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  1. Thanks for the useful maintenance clues, I'll be guided accordingly.
  2. FYI, I just bought an "AC-ASSY" (air control assembly) MITSUBISHI WP85-405 for THB 450 at Ruang Sang Thai - Buri Ram.
  3. My sincere thanks for composing and sharing this very informative & educational write up!
  4. AFAIC, an independent water heating device does not care how (e.g. from which type of pump) the water is pushed through its heating coil or boiler. Regardless of my gripe relating to water-log (which I don't think is a design flaw of the pump itself) my WP performs as expected. And since I haven't received any convincing argument switching from WP to CP I am for one going to stick with what am satisfied with.
  5. I don't share your observation; My Mitsubishi WP pump performs as advertised and does not indicate any noticeable variation of pumping pressure (correct plumbing(s) do make a difference though). And there many brands of water heaters available here in Thailand providing high to very high shower-flow on condition the /right/ pump is installed.
  6. AFAIK, in the Mitsubishi camp Model WP=Water Pump. Other pump manufacturers use WP to denote Well Pump, oh well :-) I use the Mitsubishi model WP for instant hot water showers; In fact I'll have one right now.
  7. Mainly 'KISS' as mil will be the sole user of the system and I am unsure of the water capacity the bore 'pocket' is holding. I believe that the gravity method is in the long run more reliable.
  8. Yeah, the wording is really stupid - my bad! I meant to say that the CP model may not susceptible to 'water-logs' when the electricity is restored after a temporary suspension.
  9. Quite right. This is more or less a hobby for the mil. If there are any 'dry' patches she'll will have to water them the conventional way.
  10. The mil is growing various veggies and is tending to lemon and guava trees. The current "irrigation" is done by hand - a 'water ring' is surrounding the area'; The 'water ring' accommodates several valves to which water hose are connected to; The water is supplied by the local authorities. The 'manual' water supply to the land has become to cumbersome and time consuming for the mil. I intend to purchase a 2000 liter tank, construct a suitable 6m tower with platform, ladder and railing. The water will be supplied via well (already bored) and well pump. The total cost for me will be in the vicinity of THB 20,000.
  11. Thanks for responding and valuable information link. I've had and am still having a reasonable good run using the WP model/series. Luckily I don't seem to have an ant problem and after 9 years the tank does not show any weaknesses. The only (minor) stew I have is that after about 3 to 4 (or so) power outages the pump performance degrades gradually because the tank is replacing the air with water slowly but surely. To restore normal pump operation I simply drain the tank thus removing the water-log. My wife and I are away at times and replaced the drain plug with a good-quality gate valve to facilitate the pumping restoration for the mil but this can be 'problematic' at times... I am let to believe that the CP model is not susceptible to any power outages but could not find any evidence or specification written in English to support this claim hence my op to this forum. I personally am happy to continue with the WP model/series but would reconsider/re-evaluate based on experiences by others.
  12. Sorry for not having been more selective in choosing the 'right' forum. The response from 'grollies' answered my query and there's no need for moving my original post. Thanks for your concern.
  13. Thanks for the brief lesson in hydraulics; I'll be guided accordingly.
  14. I wish to install a low-pressure irrigation drip system that uses the gravity method. The area is about one (1) rai and I am planning to use/install a 2000 liters overhead water tank in the center of the land. What is the recommended height of the tank above ground-level in order for the water to drip effectively covering the entire the area of the land?
  15. Which model of water pump is nowadays considered most reliable and/or is preferred by country dwellers - the 'good old' WP or the newer CP or IP?