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  1. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    Wow, frugal indeed!
  2. The idea is promising. Would love to see a foreign-looking mobile food truck but yes, make sure that it is geared towards the Thai market, but could still meet the foreigners' palates.
  3. Jacuzzi

    Totally agree with sappersrest, make sure that you invest on high-quality equipment and supplies over the cheaper ones and be diligent in finding a legit distributor so you won't have any problems in the long run, and endure exorbitant costs.
  4. Emaux SSC15 Salt Water Chlorinator

    Are you sure the place where you got it is a legit one? Anyway, great to know that you already know the issue. I also have an Emaux, got it from PoolMaster and it's still working perfectly but yes, you need to use quality filters on it. You might want to try the ones from PoolMaster on their thailandpoolshop website. I can personally vouch for the quality of their products. Cheers.
  5. Bangkok Bank Question

    Yes their system is pretty straighforward. Cheers.
  6. Depends on individual choices. If you or a family member is allergic to chlorine or you want your pool to be chemical-free, ionization may be a good choice. Keep in mind though that it's not completely chemical free as you need to be adding chemicals too and will still be using an oxidizer, etc.
  7. Black algae in a watersalted swimming pool

    Have encountered this problem too back in January. The algaecide from PoolMaster has remarkably solved it. I've tried ordering one from eBay and good thing I didn't as I wanted a local pool supplier so I can contact them anytime through phone. You may find this link useful: Black Advance Algaecide Hope this helps!
  8. Evaporation or leak?

    Yes, it seems like an evaporation to me too.
  9. Hygiene in the food industry

    Yes, although there are establishments that do practise proper food handling and food safety standards, most don't.
  10. FerrySamui has plenty of available departure times from Surathani to Koh Pangan. It's a ferry booking agent but they're affiliated with reliable ferry companies. I've used them several times before and never had any problem. Cheap ferry tickets and very responsive customer service. Not too sure though if they offer a car ferry service. You might wanna try contacting them.
  11. Interesting that he picked Koh Samui over the other beautiful spots in Thailand!
  12. Preschool in Bangkok

    Try checking out Sarasas Romklao. It's a bilingual school and you may enquire to find what you're looking for.
  13. Best dentist for implants

    Thantakit Dental is an excellent choice. The owner is an implantologist himself. Most of my Aussie friends had their dental implants at Thantakit. I've had a few treatments with them before and their service was exceptional. Competitive prices and they are at par with the international standards.
  14. Home internet: True or AIS?

    Best to go ahead and ask your neighbors of their feedback regarding those. I believe True is the best, but then again it largely depends on your location.
  15. Well she could surely afford to fix that crevice and set-up a safer system really.