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  1. GoDucks

    The 2018 Honda Forza 300.

    Any updates? I am looking to buy a 300 cc scooter
  2. Does anyone know a good lab that does reasonably-priced blood work? St. Louis Hospital could not run all the tests and was already 12,000 baht.
  3. I have a trainer who wants me to get a lot of blood work done. I went to St. Louis Hospital and they could only do most of them. ANyone have any other suggestions? Please see the attachment.
  4. GoDucks

    laser fat reduction

    Its new. Not many clinics have it. Its pretty expensive. Like 50,000 to 100,000 expensve.
  5. Why not talk to one of the big universities that have a music program? Mahidol for example
  6. I find one sentence quite telling, that a key witness did not show up to testify. I wonder why not? TIT
  7. Once bad people see a loophole they will take advantage of it. That includes people like child traffickers.
  8. Nok Air customer service is embarrassingly bad. Upon reviewing my reservations for tomorrow I noticed that my companion's reservation was incorrect. Instead of being listed as Txxxxx Yxxxxxxx, she was listed as Yxxxxxx Yxxxxx. Same first and last name. Obviously an error. I called the airline and was told correcting an error was free but changing a name cost 900 baht. Well, obviously this was just correcting an error not changing a name! We are only changing the first name so it is not a duplicate of the last name! Well, the agent and supervisor did not agree. The supervisor explained that he had no way of knowing if the name was being changed to change the passenger! Because, after all, the original reservation for Yxxxxxxx Yxxxxxxx might just be one person and Txxxxx Yxxxxxxx might be a second person! REALLY? Is this the way Nok Air customer service works? Is 900 baht that important to them?
  9. If I had entered Thailand illegally I would be deported in a matter of days, and rightly so! Strange how the US is supposed to be different than basically every other country in the world.
  10. GoDucks

    Porsche Replica and Excise Tax

    So what car do you drive? LOL
  11. GoDucks

    Porsche Replica and Excise Tax

    While that might be a bit overly optimistic, no way this is going to be settled for anywhere near 800,000. Especially when their basic accusation is wrong.
  12. GoDucks

    Porsche Replica and Excise Tax

    Well, you know how government officials are, around the world, even if they are proven wrong they are not going to admit it. Yes, this might go to court. But the car will be pretty worthless after sitting around for 2+ years.
  13. GoDucks

    Porsche Replica and Excise Tax

    Negotiations are ongoing....
  14. GoDucks

    Porsche Replica and Excise Tax

    40% tax + 80% fine. They said they were only valuing it at 600,000+ to give me a break. They then tried to scare me and say that the owner of the car could go to jail for 7 years for falsifying the blue book (which was never done).