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  1. Closed Facebook Group to Check Thai Girls

    Actually my gf asked me as they have one. Was just curious.
  2. Not sure if its common knowledge but there are two closed Facebook groups for Thai girls to vet and check on us farang. They will post pictures of guys they have met or are dating and ask if that guy has another girlfriend or any other dirt. There are 10,000 members on each of these groups. Is there anything similar for us farang? A facebook group where guys check on girls?
  3. Restaurant to have student party

    Bangkok. Thonburi better. Somewhere near Thalat Phlu perfect
  4. Not sure if this is the right area of the forum but.... I want to have a party for students at a university degree program. We have 350 although not sure how many will show up. Around 250? None are Thai so I want western food. Looking for a restaurant we can rent out for the event. Talked to places that rent out for wedding parties they are looking for 650 per person for some average food. More than I want to pay. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  5. I lived 5 km east of Ban Phe.
  6. I lived there for nearly 20 years. Left 3 years ago. But still go there frequently. Beach is much better--apparently someone told Samet resorts to stop dumping their trash in the ocean....
  7. Not the case at all. Way more men that women.
  8. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    Am I the only person who doesn't have bad experiences with Thai police? I've been here for over two decades and every time I think they're quite reasonable and fair. Eight or nine years ago I was driving down the road and the woman on a motorcycle sidecar lost control and basically hit the front of my car. It was all her fault she went flying and I honestly thought she was dead. Turns out she only had some injuries that took a couple of days in the hospital and she was fine. When it came time to have the big meeting with the policeI offered to give her 5000 just as a gesture of goodwill and the police thought I was the best thing since sliced bread. There was no issue at all. Of course, she did not die.
  9. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    I have owned 5 Toyotas. No complaints. Had a transmission go out on a Fortuner years ago--thats it. Own a Ford Ecosport now. I bought it mainly because it had 3 years same as cash financing--i hate the way Toyota and other car dealers calculate interest on loans here--would be illegal in the US. My Ecosport has 85,000 km never had an issue. Knock on wood.
  10. BKK Resident get a license in Pattaya?

    In BKK I was tld I have to go to Chatuchak and take the exam there as its in English
  11. BKK Resident get a license in Pattaya?

    And a freind told me getting the licence in Pattaya was VERY easy and very fast. But things change.
  12. BKK Resident get a license in Pattaya?

    BKK the process takes 2 days....
  13. Hi everyone. Stupid me--not only did my license expire but I lost it--have to start from scratch. I have been told its dead easy to get a license in Pattaya. That you basically just show your overseas license and they give you a Thai license. True? Next, if this is true, and its significantly easier to get a license in pattaya than in BKK, can I have a BKK residence certificate? or I need to get one that ways I live in Pattaya? Thanks in advance.
  14. Android/Kodi Fixer available?

    Android boxes with Kodi are great. But they tend to need a lot of maintenance and sometimes major upgrades. Is there any sho in BKK where someone will upgrade? Or even by mail?
  15. I want health insurance but I want a big deductible. So i want to have a 100,000 baht deductable (or higher) but have coverage for catastrophic illness or injury. Suggestions?