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  1. How do they understand what is written in Danish or any other language.
  2. This is the report: https://www.ef.co.th/epi/
  3. TeaMonkey

    E-cigarettes set to be legal in Thailand

    Yes, it’s fake news. See post #76
  4. No ones got a chance of recognising it with it being pixelated like that.
  5. Anything that he can get a big poster with his photo it seems.
  6. Find this hard to believe. Would they really gone ahead with an estimated 80% fatality rate.
  7. TeaMonkey

    Help.... Im on overstay

    It's going to cost you 500 baht a day for the overstay. Don't go to immigration as you can't get a new visa and you could be arrested if caught. Just apologise and pay the fine when you leave the country.
  8. TeaMonkey

    Chaturon warns govt against arresting rap group

    “it would backfire against the government to the point where the government could fall.” And the military would take over?
  9. This must be the new jetski scam. The toilet is held together with water soluble filler and it collapses as soon as you use it. Police waiting outside to negotiate a deal.
  10. Canada is already running out of Cannabis. Thailand has the ideal conditions to grow it in vast quantities.
  11. Thailand doesn't provide a suitable Visa for your requirements. In the past it was fairly easy to live here on tourist Visa's but this seems to have become more problematic over the years and with the appointment of the new showman head of immigration it is likely to get harder.
  12. Because the British Embassy are saying you don’t need the letters but Thai immigration are saying they do need the letters. Until all the immigration offices have a written exception clause that British citizens can just show bank statements it is going to be a mess.
  13. We can’t assume anything until we get clear written guidance from Thai immigration At at the moment it will be 400/800k in a bank account only.
  14. Still the question of why it is only why it’s only the British Embassy taking this action as the others do not do anything different.
  15. A street side restaurant we go to sometimes has a lady out the front who has a drink stand. We buy our drinks from her and she helps us with the menu as it's one of those where you write down your own order. She proudly says when we pay her for the drinks "same same price Thai Falang" which is nice of her not to overcharge us but kind of sad that she has to tell us.