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  1. Ks45672

    Bitcoin Cash - it's worth investing?

    I think I bought mine for half a penny
  2. Ks45672

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Are you not in canada yet??
  3. Ks45672

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    I like the big battery phones and i will probably buy one when they start putting sd 845 and modern guts in them The ones that are available now are mostly lower end chipset and camera and components Also from reviews they hit the ground a lot harder due to the extra weight of the huge battery so be careful ,1 drop on anything harder than carpet is probably game over
  4. Ks45672

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Tvs used to draw people into bars I remember when tyson was fighting and the bar was suddenly full of people who arrived for a pint and stayed for a few after he usually knocked the guy out in the first minute or so Same with the football and the snooker, but what works for a pub in manchester or queens might not work in a Thai bar with a few girls and a pool table who like the dance music pumping
  5. Ks45672

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    In the uk....... Lol Corn or grass fed is all what you need to be asking...
  6. Titanium is not all that new I've had it about 3yrs I've collected loads of points but never got anything for free as too lazy to ask for a catalog or figure out how to utilise the points before they expire
  7. Thai food might be better in Thai That's about it tho
  8. Would happy teachers not be better than miserable ones?