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  1. Phuket has changed a lot since I first stayed here in 1995. We were going to move back in 2014 but after a few months found it to be too congested and beaches too inaccesable with no or very little parking available. What's the point of living here if you can't get to where you want to go without a lot of hassle. Frankly speaking I don't see the attraction anymore unless all you want to do is go to the bars to meet the ladies in waiting. Having said that if you want to buy a nice size building lot not far from a quiet beach area just let me know.
  2. Is it really that hard to understand currency conversion? 10 baht at the beginning of 2016 would get you 1 Malaysian ringgit. Presently it takes only 8.05 baht to buy 1 Malaysian ringgit. This is a devaluation of the ringgit. For those still confused if a Malaysian was to purchase a drink for 10 baht 1 year ago he would now have to pay 1.2 Malaysian ringgit for that same 10 baht drink. Despite this the Malaysians are still happy to come to Thailand for whatever reason.
  3. How does one get a hold of Khun Sumalee ?
  4. Did you even read the article? His comment follows the drop in the SET from 1548 to 1430 as he clearly and correctly stated as being nothing out of the ordinary for traders to sell off their stocks and take profits. This is how the market moves and has done so many times in the past only to move higher once a bottom has been found. An astute investor would take this as an buying opportunity to buy following these sell offs. Take note of the recent movements in the DOW as an example. Are you sure your forum name is displayed correctly as brain150 and should maybe have been displayed as braindead?
  5. There is nothing to see in the City of NST and the traffic is bad and there are no expat restaurants etc. Don't know why anyone would want to live there. Further north Kanom is a nice beach side community which would be a nice side trip and the ferry at Don Sak to go to Koh Samui are the only reasons to want to live and work in NST. I haven't been to Rayong but I would definitely check it out before committing to NST.
  6. At full capacity the airport will be handling a flight every 2 minutes. Pity anyone who owns a house in Hangdong or Nimmanheman. Better get used to wearing ear plugs or move out of the city.
  7. Anyone know of a shop here in Chiangmai where one could purchase an internal baffle and install it in the pipes of a customized exhaust system?
  8. Yes I agree Thailand has changed since I first came here in 1993. The Thai fascination with foreigners is more normal now like a common event and not like before when many Thai would gather around to get a glimpse of the tallish white skinned strangers amongst their midst. What would one expect after so many years of being exposed to westerners? It is just as welcoming as before but Thai realize that it is also an opportunity to make money just as we do with tourism in our home countries. I have many Thai acquaintances and they treat me as a good friend equal to how they treat their Thai friends with hugs, handshakes and/or traditional Thai wai. By the way this invisible barrier you speak of exists to a great extent possibly because you cannot speak the thai language effectively or maybe not at all? You will probably find the same wherever you go if they speak a different language other than your mother tongue.
  9. I wonder if she was a natural blonde that dyed her hair a different color? hmmmmm..........
  10. Just the opposite happens when you are on steroids. Since your testosterone level is many times higher than normal it's not too difficult to become aroused.
  11. It's a very good question and I understand your dilemma. The first thing I would say to you is that your age is part of your problem. Thai women usually are looking for an older man if they are in the market for a falang. Over 50 means being able to stay in Thailand indefinitely as a retiree and is generally accepted that you have the funds to do so. Being young most Thai would naturally assume you are here for a short vacation and then back home. If I were you I would look for a private thai tutor to begin with as they are usually university educated or at the very least a student. From there you can mention that you are interested in meeting a compatible Thai lady and perhaps they might have some interesting connections you can benefit from. One might want to seek out an attractive tutor as well as it seems that sometimes good looking ladies like to hang out with other good looking ladies increasing your odds. Good luck.
  12. Your source of information must be living in another dimension. Bumblefoot doesn't play Papa Rock until Feb. 5th. LOL
  13. Thailand's economy expected to be in very bad shape in the coming year. not a good time? What are your sources? IMF has stated Thailand's GDP will rise in the coming year.
  14. The lantern release is on the 25th which is today at 9:00 P.M.,+Amphoe+Mueang+Chiang+Mai,+Chang+Wat+Chiang+Mai+50200,+Thailand/@18.910938,99.013139,14z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x30da232d2627caad:0x3cae048a5260e84c!2m2!1d99.0135941!2d18.911916!1m5!1m1!1s0x30da3a98f68e44c9:0x926b75f2f39ef796!2m2!1d98.9889875!2d18.7894269!3e0?hl=en-CA
  15. Depends on what you want. For some living in the heart of the tourist area can become a little annoying at times with noise pollution, congestion, parking and obnoxious tourists being the major complaints. Sure Philipinos like to have their social gatherings, and so that will have to be a consideration, but for me if I had a Filipina for a wife I would prefer to keep her away from the Philipino community. Why, because once she establishes connections with the rest of the Philipino community it will be harder for her to tear herself away from her group to mingle with the general expat community and having her friends around all the time can become a little nerve racking for a guy that is looking for a little peace and quiet in retirement. Having said that living only just 10 kilometres out of the downtown core you will find secure gated communities with cheap rent and sporting amenities within from swimming pools and gyms to tennis and badminton courts. Sure you will need transportation but you will probably need it anyway unless you want to be lugging your groceries home all the time and sweating in the hot sun. Some come here to live as cheap as they can. Others come here because they can afford more luxuries than back home. Just depends on your preferred life style I guess. Just my 2 cents.