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  1. Hey colleague, how much money did you confiscated? About 200k THB Ok, good, let's report that we found 8810 THB. That's a nice number for today's bust.
  2. Paying electric bill online?

    I mostly pay the MEA by mobile banking (just scan the paper), but there are several ways. You can register MEA with your Citi cc (if you have), to pay it online with your cc (or in the Citi app), even before you get they actual bill. Once it's in the MEA system the amount will show up. Btw, if overdue you can pay without any problem at any counterservice point and 7-11 etc. as long as they have an online system.
  3. 555, the article is not very clear indeed.
  4. They only warn Thai travelers I think. The used plants are apparently not endangered in Thailand (or they don't care).
  5. Except it's about the plants and not about animals
  6. The OP wrote: "The Facebook page of the ministry’s Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad Division said the ingredients of Five Pagoda Ya Hom powder are from endangered plants under Cites" So, yes, it's about the plants and not about animals in this case.
  7. I'm not offended (as Dutch), but from someone with a nickname with observer in his name you might expect that he/she can read. They are trying to protect endangered plant species. Nothing to do with drugs.
  8. If you earn 300GBP per 2 days, you sure can miss 1000 THB, but the way you wrote this post tells me enough about your attitude in Thailand (and probably in general). You reap what you sow. In the 12+ years I hadn't any issue which couldn't be resolved with a smile. Once I showed up at Toyota for an appointment, but the other party from Toyota didn't show up. I asked the manager of that branch to reimburse the money for my lost half day, which they promptly did. Politeness goes a long way. With your attitude it's best if you would move back to the UK, since in your eyes there are no good Thai people.
  9. They told you to go to the bank to get it sorted and you just talk bad about them? What did you expect? A stranger called the bank and then they will transfer just the money which you lost without any proof? I'm pretty sure your bank in the UK would not do this as well.
  10. If you want more security you could setup Samsung Pay and pay with a code or fingerprint.
  11. I'm not sure if you understand anything about Bitcoin. Probably not if I read your post. It's definitely not a scheme, unless you see official currencies as a scheme. FYI, it's an official currency in many countries (Thailand included).
  12. Pirate bay / Bit torrent...Convictions?

    Thanks, I know, but I'm not interested to know what it is!
  13. Pirate bay / Bit torrent...Convictions?

    Of course there are plenty of legal uses, but the fact is that torrents are more used for illegal content than for legal content. You can find facts like this: https://www.go-gulf.com/blog/online-piracy/ Btw, I don't know what a 'bong' is, but then again, I'm not into drugs.
  14. Pirate bay / Bit torrent...Convictions?

    I guess this is directed to the OP? Why should he be aware that it's illegal? Do you know for a fact it's illegal in Thailand? If so, please show us the link where is stated that it's indeed illegal.