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  1. So what would be said if a women or man knowing their fate asked if there attacker would use a condom? To me that is very quick thinking by a victim to avoid any sexual disease or pregnancy.
  2. Just need to look at marriage certificate. If married within the last 2 weeks, they probably have other things on their mind. The new husband is not one of them.
  3. It comes down to who has the biggest stick.
  4. Chris Lawrence

    THAI plans swift upgrade of fleet to reverse losses

    last time on Thai Air I was told next time I want a drink come to their station to get it? Says a lot. Also asked to sit in seats near the exit doors where no one was sitting, told that was for anyone who got sick. Aren't you supposed to be fit and healthy to sit in those seats. Go figure.
  5. Chris Lawrence

    THAI plans swift upgrade of fleet to reverse losses

    A very important person in Thaksin Government. In 1997, Somkid co-authored "The Marketing of Nations: A Strategic Approach to Building National Wealth" with Philip Kotler. The book outlined how countries could improve their competitiveness through marketing and appropriate policies to support it.[2] Somkid's book, Borisat Prathet Thai ("Thailand Inc: Concepts and Strategy"), stressed how Thailand should use marketing to improve its competitiveness. Wikipedia. Its very different world as an academic to what actually happens in the real world. Somkid primarily has been an academic. A lot of fingers in the pie, just to come to a decision? Wouldn't they need 3-4 times this many new planes to cover their aging fleet? Subject to agreement by all the sub-committees, the Prime Minister, the Air Force and anyone else that has a hand in the pie?
  6. Chris Lawrence

    'Benz Racing' jailed for money laundering

    And Boss is still out there. Go figure
  7. Chris Lawrence

    'Benz Racing' jailed for money laundering

    When's the auction or has the car gone missing?
  8. Chris Lawrence

    Who will vote for hypocrisy?

    Lucky there wasn't more than 5 people supporting the Hypocrisy Party; could face goal.
  9. Chris Lawrence

    Headwinds before takeoff for new Thai Airways team

    When does the little boy start that makes the paper air planes. He is supposed to be heading up the design team. Or maybe the military have him. Either way new set of brains may do wonders and young brain at that.
  10. 2 wongs don't make it right. Musk did go too far, but sometimes u need to keep ur mouth shut and let people implode on themselves.
  11. Brave man in this climate. You see I told you someone was watching the internet posts. I am starting my own party, 'The Left Right outa Sight Party'. I will be in the wings. Post me if you want to donate. It will be used for a good cause.
  12. This is a sensitive issue, so my Kaspersky blocker tells me. Only certain news items receive this issue, with my computer telling me I am at risk of data loss. Why is that. Don't think I am paranoid but someone is watching our posts?
  13. Chris Lawrence

    Headwinds before takeoff for new Thai Airways team

    Here in lays the problem. The current fleet although maintained are sh*t. Need new planes. Need them now. Also need good leadership. Maybe bring him back?
  14. Keep everyone guessing? However I don't think it will work. Someone's knees will be trembling, but it won't be a super power.