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  1. bluweyze

    Golf lessons

    It depends where you live but I recommend Kuhn Tommy at Summit Green Valley driving range.
  2. bluweyze

    Certificate of Residence

    I just collected a certificate last week. It took 14 days. I was required to copy every single page of the passport and a girl who did not had to go and get it done at the copy shop. There is no charge but there was a timed collection. I am not sure what happens if you miss the collection time. It is 1,000 Baht with an agent but it takes one day. CM immigration stays corrupt.
  3. I used to enjoy this venue. Having paid 65 Baht for a 7 Baht plastic bottle of Singha water at The Hard Rock, I was hoping that it was back open. Does anyone have any news?
  4. Do you think it is only Thai who don't use child safety seats?
  5. bluweyze

    Requirements to open bank account?

    I have facilitated opening many many bank accounts during the last few years.Opening a bank account in Thailand has recently got more difficult. There seems to be some rule (certainly in Bangkok Bank) that you cannot open a bank account on a tourist visa. As you need a bank account (unless you have proof of income) to obtain a retirement visa this doesn't work too well. The bank I use now asks for a letter from the embassy confirming you are a citizen of that country and on what date you arrived. Why this is necessary I don't know because the information is provided in the passport and no embassy will write this without seeing the passport and having worked out a standard charge for such a service. At first I thought this was just the branch getting things twisted but last week the bank auditors stopped the process and nothing we could do would move them. As someone said earlier it is try different branches or go to Pattaya where the banks have a widely different attitude to Western potential clients.
  6. bluweyze

    G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    That is bad news. They made visas as easy as it gets in Chiang Mai for a reasonable price
  7. bluweyze

    Paid Visa Queue

    Thanks for all of the advice although some is incorrect and based on retirement visas.. Most agents will not do business visas and having been there twice this week I now know why. Most agents that queue will not queue for business visas. Number 3 in the queue this morning was there at midnight. There were only 5 slots today.If you are number 6 (who arrived 05:20) come back tomorrow. Yes , I am my own boss but sometimes bosses actually have work to do. Getting a business visa in Chiang Mai is a chore of major proportions compared to a retirement visa. Yes, I think the fruit stall owner near immigration runs a queue business too.
  8. bluweyze

    Paid Visa Queue

    Yes I just talked to one hence my enquiry. Despite the fact that all the paperwork is done they are asking for 20,000 Baht to get a queue and sit with me at immigration. No thank you
  9. bluweyze

    Paid Visa Queue

    Does anyone know where I can find a person who will queue for my business visa? Yes I know I can get there by 5am and do it myself but I have a full time job.
  10. bluweyze

    Ken Burns Vietnam PBS

    You could download 'Bitlord' it will be downloadable from there around 24 hours after showing, transfer to a USB and watch on your TV at your leisure. Be careful Bitlord has a habit of changing browser selections on download.
  11. bluweyze

    Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    I just explained my experience. I have had and still have accounts at the bank for 9 years, I have opened almost 30 accounts for clients during the last 3 years and suddenly this week (with a Swiss client) I hit this 'money laundering/anti-terrorist' new set of rules. Finally after a day I got hold of the new set of rules (because strangely enough the Swiss embassy did not want to know about producing any letter or form) and as a company director I could sign a letter stating what the bank account was for, give the bank, yet another, set of company documents and get the account open. The rules have changed (at least in Bangkok Bank) and others may hit problems in the future. A poster said my post had 'no foundation' well time will tell! I was earlier told I was off my head suggesting the new build in Maerim was to be a PT station...hmmm the tanks have gone in, the pumps will soon be installed and I'll still be off my head because it really is a Big C!!
  12. I have been organising the opening of bank accounts in Thailand for clients at the rate of about one per month for the last couple of years. Today I hit my first snag. The bank says that from September 1st Non-Thais can only open a bank account with a letter from their embassy. ( I hate to think what the British Embassy will charge for this) Has anyone heard of this before? As immigration require 800,000 Baht in the bank to obtain the 3 month non O visa, then the retirement visa this makes things increasingly complex.I suppose we must adapt.
  13. bluweyze

    Golf Club Membership Chiang Mai

    Royal Chiang Mai were doing a reasonable membership deal a few months back. I cannot remember the price Summit Green Valley has some reasonable prices but beware of afternoon golf there and slow 6 ball games North Hill is the cheapest membership but there is still a green fee. It is also a fair hike from San Sai
  14. bluweyze

    AirCon Brands & Support

    I have 20 Samsung Inverter Airconditioners all 18000 BTU. Cheap to buy, expensive to maintain and poor service from Samsung. The problem seems to be that any animals such as geckos or ants get in either unit the motherboard buns out and these are seriously expensive to keep replacing. Equally nobody has any parts so we have to buy spare motherboards so that Samsung can fit in a reasonable time. Never again, I will go for Mitsu or Daikin next time. Daikin you pay upfront but I'm hoping to pay less down the road.
  15. I went to a Moo Bahn where they keep an ID, in my case always my driving licence. On leaving I stupidly forgot to check the licence and just put it in my wallet. I have the wrong licence - Mr Shaun Burke. I am also trying to contact the MooBahn security but it is 30 kms away from me. Thanks