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  1. We already have one in Honolulu, Hawaii. I shop there alot and have not ever seen a sex toy in the store. Maybe Japan, but American law would not allow such a thing. Yes, you really can buy just about any household item in there. I like best the bento lunches that the Japanese love so much.
  2. I have not been back to Bangkok for a year, and was wondering if my SIM card is still valid. If not, what are my options? I guess I could just go to the AIS store in Terminal 21. And, I understand the 7/11s don't top minutes anymore.
  3. Thank you to all for your responses. I got it! Yes, I will be using my pension for the income requirement for retirement.
  4. This is mainly directed to Ubonjoe. Next month I am coming to BKK on 30-day visa exemption, I want to start the process for my retirement visa. I will apply for the Non-0 for 90-days, and then get the one year extension based on retirement after the 90 days. I will need to return to my country during this 90 day, so can I get a multiple entry visa to cover for this?
  5. Quality suits at a decent price

    I second on Crown Tailors. I hear good things about this shop. I used to live on soi 8, and noticed very satisfied customers coming and going. I will visit them next month for a few custom shirts and pants.
  6. I am traveling to Bangkok in September on a 30-day visa exempt, and wondered what is the earliest I can renew it for another 30 days at CW immigration?
  7. I never did read War and Peace, and I will not read it now.
  8. Same thing happened to me about 5 years ago. Met online. I arrived at my hotel, and she was waiting there with a few suitcases. Took me a few days, but I eventually took her to the Victory Monument area where the vans used to be parked, and made sure she got into one. Mission accomplished. Three days later I go back to me room, and she is standing there ironing my clothes. Apparently the front desk was used to seeing her with me, and assumed she was with me when she asked for an extra key to my room. Anyway, I told her to leave immediately and she refused. I went down to the front desk and informed them of the situation. I and the manager and two security guys walked to my room and made sure she left. The manager asked me if I wanted to press charges, but I said no. I just wanted her out of the hotel. She was told to never return to the hotel or she would be arrested. Don't do what did. Run Forrest run!!!!!
  9. You know, I care less about your immigration problem. I can't wrap my head around that you would use an illegal drug in a foreign country. You ever watch the show Locked up abroad? Clean up your act, and don't insult the people of Thailand.
  10. Where to stay in Bangkok

    My favorite hotel is the Aloft on soi 11. Situated further down the soi but very nice. Short walk to the Trendy on soi 13. Moreover, On 8 is a 3 star hotel at the opening of soi 11.
  11. Get serious with a bar girl. And worse yet, marry one or get one pregnant.
  12. Too expensive and rich for my blood. Try the Landmark Hotel restaurant in the lobby facing Sukhumvit for a plain breakfast for a far more reasonable price. No need to stuff yourself on high end hotel buffets. I must say, I am a huge fan of the Landmark for just about anything. If a huge buffet is your thing, the try the 31st floor buffet throughout the day/evening.
  13. If not for women

    The women were the only draw for me, and now I am totally bored with them. Hence, moved back to my country after living in Bangkok for three years. Will I ever come back for a visit? Don't really know: 20+ hour flight to get there, not as cheap as it used to be, and bored with everything Thailand. My next trips I believe I will visit Japan and the Philippines for the first time, and then head back to Vegas for some blackjack. The longer I am way from Thailand, the less I want to return. Nah, I am not coming back.
  14. Local food suggestions

    Mark Wiens is the go-to guy for all things food of any kind. Why? Because he has been there to eat food all over the world. I used to follow him, but a little bored now with food vloggers. Moreover, he is the most successful of all the vloggers, that is, the most subscribers of ANYONE. He must be doing something right. Yeah, a little corny, but nice guy and has credibility. He does his homework, and speaks excellent Thai.