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  1. Well she could surely afford to fix that crevice and set-up a safer system really.
  2. Possibly. Been to Thailand 4 times, two of which were dental holidays. Got my dental implants at Thantakit Dental in Bangkok and I could say that the quality is superb. The best part is that I was able to only spend a fraction of the cost of the pricing that was given to me in the US. They assisted me during my dental holiday planning too. As long as I'm able to save $$$ for excellent dental treatment, then I'm happy. They are in charge of the Qantas pilots' dental needs so I can personally vouch for their topnotch service.
  3. Finally they've raised this matter! Flats should do the work.
  4. Krabi national park a tourist magnet

    I'm not surprised. Awesome beach!
  5. Honest Krabi cabbie returns wallet to Hungarian tourist

    Nice one cabbie!
  6. Ko Lanta/Ao Nang advice needed

    I agree. It's quite straightforward traveling to Koh Lanta. Ferry schedules are available the whole day. You could pre-book ferries at PhuketFerry. They are partnered with reliable ferry companies. Best to contact them so they could help you plan for your trip with quotes and recommendations.
  7. Troops of monkeys go swimming during heatwave

    What a sight!
  8. Weather in Bangkok - it's getting tough

    Very hot during this time of the year. Looking forwards to June.
  9. Fitness studio with Child Care

    Quite unsure if there's a fitness gym that offers child care services but you could try Kids Corner.
  10. Dark side Dentists

    Looks like it is an emergency one and any local dental clinic can be good enough for simple extractions. Much better to go to Bangkok if you are adviced to go for root canal treatments or any other major dental work. Thantakit Dental is an excellent choice. State of the art building and facilities and their dentists are fluent in English. Good luck.
  11. Opinions on Dominos Pizzas?

    New York Pizza is a far better option.
  12. Swimming pool in Jomtien

    D Varee Jomtien and Hard Rock are good.
  13. Zirconium crowns dentist

    Not quite sure with the quality of the zirconium crowns done at the dental clinics in Pattaya. I think it'll be best if you go to Bangkok and have it done there. Thantakit Dental is a good choice. Been there several times before and always had a positive experience. It's quite an established place with pretty awesome facilities. You don't have to worry about substandard quality and getting ripped off.
  14. Dog Grooming

    Chic Chic is quite good too. :)
  15. accomadation

    For that price, looks like it'll be challenging to find one online. Local recommendations would help. And yes, best to look around the area personally.