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  1. It's parked up out in the bay, need good binoculars to see it.
  2. Rock Climbing in Fairtext Hotel

    Didn't know there was any is it a purpose built climbing wall? There is a good climbing wall on one of the top floors of harbour Mall, Pattaya Klang, next to foodland, hire all the gear as well. Sent from my B3-A30 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. It's gonna happen anyway, and Junker isn't happy about that, who will fill the gap of 273 million a week the UK pays???
  4. Because the UK pays the biggest contribution to the EU, and obviously leaves a big hole in the EU coffers, it's has the biggest armed forces in NATO as well, and especially Germany will suffer their exports are subject to tariffs to the UK, that's just for starters,not to mention the fishing rights the EU will lose. Etc etc.
  5. Biggest world travel event of the year - special report

    Shame it's just a short clip. Sent from my B3-A30 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Hun Sen is a despot intent on driving all opposition abroad, unfortunately successful, what do you expect from a former khymer rouge member.
  7. That photo is down the steps at the bottom of soi 4 pratamnak Rd, been like that for year's, should see it whenever it rains hard, black sewer type water spewing out on to the beach into the sea, nasty and stinking.
  8. My partner of 8years applied for Visitor visa and I was the sponsor, I submitted up to date bank balances printed of the internet as we live in Thailand so don't have monthly bank statement, they were totally ignored, not even acknowledged as acceptable or not. They even cast doubt on our living together in the condo for 5 years despite a letter from the building manager to confirm this.
  9. Is Thailand still in this asean malarky? Don't seem to be free movement of labour, but not surprised due to the xenophobic nature of Thailand.
  10. Wcoast is right, a lot of Cambodian don't have ID cards birth certificate nothing, also getting a passport is expensive and drawn out, 45 days and 110 US $ is the cheapest, you can get one in a week for about 289 US.
  11. 60 day tourist visa

    Yes you can get a 60 day tourist visa in Phnom Penh, visa costs $40 , get an agent will cost more $$, you need to provide bank statements and onward flight tickets, better to get a 30 day stamp on the border and another 30 day extension 1900 bht, only applies to most Western countries though, good luck.
  12. UKVI survey

    Didn't get asked/sent a survey after our recent visa decision last week.
  13. UKVI survey

    What survey is it? Where are all the questions pertaining to the survey? I've got a lot of answers for them.
  14. UK visitor visa

    You have to take into account she has no assets, no children, house, land, job etc, only asset was about $ 800 in a Cambodian bank which was also overlooked. I did read somewhere that 95% of visa applications processed by the UK embassy in Bangkok were granted.
  15. UK visitor visa

    If you read the previous posts we met all the required questions and financial affordability in the application.