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  1. Think you've lost the plot on Westerner's who live near the border of Thailand, whether it be Laos or Cambodia, see other posts about sending Laos or Cambodian people for their monthly shops to Tesco, massive inconvenience for expats, what they supposed to do, fly in from Vientiane or Phnom Penh and leg it across the border with their shopping? Get real, jimster.
  2. Rubbish, Should be 2-3 zero's on that.
  3. My missus left her i phone at the market stall she rents, a fellow stall holder demanded 500 bht for the return, she had to pay, that's up country issan, they're all the same here, money rules above anything.
  4. Just to add, it's a lot cheaper to die here, 9000 bht funeral/ cremation costs for a mate who died recently, fraction of the cost back in the UK.
  5. Go for a beer in the queen Vic, soi 6 second Rd, Pattaya.
  6. Less than that, the basic British pension is about £511per month, or 21500 bht, and a lot of retired UK expats are living here on less than 18000 per month due to frozen pensions
  7. Maybe this "Brit" isn't as well off as you, a yank I guess, this "dodgy" practice is run by Thais and of course stamped by an IO at the local immigration office who all get cut of the "fee".
  8. If you haven't got 800,000 in the bank, and a lot haven't, it's the only way to go.
  9. The body shop was in the middle of Pattaya, hard to get to as I didn't have a motorcycle at the Time, went backwards and forwards a few times, no courtesy car of course, took em 3 days for a minor spray job, now the paint has disappeared in a few places, I'm not impressed with my own experience.
  10. I had a taxi reverse into me a while ago, insurance came out and sorted it, taxi insurance paid, took it to a body shop for repair, had to wait 3 months before they could do it, sprayed it the wrong shade of white, when I complained they said, be all right in a few weeks after the sun weathered it !!! Sent from my B3-A30 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  11. Who said there was or wasn't for that matter? We are talking about opening a bank account. Keep to the thread pls.
  12. You have not been here long enough, if indeed you are here, it can be yes or no, depends on the bank and circumstance and whether the bank or immigration officer is in a good mood, tourist or o visa, retiree ,country of origin, take your pick.
  13. It varies from branch to branch plus the fact my g/f is Cambodian and not Western, this makes a lot of difference.
  14. I wouldn't mention that I lived and drove in Thailand, most likely they would refuse or load the quote, happened to me after 3 years in New Zealand. Sent from my B3-A30 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  15. Go back to sign on every 2 weeks?? For 40 odd quid!!! And most benefits have been cut now, , there's no system to fiddle these days.