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  1. So I know this guy..... He got married a few years ago in the Philippines. Kicked his wife out. Wife wants him (understandably) to help pay for annulment or recognized overseas divorce in Philippines. He has refused (so far). So recently he got married, apparently with full legal registration here in Thailand. First wife stuck in limbo, still wants help getting things legally terminated in Philippines. Second wife probably does not even know... Thoughts on how to resolve this?
  2. lets build a few catamaran!

    Yeah that just makes me want to do it all that much more.... Maybe I have more money than sense....
  3. lets build a few catamaran!

    Thnx for the suggestions... Was planning to do it here in Thailand. Again, I never think a project is too difficult. haha one of my faults. Just thought, especially if I go fiberglass, might as well make 3 instead of just one. Share costs and especially get someone who has some knowledge.. there must be a few people here.
  4. lets build a few catamaran!

    Can't see a Boating forum so here goes... I have been in Thailand for 22 years. Yes its a long time. I have a (bad?) habit of doing kind of crazy things that interest me--for instance I have restored a 1957 Benz 190, built (CORRECTION: I GET OTHER PEOPLE TO DO THE WORK) a few Porsche 356 replicas (turned out VERY nice), wood-fired pizza ovens (before they became the rage) , portable giant BBQ, lots of weird things. Whatever strikes my fancy. SO I have the plans to build a catamaran--I bought them from Robert Bruce Goodman. The plans I have right now are for a fiberglass catamaran. I do know some people who can make the molds and do the fiberglass. But making one boat would not make a lot of sense--makes more sense to make 2 or 3. ALSO I know nothing about boats--of course that did not stop me from making the Porsches. :) Could also start from scratch and do aluminum.... if I can find someone who knows how to do it. Anyway, would anyone be interested? Would especially be interested in someone to join who knows more about boats than I do... not that that would be difficult hahahaha Picture of my Porsche, just for fun.
  5. Its nothing special. But its a decent little scooter with only 10,000k. Seems like we have a line on the green book--still with the finance company.
  6. Yeah thats not a big deal. But my son never had the green book. Its still with the original owner. It might have been a finance company if I recall correctly--I will have to check.
  7. Three years ago my son bought and then quickly sold a motorcycle as he left for the US. You never change the registration in his name and the person he sold it to never did anything either. How difficult will this be to get the bike registered and taxes paid?
  8. Closed Facebook Group to Check Thai Girls

    for those of you who do not know, there are two dedicated sites fot Thai girls where guys are regularly discussed and pictures of guys are regularly posted.
  9. Closed Facebook Group to Check Thai Girls

    Actually my gf asked me as they have one. Was just curious.
  10. Not sure if its common knowledge but there are two closed Facebook groups for Thai girls to vet and check on us farang. They will post pictures of guys they have met or are dating and ask if that guy has another girlfriend or any other dirt. There are 10,000 members on each of these groups. Is there anything similar for us farang? A facebook group where guys check on girls?
  11. Restaurant to have student party

    Bangkok. Thonburi better. Somewhere near Thalat Phlu perfect
  12. Not sure if this is the right area of the forum but.... I want to have a party for students at a university degree program. We have 350 although not sure how many will show up. Around 250? None are Thai so I want western food. Looking for a restaurant we can rent out for the event. Talked to places that rent out for wedding parties they are looking for 650 per person for some average food. More than I want to pay. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  13. I lived 5 km east of Ban Phe.
  14. I lived there for nearly 20 years. Left 3 years ago. But still go there frequently. Beach is much better--apparently someone told Samet resorts to stop dumping their trash in the ocean....
  15. Not the case at all. Way more men that women.