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  1. Chris Lawrence

    Majority support death penalty: Super Poll

    Matt you are getting caught up with BS left and right. This is about an election. Always good for the person in power is to have a lynching just before polling day. Sir Henry Bolte in Victoria was coming second in the polls. Opportunity came up for a hanging, so he ordered it to go ahead. He won the election. Bolte was asked by a reporter at his daily press conference on the day of the hanging what he was doing at the time it took place. Bolte, who recounts the story in an oral history interview for the National Library, replied: "One of the three Ss, I suppose." The reporter asked him what he meant. Bolte responded: "A shit, a shave or a shower." Wikkipedia. If their was fairness in the process Boss would have been brought back to Thailand. Its not about education levels, its about whether you have the money to properly represent yourself if accused of a capital crime. This may be a premises for the recapture of Mr T and giving him the death penalty. Very hard to get to the truth in a matter like this, as emotion run high with facts being buried.
  2. Chris Lawrence

    Majority support death penalty: Super Poll

    Asked about their knowledge of the constitution, 50.6% said they do not know what the constitution is; 10.5% know only that it is the country’s supreme law; and, only 38.9% understand that the constitution concerns democracy, rules and regulations. A majority, 68.3%, of the respondents said they never read the constitution while 31.% said they used to read it. Thai PBS article. Strange how the numbers of participants always seem to be around 1100. No one is admitting to doing this poll. There is no mention on how the poll was conducted. Were pollsters paid for their time? What was the mix of people or ratio of male v's female. What were the questions asked and how were they asked. I don't know why its called a super poll? Does that make it any more important? Sounds like someone is fishing?
  3. Chris Lawrence

    A clampdown launched by the police against mediums

    Far more scrutiny, in whatever form, is needed when corporate interests, foreign money and politics collide. Its not the mediums, they just organise the money for off shore accounts.
  4. Chris Lawrence

    A clampdown launched by the police against mediums

    Eaten. Look at those legs. She isn't impressed with him touching her tea.
  5. Chris Lawrence

    Thaksin points out why some former MPs are leaving Pheu Thai

    That son of a gun Mr T, just can't help himself. Hope someone is listening.
  6. Chris Lawrence

    SURVEY: Death Penalty -- More, less or none at all?

    I hope they use it for people farting or not at all.
  7. Chris Lawrence

    Reality and the Denial of Sex Work in Thailand

    This is probably onshore, so off sure plus the 'sugar daddy' monies sent back, do you think you could double the estimate? Therefore a real estimate could be closer to 4-5% of GDP. Plus the perks by those turning a blind eye? Why would you want someone bringing up the facts. "It was reckoned that the industry represented 2% of GDP. With GDP now at 13 trillion baht it could mean that the sex industry today is worth a staggering 260 billion baht, said Sanook". 'Thai sex industry now worth 260 billion baht, say Thai media'
  8. Chris Lawrence

    Louis Vuitton scarf in London lands PM in the soup

    It was the first thing I thought when I saw this picture. What happened to Thai silk?
  9. Chris Lawrence

    Coronation to take place before poll: PM Prayut

    Probably get invite to F1 at Paul Ricard. Maybe bring Boss back? Anyway its a good time to visit France. Does his wife go on these trips?
  10. Chris Lawrence

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    It is a vote catcher, supported by evidence. Usually doesn't have any affect on the annual murder rate, except when a mass murderer comes along, again supported by evidence. Doesn't change what happened. Can sometimes get the wrong person. The poor are at greater risk, just ask Boss. Polls straight after a death penalty usually indicates a positive for the death penalty, again evidence to this fact. Keeping a person in goal for a very long time usually is cheaper than the death penalty, proven in most western societies. This is a very emotive issue, some TV' are affected. My comment's do not imply that people should change their views. I put down issues that I have learned over the years to shape my view.
  11. Nothing for Social Welfare. Many of the Tourist students come to Australia? But 30 million Baht is not a lot for research.
  12. Chris Lawrence

    100 arrested, 85 modified bikes seized in police crackdown

    sounds like someone is gearing up for an election. Look at me Look at me
  13. Chris Lawrence

    Visiting Thaksin Could See Pheu Thai Disbanded

    Looks a nice spread. Didn't see any one taking shorthand? So what was said. As Elvis THE KING, said; "Suspicious Minds". It has to be proven that there is interference. Well all they have is a nice meal, water, and a gathering of 4 people. So how do you prove article 26? I believe is the constitutional clause. Hope they got home OK.
  14. What would you say to your Dad coming home with a ladyboy and said Kiwi my old fruit meet your step mum. Or your Mum or your brother or sister. What would you say to one of your close relatives coming home, Kiwi we met in the shearing sheds and u know what wide combs can do for you, will the next minute we were at Broke Back Mountain style. Would you still love them unconditionally? Or would they never be able to babysit your kids again. I took my kids to a gay wedding. My oldest who was abt 12 at the time said 'where are we going Dad, I said Pete and Howards wedding'. My son stated the obvious, 'they are two boys' I just said its OK'. His younger brother said there gay. My oldest is now 35, Downs Syndrome, and can't wait till his married. My other son is in a steady relationship with a nice young female. The Gayness never rubbed off or of any of the other kids at the ceremony. Its not what is seen its what is inside. My Gay friend an ex-Russian Tank Driver who also worked as a mercenary in the Congo with the Spanish Foreign Legion . suffered PTSS said "Chris the easy ones to get into bed are the ones that have higher objections. So my old Kiwi fruit, would you bat for the other side and become a fruit. Your in the nature nurture debate arena and I am not sure your rhetoric is convincing. You see your not old fashioned but appear to be trying to hide a chink in your armour that most can see thru.
  15. Your posts that I have read are a form of Gibberish that is similar to that of a troll. Your arguments are not creditable and are very weak. For example, how is opium addiction comparable to homosexuality? Its gobbledygook, writing or language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms. (Wikipedia)