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  1. To me it's not very shocking or unusual that vehicles drive above the speed limit - happens in every country on the planet, and while 17 million occasions sounds like a lot, it must be put into context to have any meaning whatsoever. One also needs to consider that the speed limits on some roads are ridiculous and can't possibly be expected to be taken seriously (a long stretch of 30km/h on the ring road between Chaweng - Lamai on Koh Samui comes to mind). What is interesting, however, is that How was this average calculated?! Anyone who has ever tried to calculate their average speed will find that it is always much lower than one would expect - stopping for traffic jams, red lights, slow acceleration (especially for cargo trucks), etc. all lower the average speed significantly. Hence, an average speed of 102 km/h sounds pretty extreme to put it mildly!
  2. How to write "map needle"?

    Uber has always worked smoothly for me before - you put the needle on the map exactly where you are and the car picks you up there, hassle free and the drivers usually speak at least basic English. But now it seems that a new kind of driver has joined, the kind that wants to call you and confirm your pickup location in Thai before picking you up, rarely speaking a word of English. So I want to be able to send a text message saying "Hi, I'm at the exact location of the map needle and I don't speak Thai." so that they (best case scenario) just go where the location in their app tells them to pick me up, and don't bother trying to go to some exotic street address provided by Uber (such as "Tesco Lotus" which can have 6 entrances!). I'm not sure how to correctly explain the "map needle" thingy? Can someone provide a full, correct, sentence written in Thai?
  3. Exchange Lao kip to baht

    Here's a thought - why don't I give it to you then and you give me 2500 baht, since such an insignificant amount doesn't seem to matter to you anyway?
  4. Exchange Lao kip to baht

    Judging from what I've read online, it's apparently a hassle to exchange Lao kip into any other currency outside of Laos. Had never heard about this before and went on a direct bus to Thailand the other week so didn't want to hassle with exchanging it at the border. Any chance I can exchange it somewhere in Bangkok? It's about 700000 kip if I remember correctly.
  5. Yeah in a perfect world that would have been the case. However, the bus company refused me to go with them because I didn't have a Visa, even though I showed them a news article in Thai about the new Scandinavian Visa exemption. We ended up taking a minivan from Central plaza to the border, a public green bus to the central bus station in Vientiane and then bus #8 to the north bus station, and finally a minivan to Vang vieng. Very fiddly and tiring with all the Tuk Tuk/taxi/minivan touts at each stop, so for me personally I ended up in a bad mood which spoiled our entire stay in Vang vieng. I don't get why people would endure the hassle of getting there, the substandard roads, the Chinese tour groups and white trash tourists, for something that can be found easier and with much nicer ambience in Thailand. But that's just my opinion. By the way, my border processing was exactly as fast as the rest of the Asians in the line, so there's absolutely no reason why the bus company wouldn't let me use their direct bus.
  6. Getting from Phu Kradueng to Vientiane, Laos

    This worked out quite well. The only snag was that the songtaew from Phu Kradueng dropped us off at some bus stop that wasn't along the main highway, so we had to wait quite a while for the next bus towards Wang Saphung. It would have been better to get dropped at the restaurant/bus stop along the main road which seems to be the main hub for Phu Kradueng hikers.
  7. There is apparently a direct bus from Udonthani to Vang Vieng, Laos, by The Transport Company. Everywhere I look it says it requires non ASEAN citizens to already have a Laos Visa. Since January 2018 citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have a Visa exemption when entering Laos. Can someone confirm if this bus is indeed possible to take for above citizens? Or will the Visa exemption border process take too long for the bus? (or will the bus company simply not understand or care about the Visa exemption rules?) Appreciate quick answers, as I'm in Udonthani already and planning to make the journey tomorrow if possible. Yes, of course I'll ask at the bus station in the morning, but since this is Thailand, IMHO I'm likely to get incorrect/correct information depending on who happens to be behind the counter.
  8. What options are there to get from Phu Kradueng to Vientiane, Laos? Bus to Udon thani or Khon Kaen? Minivans? Any direct transportation from Phu Kradueng to Nong Khai?
  9. Great, thanks! I'm also considering doing the extension in Jomtien or Pattaya, as I might be headed there within the validity time and it could possibly save me some time (got at least one hour single journey to Chaengwattana). Would it be possible to use a hotel as the address there? Don't have any proof of address as I'm in an AirBnb in Bangkok.
  10. I'm in Bangkok on a METV and want to extend my current entry with 30 days. This is not my last entry, I'm still gonna go out/come back one more time in march. Just wanna make sure there's no problem extending an entry even though it's not the last entry I'll make. I heard someone claim that it might void the Visa if I make an extension, but to me that sounds like BS.. am I right? Also, where is better to go for an extension, Samut Prakan or Chaengwattana? Is it even possible for me to extend at Samut Prakan? Someone said the lines are much shorter there.
  11. 'Crazy' Apartment Staff lady?

    Would you mind elaborating on exactly what the problem about giving the place you rent a room at your phone number?
  12. Last year I tried these chocolate covered coffee beans that were available in every 7-eleven, now I can't find them anymore. Does anybody know if they're still available somewhere (in Bangkok)?
  13. Uber Problems Complain to Where ?

    Make sure the route is how you want it to be before requesting the car. I have the same problem here in Bangkok at a friends house where there is a pedestrian-only entrance on one side of the condo, and the other side is in a completely different area separated by water, about 3 kms detour if they try to show up on the wrong side. I simply place the marker manually on the map where I need it to be, making sure that the displayed route is going in the right direction. If not, I just move the marker a bit further away until the route is going via the correct entrance. Just about 30 meters or so away usually does the trick.
  14. Uber Problems Complain to Where ?

    Have used Uber about 15 times in Bangkok, only had a problem once (driver cancelled the pickup). Usually very smooth experience, drivers know exactly where to go and how to best get there, as opposed to some taxi drivers who appear to only know one route (and often the one with as much traffic an red lights as possible). In my opinion the thing that makes Uber far superior to the normal taxis here is the fact that they use navigation to get the best route. About Chiang Mai - I have only used Uber there once, but it was exactly as the OP describes. I was waiting at the exact location, there was heavy but slow traffic (outside of the moat), I see the guy approaching and step as close to the street as is safe and trying to make some kind of eye contact. The guy keeps driving in the middle lane and is about to pass us. Fortunately the traffic came to a standstill and we had an opportunity to make a dash out to the car and get in. The rest of the trip was fine though, we even managed to get him to make a 2 minute pitstop to pick up a bag along the way without any hassle.
  15. Just saw it, didn't like it. I felt like it could have been almost any random action/sci fi movie. Seems to me that it's going the same tragic route that the Documentary Channel show "Mythbusters" did in it's last seasons - more and more explosions, less and less substance...