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  1. Hi, I'm planning on opening a Bangkok Bank account somewhere close to the Asoke BTS. Is there a brach near there open 7 days a week? Thank you for sharing.....
  2. Will Thai immigration offices be open July 11th? Thanks
  3. Pick-Up Truck Rental to Move Scooter

    Many thanks Benq and Pete. I'll likely give it a try. Will post a message after the move.
  4. Pick-Up Truck Rental to Move Scooter

    Hi, yes that's plan B. I'm going to end up driving anyway, so if I can put the scooter in the back that would be easier, better and cheaper. Main problem is the only pick-up trucks that I can find for rent by national car rental companies have the cap on the back.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to move from southern to central Thailand with a few bags and a scooter. Would ideally like to rent a pick-up truck and drive up myself. Budget Car Rental has Toyota Vigo trucks for rent.... but, they come with a cap on the back. Does anybody know if a Honda Wave 125cc scooter would fit in the back? I called Budget and they weren't sure.
  6. Ramadan starts around May 26 / 27 this year. It will likely have considerable effects on daily activities outside resorts. No idea what days the Thai Consulate may be shut down.
  7. Just to clarify... Vientiane will issue a Single Entry Tourist Visa without proof of funds or onward flight? All they need is an application form, photocopies of passport pages and photos?
  8. Storage

    Hi, Anyone know if there is a self storage type business in Krabi province? I'm looking to store several boxes for a year or more. I'm aware Phuket has the service. If it's not available in Krabi, what's the best value in Phuket?
  9. I might have to do a last minute border hop. My passport has zero Visa Exempt entries but many Tourist Visas. Are there any Thai-Cambodian crossings that currently allow same day Visa Exempt entries? If so, what's the friendliest and easiest crossing to get to from Bangkok? Thanks in advance
  10. Unfortunately I'm not from the USA....close though....51st state
  11. That would be nice. They used to but stopped. The coconuts instead brought in a 10 year passport with 29 usable pages.
  12. Agree, but my country is daft. I tried to get a new passport last time I was home but told I couldn't because the one I had was still good for 7 more years and had "plenty" blank pages left.
  13. Hmm, I was afraid of that. But thank you for the info. Not enough time before my Thai visa expires to apply for a new passport in BKK....unless they can expedite it. Follow up question... Vietnamese consulate in Savannakhet, Lao.... Will they issue 3 month single or multiple entry tourist visas? If not, 1 month multiple possible? I'm planning on crossing into Vietnam overland so don't think the online visas help me.
  14. Hi, I'm in Thailand with 2 blank pages in my passport. Planning on going to Lao and then to Vietnam to get a new passport. Lao visa will take 1 full page. Will apply for Vietnamese visa in Savannakhet which will take the last page. Problem is I have just read that the Vietnamese may require 2 blank pages in passport. True? Any way around it?
  15. Hi, If you have a 1 month multiple entry visa and you leave Vietnam and immediately cross back again, will immigration give you another 30 days to stay or does the original entry date countdown stick? Thanks,