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  1. Changing sand

    Yes, EcoClear is coarser and much better than the finer sand from Thailand.
  2. Salt Water Lap Pool Build Cost Estimate

    Quite possible to stay on a budget with that size and considering that you are leaning towards a basic design. Same here, I would certainly opt to invest in high-quality equipment than spending on an elaborate pool design. I do suggest contacting Pool Master ThailandPoolShop for calculations and pricing so you could have an idea. It's a good company and is also affiliated with Isaan Pools, the pool builder of most hotels in Bangkok. I strongly suggest that you choose an established company to avoid the huge costs and the inconvenience from a poorly-constructed pool.
  3. Fibreglass pool - Budgetary guesstimate.

    Couldn't agree more with grollies. Add 20% to be on the safe side. Sometimes, you tend to spend over those rough estimates really.
  4. Krabi airport to Lanta

    Yeah, very much available.
  5. ferries

    Traveled to Lanta last year in late April. Was still able to get a ferry from Krabi to Lanta via PhuketFerry. Best to confirm with them through their site if your dates could still be accommodated. They are pretty easy to contact. Cheers.
  6. Phi Phi with a 10 year old

    I agree. There are plenty of better options for your child than Phi-Phi.
  7. Can I use a pump without a water tank?

    Great decision. Would spare you from huge problems if you get a tank.
  8. Alternatives to tiling ??

    I agree with chickenslegs, using marine paint or pool paint is a good option. Pool Master is a very good company. That's where I get my pool chlorinators and other supplies. I believe they also offer pool paints. Pool paint can be easily applied and no need to tile. Let us know how it goes. Cheers.
  9. Your Opinion of Mitsubitshi "Inverter" A/Cs

    Mitsubishi and Daikin are very good AC brands so the difference between them may be very minimal.
  10. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    Wow, frugal indeed!
  11. The idea is promising. Would love to see a foreign-looking mobile food truck but yes, make sure that it is geared towards the Thai market, but could still meet the foreigners' palates.
  12. Jacuzzi

    Totally agree with sappersrest, make sure that you invest on high-quality equipment and supplies over the cheaper ones and be diligent in finding a legit distributor so you won't have any problems in the long run, and endure exorbitant costs.
  13. Emaux SSC15 Salt Water Chlorinator

    Are you sure the place where you got it is a legit one? Anyway, great to know that you already know the issue. I also have an Emaux, got it from PoolMaster and it's still working perfectly but yes, you need to use quality filters on it. You might want to try the ones from PoolMaster on their thailandpoolshop website. I can personally vouch for the quality of their products. Cheers.
  14. Bangkok Bank Question

    Yes their system is pretty straighforward. Cheers.
  15. Depends on individual choices. If you or a family member is allergic to chlorine or you want your pool to be chemical-free, ionization may be a good choice. Keep in mind though that it's not completely chemical free as you need to be adding chemicals too and will still be using an oxidizer, etc.