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  1. rumak


    To report my experience....after one week it seems that my body is adjusting to the Xalatan. I did feel a bit weird BUT this is the one time of the year i get bad hay fever so hard to know what is causing that. I take very small dose of antihistamine to relieve itchy eyes and sneezing . I would like to know about what medicines should definitely not be taken along with Xalatan. I was not even asked what medicines i was taking which i find strange. Information on the drug is also vague about this. In the past, very occasionally i take diclofenac for back ache or valium is back spasm. I have read conflicting views on diclofenac.....and one mention by a patient that says dr. said valium was ok. Do you have any opinions on this ( i accept that you are not "recommending" anything but just offering some experience you might have based on former patients and knowledge) Any suggestions appreciated !
  2. rumak

    Hello! Chiang Rai

    I didn't even think about checking into thaivisa until fairly recently . Guess I was keeping busy, as VF points out as being a good thing. Time and age has me looking at the computer a bit more nowadays. Now if I can only remember not to fall prey to those negative forces ! ommmmmmmm
  3. rumak

    EDU visa -- actually want to learn Thai

    i don't know if this is considered an "option"........but IMO the most important factors in learning thai are the amount of time and effort, your aptitude, and how much immersion ((being in the company of thai speakin people only) one is willing to do. It takes a determined effort to make progress....some people get far in one year....many do not. Sorry, i know you wanted some school names but others should offer some . I have no personal experience in CM
  4. rumak


    you didn't state where you were (out of country? or just out of town)......and whether or not you have a tm30 already and are returning to the same address as the one used for that tm30. IF I AM ASSUMING that you are returning from out of the country and to the same address it is a simple process when you get to the imm. office. Basically showing them your new arrival card?number and telling them you are returning to the same address. IF that is NOT the case then there are pages and pages on TV forums about the tm30 process....with many varied "facts" and fiction to sort through.
  5. rumak


    reporting on monday is OK if arriving on weekend
  6. well, let's see what george had to say about that..... /www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv4yVf86hAk
  7. I have been using time deposits (one year)....most banks offer them.... 6 months or longer, it depends. Never a problem for extension of stay ( bank will give letter certifying your account balance). usual rate nowadays is around 1.5% , however they do take out some tax when interest is paid. I extend in CM, but i think all Imm offices accept this kind of deposit. If in doubt ask Ubon Joe
  8. i can't believe i am doing this. but i admit i agree with everything cbf just wrote
  9. thanks for the early morning humor . now i better get out of here before JT and his gang come after me ! Like the Jets and the Sharks ....... the pattaya sexpats VS the chiangmai oldfarts . (or poolsticks VS canes?) y'all have a nice day now, heeah
  10. you're up early ! or are you just coming home from a late night (on a baht bus? ) you know i don't come on here to insult the good TV people ......just a very few look to pick a fight with me sometimes. they obviously don't know that i am ex navy seal and decorated war hero (having survived many a keyboard attack ) !
  11. hearing aid comment was a JOKE ! thing about you americanos is you take things soooooo seriously. that is just one of the reasons i came to LIVE in thailand. Not to ride baht busses in pattaya with the people i came here to get away from. FYI: i have been to pattaya many times , along with most places in thailand. I choose to live away from farangs.....so i can avoid listening to their conversations. But to each his own. This is the pattaya forum so i guess i got on the wrong baht bus. Apologies to all who were so offended by my "insult". So far i count two.
  12. rumak

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    oooohh, you're a naughty boy ! can't believe there's a link to that. can't still be there, is it ?? more of a daytime place as i remember. good place on a hot day to stop in for an ice tea ( wink,wink)
  13. rumak

    New Ranger any opinions

    misery loves company......
  14. rumak


    Definitely the correct way ! should be a no brainer.....but obviously not always done.