does become confusing as you can see by the text below because different countries apply different standards/interpretations, however there is a general nature running through them and that is that any wine which is produced from anything other than grapes has to be labelled as such, see examples below. Within the European Union, the term "wine" in English and in translation is reserved exclusively for the fermented juice of grapes.[4] Within the United States, wine may include the fermented juice of any fruit[5] or agricultural product, provided that it is between 7% and 24%alcohol by volume and intended for non-industrial use.[6] With the exceptions of cider, perry, and sake, such non-grape wines are to label themselves by the word "wine" qualified by a truthful description of the originating product: "honey wine", "dandelion wine", (blended) "fruit wine", etc.[7] Other jurisdictions have similar rules dictating the range of products qualifying as "wine".[8]
  12. There were a couple of articles written on the subject when Montclair first hit the market and links to those are available in the Montclair wine thread. It stated categorically, from inside info by the looks of things, that the Roselle fruit (Hibiscus) was added to the wine and this particular "fruit" is well known as a colouring for drinks as well as being healthy! What has never been clearly explained or discovered is exactly what is imported, whether it be bulk wine or grape juice. However trying to follow some sort of logic, it would be easier and cheaper to import grape juice and then add the fruit content to it in Thailand and ferment it here. Whereas importing bulk wine means that the addition of fruit juice could be quite problematic because the product is already fermented and finished – – so bulk grape juice would appear to be the cheapest and easiest route. However due to the secrecy surrounding the company and the product, perhaps we will never know. I did notice on a box of Mar Y Sol that it described the contents as "a Chilean red wine" so it does pay homage to the origin of the product! Also on the back of all of the Montclair products you will notice the words "Fruit Wine" and if I recall correctly by international law those words have to be added to any wine which has an addition of 20% of fruit juice, however I find it extremely difficult to think that they would add 20% Roselle juice to this mix?? Maybe as you allude to, this is just a ruse to get round the taxes and duty payable, however they may have been "hoist by their own petard" by adding something to the wine to get round the taxes, but found that they have to disclose it! There are many links and articles on this whole subject on the Montclair thread and it may be worth you spending some time scouting through it – – there is a lot of it, so happy reading. Roselle (hibiscus) Hibiscus or Roselle juice in Thai is…….กระเจี๊ยบแดง krajiab daeng, The red calyces of the plant are increasingly exported to the United States and Europe, particularly Germany, where they are used as food colourings. Red roselle calyx has been reported to be rich in anthocyanins and it contains a mixture of organic acids such as citric, malic and tartaric acids18,25. Karppa et al.14 reported that anthocyanins vary in colour from pink to blue and violet. These characteristics suggest that roselle calyx extract may be a suitable raw material for the production of coloured wines. The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality attributes of wine produced from roselle calyx extract.
  13. Patong - The Wake

    On that note, DrDave, and as you previously mentioned, there is still some building going on around the place, seemingly oblivious to the unfinished and abandoned places which now litter Patong. I came across this one a few days ago, called, "The Crystal Patong" and it is completely empty and has been for some time by the looks of the building, yet it is a fairly substantial and completed place, but no occupants at all and some of the fittings showing signs of age. Not 100 m from it is the shell of another would-be apartment block, taking its place amongst the other derelict/rotting follies of Ace Condominiums, The Park, Dinso (and to be fair to this one, there does appear to have been a small amount of work done on it over time, yet it has been three years or more since started, and still not completed) and other places in a similar state of dilapidation. On the subject of The Crystal, does anyone have any idea why it has remained empty, or the history behind it?
  14. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Have to concur with that remark pagallim and nowadays I find it difficult to raise the enthusiasm to sit for many hours in an aluminium tube, as well as queueing at overcrowded airports. As a young man and working for oil companies in Libya (twice), Nigeria, North Sea and Norway I was always "jetting off somewhere", travelling on jets, prop jobs (some from the Second World War) helicopters and even canoes (don't ask) and mates and girlfriends always thought it was a glamorous life I lived and I have to say that I thought so too. Fast forward 45 years, this after doing a lot more travelling as well, and nowadays I can't be bothered with all of the hassle and one could say that I am now in "a comfortable rut" and finding it very difficult to raise the enthusiasm to even go back to NZ. Having said that I have finally decided to go and visit friends and relatives at Christmas, so have managed to get out of that rut. I have to admit that this is as much about seeing friends and relatives as it is about getting away from Phuket/Patong so that I can come back and appreciate it more, which I always seem to do when I leave. There's nowhere else I really want to go, so quite happy to stay here for long periods of time with just the occasional break elsewhere.