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  1. Ridge

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Same last Friday. Quite a few families with children. You can have a meal and the kids don't get bored. They have a chef and waitress plus some extra people helping out. Of course Tom is the main act. Before, during and after the fire show. It's hard not to like the guy. Anyways, if you are not too fond of kids, check the place out on another day (not Friday). For a romantic setting or just having a drink. A big thumbs up and good luck to Tom and his team.
  2. 55 is that the age limit ? Do i have to wait another few years or instead, enjoy it while allowed. Pls HELP
  3. Ridge

    Support for ex-girlfriend?

    Agreed. OP and gf should feel ok about that.
  4. The owner is absent and nothing can be done for the moment. The wife will have to go to the Tessabaan. They should expect some "response" from the neigbours that are building. Its a big plot of land, 2 story house...so they have money to put up a fight. Whoever gets involved now will have to take the heat...
  5. It cannot run off from the roof onto neighbours land. So the roof cannot stick out over ones land if the neighbour objects. I also know a guy whose rainwater rsn off onto the paved road and neighbours downhill complained to the tessabaan. He had to change that and install a proper pipe to the public drainage. It was a case of complaining to bother him a bit i may add. But it was a Thai neighbour complaining about a foreigner. Just saying.
  6. He looks innocent enough to me. The face says it all. Surprised in the 2nd degree. She just left some photocopies and got her revenge. Oh oh oh ooooh sweet child of mine. Deport anyways just to be sure.
  7. Look at the nose. Farang scum beating women. Who needs a confession when you have a visual ? Heuh ?
  8. That's rude man. Stand up and get her a chair.
  9. Ridge

    Dwarf man crushed to death by roadside bench

    You turned a sad story into sth funny
  10. Ridge

    How to obtain a Thai driving licence

    If your international driving license is not in English (mine was in Dutch/French/German) then just take the tests. It will cost you 2 days but only a couple of 100 bath notes. The translation, get it stamped blablabla will cost you 10 times more. Just saying. I did the 4 tests (car & motorbike) in Rayong. Not a big deal.
  11. Ridge

    Are eggs prices up ?

    Omg. Omg. OMG ! HELP ! Eggs gone up !
  12. I bet dollars to donuts the ladyboys blocked his way, hassled him, maybe even touched him... He was pissed off and called them f.cking ... When that did not work out too well he tried to get help, compassion at the police station. They are simply all at fault. Thr ladyboys obviously, the Russian for not knowing his way around here. But lets give him some space, maybe not a long stayer. Now if somebody bothers you here and you want to move on with your life, stay out of trouble, do something enjoyable i/o sitting at the station, keep your visa... just ignore it. No need to smile, no need to swear. Been there, done that. Assaulted twice for no good reason, reported it, saw them getting fines of 100 b (hitting me) and 1000 b each (fighting in gang and damaging my property). What a terrible waste of time that was, not to mention hours of sitting and going hungry.
  13. Ridge

    Ladies in Thailand.

    Suitcase, don't answer that !
  14. The picture is staged and the story false. Create a storm on fb, twitter , ... and earn some cash.