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  1. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Got a source that isn't yourself?
  2. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    So much persiflage here. For instance" "I'm left to wonder why the purveyors of the GW/CC apocalypse that's coming don't seem to believe it themselves? Why aren't they demanding we stop trading with countries that contribute the most to the coming disaster? Why aren't we returning factories to my state where the air and water have gotten cleaner each and every day for the past 30 years. Where we have tough environmental standards to prevent the dire outcomes they predict. Why isn't anyone calling for policies to limit growth? Why are products not made close to the resources used to produce them and the consumers who will consume them. The materials in some products currently cross the ocean 3-4 times before being purchased. Wouldn't that be low hanging fruit in the battle against global warming/climate change? Seems they want to charge us for the bullet they want to shoot us with." What makes you think that the scientists and others who are warning about the coming problems have the power to do these things? And who says they're not calling for some of the measures you propose? For all your talk about respect for science, it's clear that you've implicitly adopted the notion that these people are very powerful and could get this things done if they (and who exactly is ''they'} wanted to. And commercial interests such as the fossil fuels industry and the tech industry and the automobile industry etc. are relatively powerless against them. I'm pretty sure Bernie Sanders would be appalled by such sentiments. And you've got to be kidding about that sign welded to the wharf. You claim to have a B.S. in science and you propose this as any kind of evidence? Or the fact that your local government is possibly using it as an excuse to raise taxes? And you may not realize it but if the forces of government and such are lying about the effects of global warming then it seems FEMA is doing a really bad job of promoting that conspiracy by changing the designation of your flood plain from 100 to 500.
  3. Trump declares opioids a U.S. public health emergency

    I actually meant to be quoting lannarebirth as the latter half of my reply showed. For some reason I shoehorned your quote into my response. Sorry.
  4. Trump declares opioids a U.S. public health emergency

    I don't care nor know about your concerns. What you should care about is your words. Here is the comment that provoked your reply and your reply:: "I suggest you do some research on where the Big Pharma donations to Congress go. Hillary Clinton's highly paid speeches might be a goood place to start." If you had done some research on where Big Pharma donation to Congress go, you would have learned that the lion's share goes to Republicans. Being hostile to Hillary Clinton does not justify ignorance of the facts.
  5. Sunshine Kindergarten

    Has anyone sent their children to Sunshine Kindergarten? If so, what are your opinions of the place?
  6. Trump declares opioids a U.S. public health emergency

    First off, Hillary Clinton isn't a member of Congress, so that's a non sequitur. And you might want to follow your own advice. Not only did Big Pharma give a lot more to Republican member of Congress in the 2016 elections, but the difference was especially pronounced in close elections where giving would make the most difference. "In the most competitive House contests — those rated as toss-ups or only leaningtoward either party by the Cook Political Report — pharmaceutical PACs have given more than $435,000 to Republicans, a separate STAT analysis found. By comparison, the committees have given less than $70,000 to Democrats in those races." https://www.statnews.com/2016/11/02/fearing-democratic-tidal-wave-drug-industry-pouring-money-gop-coffers/
  7. Trump has just demonstrated the extent of his desire for health reform by appointing a drug company executive to replace Tom Price to lead Health & Human Services Dept. The swamp is rising.
  8. Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declares war, deepening crisis

    And the article about the permanent military base was not germane how exactly?
  9. Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declares war, deepening crisis

    I cite links and data.You could easily have gone to the article and shown how I misrepresented. But you couldn't because I didn't. Nothing there that undercuts the headline. And it's ridiculous to assert that Reuters writes misleading headlines.
  10. Yes. clearly my citing the BBC article which seems to have prompted all this talk about Iran establishing a permanent baseis trolling. Another word you've redefined.
  11. Britain agrees to set EU 'Exit Day' in law

    yes, because a market of almost 500 million people is clearly at a disadvantage against a marketplace of 65 million people. Especially since they are so close to each other.
  12. Really? It's a sure thing? Iran building permanent military base in Syria - claim http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41945189
  13. Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declares war, deepening crisis

    Clearly I was cherry picking. After all just because the headline says Trump strikes blow at Iran nuclear deal in major U.S. policy shift that doesn't mean that's what the content of the article says. After all, this is Reuters and everyone knows that the reason news organizations use Reuters' articles is because they misrepresent the content of said articles in the headlines. They've had almost 170 years experience in writing misleading headlines. Even before clickbait was a word, Reuters had it covered.
  14. Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declares war, deepening crisis

    "Well, it wouldn't be the first out of context cherry picking you've posted." Whatever the general truth of that proposition, this time it clearly isn't. But I suspect you know that.