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  1. Are eggs prices up ?

    Omg. Omg. OMG ! HELP ! Eggs gone up !
  2. I bet dollars to donuts the ladyboys blocked his way, hassled him, maybe even touched him... He was pissed off and called them f.cking ... When that did not work out too well he tried to get help, compassion at the police station. They are simply all at fault. Thr ladyboys obviously, the Russian for not knowing his way around here. But lets give him some space, maybe not a long stayer. Now if somebody bothers you here and you want to move on with your life, stay out of trouble, do something enjoyable i/o sitting at the station, keep your visa... just ignore it. No need to smile, no need to swear. Been there, done that. Assaulted twice for no good reason, reported it, saw them getting fines of 100 b (hitting me) and 1000 b each (fighting in gang and damaging my property). What a terrible waste of time that was, not to mention hours of sitting and going hungry.
  3. Ladies in Thailand.

    Suitcase, don't answer that !
  4. The picture is staged and the story false. Create a storm on fb, twitter , ... and earn some cash.
  5. Ladies in Thailand.

    Please delete "probably"
  6. Does anybody have contact information. Family or school ? Would like to give this lad the opportunity to visit other regions of Thailand, people, ... Keep him looking on the bright side.
  7. Teach Thailand without formal Degree

    Short answer: yes Long answer: yes, it's possible
  8. Possible. But its like buying a lottery ticket when you need money.
  9. Yes. Different day, different officer, bad luck, good luck, busy in the airport, officer does not like your face.... it seems quite random sometimes.
  10. If you intend to come again in the future, i can suggest that you buy a mtb here, sell it to somebody you know, and rent it of them. Do you get what i am trying to say ? 2 parties can go to a bicycle shop together and agree on everything before you actually buy the mtb. Since you will sell him the mtb, not much risk of being cheated. And since you will want to rent it in the future, thr buyer will be happy too. Win win
  11. I have imported 2 dogs from Europe. Took me several months to get the correct information and import license. When i asked questions by email, some cargo company contected me. Obviously, they got a tip off. Anyways, did not let them handle it because of very high price. Once on the ground in Bkk , had to clear duty in a small office. Paid what he asked. When i walked through the area where they check luggage, i was stopped and had to pay again. So yes, they do charge import duty, VAT etc. And they do have "price lists" in case you dont have an invoice. My dogs were 10 years old. When in doubt about the invoice amount, custom officers can pull you aside and make you lose time. So don't underinvoice too much. I am convinced bringing a new mtb will be much more expensive than buying it here.
  12. I have googled it but...seems more complicated than expected. There is import duty, special duty, interior tax, excise and VAT. I don't dare giving you a figure but if you end up paying less than 40-50%, consider yourself lucky. Maybe somebody will tell us about their own actual experience. Just dont believe it when it sound too good. A lot of bullshit been told here. Boredom, frustration, jealousy...