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  1. Sipping whiskey to me can be drunk straight. If you are going to pour it over ice, you can use most any whiskey and it'll eventually get watered down enough to be "drinkable." With that in mind, I have no idea what you can afford, so I'll ignore the "affordable" piece and recommend Woodford Reserve bourbon, which you might find a bit pricey at 2400 baht per bottle. If that's too rich for your blood, you can downshift to Gentleman Jack at 1500/bottle. Both available at a Villa Market near you. If you go cheaper, I don't even consider it drinkable.
  2. LOL I'd say in most cases. Not at all excluding myself there
  3. Kind of like how we just want to post our opinions on thaivisa forums to show how smart we are?
  4. Crackdown on major loan shark operations

    I get that if you just pay the interest each month it stays at 15%, but it's likely to me that if you borrow 10,000 baht and you are very poor that you are not going to be able to make your 1500 baht/month payments, and then you owe interest on the unpaid interest, and that's when it would start veering in the direction of 435%. The only exception would be if they do they not charge interest on the interest like in the West, is that the case?
  5. Mother Teresa was not a good person by the accounts I've heard -- look into it. This lady is far better. And who says it's one in fifty million? People help each other every day. It's good to publicize good deeds and make a big deal out of them. It encourages others. The only thing sad is how it reminds us how much more needs to be done.
  6. Crackdown on major loan shark operations

    Actually 15% per month is 435% per year. Work it out. If you borrow 100 baht at 15% per month and wait one year to pay it off, you will owe 535 baht
  7. This kind of generalization is tiresome and ignorant. Whatever country you are from, people are going to make excuses for their bad behavior. If you want to find out if the concept of personal responsibility exists in Thailand, try walking through the airport with a bag of weed. I'm pretty sure they will ignore your excuses and lock you up (unless of course you bribe them enough). And yes I agree that Thailand traffic is crazy, the drivers are poorly vetted, and the laws are weird. If you are just now learning this, I just have to shake my head. :-)
  8. I hope that thaivisa labels these kinds of "stories" clearly as "advertisements" in the future.
  9. Quest continues for details of Yingluck’s escape

    The funny thing about it is, I wasn't even drinking milk!
  10. Quest continues for details of Yingluck’s escape

    LOL I laughed so hard milk squirted out my nose. Are you new here? Words fail me.
  11. Or just poor and desperate. Maybe we should legalize drugs so that people don't suffer these kinds of horrors.
  12. Are there any other countries in the world that use this "bring enough cash" criterion at their border? I still don't understand the point of it. I know, this is Thailand, sometimes it's just stupidity, is this one of those times? What's wrong with using a visa card?
  13. Prices of US eyewear vs. Bangkok?

    Contrary to popular belief, particularly among poorer people, wealthy people do not get that way by spending lots of money. :-D
  14. Prices of US eyewear vs. Bangkok?

    Thanks for this excellent reply. I will check into them. Hope is restored!
  15. Prices of US eyewear vs. Bangkok?

    Thanks, that's exactly my situation. Are you saying for the same quality the price is lower? I find many supposed good deals in Thailand are for inferior quality