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  1. I did post in another thread that Patong missed the opportunity to be another Puerto Banus or Juan les Pins as it had everything going for it, but corruption took hold and the people in power and the people who pull all the strings are involved. As madmitch has said in another post, popular holiday areas in Spain have been "redeveloped" back from the almost cesspits that they became, with some degree of success by all accounts. All the time the money flows into the coffers here then the powers that be here don't really care what happens provided that money flow continues, however as stated above by NKM if that starts to hurt then they may be forced to do something. However I doubt very much that the spending of vast sums of money to improve the place will occur, more likely more ways to elicit tea-money or similar. The only way for Patong to reinvent itself is for the corrupt to be moved out and the government or whomsoever to take the helicopter view of the place now and what they want for the future, and redesign it. It has been done elsewhere, but here...............
  2. Had the same experience on my last visit and although I thought I'd have to wait a long time because of the queue/crowd outside, it wasn't the case.......over and done with in minutes! Like you I did feel sorry for those people who didn't seem to know what was going on and one couple walked up, looked at the queue and went! Perhaps some signs might help?
  3. Sorry for the readers of this thread if I have to refer to an earlier post, which thankfully has now been deleted, because it was full of inaccuracies and vitriol, however I feel I need to put the record straight for my own peace of mind. Let me address the points one by one: – – I was not one of the "bankers" who used other people's money to bail out institutions, in fact my bank in New Zealand was a conservative bank and had nothing whatsoever to do with the financial shenanigans in Wall Street or its environs and no way did we entertain things like CDOs in our portfolios which were foisted upon unwary investors in other banks/countries. – Just like any business unit (I ran a business unit, i.e. a business within a business) we were tasked with making a profit, which we did and legally so. – And as for this, "I have many friends who would dearly love to meet people like you face to face to tell you how absolutely disgusted they feel about the stress and upheaval you and your kind have caused in their lives". Well I and my team caused absolutely no stress and upheaval upon your friends lives, none whatsoever. We made our clients money. – In fact if they had been invested in the funds which we were running for clients/customers, ever since 1997, when it first started, up until now they would have made money, and those statistics are available online. This includes going through the tech stock crash of 1999 and the GFC starting around 2007. – Two entirely different scenarios with regards to banks and investing, which you clearly know nothing about. My clients/customers are happy and have not lost money, whilst others around the world may have done, but that's of no fault of mine. – That's because I ran my business unit (read a business within a business but with all the same structure of a stand-alone business) well and ethically. – Contrary to what you keep quoting and even though I didn't quote this, I never, repeat, I never personally made $2 billion or even $2 million for that matter, but the investment funds I put in place reached just under $2 billion before I retired. And as another poster (Karen Bravo I think it was) tried to apprise you, some folks are paid a salary for running that sort of businesses because it is within a banking environment and that was the case with me. So sorry to disappoint you in respect of not bringing my millions/billions of dollars to Patong, but they just didn't exist and they never did, and I never said they did, this is just a figment of your misreading/assumptions. And as for living in Nanai road, well I choose to live there because I live in an apartment owned by friends and whenever I go away they take care of it as well as my car and my motorbike and my post etc, and I couldn't hope for an easier life. Up to me as they say here. Now here's a suggestion for you, rather than you keep aiming your vindictive posts at me (for whatever reason), why don't we call a truce and you can press the ignore button on me and I can press the ignore button on you and then we won't have to waste time going through all this crap.
  4. "All the business’s are on Sois just off either side of Rat-U-thit rd". No-one.........part of your post number 2395!!
  5. True enough, but if they are already operating in sois near a main road, then they are fairly public knowledge surely!
  6. With respect madmax2, I doubt that there are any businesses in Patong which are so "unique" that no one else has thought of them. In fact if the Thai way of doing business and the local grapevine have anything to do with it once a new shop/establishment opens up that seems to be different/doing well, then automatically others will open up nearby – – that's the way it's always been here in Patong and that's why you will see loads of pharmacies in close proximity (although a few of these seem to have disappeared of late). It's the same with beauty salons, hairdressers, massage parlours, foot massages, trinket sellers, food stalls, shops selling odds and ends and so on. Stating one's business on a thread like this will not threaten its existence one iota.
  7. ‘The only thing sad about this thread mate is that there is one poster who thinks he is so superior to all others that his opinion is the only valid one and anyone else's opinion means nothing,” And there we have it, this is the crux of the matter (the green eyed monster) and would appear to be driving all of this drivel. I do seem to remember from another post where you commented on the fact that, “you do think you are good don’t you” or something to that effect, whereas that was never my intention, but you did ask for some background which I gave and even then you proceeded to niggle and ridicule me. The information I gave you was correct and all the figures I posted previously were correct, along with the running of over 40 direct staff, servicing the needs of 140 bank branches and in the last year bringing in over $18 million worth of revenue, with expenses of $4.25 million, making a nice fat profit for the bank. I thereby stated my case that I knew what running a business was about and I stick with that. However somehow that irks you, but then again that’s your problem not mine. And nowhere on this thread have I ever belittled or denigrated any other poster by attacking them as I try to deal with the post rather than go ad hominem. The assumptions you’ve made in your post only follow-on from other assumptions you have made and they are totally incorrect as per usual. My business friend is not a dodgy dealer and has been around here for quite a few years and has a good reputation. As for your statement about, “anyone else’s opinion means nothing”, well again something that you have gotten into your head, because that is simply not the case. All I do is simply state my point of view and state that which I see going on around me and state that which I am told by my business owning friends. I have absolutely no axe to grind with anybody on here and that includes you, however that doesn’t seem to be the case as far as you are concerned, so why not drop it and get on with contributing to the thread in a meaningful way rather than attacking the poster.
  8. The information came direct from a man whose business is selling these places and obviously I can't name him and nor would he want to be named. As for a sales pitch, well sorry that you saw it that way, but then again that's one of your assumptions, because it was merely to point out that there are places for sale and this particular one is close to the action and I know of it. I want nothing to do with selling it, nor have I ever advertised that fact. For the record LIK it is in the new middle road as I call it, and it is Thai freehold. So sad that one poster seems to have to denigrate the poster and his integrity because that's not what this thread is all about.
  9. Quite right LIK about there being many owners who would like to sell and as my friend in this business has said, you will only see for sale signs outside when folk are desperate or when they have all but given up, or have walked away from a closed business. This for obvious reasons. A short while ago we were discussing the situation with regards to guesthouses and small hotels being for sale and I mentioned that despite the fact he said there were many for sale I hadn't seen too many "for sale" signs around the place. We were standing just outside of Starbucks near the new middle road and he rattled off a whole host of guesthouses/small hotels down that strip that were for sale, and others around the place and there were many for sale. So if one adds those to the businesses that Schlog has seen around the place, one will get a better idea of the state of play in this market at the moment. And just yesterday a friend from way back told me that she wanted to sell her small hotel (no signs up) and at the moment she had three guests staying in her 20 room establishment and although the high season had been fairly good for her, she really couldn't hold out much hope for the future. So, about 23 million baht will buy a 20 room small hotel, complete with lift, kitchen, small restaurant/dining area and small bar and a good amount of parking space, all in a quiet location not too many metres from the nightlife.
  10. Yes, just about any business can be pressed for tea money and often are and not because they are doing anything wrong. I know of several businesses which have been approached by the BIB with regards to this and some have paid a small amount (because they are very small businesses) whilst others have flatly refused. Bone fide bars almost always pay up and not because they do anything wrong, but because they know what will happen if they don't, and I have seen this happen first-hand. No tea money paid means that the bar is visited by the BIB and the girls are harassed, asked to show identification and often taken to the toilets for urine samples, all while the BIB are milling around the bar, so no customers. And this can happen several times until such time as the bar owner knows he had better pay up or business will suffer, so he does.
  11. Agree schlog, there are many businesses for sale and a friend of mine who deals in them confirms this, as did the guy I mentioned in an earlier post; "An old friend of mine who has just returned to Patong has gotten into the real estate business and told me just the other day that he never realised that there were so many apartments and businesses for sale, with so few buyers. He did however mention that when there was a fairly keen buyer, the seller would not drop the price or negotiate it, so no deal was done and he couldn’t understand this mentality:.
  12. Well it looks like we're going to have to agree to disagree because being an electrical engineer by profession (at least in the early days before I changed professions) I have seen many, many appalling electrical practices here; – – The air conditioner in my house was wired directly from the meter on the outside pole and never went anywhere near the consumer unit/distribution unit. – A 2 kW cooker was hooked up by something akin to bell wire, from the back of an overhead light in the kitchen and then tiled over. – Shocks were being had from the electrical appliances in one kitchen, this because there were absolutely no earths behind any of the three pin plugs and neutrals were switched willy-nilly. – The guests quarters in a luxury villa block were fed from the distribution unit by cables about as thick as one's little finger (no problem with that because there was quite a load to cope with) but when the power supply failed, a look in the roof space between the two buildings showed that the much smaller grade of cable, perhaps 2 mil had been wrapped round the larger cable to save money, but of course the two cable sizes being so different it didn't work and came apart, luckily enough not causing a fire. – About 75% of the electric water heaters I have seen here have no earths whatsoever despite a warning saying they must be earthed. – Cable colours are mixed as and when required depending upon how much cable is left over and of what type; for example a live black may well leave the consumer unit heading towards a socket outlet (for example) and by the time it reaches there it could be any one of a number of colours because of the joining of different cables to use them up. – Swimming pool pump motors without any earths.............. I could list a lot more as I have helped out a friend who is a maintenance engineer for high-end luxury villas and apartments, when he has a problem he can't seem to fix and I go along to troubleshoot. As I said the wiring here is absolutely appalling and I won't change my viewpoint having seen what I have seen. This is my home and I have lived here for over 10 years and I do enjoy the country, but what I don't enjoy is seeing everyday folk having their lives put at risk by this appalling workmanship. And as for slowing international trade/devaluation/trump/currencies/markets etc well there's nothing much I can do about those so I don't worry about them and get on and enjoy my life.
  13. Quote, "problem is that thais' DNA contains significant seeds for lying,cheating,stealing and having not only no remorse but no clue it is wrong in either eastern or western morals". AND IMO there is some truth in both of these statements, in the first one, because they have no conception of consequence or they can quite easily lie and write it off to "saving face", so the truth becomes of no import. And as KB has said, the oft stated opinion that all bar girls are bad and that non-bar girls are good, is absolute rubbish because it's a bit of a mixed bag just the same as humanity is, the only difference being that as I've said earlier the Thai way/culture doesn't seem to have much in the way of consequence and truth built into it.
  14. Hate to disappoint you but I've seen inside the roof spaces of high end condos/apts, villas, houses and a large shopping complex and it is all of the same dangerously low standard........in fact no standard whatsoever, just appalling.
  15. My thanks to pagallim, brewsterbudgen and JaseTheBass for replying and I think I've pretty well got the gist of it now – – one does so at one's own risk and if one should lose one's subscription, then so be it. Having lost about a half years subscription with 365Sport and reading about others closing down, I decided not to go ahead and try others, but have just had True Visions satellite installed and it is a great picture and suffers no buffering or anything like that (of course). And I only wanted to be able to watch football and NZ rugby and anything else is a bonus, so I'm a happy camper at 880 baht per month all in.