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  1. Tax changes for expats

    Extensive and helpful as always mate, thanks for the detailed reply. I’ve just been spitballing the idea of ED visa and the taxbreak that may provide, definitely worth looking into. Thank you for the offered assistance regarding an accountant but I am in Melbourne and I do have an accountant that takes care of my tax for my portfolio, he’ll be my next port of call. I may PM you regarding shipping and transport of some household goods sometime in the future though. I have quotes from a couple of companies but your costs are far below these. I will be bringing over my PC gaming setup and some clothing etc but as far as I’m aware I can have one duty free shipment into the country if I have a minimum year long visa. thanks again
  2. Tax changes for expats

    Looking over the descriptions by the ATO of non-resident has helped my decision somewhat as I was cringing at the thought of my franking credits being eaten by the government. I have been considering coming in on an education visa instead of the Elite Visa just recently, mainly for the initial large cost factor of relocating, freight, bike and car etc. I dont want to outlay even more cash initially It looks as though with an ED Visa I could stretch out a few more years of tax breaks until I bite the bullet and go with the Elite. I'll be maintaining a residence in Australia as such, my mother's house, where the utilities are in my name and the address will be listed on my Australian drivers license, electricians license, contractors license and security license. I'm going to do some more research but what are your thoughts mate?
  3. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    I agree, for myself 40Kthb a month wouldn’t work. I’ve done a very detailed budget for my own costs and needs and come up with a figure of 70K pcm. Admittedly that does include 1000thb a day for whatever tickles my fancy after all costs, utilities, Insurance’s, registration fees, cable tv, internet etc. I’m confident I won’t be spending 1000 a day I just allowed for the high side.
  4. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    Have you checked the tax rate on your property rental income for when you're not an Australian resident for taxes purposes?
  5. Kawasaki Z800’s go like stink, a very rapid bike and very dangerous in the wrong hands.
  6. He was pre-defending himself. If the guy can’t get up he’s safe.... maybe. Pretty low act stomping on a guys head. To do it multiple times is indefensible.
  7. For the same reason most balcony falls are considered suicide?
  8. I think you are right. A close friend of mine was just attacked by a fellow resident in the foyer of his condo, all caught on CCTV and a 3rd party’s mobile phone. He went to the hospital then presented at the Pattaya Police Station with his medical report, video footage and visible injuries. The police have declined to investigate further.
  9. It’s the simple things hey Col?
  10. Have you seen all the CCTV footage of Chinese roads and factory deaths? Safety most definitely is not even an afterthought for most of them. Just look at how many Chinese subs dive, snorkel or jump in the ocean when they have no idea how to swim. I don’t think safety concerns will be a factor in any decision to travel for them.
  11. Thai Airways are very strict with passport validity and departing flight in my experience. Maybe for the reason that they’re a national carrier?
  12. An issue that I have seen first hand in the past is the 'purchasing' of land from family members. The land is in the family anyway and your wife/gf can only be the nominated land owner, so you're technically just handing over money for very little for nothing. It's a fine line to tread if your partner is less than honest.
  13. Flying to UK with 10 month old

    Just a note regarding th bulkhead seating. In my experience these seats are requested quite frequently so please don’t rely on the one next to you being left free. Good luck
  14. Any Brexit deal will hit UK economy - government paper

    lol Try telling that to all the poor UK expats struggling to make ends meet with the current exchange rate!
  15. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/asiancorrespondent.com/2015/09/bangkok-bombing-why-are-thai-police-still-holding-crime-reenactments/amp/ yep, doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.