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  1. But that's the point, he can't.
  2. A flaw in that I think (respectfully)…………..a farang cannot completely own his own house as his wife/ptnr has control of the land lease, so he can be in a precarious position should the wife turn against him. Many posts regarding this and the unpleasantness from family which makes living there impossible. So no guarantee of security for the rest of his life!
  3. A lot of sense in that, but another poster mentioned common sense, or lack of...…and with that I put in the inability to see and learn. Now take the Thais driving the wrong way on a motorway/road; surely they don't have to be told it is wrong because it plainly is, and furthermore they will have seen accidents/deaths/gruesome injuries reported in the news/papers when Thais have done this...……..so what do they do, don't bother to take it in/learn from it at all. Education will not help in this case, because you can't fix stupid.
  4. Not sure about that...………..thought that the "leaders" (not just the one) would have had something better than the everyday lo-so education??
  5. Interesting...………...so why does the current leader and his cronies prove your second paragraph wrong by coming out with some absolute doozeys from time to time. Highly educated yes; intelligent...………..their utterings and behaviour prove otherwise, so genes at play????
  6. And quite probably find yourself in trouble for breaking the law. Remember that once you cross that line you leave yourself open to all sorts of corruption, bribe paying and jealousy and losing your company and assets. Really not worth it IMO.
  7. Not surprising really as he is a liar and a crook and it seems to be in his genes...………. “Kushner also earned money from dozens of different companies linked to Kushner Companies, while his wife Ivanka made more than $16 million, mostly from her clothing and accessories brand, which manufactures goods in various countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia and China”. No, surely this can’t be so, esp after Donald duck Trump campaigned on America First and in bringing the jobs back to America, because this would mean he is a deceitful liar………….oh, but then again he has proven he is in so many other ways.
  8. xylophone

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    Oh come on this has got to be a wind up...………….. First of all we have the poster who has supposedly got Shigella and then Giardia and who knows what else! The fact that he has taken Flagyl for a week seems to be upsetting him both physically and metaphorically speaking, however there are millions upon millions of people in the world who have no such problems from it and if they do a couple of weeks of something like probiotics and a normal diet will sort it out. So far this poor little poster has been trying or recommended, coconut kefir, garlic supplements L glutamine, wild oregano oil, prunes, turmeric not to mention all sorts of other weird and wonderful things as well as huge variations on diet, but still comes back to post after his supposedly mouldy yoghurt, which really shouldn't cause any problems at all. No, I'm afraid I'm out of this thread because as I said a while back, I don't think the problem is in the stomach. So I will leave all of your other good guys to recommend all sorts of weird and wonderful things, but one thing he could try is plucking the hair from a fairy which is dancing at the bottom of his garden at midnight; boiling it and drinking the liquid may well do the trick. Over and out.
  9. Ah I see what you are getting at...………...my delay because having internet problems!! So a company that is legally set up is in effect Thai owned (majority shareholding) can buy property because it is a Thai company. The farang who has a minority shareholding really owns nothing, so no point really. The fact is that farangs are often told that they can own land/property through a company route, which prompted my comments, and which of course is illegal.
  10. Nearly on the same wavelength!! A farang cannot set up a company whose specific purpose is to own property...…..so setting a company up for the company to own it is illegal, if that is its sole purpose. If a farang sets up a company then it has to have a majority Thai ownership, so in effect the farang owns nothing...…which is what the Govt wants. Even if the company runs a bone fide business (not property) then property can be acquired by that company, and the same outcome applies...…….the farang owns nothing. So back on track...…...the Thai nominee company method of buying/"owning" a property is illegal. Again...…... It helps to become familiar the Foreign Business Act 1999. This sets out the rights of foreign companies in Thailand, as well as what is not permitted. Most, although not all, foreign businesses looking to set up in Thailand require a Thai majority shareholding. Many foreigners prefer to form a Thai majority company, to allow the company to operate a business in a category that is otherwise restricted to foreigners. The registration of a Thai majority company generally requires less registered capital and less paperwork than the registration of a foreign company. A Thai majority company can also buy land. As you quite rightly said......Others however prefer the simpler but highly illegal practice of nominee shareholders. A nominee shareholder is a shareholder in name only; in reality nominee shareholders lacks any real financial stake or interest in the company. There are companies in Thailand who will offer to supply Thai nominee shareholders. This is extremely high risk as not only will you have no knowledge of who the shareholder of your company is now will they owe you any loyalty, they are likely to be professional shareholders who will probably be listed as shareholders in multiple companies which will soon wave a red flag to the authorities. And 1). Unquestionably it is illegal to buy a house via a company. The Thailand Alien Business act is quite specific, and there is a blanket offence of circumventing land ownership laws that means anything the appears to allow foreigners to own houses is actually illegal. 2). Be careful here because it is illegal for a company to be formed with the sole purpose of owning a property. If the company is a trading/working entity employing Thai workers, paying taxes etc then a house can be purchased, but then again the company has to also have a majority Thai ownership and these majority Thai shareholders must be able to show how much they have invested in this company and from whence the funds came.
  11. So how can a farang set up a company to "own" 10 properties, when they are not allowed to own them in the first place?? If a farang bought into an existing Thai company that owned properties, he/she could become a minority shareholder, but that's not the same as owning properties.
  12. xylophone

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    Totally agree with that statement!!!
  13. xylophone

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    Most people will just excrete it; they won't notice anything," says David Heber, a professor in the UCLA Department of Medicine. "You might have some gastrointestinal upset like nausea and diarrhea, but it would be transient." It is the body's way of clearing out the "irritants" and as he said, transient. A natural function.
  14. This should help...……….. "Expats who own land illegally in Thailand could be deported under tough new laws being drafted by the government. Thai ombudsman Siracha Charoenpanij said earlier this month that he was drawing up "carrot-and-stick" legislation to protect the country from illegal foreign nominee ownership. Under Thai laws, foreign nationals are not allowed to own residential land. They can, however, buy apartments so long as no more than 49 per cent of a development is owned by foreigners. They can also purchase detached villas, but while they can own the house, they cannot own the land the house is on and are only able to lease it for 30 years at a time. To get around these restrictions, some have entered into complicated structures whereby a company is set up to purchase the land. A Thai national holds the majority of shares in that company, but in reality may have no financial interest in the company and may own it on behalf of the foreign buyer. It is these such "nominee ownership" arrangements that the government now wants to crack down on, and Charoenpanij has also proposed a reward – of 20 per cent of the land’s value when sold – for those providing information about illegal ownership. His plans also include penalties for lawyers or consultants who advise foreign buyers on nominee structures". 1). Unquestionably it is illegal to buy a house via a company. 2). It is illegal for a company to be formed with the sole purpose of owning a property. If the company is a trading/working entity employing Thai workers, paying taxes etc then a house can be purchased, but then again the company has to also have a majority Thai ownership and these majority Thai shareholders must be able to show how much they have invested in this company and from whence the funds came. This is to prevent the “Thai nominee company” illegal workaround and nominee companies are illegal...
  15. That's the post I agree with, then came the, IMO, many nonsense posts after it. Surely we should be focussing on where the cask folk can get the best deal, any new wines "discovered" that don't bust the budget and even those out there that are reasonably priced that we may have missed? I have posted about buying a red from OZ called "Hopes End' and I can buy that at around 440 to 460 baht a bottle and it beats other more expensive wines hands down...…..has anyone tried it??