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  1. There are some who earn 500k a month + car and house benefits....... Fairly rare but they do exist
  2. Young Girl in dairy queen has a rack most porn stars would be proud of....
  3. He would have got away with it if he took the number plate off the family scooter before the robbery lol Idiot Russians....
  4. You have just displayed the requirements and attributes to drive a taxi When can you start?
  5. Some people won't even use all the buttons, They will put a lucky number like 7777 or an easy to remember one like 1212 It is fairly trivial to get these things open and in this case I think they were snatched from the rooms anyway so the thief will have plenty of time to figure out how to open them....
  6. The only way I've ever found to buy from China safely was using an escrow until after the merchandise was delivered and inspected and even then they tried to get away with things and hide a few defective items in the crate with the other ones if the order was large etc
  7. Oil is the key Never let them run dry I've used everything from wd40 to engine oil to extra virgin olive oil for an emergency Shave :) The better ones claim to be "self sharpening" but I don't know if this is marketing b/s
  8. He's reporting a dishonest thief..... More people should do it until it stops
  9. Ambulances should be fitted with a heavy duty steel snowplough on the front n sides so they can shunt these ignorant cars out of the way
  10. I wouldn't use a bkk taxi unless it was some kind of emergency and even then I'd check uber first lol But my point still stands, if they don't like driving a taxi in bkk traffic then they are in the wrong line of work Taxis who refuse fares on the meter, demand a flat rate and refuse to go to destinations they don't like are also breaking the law btw
  11. Clean it when previous guests check out but before the next guests check in OK homer?
  12. First, clean the keypad with a cloth Then spray hairspray or something similar over it lightly and then you only have to check the actual 4 buttons you can see fingerprints on Reduce the time to get in by orders of magnitude
  13. Then perhaps taxi driving isn't the career for you if you dislike bkk traffic so much Go and pick rice or something more suited to your abilities and preferences?
  14. No sympathy for filth that drive taxis Absolutely none He should be fired for saying the meter was broken and demanding 500 from the outset Meter broken = get it fixed, not extort passengers for a flat rate