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  1. Well, my wife has a 7-11 card and she asks me to use it sometimes, but I don't like it, since many time the reader has a problem at 'our' 7-11.
  2. Well, I live >12 years in Thailand and not once the 7-11 didn't have change from 1000 baht. And I buy there a few times per week for some daily items. Like a 2 liter bottle of milk, bread etc. With 2 kids we spend quite a lot at the 7-11. That's in Bangkok, but also during any travel around Thailand it never happened that they didn't have change of 1000. True, in Thailand there are a lot of shops which don't have change from a 1000, but in my experience the 7-11s always have.
  3. CC payments are usually faster in Thailand since the staff needs to count the money about 100 times and then again when they need to give some money back
  4. I started using Line pay. At many locations they offer this, but at some shops the staff don't know how it works. And at some shops the readers don't work well. I'm also using Samsung Pay. Just take your mobile, unlock with fingerprint or whatever you prefer and use the NFC reader.
  5. Thai love Thai? I don't know how long you stay in Thailand, but Thai definitely do not love Thai! Most Thai love foreigners more than Thais. I'm not talking about bg's loving foreigners or the Thai and foreigners residing in the tourist areas. I'm talking about foreigners working and integrated in Thailand. One look during driving a car in a busy area and you will know that most Thais do not care for other Thais. That's when their real personalities come into play.
  6. There are a lot more people paying tax than posters on TV think there are. Only in the company where I work there are about 600 to 800 who pay tax of which about 50 foreigners I estimate (about 4k people here, but about 600 to 800 above the tax exempt limit). But most posters are not connected to the working people in Thailand, do they might not know. There are also a lot of foreigners that work legit and pay tax as myself.
  7. Yes, you misread this. It's about income tax deductions.
  8. They state what's not included, so everything else is included. As I remember from last year even things like car maintenance bills are included.
  9. It's not about the 7% VAT, but we (if you work in Thailand and pay income tax) can deduct max 15k baht when filing our tax begin next year in case you buy something in that given period.
  10. Forgotten ATM code?

    Unfortunately I also forgot the pincode last year of my corporate cc, which is 6 digits. I use it rarely but need it sometimes for a cash advance during a biz trip. I called the bank and they sent me a new code by mail to my home in Thailand about 2 weeks later!!! By then I was back home from my biz trip. This was for a corporate cc of quite a big multinational company. Absolutely no service at all. They simply don't care.
  11. Forgotten ATM code?

    Good idea and I name the contact K bank pincode 555 Kidding, it's indeed a good idea
  12. That's quite a bs reason. Most of the people will put money into those Aeon machines to pay their monthly payment and if indeed the money runs out more quickly they just need to fill them up more regularly. I use Aeon ATMs sometimes in Bangkok. Last time a couple of weeks ago. Fee was 180 and could withdraw max 20k.
  13. Yeah, much safer.. until they skim your card and record the pincode with a cam. It doesn't really matter if it's 4 or 6 digits. You can't guess a 4 digit code within 3 attempts, so you will need to know the code which then will be the same as for 6 digit code. If you keep your code unknown to others a 4 digit code will be fine. Why don't they use iris or fingerprint scanners as code replacement? And they should change the order and give the card back before the money is spit out, so you won't forget your card. That will also reduce risk.
  14. Thai banks should change the order in all ATM's in such way that you always get your card back first and then the money! Furthermore people should keep only the bare minimum on their daily usage atm card to prevent too much loss in case a thief guessed your pin (or skimmed your card)
  15. Born in 2522 makes her 38, but 1989 sb 1979