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  1. The difference is that the USA is a nation of laws, and Thailand is a nation of lawgivers. Therefore, in the USA, the law and the system is the thing that is corrupt and demoralizing. In Thailand, it's certain people that are corrupt and demoralizing. In both systems, though, you are right in that it's the wealthy and powerful that benefit. It's the golden rule: Those who have the gold make the rules.
  2. Interesting cultural observation I think, is that it is all about the Rule of Powerful Persons and not the Rule of Law. I notice that the guard explained that he confronted the urinators not to enforce the rule, he did so to avoid his boss's ire. In Western society, a guard would not offer this as his reason. He would say because it's against the rule. In fact, nobody would even ask why he confronted them, it's obvious. You just are not supposed to urinate on buildings whenever you want to. Unless of course you are in San Francisco. :-)
  3. From where I'm sitting it seems impossible to come to a fair judgment of this matter. He is a Thai and will certainly be pressured to give the authorities the story they want whether true or not. However, their story for once actually sounds believable and not laughable. If they were making it up they would come up with some far less sane, I would expect, given their history of "explanations." And if the police are simply irked at being filmed, then how is this video out there? Clearly the police knew they were still being filmed, no?
  4. Very fair points, to which I say, yes the police here are certainly far from impressive, to say the least. Thanks for explaining your view on the matter more clearly
  5. Actually that is exactly what a volley is, when a single shooter is involved. If three had guns, then a volley would be all of them firing off a shot together.
  6. Um, what police do you know of that come before or during an incident or accident? You realize that there is this thing called "response time" and it kind of depends on how close the police are at the time of the incident and how long it takes to get there. I don't understand why people are bitching about this aspect. But I don't live in Pattaya. Are the police there particularly slow? What is a typical response time for a crime in Pattaya? The one time I had trouble there was when a ladyboy snatched my waist pouch (yes I learned my lessons, thank you). At that time a citizen helped me and a taxi took me to the police station.
  7. Do I really have to explain? Sigh. Education and training are not high on the priorities of third world countries, that is part of the reason why they are third world. It is also a result of it, as those with training and education generally do not find good jobs in third world countries. It's a vicious circle. And in Thailand, where the government seemingly actively works to prevent foreigners from coming in to train their workers to do a better job, it's not going to improve any time soon I'd guess.
  8. Attention citizens. Thailand is a third world country. Did you not know this? Why are you complaining that their electrical codes are not up to first world standards? This is a tragic story but I am just amazed that anyone is surprised or disappointed this kind of thing happens. I've seen workers working on construction in bare feet, standing on the top step of ladders with no buddy, doing all sorts of crazy stuff and I'm sure there are deaths that happen. You'd have to be blind to think people are not going to get electrocuted at foam parties. I'm with the gentleman that commented how hard it must be for her family and lover... crushing.
  9. You're right, I was mistaken. I come from a country where the driver sits on the left side. Thanks for the correction.
  10. I hope they don't. Personally I find the driver's actions completely indefensible. I hope he ends up in a Thai jail and gets a warm welcome there.
  11. If the police really will enforce the laws as written, reasonably fairly, i.e., not targeting hated groups and letting people out with bribes, maybe word will get out though about the arrests and things will improve over the next few days. Just an idea, I know, I shouldn't enforce my cultural norms on another society. LOL
  12. Kind of a lame excuse. Isn't your license waterproof? Doesn't it come out of your wallet?
  13. .. until they catch up to the USA? They've got a long way to go.
  14. Security Theatre Security Theatre Security Theatre Step right up folks! You are safe! You are under our control! Do not resist, it's the law.
  15. What is the name and location of this store? I call BS