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  1. Just unlucky for sure. Odds are you will never encountered this again. Good luck to you.
  2. Suvarnabhumi immigration departure delays.

    I was in BKK a few weeks ago and there was no delay both ways. Maybe 5-6 people in each line. Piece of cake.
  3. Tipping for a soapy

    I really enjoy a soapy. Went to Annie's the other day and tipped her 500 baht (20%), but her response was less then enthusiastic. Anyone know the appropriate rate for this service? BTW, Cost is 2500 baht and the service was excellent.
  4. The Biergarden is definitely still going. At any given day/evening, you could have a great time. I sure have. I have heard that it is not if but when it closes. the entire area is being developed for condos/office buildings. Most of the soi has already moved out. The only thing I don't like about the place are those awful fans blowing on you. Drives me crazy.
  5. What is the VERY BEST thing about living in Thailand??

    Low cost of housing with good quality.
  6. Smoking in enclosed Pattaya area restaurants

    If you smoke, you are an idiot. And if you smoke in ANY public eating establishment, then you are a f**king idiot. Period.
  7. I retired in Bangkok after traveling there many times. I took the plunge as it were. I gave myself one year but stayed three years. Probably one year too long. Ended up hating everything Thai. The language and cultural barrier did me in. I knew a lot of the thai language but still could not speak conversationally. Went to the gym 6 days a week and traveled around southeast asia. Good pension and never took the bars or the bar girls seriously. Stayed single because I would never marry again. It was a good life for a while. I returned to the states (Hawaii) one year ago. Best move I ever made. Going back to BKK for 2 weeks on holiday, and looking forward to being a tourist again.
  8. I will be applying for a Non-O based on retirement (Pension), and will need to leave the Kingdom during the 90 days. Please explain the single re-entry visa, ie, duration, when I can use it, etc. In other words, is there an expiration date on the re-entry permit, or is it only good for the date issued?
  9. Prices of US eyewear vs. Bangkok?

    I pay about $700 here in the US for your glasses. I find the quality and technology is much better. Price is not a concern when it comes my vision. I have a special eye condition where I need a prisom in my lenses, so when I tried to order this in Bangkok they had no idea.
  10. Good value wedding venue in Bangkok

    Skip the wedding. Why start off in debt. Better yet, save for the next one because statistically you will divorce anyway.
  11. Looks like the white chick had too much to drink. I hope the police wake up and arrest her. Love to see her in a Thai jail for a few days, but that will never happen.
  12. We already have one in Honolulu, Hawaii. I shop there alot and have not ever seen a sex toy in the store. Maybe Japan, but American law would not allow such a thing. Yes, you really can buy just about any household item in there. I like best the bento lunches that the Japanese love so much.
  13. I have not been back to Bangkok for a year, and was wondering if my SIM card is still valid. If not, what are my options? I guess I could just go to the AIS store in Terminal 21. And, I understand the 7/11s don't top minutes anymore.
  14. Thank you to all for your responses. I got it! Yes, I will be using my pension for the income requirement for retirement.