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  1. Buying beef in Thailand is now risky. I bet this smuggled beef was not processed hygenically according to expats standards.
  2. Troops are too busy raiding bars in Bkk open after hours.
  3. ATM burglar reenacts how to steal cash from it

    An important detail missing from the You Tube video. How to get away with it!!!!
  4. Bless you son say 3 hail Mary's, pass the brown paper bag and forgive him his sins.
  5. So stupid, just need to follow the money., phone bills of family checked, not too hard. First they need to find out where he is to process the extradition papers. Full of bullshit this Govt. They don't want to find him.
  6. Oh if only the officials had paid as much attention to the murderous vaccine programs he has financed around the world to assist in his dream to reduce the worlds population!!!!
  7. Typical revenge drive by shooting. Its the new way for today's crooks to settle differences and instill fear into enemies. Happens in Australian cities all the time and the cops are pretty useless in stopping it as nobody talks.
  8. Why troops? and not the Police? The troops should be down south fighting the muslim terrorists.
  9. Has to be drug money or the even more lucrative counterfeit printer ink business. Do not need to be Einsteine to work out if the accounts are illegal otherwise you would not need ID to open one.
  10. Thai medical degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on. The smart thing to do would be to do the 3 year course on functional medicine as that is the new medical direction. Don't believe me ? just check it out. Become a real doctor and heal people and not just a disease manager.
  11. Just rent it out thru the agent and leave it to someone in your will and they will will get the condo and all the associated problems selling it from afar!!!
  12. I have never seen such a load of codswallop. Enough red tape to drive one insane. Maybe this could be the reason so many foreigners jump!!! Makes me happy to be an Aussie as if I ever renounced my Oz citizenship they would stop my pension. Philippines win again, just get permanent residence and avoid all this crap.
  13. Seems you have far too much money and a lot has been wasted but you still are with this woman. Anyone with any pride would have flown the coup long ago. You get what you deserve in this life unless you strive for something you really want.By your simple attitude in this post I suspect you have one or more wifey's scattered around Thailand and that's the reason for your nonchalance. Best advice is to ditch her for good.
  14. An indicator is not a dictator. There would be hardly any need to change lanes if you were in the correct lane in the first place.