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  1. Montclair Wine

    Quite right, plenty of good and cheap wine in Oz as as Eeezergood has said, Cleanskins, for a start..........then Nottage Hill Shiraz, Cifford Bay SB, De Bortoli Pinot Grigio, Yalumba Merlot and many more at under $8 pb.
  2. I think you may well be right eezer, especially if the bus I passed going up Patong Hill yesterday was anything to go by, because it was struggling like you wouldn't believe and I could have walked faster. Not only that although it looked bright and shiny on the outside, a closer look showed it to be an old bus with a repaint job, and I hate to think what the brakes and mechanicals on it were like........... I thought there and then that this would be another candidate for a downhill catastrophe here.
  3. Montclair Wine

    Good response MM and having seen some of that "drivel" I will now push the "ignore button" so won't be able to see his posts.
  4. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    Then you can top the sand castles off with a turd (well you can in Patong at the moment with the sewage emptying into the sea!).
  5. Montclair Wine

    This has been discussed many times on this and other threads.............wine can be called wine (internationally accepted standards), if it is made purely from grapes, however if it is blended with other fruits or juices, it has to be called fruit wine. Or if it is made entirely from a different fruit, then it has to have the name of that fruit on the label, i.e. Mulberry wine.
  6. Montclair Wine

    Certainly are at this price, although I was in Tesco Lotus today and didn't see any of it around, although they were well stocked up with the everyday Montclair stuff?? On that note, I did see the large glass bottles of Montclair at around 799 baht in Big C, but not sure if they were 2 or 3 L bottles? On the subject of wine in general, in Tesco Lotus I still like their Tesco selected wines and have very much enjoyed the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, the Late Bottled Vintage Port and the Carmenere, though not so much the Faugeres and the Rioja Gran Riserva, BUT I did weaken the other day and decided to buy their Chateauneuf du Pape at 1055 baht. Tried it last night, and I was disappointed. This because I have been a long-time fan of Chateauneuf du Pape and have tasted some excellent vintages from some great producers, and although this 2015 year was supposed to be a very good year, this really didn't live up to my expectations, mainly because it was nowhere near as full-bodied as others I have tasted previously and have liked, so perhaps that is my style, whereas this isn't. I did look at some tasting notes on a website and although there were some who were praising it, there were quite a few comments about "not being as full-bodied as would have hoped...........etc". For what it's worth, it would be my guess that this wine, which is always a blend of grapes, was weighted more towards the Grenache and Mourvedre grapes as regards content, thereby making it a little on the "lighter" side. For what it's worth, I can't recommend it and will not buy again. I just posted on another thread, because the other evening I tried a fruit wine from Australia (NSW) called Charles Strong (a friend brought it along to a dinner) and it does say that it is a blend of grapes and fruit, however it would one of the better I have tasted in this category and at 199 baht a bottle, it could well be one I turned to if needs be!
  7. Best fruit wine available locally

    As folks who have possibly read some of my posts on the Montclair wine thread and a few other wine threads know, I'm not a fan of these fruit wines and have tasted just about all of them one way and another. However the other evening a friend bought a bottle of Charles Strong red fruit wine along to a meal and encouraged me to taste it, so I did..........and it wasn't all bad, and would certainly compete, if not better, those of Montclair, Castle Creek, Cedar Creek, Mar Y Sol etc, so it was a pleasant surprise. According to the blurb on the label it is a wine from Australia (New South Wales) and uses grapes and other fruit from one particular vineyard holding, and at 199 baht a bottle, IMO it has to be the best fruit wine available here. Not saying that I will go out and buy any as of now, however nice to know if I should get down to my last few baht!!
  8. Consumer Unit problems

    Something you may wish to think about, if indeed it applies these days, and it may save you going through all of this trouble............ when bakelite or something like it's equivalent, overheats and has already had some arcing near it/around it, then it changes from being an insulator to a (part) conductor!! Saw this many times and once this material became subject to arcing, it was always advisable to change it completely because overheating and further arcing, if not a complete burnout would occur. Something to possibly consider?
  9. Advertisement blocker.....want to disable!

    Phew, you really know your stuff RC and thanks for the suggestions which I will get onto tomorrow once I have studied and inwardly digested them....takes time with an old fella are like me and if you think that I may be stretching a point here, I remember having to take my City in Guilds final exam and only having a slide rule (although I wouldn't have a clue how to use it these days). No calculators around in those days I'm afraid. Thanks again and I'll get back to you with what I find/any success.
  10. Advertisement blocker.....want to disable!

    That's what it is RC as when I opened this file it had the 0000 prefix against IP addresses thereby directing them to nowhere! I do remember visiting a link (program?) which did this some time ago BUT can't remember its name (duh!) and not even sure I'd recognise it if I did.......certainly not in the downloads file now for some reason. So looks like you have solved the problem (along with help from others...thanks) as to what it is and now I've found out where it operates, BUT how to disable it is another matter! Then again........looking at the amount/number of addresses it blocks, perhaps it is better to leave it and put up with the occasional video not working?? I will ponder this and thank all for helping solve the problem AND increase my knowledge of things IT/computer related.
  11. Advertisement blocker.....want to disable!

    Too deep.........lost me ages ago!!! But I think I have it thanks to all the posts making an occasional neuron fire! Digging around I came across my "Hosts" file and then checked on the net and found an article related to it....... https://www.bestvpn.com/use-your-hosts-file-to-block-ads-and-malware/ The VPN isn't relevant here but the blocking of host files is and the fact that some "actions" and/programs by website experts allow rafts of IP addresses to be blocked in ones Host File folder (at least I think that's how it works). Anyway I opened up a file and it seems to have the 0 0 0 0 prefix next to a huge amount of IP addresses, thereby blocking them, if I understand it correctly. Having done that I'm not sure that I know how to fix this and then again it looks so complicated and scary, that I worry I could stuff something up badly!!! Does this make any sense to anyone??
  12. Advertisement blocker.....want to disable!

    Getting a little on the fringes of my understanding of this sort of stuff, however is it possible that IF there was some sort of blocker on my computer, that it was just set to recognise content from my homepage, for example, which would have the New Zealand address? I say this because I have just been onto the Daily Express UK website and there is no blocking on that? This has been ongoing for a few months now and it coincides with the intermittent/poor access to embedded videos from this source. A neuron has just fired............. is it possible that I can access what is allowed on my homepage, somehow, somewhere? Because this would be an ideal place to put some sort of blocker wouldn't it?? Thanks again for your help and perseverance, along with the other posters, as it is much appreciated.
  13. Advertisement blocker.....want to disable!

    Thanks again RC............ have done all that you suggested and couldn't find anything untoward, but having said that there was a lot to go through and I could well have missed something so I may just do that again! All other suggestions welcome!
  14. Advertisement blocker.....want to disable!

    Thanks Trans............have just run this and it didn't find the culprit BUT did clear out a lot of junk!
  15. Advertisement blocker.....want to disable!

    Yep, checked and rechecked (several times!) will get on to RichCors suggestion next.........but all info/suggestions welcome. Thanks.