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  1. Bar problem

    So many mistakes here. Credit card and long time? Seriously?
  2. can i just leave?

    Run Forrest run. Go back to your country and don't tell anyone. Don't look back. And stay the hell out of Thailand forever. You don't need it. Oh yeah, don't get married again.
  3. These morons who smoke in restaurants should be kicked out and fined. How rude. If you smoke stop. And if you do smoke, then do it outside of eating establishments and away from children and the elderly. Period.
  4. Customs woes at Swampy

    The moral of the Op's story is: Maybe time to quit his filthy habit. I would have thrown his arse in Jail for a few days.
  5. Thanks Ubonjoe. I am using pension method with the pension certification from the US Embassy. much easier than the 800,000 baht method.
  6. I arrived in Bangkok on Feb. 17 on a visa exempt. Today the 26th I went to CW Bangkok immigration to obtain my 90-day Non-immigration O visa. I come back on March 13 to get my stamp. Here's my question: (1) When is the earliest I can renew the Non-O? I heard that I can renew it as early as 60 days remaining on the visa to renew. Quite frankly I would rather renew it with 30 days remaining. Which is correct? Thanks in advance.
  7. I agree with this and it certainly does play a major part of any unhappiness you are going through. I lasted 3 years in Bangkok. I moved back to the states about 18 months ago. I missed BKK, and have made two trips back since. In fact, I am here now in BKK and loving it. The story here for me is that I have determined after careful self-assessment that I do better if I can travel back and forth and get the best of both worlds. 4 months BKK, 4 months Hawaii until the day I die or when my money runs out, which should never happen.
  8. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    Too long of a post. Got bored and did not finish. When will some guys learn the art of choosing words carefully to insure that "War and Peace" books are not created.
  9. Just what Pattaya needs, another massage shop. A viable return on investment? Are you serious? Only invest if you can afford the lose because that is exactly what will happen. Otherwise respectfully decline.
  10. Divorce before visa application

    Why do these foreigners marry Thai women so quickly and with no assets? Sounds like all she ever wanted to do was scam you for 500,00 baht. Oh well. Just another Thai marriage success story. Yawn.
  11. First of all, I am an American. This idiot needs anger management while he spends the rest of his life in prison. Keep him off the streets anywhere in the world. This is one sick dude. Scary.
  12. She most likely wants a free trip that you will pay for. Don't go with her. I smell a rat. Why go with a bar girl to have no sex. She senses your weakness and vunerability.
  13. Do I have enough money?

    Why don't you rent for 1-2 years before investing that much money, and also to test out your relationship? Many guys have made similar mistakes and we all know how that works out. I had a Thai girlfriend once who wanted to marry me and then build her a house in Isan. I never did so she got some other guy to buy her said house and married him. I dodged a bullet!!!
  14. running bare-chested

    You should always wear a shirt in public. Period. Especially as one gets older. Very rude not to wear proper clothing while in public. If in doubt, take the high road.
  15. Montclair has a 20% increase!

    Is it just me, or does Montclair have a lot more calories as I seem to gain weight with this stuff? Thus, I stopped drinking it and pay a little more for another South African or Australian wine. I am from California in the states, so I love California wines buy waaaay too expensive in Thailand.