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  1. I agree. It is very adversarial in tone. But this is what you expect perhaps from a military government. I'm thinking I'm going to leave Thailand for a while at least until this military circus leaves town.
  2. He means getting paid more for providing less. He is using ideas from selfish capitalism to appeal to the selfish desires of Thais. What he will stir up is individualism. This will be dangerous perhaps in such a rigidly controlled system.
  3. Add me to the list of people that don't want this. And it still does not make any sense that they think this will somehow support people with medical issues.
  4. So what's the real story here? "Local sex shows fail to bribe the right officials?" I don't understand what this story is about or what was really going on in this club. As for performing topless, that's not even enough to tell if they were ladyboys.
  5. Another thing they prevent is restaurants digging plastic bottles out of the trash and filling them with tap water before charging customers for bottled water.
  6. That's exactly what I was asking for, what you have experienced that makes you think these guys are doing effective policing sometimes. It seems to me you are basing your claim entirely on the fact you can walk down certain streets and feel safe and I agree with that feeling, it's why I moved here. I would attribute this to the desire of police to keep their income streams intact by not scaring away the tourists. This is presumably done by a system of bribery and threats of deportation of the bad actors. It's basically mafia policing. Maybe this is just the Thai way, but it's not what I think of as good policing, and I am worried if I can trust the police for legitimate purposes. I moved here recently and am really creeped out by the police and the government overall. Probably a fear born of ignorance, but I don't have a Thai girlfriend or a powerful employer so I'm feeling vulnerable.
  7. BINGO. He must have declined to pay the initial bribe as it was too expensive for him. They are now negotiating to find a solution that makes the police look good and still lines their pockets.
  8. I think you are attributing more to the police than they deserve. I agree that Thai society is safe and I attribute this mostly to their obedient and cohesive national culture and high xenophobia than to effective policing. But you have lived here longer than I have by a long shot, so perhaps you can share an example of effective policing you heard of recently. I'd be very curious to hear of it. My sources are unreliable, coming mainly from my own limited experience, those of my falang friends, the opinions of my few Thai friends who are willing to talk about things like this, weird click-bait articles on thaivisa.com, and the oddball comments in the thaivisa comments section. It would be refreshing to hear contrary evidence, even if anecdotal. Without exception, nobody seems to think the Thai police are doing a good job. Even an acquaintance whose father is a policeman says she understands why I fear and avoid the police in Thailand.
  9. You are thinking of the legal age to have sex with an employee, which includes the purchase of sex. This used to be 18 and now it's 20. So it used to be legal to pay for 18 year old Thai vaginas but now they have to be 20. And note that 15 only applies if the parents consent. That's going to be expensive. :-)
  10. I guess you must be new here. When the police investigate, it's only to cover up a known crime.
  11. OK, so let me get this straight, because a 17 year old girl got into a cab alone and allowed a handsome man with good powers of persuasion to "molest" her after moving into the front seat to be closer to him, (did he know she was underage?) and she allowed it without protest because she was so terrified and young and innocent, we now need to issue a warning about unlicensed Grab Taxi drivers? Makes sense to me! Keep in mind that the legal age of consent in Thailand is 15 years old if no money is involved and the parents consent. I'm not sure what age it is legal to feel a woman's boobs.
  12. Luckily I only have 3 diseases so I'm safe.
  13. The real worry case is as mentioned above, when a neighbor or someone has a grudge against you and reports you. The Eye of Sauron then turns to look in your direction and there is no magic ring to slip on that hides you. Corruption and snitching are a terrible way to run a society I think. I hope that's not Thailand's "final answer."
  14. This is unfortunately a very typical Thai response to criticism. Too often Thais take negative feedback personally, without seeking to find a solution that makes their customers or the people they are supposedly serving happy. You had a bad experience? Not our fault! This happened to me both at my hotel and at a restaurant in Koh Tao, places supposedly designed for customer service. My complaint and that of my friend were refuted and argued against without any effort to help us out, no apology, no discount, no upgrade offers, nothing you might expect when things go bad in such a place. Here we have the government saying "hey man get off us" instead of saying "we will do better, we know there are problems, sorry, we are working on it."
  15. That's not the way taxis work in most places. They have these things called "meters" that are usually used. Whether you agree this level of government oversight in the market is desirable, haggling for prices is not really the norm that I have seen. Certainly it's not what a tourist expects or hopes for. How is a person supposed to know what is a fair price for going across town? Where are these prices "clearly defined" and who defines them? Uber addresses this problem nicely by metering everything. I have heard that under uber drivers are, as you say, not treated well. Under Grab I think they are, but not sure. At any rate, drivers flock to sign up for Uber, I think because it is very convenient for both parties. Drivers get to choose their hours and routes as they wish. How is Pattaya conceivably doing a good job when you admit they don't follow the law about using meters?