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  1. Any of your favorite Internet search engines will produce answers to your queries (hint: using a mechanism called DKIM is one of many tools used by forensic investigators).
  2. StraightTalk

    A bitter pill to swallow .

    There are really stunning and beautiful places in PI where one can retire equal to Thailand, one just have to pick the /right/ place.
  3. Assange's addressing of freedom of speech obviously is different to yours, e.g. supporting Trump to cut off USAid money to countries that don't vote in favour of his decisions. If so, than "USAid money" is a misnomer.
  4. Prime Minister May needed a diversion from her abject failures. She never wanted Brexit and she has contempt for the British people. Most British people see through her & Johnson and don't believe all the lies about Russians poisoning their traitors. Considering the lunacy of Boris Johnson along with the erratic behavior of other senior members of the British Parliament, one wonders if England should be left to its own - can we really trust the British to govern themselves properly? Or is done purposely to turn around Brexit...
  5. I personally do hope all works out for the people of UK. However, looking at my (treacherous) crystal ball there are cautious chances or opportunities for Russia to become more harmonious with Europe. This may even one day include China and, because of the geographical location, Australia. But by then the UK probably has rejoined the Club and Australia surrender some real estate to USA (after all Queensland is eight times the size of Texas). The geographical location of UK in relation to USA, Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth Nations seems not very advantageous, imho.
  6. Relating to Assange's legal predicament as brought out in this thead: As far as I can tell Assange has said he would happily face British justice if he is given a guarantee he will not be extradited to USA. This request has not been resolved or addressed by UK. Wikileaks has been a source of embarrassing revelations for USA but has also been beneficial for some. The Donald declared during his presidential bid: "I love Wikileaks." But since then the tone has changed. I can understand Assange's reluctance for leaving a heretofore 'safe' environment and surrender to unpredictable and present colossally lying politicians.
  7. Russia has repeatedly called on Britain to provide evidence which is in line following the rule of presumption of innocence. Mrs. Merkel seems to have forgotten the egregious lies of Bush, Powell, Bolton etc. which led to a war of choice with Iraq - that destabilized the entire Middle East. She also must have suffered from a memory loss about the US spies in Germany and scandalous phone tapping. How else can one conclude the poor decision for backing UK on spy death. I wonder how many times Brexit (and perhaps Crimean annexation) was mentioned when May asked for solidarity.
  8. Julian Assange is a wonderful activist for freedom of the press and freedom of speech. In his profession by its very nature requires him to be an opinionated and strong-willed individual. He courageously has exposed corruption in his unwavering bid for truth, and at great personal cost. Describing him as a "miserable little worm" is an unjust portrayal. He should be considered a hero in the world of investigative journalism!
  9. China has valid concerns for having neighbors not influenced by American politics.
  10. From what i understand, Gorbachev only accepted German reunification—over which the Soviet Union had a legal right to veto under treaty—because he received assurances that NATO would not expand after he withdrew his forces from Eastern Europe from James Baker, President George H.W. Bush, West German foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the CIA Director Robert Gates, French President Francois Mitterrand, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, British foreign minister Douglas Hurd, British Prime Minister John Major, and NATO secretary-general Manfred Woerner.
  11. In 1990, Western politicians repeatedly assured Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO wouldn’t expand east of Germany’s borders, but broke that promise less than a decade later. "Closer ties", yeah right!
  12. It is rather ironic the American investors succumbed to the (insurmountable) pressure applied by Chinese...
  13. Could be a (rare) case of Body Identity Integrity Disorder...
  14. StraightTalk

    EU backs Britain in blaming Russia for spy attack

    So, where's the beef...? By applying the 'presumption of guilt' principle indicates a weak and insecure leadership of UK government; The concurring views of the EU bloc is inexplicable and mind-boggling. If indeed no factual evidence can be produced by the inquiring (UK) authorities then one can assume certain arrangements not open or public had been agreed to relating to Brexit. This is going to be a busy period for all political investigating journalists, stay tuned.
  15. Yeah, sounds about right - take his (Gaddafi) money and then support his assassination. I would not be surprised if other 'esteemed' prominent individuals who have had close alliance with Gaddafi are having similar skeletons in the cupboard...