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  1. Penang TV Requirements

    Thanks T's & geisha. So maybe using an agent doesn't require showing hotel bookings... only a flight out.
  2. Hi, I assume the Penang consulate still requires an outward flight when applying for a Tourist Visa. If true, does it need to be within the 60 days?.... or is 90 accepted? Hotel bookings asked for? In the past, using an agent seemed to end in kinder responses from the consulate.... any advantage today other than saving traveling back and forth? Thank you...
  3. Hi, Is it still possible to cross from Ranong into Myanmar and back again the same day and receive a 30 day Visa Exempt ?
  4. Re-Entry Permit

    Okay, thank you.
  5. Re-Entry Permit

    But.... 1. Some borders won't let me cross without a termination letter. 2. Voiding and not cancelling the Permission to Stay may cause issues in future when applying for a new Permission to Stay. Correct?
  6. Re-Entry Permit

    Yes, I thought that would be the best... but it's complicated. Can you cancel an Extension to Stay based on employment without a termination letter? If no, will immigration be a little fussed and hesitate giving a Re-Entry Permit after? They might say sort out the paperwork first with employer? No idea.... I'm just thinking.
  7. Re-Entry Permit

    Extension of Stay based on employment
  8. Re-Entry Permit

    Not sure yet.... either somewhere close to Hatyai or Nakhon Phanom.
  9. Hi, I'll be flying out of Don Muang on a domestic flight and then taking a bus across the border. Can I apply for a Re-Entry Permit at the airport?.... or is it only available if catching an international flight? Thanks
  10. Resigning - Visa / Work Permit

    Thank you for that.
  11. Resigning - Visa / Work Permit

    Hi, A little confused... again. Work has told me that I don't have to go to immigration to cancel my extension of stay. They said I can just cross the border and it will be cancelled automatically. I'm not sure, but I think that may cause issues when I do cross the border. Thoughts? Thank you....
  12. Resigning - Visa / Work Permit

    Thanks to the above. * Yes, I am on an extension to stay based on working. * I'm not married and have no other way to extend my stay. So, once my final day of employment has been given to immigration, how long do you have to leave the country?... until midnight the following day?
  13. Hello, I'm leaving my job and not exactly sure what must be done or what will happen. Visa: I'll go with employer to local immigration office to cancel visa on my last day. I'm then given 1 day to cross the border?... 7 day extension wouldn't help too much. Work Permit: Employer told me cancelling that will happen later.... not sure what that means. Once I leave the city I'm living in, I don't plan to return to the area anytime soon. Should I insist on going to the Labour Office before I leave to cancel the WP?.... or do I just hand the WP book to employer on last day and they take care of it?... i signed a power of attorney in the past for them to apply for WP. I might be missing other issues as well. Thank you for any suggestions.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get to Ban Laem from Bangkok for a 30day visa run.... not too interested in going there and back the same day with a tour service. Are there daily mini(buses) leaving Mo Chit station to the border? Thanks
  15. Hi, A few years ago I had an issue trying to transfer money from BKK Bank NY office to Thailand using the ACH system because the name on the 2 accounts didn't perfectly match. I'm going to open a new account and try it again. Does anyone know if problems can still arise if account names are a little different? The middle names screw things up. My US banks either skip the middle names, or only use one initial, whereas the overseas banks want to use the long long version as stated in passport. Thanks for any insight