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  1. Could be a (rare) case of Body Identity Integrity Disorder...
  2. EU backs Britain in blaming Russia for spy attack

    So, where's the beef...? By applying the 'presumption of guilt' principle indicates a weak and insecure leadership of UK government; The concurring views of the EU bloc is inexplicable and mind-boggling. If indeed no factual evidence can be produced by the inquiring (UK) authorities then one can assume certain arrangements not open or public had been agreed to relating to Brexit. This is going to be a busy period for all political investigating journalists, stay tuned.
  3. Yeah, sounds about right - take his (Gaddafi) money and then support his assassination. I would not be surprised if other 'esteemed' prominent individuals who have had close alliance with Gaddafi are having similar skeletons in the cupboard...
  4. No matter how prominent the headlines in the British tabloid maybe, May, Clown & company can not provide any evidence linking Putin to this particular incident because at this moment of time there simply isn't any! They're now desperately exploring angles to save their faces to keep the British masses on their side. Asking EU for their backings is ironic to say it politely and inoffensively.
  5. Blame Russia and risk WWIII to cover up American incompetence.
  6. It is in his right to do so, after all, he is the elected leader.
  7. Bangkok Metro Tap Water Safe To Drink: Scientists

    No, I don't. Pump tapping would be negated If indeed positive pressure is maintained without interruption.
  8. You suggest the Russian media is up-to-date with their reporting of news which is not suspicious imho.
  9. There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know - Donald Rumsfeld.
  10. Congratulating adversaries/opponents demonstrates strength and sound judgment. Most (if not all) leaders in any capacity know the adage "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer".
  11. Bangkok Metro Tap Water Safe To Drink: Scientists

    Widespread pump tapping of the water main is creating negative pressure in the pipe system thus contaminant will access via the pipe joints and polluting of water is inevitable.
  12. Petty emotions aside, Putin is generating stability and a much demanded equilibrium of power to rest of the world. Based on past disastrous & embarrassing election results in USA, following the footsteps of Xi Jinping would certainly be an added bonus.
  13. I am self-funded retiree and am declared as an Australian non-resident for tax purposes. My travels abroad have virtually ceased and believe to be considered a resident of Thailand. My Thai Visa is Non-Immigrant, Category 'O'. The annual extension of stay is based on retirement. The best to my recollection I have never been requested by Thai authorities to acquire a Tax Information Number (TIN). My Australian bank and Australian stock transfer company just send me a declaration form to confirm my tax status. The tax information questions therein are straightforward however the questions concerning Tax Information Number (TIN) got me inquisitive. Specifically:- "TIN (if no TIN, list reason A, B or C)" "Reason A: The country of tax residency does not issue TINs to tax residents" "Reason B: The individual has not been issued with a TIN" "Reason C: The country of tax residency does not require the TIN to be disclosed" "Please cross this box if there are more countries, provide details on a separate sheet." In my particular case I am positively sure reason 'B' is applicable. This new declaration requirement will most probably apply to a number of Australian citizen which may generate a lively discussion here. I understand obtaining a TIN is an easy-peasy process and was wondering if it be advantageous to do so and provide to the Australian financial institutions. If so, I'd be most grateful for a direction to the Pattaya or Jomtien Revenue Office.
  14. Sensible and balanced post. I wish to add that a large number contributers here advocate the 'presumption of guilt' rather the 'presumption of innocence'. Very sad imho.
  15. Nor would any other government!