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  1. Get a woman to do the Decor If it looks luxury it will rent much faster
  2. I'd have paid to see the snake Eat the locals and both dogs...
  3. When I first got here there were people who had overstayed by decades and had never bothered doing visa runs or address reports .... They times they are a changing.......
  4. An unusually rich homosexual Thai.....
  5. There is dozens of them around huai kwang To arrest.... Is it a crime to take money from stupid people though??
  6. What was excessive, the dicks or the ban?
  7. 40k isn't that high for a computer A decent gaming machine would cost 100k+ thesedays
  8. A lot of them do it for the money and the good ones end up very wealthy Making far money than the average somchai in the villages
  9. You can't spend more than your deposit as far as I know
  10. Ks45672

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    Very true Most people who are not enthusiastic about watches would not be able to tell the difference
  11. If you can find a nice used daytona I'd buy something like that or a limited addition Buying brand new now is no guarantee of making a profit unless you can hold for decades in original condition
  12. That's big joke himself I think......
  13. Ks45672

    Eight injured in Korat van accident

    He was probably hallucinating because of a combo of tiredness and drugs and there was no hole in the road....