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  1. Dying men's hair.

    I am 69 and have some grey on the side/temple area. Don't really care of course. I am lucky I still have hair 555.
  2. Not looking for a wife or g/f. Been there done that. Just a few drinks and playfullness. Sometime an overnight. No big deal. It's my entertainment. Some are good friends. No attachment. Catch and release. It's how I ride. Most married guys are envious. They should be.
  3. Leave or stay?

    One thing for sure is that you need to dump your wife. You can still stay in Thailand and work and find a new lady, easy for a 23-year-old. You made your mistake quite early, so pack it in and move on. Your future ex-wife will always be a bar girl and a hustler. She will only be trouble for you and it will get worse. It's obvious the 4-year old is her daughter. You are very lucky to be in Thailand as a young man. Count your blessings you don't have kids with her. Much easier to leave.
  4. I will be arriving in Bangkok mid-March on a 30-day visa exempt and want to extend it for another 30 days. When can I start the process and how long does it take to receive the extension (same day?). Thanks to all in the forum.
  5. Why can't the members of this forum obey the laws? And why are you blaming the Thais who are cooperating? Any law that limits the unhealthy practice of smoking is fine in my book. If I was the supreme cop in Pattaya, I would throw you silly stupid idiots in jail for a few weeks on the first offense, and any subsequent arrest would be deportation. One less smoker I have to deal with.
  6. FINALLY! Now start finding smokers inside restaurants and bars. These idiots who light up while I'm eating my food should be shot on site. I am serious.
  7. I have a hard time sympathizing for morbidly obese folks. Self-control and common sense go a long way in this world. I have to go to the gym 5-6 days a week to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight. This costs me a lot of time and money, but well worth it. None of us know this lady's health history, so it is a non-starter to speculate as to her excuses for gaining this much weight. She appears to be Thai. Both her first and last names are Thai, and she apparently lives a Klong Toey community (slum?), which consists of 100% Thai nationals.
  8. I wouldn't believe anything Trump has to say. He is clueless about world affairs; totally lacks knowledge about other countries, their leaders, or even how to behave in public. If you are a person living in this reality, I apologize for this idiot.
  9. I have been using Dropbox for 3 years. The free membership expired last year, and I upgraded to the 1TB, which is way too much for me. I find it easy to use, however it is expensive at $100 yearly. I live in the google universe, even have a Chromebook laptop. Both do the job very well and have never let me know.
  10. BK sky bars - wheres the best

    Just to second the Lebua. Crazy expensive and they control your every movement. If your a fan of the Hangover movies, then that would be the only reason to go there. It was the only reason I went.
  11. Monthly apartment rental (Lower Sukhumvit)?

    Siam Court at the end of soi 4 next to the Woraburi Hotel. Service apartment and can get for month-to-month at your price point, but only for a spacious studio. Has small gym and pool. Ask for Lek or Na. Very friendly and excellent English.
  12. All of the recommendations are good. No SIm, restrict social media, and most importantly, stay away for the area where she is and where her friends/family are. Stay under the radar for awhile. Develop new friends and get a new relationship for sure will go a long way.
  13. The long con !

    Why do you guys marry these women? Just play the field and go solo. This is the best advice you will ever get. You can thank me after your bank account is intact. This is Thailand for crying out loud. Not Kansas!!!!!
  14. What happened to good old CASH. Try it some time. It still works.
  15. I like San Miguel lite with a lime myself.