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  1. The early bird gets the worm. Well, that's never going to be me. Another example of what a pain this process is in my view. I would have to get up at 5:30AM to get there at 7:30, and that was a stretch for me. I forgot to photocopy the original visa extension stamp I think. I guess every year you have to provide a photocopy of every extension you ever had? Let's just say that surprises me. But then again, I'm always newly surprised by Thailand's crappy inefficiency, and then surprised that I was every surprised at all, since it's so predictable. Obviously I don't. Thirds for me so they can fit in a standard business envelope with is convenient to carry. These are not rules for everyone to live by, just my own notes. Do whatever you want with your forms. Definitely! Especially since the works are made out of tissue paper. Actually, a slicker trick is to get your C2 queue about half an hour before you get your passport back from the L2. If you can time it right, you are golden. Even 15 minutes would be helpful. Makes sense! Wouldn't it be nice if they provided a comprehensive list in advance of what you need, so you don't have to learn after two years of trial and error how to get it done in less than 8 hours?
  2. Post mortem: I have posted a blog post with my notes from my visit here: http://blog.wealthychef.net/index.php/2018/02/20/my-visit-to-bangkok-chang-wattana-government-complex-to-renew-my-visa/
  3. This makes me conclude that the buyers are idiots. Bangkok at least is in a housing bubble I think.
  4. I took careful notes and will post on the subject perhaps tomorrow. I've been traveling. Thanks for the ping. Spoiler: it did indeed take all day long just as last time.
  5. Well at 45 you just haven't learned the deeper lessons of life. And the Thai government does not yet feel you are seasoned enough to merit. They are well positioned to judge on such matters as merit. ;-)
  6. Yes, last time I changed my curtains there was a gang fight in my living room. <deleted>?
  7. For every protester there are hundreds, probably thousands that agree. These people are brave. Very heartening to see. Considering Thai culture especially. I'm impressed.
  8. I thought of that... it's probably a good idea. You're right
  9. I will make a note to do so, thanks. I think I'm going to go on Monday. I'm not a morning person, but maybe I can make an exception this time. 7:30 sounds like the pits of hell.
  10. Fantastic help brother (sister?), thank you.
  11. It's not at all confusing. Thai lies to Farang, Falang falls for it, money changes hands, everybody happy. Old story.
  12. OK folks at this point I feel like I have received a hell of a lot of value and comfort from this conversation, and thanks for all your input and good luck to everyone. I'm going to bow out and go live my boring offline life now... Chaengwattana here I come! Woooooooooot
  13. I agree, it's way too expensive for the value of the service provided, I think. I don't measure as a percentage of time in country, but rather at 1 day costing 12000 baht. If it were 5000 baht and it cut my time down by 8 hours I would probably do it. My time is just not worth that much money honestly. I guess it's DIY time! I'm down for it. I did it last year. I was just hoping to get that 5000 baht agent someone else was talking about. Bummer. I have a motorcycle so no big deal to get down to immigration and eat some Thai food at the government complex, play with my phone, kill a day. I'll be dead in 30 years anyhow.
  14. Roger that, thanks for the help man, sorry if I sound a bit grumpy after hours of chasing this down. I should mention the price they quoted was 12,000 baht. Plus the application fees.