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  1. It’s most unusual for English companies to ask for a Police record check. This is normally only requested if working with Children or in healthcare. What job have you applied for or are you just speculating that you may need one ?
  2. A.I.S. told gf to turn off “Find My Iphone”

    Just quoting the guys at Apple Shop in Singapore who obviously don’t know as much as you about iPhones. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Neither of these comments are even slightly funny. A 47 year old woman is permanently disabled, she will likely be unable to work again, will struggle to earn money and you try and make jokes ? You are below scum.
  4. Hotel AC units. I used to have this problem all the time. Now my first job after dropping my suitcase in my hotel room is the open the front of the AC unit. Then take out the invariably absolutely filthy plastic filters and wash them with the bum gun in the bathroom. Pop the filters back in and close the AC unit. This was recommended to me by a friend who is an AC engineer in Europe. Since doing this I have never had a recurrence of the problem.
  5. Too crowded!

    Normally after Songkran.
  6. The unpaid tax and insurance fees as well as a small fine. after a certain number of years (5 maybe) you need to re-register the vehicle and this will be with a new blue book and plates.
  7. Hospitals nationwide in need of blood for patients

    They already test blood donations for many other diseases so I think you are right, it must be a cost thing. But if you are in desperate need of blood and likely to die without it, I am sure most of us would be happy to pay the extra. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Hospitals nationwide in need of blood for patients

    Also stop the ridiculous refusal to take blood from British people that we in the U.K. between 1980 and 1996. I would think that precludes 90% of the British expats.
  9. New PCX 150 Battery keeps going flat

    Is it a keyless version ? If yes then you need to blick the fob button when you turn it off. if not then try switching off the idle stop switch.
  10. My GF had a Visa to UK with no problems. The most important thing was to be 100% honest and not try to make things look better. They wanted details of where she would stay and how she would pay for her general living in the U.K. Also details of her health insurance that would cover any illness or injury in the U.K. Finally they wanted details of why she would return to Thailand, having a Child, copy of Chanote and copy of blue house book. Some of her friends took family photos, copies of green and blue books for scooters and cars, copies of receipts for rent, bills for TV etc etc etc. all these extra things were totally poopooed by VTS much to their surprise. They had been informed (from FB forums) they had to take at least 50 pages of evidence.
  11. Apparently the Paradise hotel in Ao Nang will let you.
  12. In the hotel where my wife works only 5 from 40 staff have a licence so I think it’s more like only 10% have a licence.
  13. I broke a couple of cafetière jugs so bought a stainless steel one from Lazada. It’s excellent and double walled so keeps coffee warm longer.
  14. Old UK ten pound notes still ok to change in Thailand?

    They are only legal tender until March in the U.K. so be quick.
  15. Lanta Service

    All to do with the renewal of the water pipes along the main road ? Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect