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  1. Are you still riding that Hitler nonsense? I gave you plenty of evidence of Saudi atrocities. It would be easy to dig up more.
  2. They get even touchier when what you say is relevant.
  4. Gorsuch may be a win for Trump, but for the white working class he is nothing short of a disaster. There's a well known case where a trucker faced possibly freezing to death waiting for a repair crew to come and look at his rig or leaving the rig and getting shelter. Finally he chose to find shelter. The company fired him for violating policy. Gorsuch ruled that the company had the right to do so. Fortunately all the other judges, including conservative ones, ruled in favor of the worker. Give Trump time, though, and the Supreme Court will be filled with defenders of corporate america.
  5. Why not protest against the Chinese legal system? Or the Russian legal system? If they were instituted in the USA, that would be really bad, too. But there's no more likelihood of that happening than there is of Sharia law being instituted in the USA.
  6. She should have thrown those coins at the pilots. They don't earn so much working for these discount airlines.
  7. Just like Trump he has an itchy Tweety finger. (ok technically not a tweet...)
  8. There is something called due diligence. You should look it up.
  9. Tell that to the Chinese. Or, for that matter, the Europeans. Or the Russians (Eurasian). So far, they don't seem convinced. In fact, let's throw in most of Asia while we're at it.
  10. The Saudi Royal House is awful. But there's no need to compare them to Hitler. It doesn't clarify anything and only gives their defenders an opening.
  11. Just look at the failed northern European states. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands...
  12. economically speaking, it matters:
  13. And I guess to your way of thinking those who earn more than a million or two a year are a significant fraction of the population? And anyone who earns less is a freeloader?
  14. And also more telling on taxes.
  15. Except of course that the poll was taken from july to november. Which means that some of the results are nearly a year old and the freshest are a 7 months old. There is more up to date information about Brexit attitudes at least. And it's interest that you think that the attitude about taxes is not of as much interest. Is that because that result isn't to you liking. Given the leftward drift of opinion since then, I suspect that the attitude about taxes is even more strongly in favor of raising them.