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  1. BKK Resident get a license in Pattaya?

    In BKK I was tld I have to go to Chatuchak and take the exam there as its in English
  2. BKK Resident get a license in Pattaya?

    And a freind told me getting the licence in Pattaya was VERY easy and very fast. But things change.
  3. BKK Resident get a license in Pattaya?

    BKK the process takes 2 days....
  4. Hi everyone. Stupid me--not only did my license expire but I lost it--have to start from scratch. I have been told its dead easy to get a license in Pattaya. That you basically just show your overseas license and they give you a Thai license. True? Next, if this is true, and its significantly easier to get a license in pattaya than in BKK, can I have a BKK residence certificate? or I need to get one that ways I live in Pattaya? Thanks in advance.
  5. Android/Kodi Fixer available?

    Android boxes with Kodi are great. But they tend to need a lot of maintenance and sometimes major upgrades. Is there any sho in BKK where someone will upgrade? Or even by mail?
  6. I want health insurance but I want a big deductible. So i want to have a 100,000 baht deductable (or higher) but have coverage for catastrophic illness or injury. Suggestions?
  7. looking for Farang photographer

    Live in BKK. Would be great if can come to Bang Wa area. Will pay.
  8. Looking to hire a farang photographer to do a photoshoot with Thai F model. PM me if you are interested.
  9. Expired license

    I just noticed that my five-year drivers license expired six weeks ago. Am I screwed?
  10. Ketogenic Diet resources in Thailand

    So far it seems not many people really know much about the Ketogenic diet. So lets get into some details: 70% of your diet is fats. Thats a lot. Lots of fatty meats like bacon. Butter, and cream. Cheese. Some protein. But not like Atkins. Way, way less. Keep carbs, which include things like all fruits and even many vegetables, to a minumum. Loads of stuff on youtube.
  11. I opened my first start up as a fresh college grad in 1988. Now, nearly 30 years on, I have started a number of companies, most of which have been at least mildly successful and profitable. The exception is Sound Society, a concept music school i have worked on for nearly four years now, with investment of over $100,000. I still believe the concept is very good. But, apparently, I lack the particular skill set to make this project successful in Thailand. Does anyone else think they can help me? Virtually no investment needed. I think it just needs the right Sales/marketing team as an equity partner.
  12. I saw an old thread from 2012 but nothing new. ANy suggestions on where to get decent beef for reasonable prices? I am getting a Traegar shipped here! WOO HOO Gonna have a smoking and BBQ overdose soon
  13. Pictures of me tend to suck. I want to hire a decent photographer to take some pictures of me. Anyone here or a referral?
  14. So no one has any idea? Is there someone who might be able to just cut the wood for me?
  15. I always take all my Macs to the same shop in MBK, 4th floor. Owner operator speaks good English. ALwyas been fair. PM me if you need his contact info.