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  1. mindovermatter

    Are Rabies shots essential before going to Thailand?

    Up to you but personally, a rabies shot isn't necessary. Some go for a pre-exposure but anti-rabies shots and hrig/erig are administered once bitten anyway.
  2. mindovermatter

    Ceramic dental facet in Thailand

    Right. There's the ceramic or the porcelain type veneer. As with a good address, Thantakit Dental is highly recommended. I've used the one on New Petchburi Road. I believe they offer 10% for cash payments. Have availed of it last year for my root canal. Best to check.
  3. mindovermatter

    Hiv medication for European with work permit

    Right. He's covered.
  4. mindovermatter


    Another vote for Fisherman Village. Plenty of options. Also, K-Siri and Noodle Soup and Food are very reasonably-priced.
  5. Sorry to hear about that. Such a shame I know. I do use FerrySamui for booking ferries. They're very good. They respond fast and are more customer-focused.
  6. mindovermatter

    Durian fruiting on Samui?

    Indeed, not the Durian season as of the moment.
  7. I do think that's way too expensive! Yes, 100K should reasonable enough. That price given to you would be a usual quote in high-end hospitals like Samitivej, etc. I have tried Bangkok Christian Hospital and Kasemrad. Plenty of options in BKK. Good luck.
  8. It's great to know that Thailand is getting more and more popular. I'm also amazed by the dentists' level and care and professionalism. I had mine done by Thantakit Dental. It's a porcelain crown (single implant) with a 5-year warranty. The best part is I was able to save. I paid in cash so I got a 10% discount.