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  1. Aim for a younger woman. One that needs to attend Uni for a few years will only be away for school hours and by the time she has graduated you will have another year or two before she finds a suitable job. By that time you maybe pushing up daisys.
  2. Typical keystone cops effort by immigration and RTP. Also I am sure RAJ is not a complete name. Rajah or Rajish comes to mind. I am also sure passports applications require your full name and proof of same. No way RAJ would pass that small bit of scrutiny. I once met a Thai woman in Aussie and could not believe it when she showed me her Thai passport it had no D.O.B in it for her. Had to be fake for sure but they let her out of Thailand and into Australia on it. And we worry about slight damage to our passports what a joke!!!
  3. I see you have created a fine old mess with your incorrect post. Tried to tell you but you either thought you knew it all or you were half way thru demolishing a Chang pile.
  4. Murder over a Snakes and Ladders game ? or was it tiddly winks?
  5. Anyone can bring their own sausage to Thailand.
  6. No such thing as prostitution in Thailand. Ask any Thai........
  7. Have you ever heard of getting off the train before it reaches Central Station ? Pity as you would not have this problem now.
  8. Talk about getting hold of the wrong end of the stick. I was not replying to anything of that nateure. I replied to a post that someone stated you have to surrender your UK drivers licence when you leave the country. Go back to your Chang!!!!
  9. Another who does not understand. You do not surrender your licence unless you intend to never drive again DOH!
  10. Except when they are buying sex from a minor right ?
  11. Beg to differ. They will never listen to any communication. The only solution is to hunt them all down and remove them from any oxygen supply.
  12. Obviously you have not a clue on what I was commenting on. The number one rule in life is, it is better to keep you mouth closed and appear to be a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.
  13. Rubbish, no surrender is necessary. If you surrender it how the hell are you going to get a new drivers licence in another country. Every country I have done that in your valid licence of country of origin is required. No licence you have to start from fresh in the new country ie start from scratch and do all the necessary tests.