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  1. The long hair was making it hard to count their bribes.
  2. I disagree with the concept of "Western thinking." There is only thinking. My suggestion is fully within reason here in Thailand. Just because you can bribe a cop and get away with getting stoned, that's not the same thing as being legal by a long shot. The fact that it's enforced differently in every province does not help. If it were legal, then people wouldn't have to do it in back alleys. It's like abortion. People are going to do it, legalize it and make it safe and controlled and allow an honest conversation about it, pro and con. "Drugs are bad, mmkay" policies never work in any country, East West or sideways. *in my opinion* of course. :-)
  3. How about just legalize all harmless drugs and regulate them so people are more safe and protected when they do choose to have fun?
  4. I think we can guess as to the answer there. ไม่เป็นไร eh
  5. Elites in every country get this kind of treatment. They are immune. Happens in America too in case the Thai haters come out on this one. A relative of mine in the USA was killed in a drunk hit and run and the perp was a wealthy connected punk that got off without any punishment.
  6. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    When you don't have anything to say about a person's argument, it's a sign of desperation to switch to personal attacks. This demonstrates your own ignorance and lack of a good point to make.
  7. So you are seriously claiming that scams only can happen in Thailand? I must be misunderstanding you because this sounds completely ignorant. Or do you just like to bash Thailand any time anything bad happens here? And yes you'd need a work permit to organize a tiddly winks championship, if you do the work in Thailand.
  8. The difference is that in America if they catch you you actually get punished. Driving drunk, brandishing a weapon, not minor offenses even in NYC
  9. Wow good for you. Completely irrelevant to this case.
  10. Definitely the cop planned to do this from way early in the video, obviously, you can see him get his foot ready over and over again. And it was good work. Suspect got hurt a little, taken into custody, job well done. What kind of an idiot goes running like that from the cops? Where is he going and what's his plan?
  11. What's new is the Thai people pointing it out and making a ruckus about it. Good on them!
  12. So among those, I would guess it got low marks on digital and infrastructure. But health and personal security? Bad pollution but good hospitals. I would think personal security is very good here.
  13. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    So, um, how about if you go ahead and make a comprehensive overhaul of city planning, water draining and littering? Is this beyond your amazing powers? I realize there are limits, but it's funny how in Thailand, as in America, actually spending money helping the citizens is always the last thing that money is found for.
  14. Definitely attempted murder there running him over with the car. What if he had not been knocked up but rather fell down? I'm sure there was some reason the Thai was blocking him from passing, some sort of road rage from earlier. Both are idiots but the Thai was the victim of an attempted murder here for sure. Deserved a free swing at the old ass's nose based on this video.
  15. E-cigarettes linger despite legal threats

    Or you could go learn some science. Your ignorance is breathtaking.