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  1. Agree with all you have said...…….but it seems this poster is confused (putting it nicely). On another thread he is "advising" someone that this person actually owns a property 100% because he bought it via the Thai Nominee company route and shrugs off any suggestion that this route is not legal. He has also started another thread suggesting that the "Thai company (route) sceptics" are wrong and that everything is ok going down this route. One wonders why he would be doing that...………..?????
  2. Thanks for the info...…..watched it last night and enjoyed it!
  3. Yes, I'm sure there is tribe of Apache living in the woods behind me!
  4. This from a NZ newspaper article today regarding a case of BSE found in Scotland...…………. "Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as 'mad cow disease' is a deadly brain condition in cattle that is caused by infection with prions. Prions are infectious proteins with abnormal shapes and once they enter the brain they cause extensive brain damage. There is no cure. BSE originally occurred in UK cattle through the feeding of infected meat and bone meal. And during the UK outbreak in the 1980s and early 1990s, it is estimated that up to half a million cattle may have been infected in this way. Cows are now fed a strict vegan diet to avoid infection, but BSE can sometimes also occur sporadically in the cattle population – causing a disease known as atypical BSE, which has been the cause of the most recent outbreaks in Britain. In rare cases, BSE can be passed between people and animals by eating contaminated meat, causing the disease variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD). Since the CJD outbreak in Britain in 1996 there have been 178 cases diagnosed in Britain and no new cases since 2016. Animal tissues where the BSE prion proteins are concentrated such as the brain, spinal cord and spleen are now banned from the human food chain. Prof Neil Mabbott, Personal Chair in Immunopathology at The Roslin Institute & Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Edinburgh, said: "While the identification of a new case of BSE in Scottish cattle is worrying, the measures that remain in place in the UK should ensure that there is no risk to the public. "Clearly urgent research is now required to identify the potential source and characteristics of the BSE in this outbreak." UK Chief Veterinary Officer, Christine Middlemiss, said: "While it is too early to tell how this animal became infected, this detection shows that the surveillance system is doing its job. "As it has been made clear, there is no risk to food safety or human health in any part of the UK."
  5. That's a turn-up for the book, but it suits him, although these remarks are off the cuff, but he was collared in the end!
  6. Agree with your take on that and I note that at one time this sort of info could be found on some "lawyers" (property agent?) websites, but disappeared when they came to the attention of the Govt...…..then these claims were removed. This esp when new rules were brought in to stop this/these practises. Can foreign individuals own land in Thailand? ANSWER: Foreign land ownership can only be allowed pursuant to a treaty (section 86 of the Land Code Act, no treaty exists) or following section 96 bis of the Land Code Act. Both require permission of the Minister of Interior. Can a Thai national own land on my behalf? Answer No. It is illegal for foreigners to use a Thai person (juristic or natural) for this purpose and illegal for Thai nationals to act as an agent or owner on behalf of a foreigner, (section 96 of the Land Code Act). The Thailand Land Department even issued a warning in English on their website that this structure would be a criminal offence against the Criminal Code (section 267) and the Land Code Act (section 111). Where can I find the law that prohibits foreign land ownership? Answer The Land Code Act contains provisions governing foreign land ownership. Read more: CHAPTER 8 / หมวด ๘ - Limitation of Foreigners Right in Land / การกําหนดสทธิ ิในทดี่ ินของคนตางด  าว.. Can foreigners have other rights to land in Thailand? Answer Foreigners can have possession of land or real estate under a with the land department registered lease agreement or obtain a right of usufruct. or have an interest in a Thai company that owns the land, however this last option is currently less popular because in general this structure as a vehicle to own real estate on behalf of a foreigner has some legal defects in its structure and purpose. A company will be regarded as a “Thai” company and may own land in Thailand if no more than 49% of the total issued shares in the company are held by foreigners. However, even if foreigners own less than 49% of the total issued shares, by internal policy of the Land Office, officials may investigate the purchase transaction to make sure it is not an attempt to get around the prohibition against foreign land ownership. Enforcement and punishment measures in land holding as an agent for a foreigner (originally published by the Thailand Land Department) If it appears the fact last that there is the threat of land holding as an agent for a foreigner, the measures to the land disposal and the offender punishment shall be enforced as follows (source land department); 1 - Measures on land by enforcement to dispose of the land in accordance with legal procedures. Under Section 94 and 96 of the Land Code, stipulate the regulation when it appears that person who obtained the land as an agent for a foreigner or foreign entity or foreigner who obtained the land illegitimately, he/she shall dispose of such land in the portion of his/her possession within the period of time specified by the Director-General of the Department of Lands which shall be not less than one hundred eighty days and not more than one year. The Director-General shall have the power to dispose of such land if time limit elapses. Foreign controlled Thai companies Up till May 2006 it was common practice for foreigners to form a Thai company and to hold land under a Thai company structure. Since the land office guidelines starting in May 2006 followed by the business registration rules and the proposed amendments to the Foreign Business Act this practice is less common. Recent discussions in the Thai government to further clamp down on this structure through new laws and regulations have led to the conclusion that a Thai company structure is not a viable or secure vehicle to create a long term foreign controlling interest in real estate in Thailand.
  7. Bangkok perhaps, but different story where I live and in Pattaya.
  8. There was a long thread on this very subject and the laws pertaining to it were published and discussed at length so if you wish to update your knowledge on this subject, find it, read it and learn. And yes, EVERY house bought by a farang through the Thai Nominee Company route, where the sole purpose of that company is to own a property, is in fact illegal. That is why the law was tightened recently so that every Thai shareholder could be investigated and had to show their actual monetary investment in that company, from whence that investment (money) came and what dividends or interest they were receiving from that investment......which of course a Thai nominee cannot do because there is no monetary investment from them. Much on ThaiVisa about this and about a few crackdowns already, and published examples. Much like another poster here has said/done...…...no more from me on this or discussion with you. The information is out there so I need not comment further.
  9. Well I trust the 1000s of scientists and researchers over a few scaremongering numbnuts online who are just waiting to take up a cause. No getting around the facts that vaccines and immunisation have saved perhaps billions of lives and eradicated many diseases...…….but yet no facts supporting your statement linking vaccinations to, "autism, asthma, allergies, diabetes, hiv, and all the immune diseases that didn't exist or were previously rare". And one or two isolated cases around the world do not make it so. I was responsible for looking after a schoolmate who had contracted polio and it was pitiful to see his deformed legs although he bore his burden well; then another friend who had the same disability but unfortunately she died in her converted 3 wheel car when it overturned and caught fire, and she couldn't get out. Nowadays it is rarely seen but has made some inroads due to the anti-vaccination brigade and religious idiots. I cannot understand the mentality of folks like you, so onto the ignore button you have to go in order that I don't have to interact with you and your views.
  10. Would also mean an end to building more useless apt blocks...…….with many empty apts in them.
  11. I did put forward the suggestion that a Thai Notary Public could issue/sign a letter confirming income etc, but it was lost in the maelstrom of replies aimed at the BE. IMO it is an option, but then again...………...
  12. New Zealand has put some restrictions on foreigners purchasing property in NZ, because the influx of Chinese house buyers has pushed up the price of houses far beyond the reach of the "everyday" Kiwi. And some of them are empty whilst others are rented out as investment properties and even some with many Chinese families living in them. PS. IMO this has come far too late in the piece.
  13. Ahhhh………..yes I didn't see that in the previous post. It was well hidden/disguised and the satire went over my head I'm afraid. But in my defence I didn't think you would have posted such rubbish, so thought something was amiss.
  14. IMO it's no different to other religions...……...fairy stories, lies and gossip (and paedophilia) from the dark ages, all designed one way or another to control people and make a few wealthy.