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  1. It will be interesting regarding underworld loans for sure. In my opinion that article merely demonstrates a adept businessman recognising a business oppurtuniyy in an otherwise untapped market. There was a huge amount of Russian money waiting to be spent in the 90’s onwards.
  2. And how are his finances faring now? Nothing is without risk and everyone falls at some stage. It’s how you pick yourself up that defines you, no?
  3. I was blessed with dengue for the first time in 34 visits over 6 years. I’ve never been bitten by so many mosquitos in all my life as I have in the past couple of monthd
  4. MadMuhammad

    Stresses of buying a bike in Thailand

    Credit card surcharges are super common everywhere in the world. Visa & MasterCard are on average around 1.2-1.5% with Amex 2-3%. I find more often than not this is the case even on large purchases. For example I spent $30Kaud+ furnishing a home recently and still got smacked for 1.5% because I used a credit card.
  5. Sorry I was only relating to renewal of visas etc. I should have been more descriptive and maybe just shut my pie hole as I realise it doesn’t really address the matter of the OP, for which I apologise lol
  6. The only thing I have first hand knowledge of is drink driving. A close friend was picked up during the initial heavy blitz they had sometime ago. The result was a day waiting at the provincial court to be heard and a 24000thb fine. He has had no further problems regarding that offence whatsoever.
  7. MadMuhammad

    What I miss about Thailand.

    This has been a question that has been asked of me many times by friends, family & others. I have no other property in Oz and I’m 40 years old. There are couple of reasons for selling: 1. I purchased off the plan at a great price and the perfect time for the area. I have realised a capital gain of almost 25% in 2 years of ownership. The melbourne market is cooling quite dramatically at the moment and will continue that way for at least the next 5 years. 2. Home ownership costs in inner north Melbourne are not cheap. Rates, utilities, body corporate fees, maintenance all add up. As I haven’t worked for 4 years now. As such these have to be factored in more than usual. 3. Foreign ownership laws. If I was to hold on to my property and rent it out I would lose 33.5% of my annual rental income to tax. Add to that 2% management fees and any maintenance issues that pop up. Something else to consider is that if I do need to sell in the future for whatever reason I will also be hit with 50% capital gains tax, which would be somewhere in the range of $150K+ based on my current sale figure. A massive hit. 4. If something drastic happens like cancer, major illness etc I have the capital to return to Australia and live with family or rent or buy my own property and pick up where I left off. Australians are fixated on property ownership as though it is the magic bullet that will cure all major problems tat may arise. I disagree. I have a healthy share portfolio that has been generating a decent income for some time and reasonable cash reserves. Life is a risk. Plans always do & will change but we can’t live life worried about what ifs. I
  8. MadMuhammad

    What I miss about Thailand.

    I just sold my property in the inner north of melbourne to relocate to Thailand. While I agree cleanliness and up market restaurants are of a much higher level the positives of living in Thailand far outweigh the negatives for me. I just spent 2 months in LOS while my property was auctioned. On landing at Melbourne and getting some quick shopping done on the way home the first thing that struck me was everyone looks like they’re going to a funeral. No smiles, no warm greetings, no small talk. It was actually depressing. The traffic is next level ridiculous. I actually much prefer riding/driving in BKK or up country. The sheer volume of traffic and the aggression here is becoming worse with time. Food costs are out of control even at budget restaurants/cafes. For example, a green curry that costs 50thb in Thailand is the equivalent of 450thb here. The quality and flavour is not even close to the local version and the service wasn’t a patch on what I receive at my local in Pratumnak. A pint of decent beer is pushing $12-14 at many bars. Again we’re paying for the ‘quality’ of the venue. Personally I’d rather pay $4+ dollars less and sit on a milk crate. The transport woes you speak of a evident anywhere outside of metro melbourne so that’s purely a geographical issue. As for classy, personal restaurants. They are around if you know where to look but again, I prefer cheaper tastier food without the pretence for a much cheaper cost. I lived in St Kilda for 15 years and Inner North for 2 and the only thing I will miss with any regularity is how pretty melbourne is at night. My opinion only of course
  9. MadMuhammad

    THAI apologises for flying cockroach?

    I agree regarding quality service and food. 67 flights with Thai and counting and not a single negative experience.
  10. Would power to weight ratio and acceleration figures me of more relevance rather than outright capacity?
  11. MadMuhammad

    Has the Internet Ruined the Thailand Experience

    It works extremely well for me. I now save a packet on bar fines & LD’s. No extras like taxi bike, lets go eat, attempt and new clothing or just plain hump quickly and run. Not to mention the ridiculous 2-3K and up initial ‘quotes’. Thaifriendly, Tinder, Bumble, Happn and do on 1K to your door and if you’re on your game quality is on par and at times much better than the gogos. Included in my experience was the 300thb oil massage than turned into a wild hump, still 300thb. And the girl that stated she ‘just wanted to be friends’. That’s fine, I’m happy to hang with anyone. Out drinking at a Thai bar for the cost of a few Leos, said my goodbyes and left. Next day rocks up at my condo and now a regular freebie when she’s not busy with a ‘customer. Works for me.
  12. Yeah sure, because it happens every night. It’s the middle of low season so the nestvtike to put on this kind of ‘performance.’ After the last few weeks of observation they’d easily outnumber any tourists 2 to 1
  13. MadMuhammad

    Holiday Traffic

    Just about any road leadingvanywhere is jammed the last couple of days. Coffee Break & Big Buddha in Pratumnak are particularly busy. Feels like Songkran levels of traffic....
  14. The last time I had alcohol poisoning, just recently I may add, I treated it by projectile vomiting from my front door into my kitchen and then attempted to clean it up by rolling around in it. Not my proudest moment but I did have the presence of mind to roll onto my front before passing out, so I consider myself to be extremely educated as in the face of adversity I still remembered the golden rule. That, and I’m nowhere famous enough to die alone choking on my own vomit (RIP Bon)