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  1. @ubonjoe @Mark123456 thank you guys, we'll do that tourist visa in Laos :) and many thanks to everyone for your help!
  2. So what should we do guys? Better to get out and come back and 30 days exemption (and maybe another extension) or get a visa in Laos? Of course we'll have all the documents they might ask for in both situations (flight back, bank statement...)
  3. Thanks the cyclist :)
  4. By the comments you left I can tell you're not a big fan of Thailand, which is ok we cannot love the same things but what I do not accept is you being rude and assuming that I'm "playing around" this is definitely not a game to me dear. I'm trying my best for now to stay in Thailand because I'd like to live here permanently but my financial situation right now does not allow me to do so for the moment. And when it comes to it, I'll stay, and legally. About Cambodia, to be honest I've never been there, I don't know the people and their manners. I like cities, big cities that gives you opportunity to build of future and make money. Not a jungle to drink alcohol and watch sunsets every day. That being said, thank you for all these Infos about Cambodia, but this is not the subject.
  5. Hi Tony, No sadly I'm not Thai, otherwise everything would have been a lot more different :) I'm Lao, and before some of you ask me why I don't use my Lao passport to get into Thailand through ASEAN, Laos doesn't give double nationality. If I ever want a lao passport I have to give up my French nationality, which is impossible. So when I'm in Laos, I'm like every other tourist, French. But to get back on the subject, I guess that's why she said I'm "Isaan" as I speak Lao fluently it's probably the mix of Thai/Lao that she heard and made her kind of jealous...
  6. Oh that wasn't the webcam, she took her iPhone 6 to take a pic of me, don't even know if she still has it on her phone... And yes I won't forget that flight ticket for the next time I've heard that checkpoints at the international airport were nicer than DMK, is it true? Or just a rumour...
  7. That's what I showed the IO when I've been asked for my flight ticket, a screenshot with dates and flight number... That's why I'm asking but I understand that a real paper is better, though a real paper could be fake bank statement too? I mean with all that photoshop it's not that hard to pretend you have money. So, how is a screenshot less convincing than a paper?
  8. Thank you Mark, such a positive comment :) hope that it will work this time without being questioned or asked for documents :)
  9. Hi Jack, thank you for that post, it's full of interesting facts. To answer a bit about everything you said; when that IO officer questioned me, I was smiling, I'm always smiling, it's just natural, everybody has to smile when it comes to documents. Though I'm born in France, I'm Asian, and speak a little Thai, so when IO woman started to question me, I spoke to her in Thai to be nice but she clearly didn't care at all, she even said to her colleague, something like "those Isaan people think they can come and go as they want" I didn't say a word about that but I found it quite racist... She even took a picture of me? Idk why, and clearly I didn't care that much, maybe she just wanted to scared me or showing her colleagues how tough she is. Btw, even her xolleagues were asking "why don't you let her jn? Let her in" whatever.. After 20mins of her being rude and aggressive, she switched post with another IO a man this time, that asked me for my flight back ticket, which I did, and finally entered Thailand! I still think that this woman had something against my face, my bf didn't get any trouble with his IO, not a word was spoken, just got stamped.
  10. Hi Ubonjoe, do you know if that "alert" somehow disappear? I mean, if I go back to France and only come back in Thailand in 6/7 months, is that period enough to turn it off? Or wouldn't change anything flagged once, flagged forever?
  11. Hi Buick, thank you for searching your experience with me and the informations :) this new tourist visa will probably be the last for this year, as I know that I'm already flagged it's better to go home and come back later
  12. Thank BangkokBanjo :) yes, our plan for next year is to come as tourist first then find a school asap to make an ED visa. I know they check a lot these "students" but as we look like 20 yo (though we're on our 26) and really want to learn Thai, I guess it's a good alternative :)
  13. Can I show like a screenshot of my bank statement? Or should I have something printed? This might look like a stupid question but they could tell me "we don't accept screenshots" or whatever so I don't get in the country...
  14. Thank you BritTim, I think our next visa will be the last for this year :) better to minimise the risks and "start over" next year to stay low key