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  1. I found a Visa application form for the Thai Embassy in Vientiane, as I will go there to get a new Visa soon. I was under the impression that a flight ticket or other proof of onward journey was required when applying for the Visa, but the application form doesn't mention any such thing at all. So do I still need to provide a ticket at the Embassy? If no, do I need to provide it at the border (Friendship bridge) when entering Thailand? Or all/neither of the above? Note that I mean "what are the legal requirements", not "Well I entered Thailand without a ticket 50 times and had no problems"...
  2. Never heard or seen anything about a top up fee, can't find anything about it online either... where did you see that? Which McDonalds was that? I've never been denied topping up my card at a McD, but it does seem that not all companies who accept it for purchases are authorized to top up, according to the Rabbit website. Minimum amount to top up is 100 baht, so keep that in mind.
  3. Actually you can top up the card at any place where you can pay with it as well, just as easy as you would at a BTS station. Just tell the cashier at McDonalds or wherever that you want to top up your card, hand them an amount of cash, and place the card on the terminal. A green light will come on if the operation was successful. Then you have to place your card on the terminal again to make the actual purchase.
  4. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it is Bangkok only. The places where you can pay with your Rabbit card has a payment terminal that looks like this:
  5. I don't get why people recommend the OP to get out of Thailand, suggesting their own anecdotal diagnosis, etc. You clearly didn't read his question - he's coming to Thailand to get hospital treatment for his pre-existing (and probably diagnosed) stomach problem. One option is to look for short term condo rentals at AirBnb for example, since they are condos a lot of them will have a simple kitchen and utensils. Other options would be eating fresh fruits if your stomach can tolerate them. Cooking vegetables in a microwave is definitely doable, just Google how to do it properly. Can't really recall which hotels I've stayed in that have had microwaves and which ones didn't, but at least @Mind Sukhumvit 85 I am sure has microwaves in every room (I stayed there for a long time once and had to change rooms and room types a couple of times).
  6. Until may 31, McDonalds are offering 20% discount for customers paying with their Rabbit card (doesn't seem to apply to Namtok Salmon or Pad Khapaow). More info here. It's not like I eat at McDonalds every day or anything, but once a week or so I'll get a burger or one of their McThai special menus, like the Namtok Salmon. I have yet to this day not seen a single person use a Rabbit card to pay for their meal, despite the current special 20% discount (and regular 10% discount). I don't get it. I bet most of the customers at McDonalds also regularly use the BTS and would benefit from a Rabbit card. And if you have a Rabbit card, there is absolutely no reason not to get a 10% discount (and not even have to fumble with cash and change). I don't get why people who live in Bangkok and need to use the BTS more than once in a year won't get a Rabbit card either. Can anyone explain this? Do people just not know that they can get a Rabbit card? Or is it a "status" thing to not take advantage of offered discounts? Or is it just plain old "20% is nothing"? (well, at your 5'th visit it's a free meal. Literally a free meal!) Not sure if it's a Thai thing, but I'd think that in my home country people would not hesitate to avoid ticket queues and getting a 20% discount at a restaurant...
  7. With a METV, is it considered "ok" to just do a quick 1-2 day border run when needed, or is that frowned upon the same way it is with TR visas and exemptions? Are there any problems or other "side effects" with coming and going halfway through a stay? For example, let's say I arrive to Thailand on day 1, then on day 20 I decide to take 2 day trip to KL. That gives me 2 new months, right? And no limit on how many times I can come and go, and how long I have to stay out each time? So on day 43 I can do another weekend trip to Vietnam, etc, etc, with no negative impact on my immigration "trustworthiness" when coming back to Thailand? Also, is there any difference coming and going by land vs. by air, from the perspective of immigration I mean?
  8. I posted a link to an article earlier that seems to indicate that the Thai official statistics only take into account those who died at the scene, while the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics also consider deaths within the 30 days following the accident. Here's that link again, I guess the numbers regarding Songkran both last year and this year only include people who died at the scene, since they are the Thai government numbers. In other words - those 283 people are only part of the total Songkran death toll, which is yet unknown. Who knows how many are hospitalized right now with potentially fatal injuries...
  9. I attempted that exercise myself since I thought I'd heard a way higher yearly average number. WHO reports 80 (!) traffic deaths every day in Thailand. The problem is that "...statistics taken inside Thailand only includes victims who died at the scene, while WHO statistics include persons that died within 30 days of the accident." Which means the real death toll is not in yet... Full article at
  10. Right, but it will protect any mobile data being sent and received by your phone. SMS, calls and location (via sender/receiver station) will still be available to the network provider and government. I don't know how much access the Thai government has to that data (SMS/calls/location), but I'd consider it practically "public" for all intents and purposes. If they want to have access to it, they can.
  11. Using one right now, no problem. Only downside is it's the same service I use back home, so their servers are in Europe, which affects my speed a little bit. I'm sure there are services with more strategically placed servers, but you also want to consider their privacy and integrity policies. This whole thread is hilarious by the way - all you people who think this is a good idea and that it will prevent terrorism are either naive or just stupid. You really think someone who is up to no good will use a SIM card that is registered? They'll find a way to get their hands on one that's either not registered or registered to someone else, perhaps you. This is just as silly as the "crackdowns" on motorcyclists who don't wear helmets. If they really wanted to make a difference, they'd crack down on drunk drivers.
  12. Any chance of a name, link, quote or any other reference to one of these "Private Groups"?
  13. Great, I should have no problems at immigration for the next 5 years then, since I'm an out-of-towner visiting Thailand for pleasure!
  14. Am I to believe that the Thai immigration uses this definition to decide who is welcome and who is not? Where does it say anything about the length of stay, etc, etc, etc. that separates a "legitimate tourist" from a non-legitimate tourist?
  15. Is there a definition of a "legitimate tourist" somewhere I can have a look at?