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  1. The scene is set for the post Brexit Europeans to forge excellent relationship with Russia including most of the former Soviet Union states. China, Central & South America, most African & South East Asian nations and India lean towards the new Europe. Their combined economic power will make it very hard for any president of USA to ignore.
  2. There is no foundry in Thailand; Good sized (alone) cast-iron plates/griddles/grills are hard to acquire. The 'smaller-sized' imports are expensive and may break during transport. S/steel is readily available but IMHO won't give you optimum bbq results.
  3. Precisely! However the bias is not unique to a specific country.
  4. I too find it quite refreshing that the press/media is getting a taste of some of their own medicine; Other heads of state will follow eventually.
  6. The Little-Known History Of The World’s Coolest Hot Sauce
  7. Thanks for the useful maintenance clues, I'll be guided accordingly.
  8. FYI, I just bought an "AC-ASSY" (air control assembly) MITSUBISHI WP85-405 for THB 450 at Ruang Sang Thai - Buri Ram.
  9. My sincere thanks for composing and sharing this very informative & educational write up!
  10. AFAIC, an independent water heating device does not care how (e.g. from which type of pump) the water is pushed through its heating coil or boiler. Regardless of my gripe relating to water-log (which I don't think is a design flaw of the pump itself) my WP performs as expected. And since I haven't received any convincing argument switching from WP to CP I am for one going to stick with what am satisfied with.
  11. I don't share your observation; My Mitsubishi WP pump performs as advertised and does not indicate any noticeable variation of pumping pressure (correct plumbing(s) do make a difference though). And there many brands of water heaters available here in Thailand providing high to very high shower-flow on condition the /right/ pump is installed.
  12. AFAIK, in the Mitsubishi camp Model WP=Water Pump. Other pump manufacturers use WP to denote Well Pump, oh well :-) I use the Mitsubishi model WP for instant hot water showers; In fact I'll have one right now.
  13. Mainly 'KISS' as mil will be the sole user of the system and I am unsure of the water capacity the bore 'pocket' is holding. I believe that the gravity method is in the long run more reliable.