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  1. My phone has broken down completely, I doubt it will be worth the money to have it fixed (it doesn't recognize the SIM card and keeps rebooting even after factory reset). I'm going back to my home country in two weeks and had already planned on buying a phone there (no fakes, easier to find the best deal, better warranty, etc, etc.). So now I just need a phone so I can use Google Maps, Facebook Messenger and Line for two weeks, and preferably one that will work on the mobile network in Sweden. The cheaper, the better. Where would be the best place to look for one? Someone suggested that True shops have cheap deals, but then the phone would be locked to True, right? Is MBK worth looking in, or are they all dodgy? I think I might have seen some cheap Huawei's in a small stall in Tesco - are those stalls any better/worse than MBK? I've had a quick look at classifieds, but found no good deals really... I will of course check what it would cost to fix my existing phone first anyway - where would be the best place to do so? Is it MBK or Phantip, or are there other (better? cheaper?) places to go for that?
  2. I have been looking at a few condos, and some of them have had the plastic cover still on the box spring mattress, even though people have been living there before! To me this is very odd, I've never ever heard of this before. The one thing I have heard about beds and mattresses are that it's crucial that there is good air circulation to prevent fungus and other nasty stuff building up in there... seems the plastic would sort of defeat that? Albeit, it might not let much moisture in either. Can someone explain the reasons for this, to me very unusual, behaviour? Maybe it's just me who has never encountered it before during my 35 years... perhaps it's a common thing to do? I did have a girlfriend a long time ago whose parents kept a plastic cover on their sofa... to me it just looks ridiculous, but at least there I can understand that they don't want it to get stained or damaged... but a mattress? It's not like you can see it anyway. Plus the springs will be worn out after X years (especially on the cheap Thai ones!), no matter how much plastic you covered it with...
  3. Guitar rooms?

    The same way that people don't carry their own gear to a karaoke room, my thought was that the place would provide everything needed...
  4. Guitar rooms?

    Are there any places that have rooms where you can go to play/practice guitar playing? I'm thinking like those karaoke rooms you see in the malls, but for playing guitar (not necessarily to any background song) instead of singing... I know one place in on nut, but it's kinda small and not exactly what I'm thinking of.
  5. Motocycles can't drive in Bangkok in fastest lines?

    So, does this apply to scooters and motorbikes? Another poster posted about Section 35, which seems to say that certain vehicle types should (always??) drive in the left hand lane... not sure how those two sections might affect each other?
  6. Putt putt miniature golf?

    Can't find anything in BKK, very odd. I know of a few places in random locations such as Koh Phangan and Ao Nang, so it seems strange a big city like Bangkok would have none, especially since it could work just as well indoors in a mall or something... Anybody know any places? Just so no one mistakes the question for real full size golf courses, here's what I'm talking about.
  7. Ah... I thought it was already a complicated mess, and now you're telling me it depends on where in Thailand? Wow... lol :D Yes, the AirBnb place I'm renting is in Bangkok. Yes, I've done two extensions, one of a TR Visa and one of a 30 day exemption. No problems at all, and I gave the full address including room number both times.
  8. I was totally unaware of the TM30 address reporting thing, thinking it was just something that applied to people who own their places or have some more long term type of Visa or something. But now I came across https://perfecthomes.co.th/tm030-registration-thailand/ and it does sound like it applies to everyone who is not a Thai national. I'm staying at a condo that I rent on AirBnb, and have been for a couple of months. I've been on normal tourist visas and exemptions the entire time, since I'm studying in an online university. I have no idea if the guy I'm renting from on AirBnb (a Thai who is a bit "difficult to communicate with" sometimes), or the condo building, have made any registrations. Also, I've been travelling both outside and inside Thailand, staying at hotels a few nights here and there. Never had any problems about the address at Immigration Complex or border immigrations though... So, what do I need to do? Check with my AirBnb "landlord" if he has registered me? Tell him every time I'm coming back from staying at a hotel? Or can I report it myself?
  9. This seems like the most reasonable solution. Only problem would be if the weather is so bad (so far the weather warning seems ridiculously overblown!) that they cancel or delay the check in entirely. Extremely unlikely in this case since the flight is scheduled at noon, with plenty of room for delay until midnight. But using online or smartphone app check in to obtain a boarding pass, one should be able to pass immigration without waiting for the check in counter anyway.
  10. After lasts nights "storm" it does seem that the weather warning might be exaggerated I'm not worried about the overstay itself, but since they let me off with a warning last time I arrived in Suvarnabhumi, adding an overstay to the computer records - no matter what the reason - seems like pushing my luck. But as you say, there is plenty of room for the flight to be delayed since it's scheduled early in the day. My concern was that if this supposed "storm" will affect earlier flights as well, they simply might be backlogged with insufficient planes at DMK. Small risk, but I'm still interested in having a backup plan, just in case.
  11. Flying from Don Mueang to Vientiane at noon on Sunday, and now they say there are gonna be storms. It's the last day of my visa exemption, and they warned me at Suvarnabhumi last time that I was on the border of having too many visa exemptions and back-to-back visa runs. What are my options if the flight is cancelled? It's a Sunday, so CW immigration complex will be closed. I don't trust that immigration will have much understanding of an overstay due to cancelled or delayed flight - already had problems one time despite the airline saying "don't worry, they make an exception for only one day". The next day I got taken to the overstay counter and a grumpy guy told me "don't overstay again", he didn't care that the airline cancelled the flight the night before. Of course there's a (big?) chance that the flight will be okay, or at least just delayed within sunday, but I'd like to have a backup plan in place, if possible. Should I contact immigration at Don Mueang as a preventative measure if it looks like I'll be forced to have an overstay? Is it even possible to talk to immigration at DMK, aside from when entering or leaving?
  12. Wow, this thread derailed pretty quickly... the last place I expected it to end up was a photo of an MRT station :) My original intent was basically to understand why on earth Thais, who one would think consider McDonalds relatively "expensive", don't seem to know/care about a substantial 10-20% discount... oh well, guess it's one more thing to add to the growing list of "that's just the way it is Thailand and I will never understand it" (a.k.a. "Thai's work in mysterious ways")...
  13. Would you recommend arriving early (8.30) or late (11.00) to apply? Will be arriving in Vientiane on sunday and staying until wednesday (unfortunately, the wednesday is a holiday so application will have to be on monday and collection on tuesday). How about picking it up? Early (13.30) or late (16.00)?
  14. I found a Visa application form for the Thai Embassy in Vientiane, as I will go there to get a new Visa soon. I was under the impression that a flight ticket or other proof of onward journey was required when applying for the Visa, but the application form doesn't mention any such thing at all. So do I still need to provide a ticket at the Embassy? If no, do I need to provide it at the border (Friendship bridge) when entering Thailand? Or all/neither of the above? Note that I mean "what are the legal requirements", not "Well I entered Thailand without a ticket 50 times and had no problems"...
  15. Never heard or seen anything about a top up fee, can't find anything about it online either... where did you see that? Which McDonalds was that? I've never been denied topping up my card at a McD, but it does seem that not all companies who accept it for purchases are authorized to top up, according to the Rabbit website. Minimum amount to top up is 100 baht, so keep that in mind.