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  1. UN: delegates set to sign historic climate change deal

    Not sure about Greenland? In Greenland the glaciers are retreating rapidly. Where do you think that water goes? Into the ocean. What exactly are you not sure about? And it's not only Greenland. All around the world the glaciers are in retreat. All that water flowing into the sea. And not just that. The oceans are getting warmer. As the oceans get warmer, the water expands in volume. It's called thermal expansion. And what's more, why are the glaciers in retreat all around the world? Is it because a) the world is getting colder the world is staying the same temperature c) the world is getting warmer
  2. Trump rubbishes Republican rivals over 'collusion'

    People vote for Trump? Surveys show Trump will have the lowest minority vote in the history of POTUS elections. He has alienated himself from most of the major religions in the USA. He has alienated himself from women voters. Republican registered voters say they would rather vote for Hillary than Trump. Or not vote at all. Recent poll of voters age 18-29 shows only 25% likely to vote for Trump compared to 61% for Hillary, marking a low point back to 1972. Like the Prayut regime, Trump is drawing the nation together - against himself. Surveys are krap. What you are dealing with, is a bunch of dummies calling up random households...or handing out pamphlets with check boxes. Results can be obtained just by selecting areas that you know will feed in the numbers. Wise up....and look at the real facts. millions of supporters....way more than the opposition. More delegates....nobody even comes close. For Christmas's sake....look at the numbers. Close to a thousand now. More republican voters going out to vote. Don is on a roll. Even some democrats are jumping a sinking ship to join up on Don's side. We've seen this kind of reasoning before. Or is it unreasoning? Remember 2012? When Fox and similar outlets were claiming that the polls were skewed? In fact, somebody created a site called unskewedpolls.com just to cater to that mathematically challenged crowd. It was very popular with the right until Nov 8, 2012. Nate Silver was vilified by the right for saying Obama was by far the likely winner of that election. And when the results came in Silver had called a mere 50 out of 50 states correctly. I suspect that a lot of these hyped-up Trump supporters subscribed to that vilification. But if you want to see a sample of the kind of "reasoning" used by slipperylobster et alii, just go to this Peggy Noonan posting at the Wall Street Journal made on Nov 5, 2012. It's truly astonishing. http://blogs.wsj.com/peggynoonan/2012/11/05/monday-morning/ If you don't want to read the whole thing but only the highlights go here: http://www.businessinsider.com/peggy-noonan-romney-obama-prediction-electoral-college-map-wall-street-journal-2012-11
  3. UN: delegates set to sign historic climate change deal

    Munitions would have no impact on CO2 levels. Nothing unusual for ships to be trapped in ice flows. Your not going to start throwing snowballs around are you 'Senator Inhofe' Are you really saying the manufacture of all the munitions and their use in all the 20th century wars had no effect on CO2 levels ? Wow that's one heck of an assumption, and then of course there's the 2 nuclear bombs + all the bomb tests by both right wing and left wing governments. As you are so "facts based" I would like to know which scientific papers you referenced to prove that assumption. Sure it's not unusual for ships to be caught in ice-flows. My point was it was ironic that a team sent to observe retreating ice sheets got caught in an expanding one. Once again, massive ignorance of planet is on display. in this case, someone who has confused the North and South poles. Ice is disappear from the Northern end of the planet because it's an ocean. No land mass. On the southern end we have a continent called antartica with a huge ice shelf that extends from the continent. There the ice regularly retreats then expands.
  4. UN: delegates set to sign historic climate change deal

    It is not a "falsehood" -- it is an assertion backed by statistical analysis which is supported by, among others, the UK Meteorological Office. There are many statistical analyses that can be done on temperature data since 1998 -- some ways of looking at the data show mild warming, others show no warming. No particular way is "right" or "wrong" -- that is the nature of statistics. To go further and call it a "falsehood" is absurd and cultish. But it exactly fits the smug Green/Left worldview: "My opinions are facts, whereas your facts are merely opinions." What rot. over the past 100 years the global surface temperature has slowly risen and shows absolutely no sign of cooling any time soon. Polar caps and sea ice is melting, Greenland is melting oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, climates are changing, weather is becoming more extreme, sea levels are rising. You would have to have rocks in your head to ignore all the evidence. What fits the Green/Left are the facts support their opinion. The Right is catching up slowly. It is tiresome having to drag Conservatives into the 21st Century time and time again on every issue. What rot, there were no accurate global surface temperature measurements 100 years ago and in fact scientists in the 70s were talking about "the coming ice age". In fact 99% of scientists were not. Such reports published in the Press were dismissed immediately. Same old misinformation over and over again. I was an environmental scientist at that time, so I guess I was one of the 1%. Strange though, all the scientists I worked with all thought an ice-age was possible. It seems you've swallowed the propaganda hook line and sinker. In fact, the overwhelming scientific consensus in the 1970's supported global warming. Not global cooling. http://www.skepticalscience.com/What-1970s-science-said-about-global-cooling.html You could actually look this kind of thing up instead of parroting obvious falsehoods.
  5. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    On the other hand, Trump would represent a completely asymmetrical opponent with a seemingly popular message that both parties are a mess and in the pocket of the Powers That Be. Clinton will dust off the status quo, decades old playbook and campaign by assuring the voters that the only thing that stands in the way of utopia is placing her and the Democrats in complete power. Really, has she promised that "utopia" somewhere in the past? Or have you managed to hack into her campaign plans? Or are you just bloviating? Again, this is the guy who wants to give a huge tax break to the rich. I don't think a lot of voters are aware of that, as yet. Probably not a real popular idea given the current state of things. Even a majority of Republicans when polled think taxes on the rich should be increased.
  6. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    And Trump would not have borrowed hugely to build his casino empire unless he was sure he could win there too. Yet, somehow..
  7. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    Why? Because HRC is so much more worse. And why you cannot see it mystifies us. Tell us what about Hillary's proposals are worse than those of Donald Trump's? I'm sure you are intimately acquainted with the details of the plans offered by both. Is it that you like the fact that taxes on the wealthy will be disproportionately lowered? Or that he has no plan for controlling the large financial interests that dominate wall street? In both these regards his plans definitely do differ from HRC's. Anyway, I look forward to your detailed analysis.
  8. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    Fourth Time's A Charm: How Donald Trump Made Bankruptcy Work For Himhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2011/04/29/fourth-times-a-charm-how-donald-trump-made-bankruptcy-work-for-him/#28f820736f7a Here's an article about how Trump got a financial analyst fired for questioning the financial soundness of his casinos. And slandered him, too. You see, the analyst made the unforgivable error of telling the truth about Trump's financial shenanigans. The analyst fought back and won a big legal settlement against Trump. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/04/donald-trump-marvin-roffman-casino-lawsuit-213855
  9. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    Trump started with 17 people in the race. He still has two other contenders. In 2012 Romney had no such obstruction and at this point he was already all alone. Trump still has two losers hanging on and together pulling about 40% of the vote even though they are mathematically eliminated. They are there because the Elites are backing them in a desperate ploy to try to stop Trump. They know that with Trump, their power and gravy train are over. The people want Trump. The power brokers are panicked. We're seeing history made. Cheers. If Trump is such a threat to the wealthy and powerful, why is his tax plan so generous to them? And, I might add, to himself. The only time I got an answer to this in this forrum was from a Trump supporter who actually believed that Trump's tax plan would increase the amount of taxes the wealthy paid. Once I pointed out to him that this was false, he went mum on the subject. There's some kind of weird mental block operating here.
  10. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    Before you get too excited about these numbers, do try to keep in mind that the population of the united states has grown considerably. It's about 40 percent bigger than it was in 1980. On the other hand there has been some decline in registered republicans and democrats. But not enough to fully counterbalance the growth in population. Also, I'm not sure when the 2012 Republican primary race stopped being a competition, but it was already long over at this stage of the primaries. So if the conclusion is foregone, you're going to have a lot smaller turnout. In a way, a large turnout is proof that Trump is actually less popular, since it's taking him so long to secure his victory.
  11. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    The shamestream media never tires of saying stupid things. No one ever gets 100% of the vote. If they weren't biased, they'd say more than 80% would support Trump. That's huge. Cheers. Actually, it was a really big deal in 1980 when polls showed Reagan winning a yuuuge 18 percent of the democratic vote. How do you reconcile that with roughly the same percentage of Republicans crossing over to vote Democratic? I guess the lame stream media never said Jimmy Carter getting more than 80 percent of the democratic vote was huge. And he went on to win the 1980 Presidential election?. Is that how you remember it? https://books.google.co.th/books?id=qlA6AwAAQBAJ&pg=PT677&lpg=PT677&dq=what+percentage+of+democrat+voters+crossed+over+to+vote+for+Reagan&source=bl&ots=norraWlBuc&sig=GkAYErsr6W-c0_BpwwNaKlFul58&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiY8Yy--a7MAhVjW6YKHf14B-8Q6AEINDAE#v=onepage&q=what%20percentage%20of%20democrat%20voters%20crossed%20over%20to%20vote%20for%20Reagan&f=false In addition, in 2012 only 6 percent of Republicans crossed over to vote for Obama. 7 percent of Democrats crossed over to vote for Reagan http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/03/the-myth-of-the-reagan-democrat/475608/
  12. Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

    Not vote Republican, vote to: . 5. Get some control of the crazy debt and deficits. There's massive waste and fraud. All over America there are empty and deteriorating factories and the neighborhoods they supported are deteriorating. They used to provide good jobs and can do it again. Even truck drivers and cab drivers who used to shuttle to those places understand what's happened. Democrats understand what's happened. Women and minorities understand it. Hillary is toast. She a huge part of the problem - a woman who's lived of the government and Wall Street all her life. Wait until she gets the wrath of Trump. Cheers. Do you even know that Trump has proposed a massive tax cut that hugely favors the wealthy? "Donald Trump’s tax plan would cut federal revenue by $9.5 trillion over a decade and boost the after-tax incomes of the wealthiest households by an average of more than $1.3 million a year, according to an analysis released Tuesday." "The gains are highly concentrated among the highest-income households, which would get a bigger percentage of the tax cuts than the share of taxes they pay now." http://www.wsj.com/articles/analysis-of-trumps-tax-plan-shows-big-cuts-in-taxes-federal-revenue-1450807194 Definitely a champion of the working wan.
  13. Thank you for the information. Jordan, Turkey and Greece have taken more than that. However the Gulf states as rich as they are have taken virtually none. THE GULF STATES ARE TAKING SYRIAN REFUGEES BY ALEX NOWRASTEH 12/4/15 AT 11:13 AM ​Many more Syrians are living in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States than at the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011. The World Bank reports that 1,000,000 Syrians resided in Saudi Arabia in 2013, a whopping 795 percent increase over 2010. There were 1,375,064 Syrian migrants living in the Gulf States in 2013, a 470 percent increase over 2010. Excluding Oman, the 2013 Syrian population in every Gulf State has increased dramatically since right before the beginning of the Syrian civil war. Read more here: http://www.newsweek.com/gulf-states-are-taking-syrian-refugees-401131 Yes, everyone should read that Newsweek article. All the way through. Because at the bottom of it, there's this note: A note on the numbers and quotes here: The World Bank data may be limited, omit some return flow numbers, be inaccurate in other ways, or/and updated spreadsheets may show a completely different situation. I cannot verify the statements from the Gulf State countries because their publicly available government documents are in Arabic. Apparently Newsweek doesn't think it's necessary for a reporter to be able to understand government documents or to hire a translator if the reporter can't. And that Nabil Othman person, the spokesman for the UNHCR...it's very hard to track down any concrete info on him. There is a very prominent Saudi family whose family name is Othman. And he apparently organized a UNHCR tribute to the Saudi regime's humanitarianism in regards to refugees. http://www.arabnews.com/news/455709
  14. UK to face EU migration 'free-for-all', warns Michael Gove

    "The debacle in the UK... in Austria... Germany, indeed all of the EU, is a direct result of policies and agenda. None of this is because of an earthquake, tsunami, rock from space, or even refugee issues that could clearly have been avoided. Nor are the problems the result of the national aims and behaviors that had previously governed the independent states for many years- self interest. All of the problems are a direct result of elitists effecting social engineering polices without the consent of the governed. It cannot be overlooked that there appears to be a race to set in place irreversible population shifts (in the US as well) so that by the time constituency wake they are powerless.: Native Americans definitely agree with you.
  15. Obviously. Out of a matter of interest does anyone know of a successful de-radicalization program, the Saudis don't have good results from what I hear and if they don't understand how Islam is misunderstood who does? Does this mean that you believe that the Saudi do not misunderstand Islam? That their version of the religion is a decent one? How far in the bag are you for the Saudis?