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  1. So according to you, If the market does well under Obama, it's in spite of. If the market does well under Trump, it's because of. Do you have any intellectual underpinning for that argument or is it just faith-based? And lets say the economy in the first quarter of this year does badly. I guess to your way of thinking that will be because of Obama or in despite of Trump. I do remember in the 2012 election how Republicans were saying that the stock market was going to crash and employment would stagnate because of Obamacare. Clearly there is something wrong with the economic theories you people subscribe to. And tell me. are you an employee of Trump's? I'm still trying to figure out he he's responsible for your pay raise.
  2. A New York Times investigation published in October found that the military had recovered thousands of old chemical warheads and shells in Iraq and that Americans and Iraqis had been wounded by them, but the government kept much of this information secret, from the public and troops alike. These munitions were remnants of an Iraqi special weapons program that was abandoned long before the 2003 invasion, and they turned up sporadically during the American occupation in buried caches, as part of improvised bombs or on black markets.
  3. Are you aware that stocks rose and rose and rose under Obama? And the dollar appreciated considerably? I don't know about customer base but I've gotten pay raised under various presidents. And to think I never sent one of them a thank you note.
  4. Oh, there was a little something called Obamacare. Which the Republicans repeatedly called to be eliminated. And yet, somehow, the more they try, the more popular it grows.
  5. No it wasn't. Don't you remember the claims about those mobile weapons laboratories made by Colin Powell? As for chemical weapons, that program had been abandoned long before 2003 and while there were still old weapons left over, they weren't in a condition to be used.
  6. I think this is one of those situations where you are going to find yourself drafted whether or not you have bone spurs.
  7. What great things could he have done with Nafta after his first 2 years? Nafta always enjoyed much warmer support from Republicans in the house and senate than from Democrats.
  8. You got your opposite meaning reading glasses on?
  9. You got some proof that was their motivation? Because lots of states that provided weapons to Saddam Hussein supported the US intervention. Didn't seem to bother them.
  10. Yes you did. Well, the Nasa assertion I have already debunked. As for the other 2 links, I looked up the scientists whose work is being cited as the basis of these assertions about Arctic Ice. Actually, these 2 scientist did groundbreaking work debunking the link between solar activity and the warming of the earth over the last 47 years. The study so dishonestly cited by the those at the web site you linked to actually establish the opposite of what they are saying. "Now Lassen and astrophysicist Peter Thejll have updated the research andfound that while the solar cycle still accounts for about half the temperaturerise since 1900, it fails to explain a rise of 0.4 °C since 1980. “Thecurves diverge after 1980,” says Thejll, “and it’s a startlingly largedeviation. Something else is acting on the climate.”
  11. All you offer are assertions. No links to studies. And then, as usual for climate deniers. you impugn the motives of scientists. Such nonsense.
  12. Even the U.S. State Dept under Trump says Iran has been abiding by the rules of the nuclear agreement which means that they don't have nuclear capability.
  13. "Iran welcoming an opportunity to unleash its nuclear arsenal." ????????????
  14. According to Prism, Varee is certified by CfBT. Do you have different information? If that is the case, then the rest of the disparagement in your first paragraph seems to have been undercut. I also got this from the Varee International School Sports Page: Varee International offers a variety of sport programmes, including Futsal, Basketball and Football and we compete against other International Schools in the Chiang Mai area. Follow our dedicated sports page on Facebook Do you maintain that they are being untruthful? As for your final paragraph, you are just offering generalizations.
  15. Is that because the immigrants would enjoy Las Vegas so much that they would never leave the state?