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  1. beavenlen

    UFO Sighting in Koh Chang

    this was actually seen in ban denkha wang chao tak province about 1930 hours some way to the west of the moon, was a dim star hidden by clouds nearest to the moon then further out i think maybe the space station or another star then this object,i agree to broght to be a star but very stationary, no movement for the 20 minutes i watched it,definatly not an aircraft of any description i have ever seen. my first thought maybe a low orbit saterlite. p.s. had only 1 bottle leo do not drink local or use yaba. another point we had fairly clear sky to the west.
  2. having a uk address is the way to go i have maintained my uk account with no problems. i only had to keep them informed as to countries i would be making atm transactions in.
  3. the end of the world is nigh, repent your sins , how many years more must we here this stuff. i have heard the same dribble since i started school,6 decades ago. Mother nature is just continuing on her centorial rotation, as she has done since before any of us were even a twinkle.Doom And Gloom Doom and Gloom,
  4. beavenlen

    Odds Against Us?

    seems to be many farange on here worring about health issues one way or other, for christ sake ,yeah take care of yourself,but if you spend your whole life worrying, it will not stop the day of judgement. when your numbers called,like it or not that is it . say hello the reaper.
  5. beavenlen

    Bagpiper Required

    know many pipers mate just look up the Inverness forum,im sure they would welcome a fee paying holiday in Thailand,
  6. beavenlen

    Your Windows license will expire soon.

    sorry suzannagoh but you had not made it clear who you answered,thank you for your update.
  7. beavenlen

    Your Windows license will expire soon.

    Suzannagho ,sorry sweet but not so ,big'c'install windows from a copy ,this is done if you decline to purchase latest version. you need 16 digit license number to activate windows but you can bypass activation by going from settings to windows to desktop.or whatever,if you no need for administration you can continue quite happily.
  8. beavenlen

    Your Windows license will expire soon.

    Thanks Hkt83100 but i dont really use pc that much ,just for English language movies,maybe couple odd jobs.so really not worth the bother. if i get tired of present wife may give it a shot
  9. beavenlen

    Your Windows license will expire soon.

    i have had this problem with win8.1 purchased machine from big 'c'. complaining to big 'c' waste of time,going to settings, etc. takes you back to desktop and you can continue as normal,only downside is your computor will not recognise you as administrator so if your a geek you are f---ed.
  10. beavenlen

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    Solution,call for KING KANUUT
  11. joinaman is in my court ,too many expats on here think the average is that which is paid to the silverspoon crowd,sorry but not all expats do the society season,we are lucky to get a trip to soff end and a bag o'chips,
  12. it has always been a pratice in uk for 11 year old children to rise early to do a paper round,i also have worked since i was about 10 or 11 and now retired cannot and do not want to quit,hard work never did me any harm.
  13. beavenlen

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    check the plumbing,
  14. 6I will harp on my favourite topic,the poor hard done by uk state pensioner. i do the same as i did in three marriages in the uk. i give my pension to my thai wife,who in turn will see that i eat well ,am suitably refreshed well each and every night, and keeps me fit to enjky nocturnal activities. she is my wife and is not and will not be treated or spoken to as a woman of ill respute.
  15. THANK YOU Thaivisa. about time someone recognized that some expats can survive comfortably on a uk state pension.