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  1. Termite Beasts - Will This Work?

    I know this thread has kind of died out, but I'm trying to find something for those stinging red ants that leave trails on the soil. Do you think this stuff would work on them as well? I used to use fipronil on ants back in the states and it worked better than anything I have ever used. I'd use it again if I could find it here in Chiang Rai. But with that said, maybe the Beger/Bayer stuff would do just as good of a job.
  2. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    You guys are huge operations compared to my wife's struggling mom. They try to raise 20-30 piglets from birth (she has 4 sows) at any given time (2-3 times per year). The feed costs are sinking them faster than a canoe full of lead. I wish I knew more, or could find an inexpensive way to supplement the feed cost. That is what is killing them with the falling price or pork up here in CR.
  3. Growing avocado in Thailand

    Thanks grollies. Look forward to finding some one of these days, haha.
  4. Growing avocado in Thailand

    Any new information on buying grafted avocados here in Thailand? Any sources? Or names of nurseries that might ship to Thailand?