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  1. krabi local

    Crazy price - Why ??

    The big White bus from the Airport to Ao Nang is 150 Baht and has been for several years. It does drop you outside your hotel even if it’s up one of the small side Soi. If you get the white Songteaw from the main road outside the airport then its 80 baht and they will drop you outside your hotel if it’s on their main route.
  2. Just hope if it’s you that collapses that passers by don’t think the same way. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. It’s a bit different in Krabi. The residence certificate is done while you wait, no photo needed and it’s free.
  4. The tax and transfer fees are about 5%. if you own the house for less than a certain amount of time (5years I think) then you must pay an additional 3%.
  5. krabi local

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    I do exactly the same and it is very rare the filters are not filthy. Quick blast with the bum gun and put them back and usually the AC will be fine.
  6. I would suggest you enroll on a basic first aid course. They are usually just one day and then will have a good idea of what to do. The previous times both were strangers, what if it had been a friend or relative ? You would really want to help in some way.
  7. krabi local

    Vacation trip ideas for Phuket, Krabi and S.E Islands

    Phi Phi is an expensive nightmare. Kata and Karon are ok. I would suggest a mixture of Ao Nang and Koh Lanta.
  8. krabi local

    Appropriate Thai Wedding Gift?

    1000 baht in the invitation envelope is the best idea.
  9. krabi local

    Older Persons Budget, UK, how much?

    House and contents insurance will be a lot more than that. I would think £100 a week would be more like it for supermarket.
  10. You are definitely mistaken.
  11. My wife obtained a passport for her daughter without the father being present. But she had to obtain a form from the local town hall. The form was a kor bor 14 and was free.
  12. As cornishcarlos says makes an interesting read for a Sunday morning. By not learning Thai we open ourselves to all sorts of problems that can occur in the background. Good that your daughter is happy with a positive future.
  13. krabi local

    First time to Krabi

    Forget Phuket, really not worth the 200km drive. Not yet time for the jellyfish. Ao Nang is a very pleasant place to stay with enough restaurants and nightlife to keep everyone entertained. A short drive from the main beach you have Pan beach and long beach. Nice clean water for swimming, soft sand beaches and virtually empty. Railey beach is nice for a swim as well but stay within the swimming area as it is very busy with longtail and speedboats
  14. krabi local

    No Rear Lights

    Been told many actually take out the rear light so the ghosts can not follow them home.
  15. I think there is far too much waffle in your letter. My GF applied for a U.K. visitors Visa and was successful first time. Completed the form online and I wrote a short covering letter. Regarding accommodation in UK I just said she will be living with me at xxxxxaddress. I gave them details of my money in the U.K. and who was paying for the trip. She added details of her savings in Thailand, a letter from her employer with current salary and details of her health insurance. That was about it