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  1. I think actually it means she was NOT serious about killing herself, only about getting attention. She deserves help and attention, but if she was "serious" about killing herself there would just be one wound and she would have done it alone.
  2. Sounds to me like there were no smoke detectors installed in the building eh? I live in a fancy condo on soi 24 and there are no fire sprinklers installed, just smoke detectors, and I have no idea if other units beside mine have even those... Amazing Thailand. :-) This is not the safest country to live in from certain standpoints...
  3. My God what universe do you live in? LOL. Active imagination you have there.
  4. Thailand continues debate on electronic cigarettes

    Efforts at policing private citizens' health choices are forced down peoples' throats... in other news, the rampant bribery of police officers continues without any effort at changing or controlling the practice.
  5. There is no way it's going to be finished on time, run as fast as they say, or be at the price they say. I predict that they will hit zero of these targets. But it's a great idea.
  6. You do realize this is Thailand, right? LOL
  7. A proper punishment would be to have the OWNER put in jail for a year as a warning that the government is serious and to show that accountability starts at the top with the overpaid asshats at the top. Instead, we will see money change hands and nothing more said.
  8. But not charged with attacking the soldier? Strange. Oh please, brother. Tell me another lie, I love it. How much work does it take?
  9. As an American, I can only take solace that there is a country led by more corrupt and inept people than in the USA. Thanks Thailand! Amazing!
  10. Come on people, we know why Thailand cannot get its act together -- it's a corrupt system where police do not make money by enforcing the law for the benefit of society, but where their primary interest is in shaking down people for minor infractions so they can pay their way up in the system, like the mafia. No amount of zebra crossings are going to do anything if people are not given fines for crossing them without stopping, and this is never going to happen in my lifetime from what I can tell. And if they are in places where people cannot stop for them, then they should be removed. It would be better to put signs up by the crossings "warning: traffic does not slow or stop for pedestrians. cross walk is purely decorative."
  11. FBI tried to contact 'sex coaches' in Thai jail

    There is literally zero evidence that Trump "helped the Russians." I can't even think of a credible way he would have done so, other than by supplying money, which Putin has plenty of. This whole Russian thing seems to me, as an American who recently lived in America, as a new Red Scare designed to distract people from the real issue of corruption in American politics, the fact that most Americans don't vote because the system is rigged to ensure the power of those already in power.
  12. FBI tried to contact 'sex coaches' in Thai jail

    FBI definitely works in secret. They are well known for infiltrating groups that they consider subversive and collecting dirt on political opponents of LBJ for one thing. There is little doubt in my mind that they are corrupt and compromised.
  13. Thanks, do you know the name of the law? The only law I found was one that says "Doctors giving stem cell therapy have to be certified by the Medical Council." That does not make it seem that it's illegal to me. Are you sure that "such treatments" are all banned? What are "such treatments" exactly? http://www.thailawforum.com/laws/medical-practices-thailand-stem-cell-cloning-cancer-sex-change.pdf
  14. I'm considering stem cell therapy at a place called StemCells21 here in Bangkok. I'd love to hear from people with experiences to share in this area and especially with this company. I'm gathering information from them right now. If I go ahead with the treatments, I'm going to post my full experience on line as that kind of information seem hard to come by.
  15. So what's your point? That it never happens to other people?