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  1. Guess who's paying for the THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea. If you guessed South Korea you'd be wrong. "National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster said Sunday that the U.S. will indeed pay for the roughly $1 billion THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, amid neighboring North Korea’s repeated ballistic test launches." Not that it's your fault. "He spoke days after President Trump said South Korea should pay for the anti-missile system and hours after Seoul said that McMaster had assured its chief national security officer, Kim Kwan-jin, about the deal."
  2. I believe he'll get sworn in right away as President. I'm pretty sure that's what happened with Gerald Ford.
  3. Given that Isis until very recently was about a 4 hour drive from Iran's border and given the condition of state control of the borders in that region, I'd say that for security purposes, that Syria is contiguous with Iran. As for Yemen, most knowledgeable people rated the rebellion as indigenous until Saudi Arabia decided to invade. I googled Iran's efforts to proselytize worldwide. Did get a hit for Nigeria. As for Saudi Arabia, lots and lot so hits. Qualitative isn't enough. Quantitatively the Saudi effort dwarfs that of Iran. As for the Iranian terrorist incident in Argentina..that dates back to 1992 and 1994. Over 20 years ago. In Peru, an operative for hezbollah was caught and tested positive for nitroglycerin on his person but no terrorist incidents. As for my points lining up well with the usual bashing..really? Typically, Americans consider the Saudis more of a threat than Iran? Really? The latest poll I could find from 2007 said 31 percent of Americans considered Iran the greatest threat to stability in the world compared to 1 percent for Saudi Arabia. Given the continuing propaganda efforts by the US military and US government, I'd say not much has changed. iran or saudi arabia more of a threat&f=false
  4. Andaman Al didn't say anything about who called who.
  6. But my charge of self-aggrandizement was clearly directed at vogie's comment.
  7. Do you understand that the saying "this was our finest hour" came from Churchill's characterization of the British troops performance in the Battle of France in 1940? Do you really believe that a vote for Brexit was on a par with that? I thought Trumpitis was confined to the North American continent. Apparently not.
  8. Or "Those Brexiters sure had a gift for self-aggrandizement."
  9. Time for an arithmetic lesson. Without knowing what percentage of total income the 20 percent earn, it's impossible to evaluate your claim. That said, the USA definitely does not have the most progressive income tax system in the world.
  10. You said Iran and Saudi Arabia are both bad. I assume you meant morally and hence my reference to theology. The problem with statements like that is that they are qualitative, not quantitative. I will take it as read the both the the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the rulers of Iran are bad. But that formulation takes no account of how their activities affect the world. Iran's focus is on contiguous territories which now have very porous border which allow militias to pass through willy nilly. They certainly can't count on the governments of Iraq or Syria to keep their Salifi enemies at bay. Saudi Arabia on the other hand, is not only active militarily like Iran with its own forces and through proxies in the middle east , but in virtually every continent and several archipelagos in promoting its poisonous brand of Islam. A far greater threat to the world. Nor have I minimized Iran's activities in the mideast. But, like the Saudis, they have local reasons for doing so. But unlike the Saudis, they aren't proselytizing outside of their region. And the people that the Saudis are supporting in Syria want to establish a caliphate throughout the Arab world. Iran's ally, Assad, has no extraterritorial ambitions of that scope.
  11. One thing not to do about it is to slash taxes on the wealthiest Americans.
  12. Nigel Farage disagrees with you:
  13. "But marijuana played a bigger role in founding America than immigrants did." Really, did the marijuana cultivate and harvest itself? Colonies without colonists? Actually, like the cultivation of hemp, immigration was encouraged and promoted for most of colonial and USA history although naturalization status was denied to all non white people including Native Americans fromm 1790 to 1870. . . But both cases seem irrelevant to the sarcastic position you recently stated: So, if your rule applies to the police, why shouldn't it apply to the Feds? And the answer is that the Feds, like local or state police, use discretion in enforcing the laws and take into account facts on the ground to establish their priorities. A kind of legal version of triage.
  14. I agree with most of what you wrote except this: "Yes, there is very uneven economic growth but this is because individual states have kept to themselves certain powers over the running of their own economies." The Euro has taken away certain powers from individual states and has been the cause of prolonged and needless suffering. Monetary union without fiscal union makes is a recipe for economic inequality.
  15. The qualified majority being 20 of the 27 member nations. And if no agreement is arrived at, then the UK is out 2 years after its official notification to the EU.