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  1. Mobile "Office"

    LOL thanks.... Was thinking of something a bit more... useful. :)
  2. Mobile "Office"

    Stupid question: with the generator operating outside, how to get the power inside?
  3. Mobile "Office"

    This will be for a service. Office workers coming in for 20 or 30 minutes. Don't need toilets or shower. Just some power. Without getting into a lot of details its going to be a mobile beauty clinic.
  4. Mobile "Office"

    Working on a new (and strange) project where I basically need a mobile "office" Would require air conditioning and the operation of a few other small machines when the vehicle is not operational. Am considering something like this but I am open to other suggestions. Power supply and air conditioner are my main concerns.
  5. Is it a public or private university? If private OHEC can do very little. Instead, you might want to try Office of Consumer Protection.
  6. So thanks for all the additional contributors. Someone was right--the happy stories without drama don't get much attention. It was good for me to see there are a lot more success stories out there.
  7. No no I am afraid everyone will be put off by those disgusting mitts.
  8. My daughter, who is a bit younger than my girl (they have met and get along fine) just spent 6 months in the US where everyone told her how she was too thin. Coming back to Thailand, everyone tells her how fat she is.
  9. Your girl is not in her 30's if not her 40's. Its a big difference in this generation--even from the past 3 to 5 years.
  10. Its something I worry about with my girl. She is often OBSESSED with her weight and figure.
  11. My ex wife used to tell everyone I was lazy, stupid, etc. She even told everyone that all our money came from HER because she was so smart. Oh well. Everyone has an opinion.
  12. Not really. In Thailand both COLLEGES and UNIS can grant degrees. FOr the colleges it depends upon the type of college they are. If they are under OHEC they can. They are institutes of higher education. But some colleges are not degree bearing institutions. These are not under OHEC and they are the techniq and asheewa I mentioend earlier. They are under another office... Maybe OBEC? I cannot recall. One reason a college is not a university is land size. To be called a unviersity you must have 100 rai, even if both the colelge and uni offer bachelors, masters and PhD. Again, its ok that you do not know these intricacies. But you also should not post if you do not know.
  13. And just like I reserve the right to ignore silly rants, I also reserve the right to say, if that day ever comes, "baby, its been a great x years but its time to move on". I did ithat with my ex wife and my ex gf. I know how its done.
  14. Sure it might happen. I can't tell the future. But, again, if this is all about money, she is awfully patient.