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  1. Ks45672

    French man found dead in Sukhumvit Soi 11 hotel

    I know guys who died in their 30's (naturally from various causes some hereditary and others from life of excess partying etc) But hopefully they won't close the case without autopsy
  2. The only thing worse than dying in a crash like that is probably not dying instantly and having to live with the pain
  3. Every organ in his body will be rekt from the force regardless of the helmet staying intact or his head staying inside it or not Even if he had buckled it on correctly he would have broken his neck, spine, ribs, limbs etc and all internals never mind the brain trauma Just look at the bike again to imagine the force involved... Thank god he didn't suffer long, I know a guy who has been in hospital for 2yrs after a much milder crash
  4. Age 18 I'd guess parents but if he's employed at a good wage Could be on credit.....
  5. Very young to have a cbr650 It's too much bike for a kid age 18 And the helmet probably cost over $500 so they should not have even mentioned the "expensive helmet" in a case like this where it didn't help
  6. Ks45672

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    If he is very wealthy , he wouldn't have phrased it with "wife blowing up his budget every month wanting rings and new stuff " Have you ever heard a seriously wealthy person complain about their monthly budget?? Just learn to say No sometimes gentlemen,you must be from a country where the men are lacking in testicular fortitude....
  7. Dlt will usually accept a utility bill, rental agreement contract, letter from your juristic person with her phone number , cert from your embassy confirming your address etc but that will cost ya! Immigration can also help you but takes longer because they will probably want to post it to you If you're on good terms with a local police they also have the power to write you a note on headed paper that confirms you live in condo xyz (without even checking) and it was accepted to renew my licences
  8. Probably not Mike I've been sitting drinking and saw arguments break out between bargirls and the mamasan because none of them were willing to go with a few Indians for whatever reason..... Maybe Indians expect more for their hard earned cash or they don't have the reputation of being generous with tipps or high on personal hygiene etc..... I don't think it's the colour of their skin tho .... Think of it from the bargirls perspective, when 4 Indians walk in and order a single coke and 4 straws it doesn't create the best impression...
  9. Ks45672

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    How many rings have you bought her? I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read stuff like this.... No wonder they think farang are dumb lol How many rings do you think she could demand from a Thai man?
  10. Ks45672

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    A free education in Europe is better than anything you could pay for in Thailand.... It isn't even close
  11. If I owned a mall or supermarket, nobody would be allowed in wearing a burka, balaclava or anything similar Their race or creed is their choice,just as my security policy's are mine
  12. And she takes less wear and tear with the Indians as well.....
  13. Ks45672

    Whar happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    I understand But if it included erdinger or Guinness etc they would bankrupt themselves rapidly lol
  14. Ks45672

    Whar happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Local brew only though?