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  1. When going from the roundabout in Phala towards Payuun, you will see some huge buildings under construction. They are on the cliff above the small soi that runs along the beach. Not far from Boardwalk, Crossroads and the Nelson. Does anyone know what those will be or who the owner is ?
  2. We are looking for a seaview condo in Ban Chang. Around 1 million b. Does anyone know the history of the white condos along the beach road. Why some parts look good and some a complete mess ? Anyone with a friend that wants to sell (other then the ones with a for sale sign) ?
  3. You can set up a company and buy the properties. Your wife and/or her lawyer know this. If you want to sell below market value, they will get suspicious. Either you will have to be quite generous en come to an agreement, or it will be a long and nasty battle. Good luck.
  4. Tried the Phala Pier Cafe a couple of times in recent weeks. Lovely place, even on a hot afternoon. Ocean view and cool wind. Very friendly people as well, had a good chat about what (if anything) is going on in Phala. Pork burger was ok, beef burger was delicious. Haven't tried the Thai food as i can get it everywhere. All in all, for me certainly worth eating there once/week. I happened to go on a Friday night for drinks, well they had a fire show, lively music and a good crow Most of you will have noticed that the other place nearby with a similar name, Phala Beach Cafe, has unfortunately closed it doors. I used to go there several times/week but obviously that will no longer be possible.
  5. Baan Chang is between Pattaya (40 km) and Rayong (25 km). We have been living there for 3 years, right on the beach. I can go to both Pattaya and Rayong on my motorbike. Just because there is nothing bigger than a Tesco Lotus around here. For a quiet life, Baan Chang is the place to be, much cheaper than Ban Saree. Nowadays, we would never have been able to buy a beach front house closer to Pattaya. You can rent a beach view house with 3-4 bedrooms for 15k/month. Or a decent house with garden in an older village, say 2 km from the beach, for 5 k/month. Most food is still 40b/dish etc. Just look for the sub districts (tambon) of Baan Chang close to the beach, either Phala or Payuun.
  6. 3 years in Ban Chang. Yes, the beaches get dirty but the areas where the restaurants are located get cleaned up. Experienced no air pollution yet. Most of the time, the wind comes from the direction of Satthahib. That means if there is any pollution from Map Tha Put, it would be blown towards Rayong. As for bilingual and international schools, there are Rayong English Language School (REPS), Garden International and some lesser known, more budget friendly places. Anyways, very conveniently located and quiet town. Immigration offices located in Map Tha Put, no traffic jams, no long waiting times etc.
  7. If i were you Fry30, I would focus on getting a job back home and visit Thailand every now and then. You will learn sooner or later that money is the key to everything in Thailand. I would assume you are using a marriage visa, so that will be canceled as soon as you get divorced. So the only chance to stay in Thailand will be to get a decent job with work permit VERY soon. A job without work permit (and for example ED visa) puts you at the mercy of anybody happy to report you and you will be banned from entering Thailand for some time. Risky. I would not put to much pressure on your wife, otherwise she will move for a while and you will not find your child back. Or indeed something will happen to you, "motorbike accident". So lay low for a while and at least, you will see the child regularly (even if just from a distance) until you are in a better condition, financially and emotionally, to take action. By that time, your wife will also have calmed down. Much better to agree on things. Good luck. You will need all the support you can get. Contact you family and make sure they know what is going on because its going to be a rough ride. And stay away from the bottle and the women if you know what i mean. Seen some decent guys ending up broke, lonely and homeless.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get whole wheat flour in Baan Chang ? Tesco does not sell it.
  9. You should take into account that you will never get any money back. Maybe just a very small amount so that you have "no case" against her. But you should also know that your (ex) wife has no guarantees that you will take care of your child financially. Especially once you start seeing another women. So the best way is to consider the land as a gift to your child. It will make you feel better.
  10. The Boardwalk will have their grand opening on September 26, coming Saturday. I expect it to be a great place as it looks simple but good. Met the owner (Philippine guy) and he is down to earth, easy going. Since they will have a band, i hope this will be the place for me to hang out (they had some time for rehearsing since quitting from Crossroads)
  11. I have been there several times. The fish and chips @ 85 bath are excellent. Bottle of Chang at 45 bath etc. Very nice place and friendly people. They are determined to be successful and care a lot about how customers feel. For me personally, its much more than having a quick meal, these people have become family in a country where i don't have family.
  12. Sounds good. How does a "personal bar" work ? I would think there are some practical things to consider. Who is welcome and when (unless you let people in your house all the time). Do people bring their own drinks etc. But anyways, good luck and let us know how that works out.
  13. Been to the Yok Sod bar yesterday. As you mentioned Lenny, its Thai style. As soon as i stopped my bike, 2 girls were welcoming me. Could not escape anymore. I noticed a farang and guess that he had been asked to buy a lady drink. He was the type that comes to Maptaput for a short time project, wanders in a bar/restaurant and looks quite lonely. Anyways he left early and the girl that sat with him turned out to be staff. To my surprise there was an older farang and a black guy. Later yet another farang came in with (i think) his wife and 3 young ladies. The guy only had an interest for his I-phone so i could not start a conversation. Luckily I had my wife with me or i would have been bored as well. The singer was ok for slow Thai songs. He tried a few English ballads pretending to be playing guitar. Quite funny. I checked 3 in 1 yesterday (a Friday) as well but no band to be seen.
  14. Thanks guys. Several weeks ago I have been to the coffee shop-bar-restaurant place in Payoon that was mentioned here. Its no doubt well constructed and clean but there was no band playing, just soccer on the TV screen. I would think there is no space for a stage anyways. I pass by regularly in the evening, just going around on my bike. I never saw a band. Well, i am from continental Europe and we have plenty of pubs that have either been open since the 70ties of copy the atmosphere. Nothing around here comes close to that. Guess will have to look some more. Maybe the "new crossroads" (Boardwalk) will do it for me. Or i will have to settle for less than hoped for. Anyone tried out the Thai bar with live musician (some nights) about 500 meters from Lotus towards Phala beach ? On the right side. It looks nice with the big tree covering the place. Not sure its a place where one goes alone or in group.