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  1. The simple answer to this question is yes. Just ask the bank to add your wife's name to the account.
  2. I have hired workers in the boonies so to speak and they would not work for less than 400 baht/day. Virtually all that work in construction demand at least the minimum no matter where they live. In 15 years I have not encountered any Thais living on 2500 month unless they just were too lazy to work. Many receive funds from their children which is the Thai custom and culture which there is no way around this. Yes the elderly now receive 800 baht/month from the Government which is a joke. Sometimes they hand out a 5 kg. bag of rice when there has been flooding happening which is also laughable. 15,000 a month for a falang to live on is doable only if you live like a poor Thai in the countryside and yes that would be living like a falang kii nok.
  3. strabel23

    What was your biggest medical bill and why?

    Yes I had a cortisone injection already and didn't do a thing but the dr. wants me to do physio because as he says he won't operate on me if I have a frozen shoulder. He did ask me my age (65) which made me suspicious because I had read about another doctor that refused to operate because he said the patient was too old (53) and not strong and the results would not have been good. I am not in Thailand at the moment and am hoping to do the operation before returning to Thailand but it takes so long here to do anything. I will make another appointment and try again.
  4. strabel23

    What was your biggest medical bill and why?

    Sorry but you didn't answer my question. My Orthopedic surgeon told me he won't operate on me unless I have full range of movement in my shoulder either on my own strength or using my other arm to lift my injured arm. I can only lift my arm to shoulder height on my own arms strength but can pull it overhead using my other arm. I had the same symptoms as you did exactly except I felt pain from the first day and knew when it happened I had torn the rotator cuff which the MRI confirmed as a full thickness tear. I am wondering if other doctors have required their patients to have full range of movement before surgery or if it is just my doctor's requirement. He says he won't operate on a frozen shoulder and it has been 4.5 months since my accident.
  5. You've got to be kidding. Do you actually think that a teacher after spending years acquiring a teaching degree should be satisfied receiving only 15,000 baht/month and you think that is good? You compare that with your girl friend's family working in the rice field? The minimum wage in Thailand is 325 baht/day so if your girlfriends family are working in construction then they are making a lot more than 2000 - 3000 baht a month and no one could live or should live on that paltry amount. A single person would be just scraping by at 10,000 baht/month and living at poverty level in a small 1 room accommodation. The Teacher has good cause to complain and should not have to live like a peasant. There must be a lot of immature and ignorant falang kii nok on Thai Visa to criticize a Teacher for complaining about such a meager salary.
  6. strabel23

    What was your biggest medical bill and why?

    just curious, before the surgery did you have full range of shoulder movement and how did it turn out?