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  1. Royal Chiang Mai were doing a reasonable membership deal a few months back. I cannot remember the price Summit Green Valley has some reasonable prices but beware of afternoon golf there and slow 6 ball games North Hill is the cheapest membership but there is still a green fee. It is also a fair hike from San Sai
  2. I have 20 Samsung Inverter Airconditioners all 18000 BTU. Cheap to buy, expensive to maintain and poor service from Samsung. The problem seems to be that any animals such as geckos or ants get in either unit the motherboard buns out and these are seriously expensive to keep replacing. Equally nobody has any parts so we have to buy spare motherboards so that Samsung can fit in a reasonable time. Never again, I will go for Mitsu or Daikin next time. Daikin you pay upfront but I'm hoping to pay less down the road.
  3. I went to a Moo Bahn where they keep an ID, in my case always my driving licence. On leaving I stupidly forgot to check the licence and just put it in my wallet. I have the wrong licence - Mr Shaun Burke. I am also trying to contact the MooBahn security but it is 30 kms away from me. Thanks
  4. I am inquiring on behalf of a friend. He needs a lawyer or similar who has close contacts with an immigration official but not in Chiang Mai Province. Any province will do but easily reachable by car or air is preferred. I know you would like to know exactly what for but I won't write that in open forum, sorry. Specialist skills are needed that my friend nor I can achieve. Thanks.
  5. thanks for the advise
  6. Thanks, how expensive was 'painless'?
  7. Has anyone every used somebody in Chiang Mai to change the glass on a Samsung S6? I have the replacement glass, I've seen how to do it on You Tube but I prefer to pay someone with more patience than me to do it. ( More patience is easy to find, having expertise less so!) I have tried the place in Pantip Plaza and asked one in Kad Suan Geow but failed so far. Any help would be appreciated except for the 'never buy a Samsung' type of help.
  8. What happened to the office supplies store where Big C now is?
  9. thank you for the help
  10. I know I have seen information on the site before but I cannot find it. Does anybody know someone in Chiang Mai that builds these conversions? Thank You
  11. thanks for the assistance. I asked at Kad Suan Gouw he told me 5-6000 Baht so I walked.
  12. Has anyone had a screen replaced on their phone in Chiang Mai? I have a broken Samsung S6 Edge screen. I know I can buy one online for around 800 Baht but the intricacy of replacing looks beyond my patience threshold but then many things fit that comment..
  13. It is quite cheap on Lazada and comes quickly.
  14. Most hotels cannot give TM30 receipts because the TM30 is done online. We do them every day. All we can do is take a screenprint of the receipt. After 7 days the information is no longer available to the hotel. For those of you confused about domestic travel: every hotel must register every non-Thai person's stay. Most hotels at best register 25% but I guess the direction is moving towards register 100% Once you have stayed in a hotel that registers you then the immigration address for you is that hotel. When you go back home your TM30 notification becomes incorrect unless re-registered. The landlord (which may be your wife) is then liable to a fine.