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  1. How did he ‘allow’ the accident? All I see is someone with no road awareness speeding past almost stationary vehicles without a thought for why they were slowed or stopped. Everyone else managed to slow down and take care.
  2. No insurance? Wow. It really is a non-negotiable necessity of life in this day and age.
  3. Well the water woke him up. His eyes were open when he drove off....
  4. Pretty bright. Muslim seperatists attack and the only victim is a Muslim. That’ll learn those bloody Buddhists!
  5. Chinese tourist dies during island day trip off Phuket

    Asking people if they can swim and to sign waivers is/should be common practice. I’m curious as to how many would admit that they couldn’t swim though. People tend to take a lot of chances when on holiday in my experience
  6. Better option for STD’s yes. Condoms 80% (due to incorrect storage or misuse. 98% if used correctly) success rate versus 99.9% (the 0.1% usually being in the first week of implant.) If your in a long term, trusting relationship it’s definitely the best option.
  7. I took a zero dollar tour but I didn’t get what I paid for! lol Maybe their should be a survey taken the other way, give everyone a chance to lodge a complaint about the Chinese rudeness and disrespect on display most of the time they’re in the country.
  8. Yep, great comment. Extremely relevant to my comment and what this hold thread is based around. Thanks for your input.
  9. One would hope, depends of severity. I fractured my neck, skull and 2 vertebrae in a motorcycle accident, was in s neck brace and hospital bed for 3 months in a world of pain.
  10. Life is what you make no matter where you are, working or not, retired or whatever. Only a mind that is at peace will truly enjoy existing. Those happiest with themselves will always have the last laugh.
  11. Maybe he’s referring to wearing all safety gear, that people don’t take wearing jacket, boots, pants very seriously in SEA and seem to have the belief that if you wear an ice cream lid you’re safe. I’m not sure, just speculating, but that’s my take on his statement.
  12. Absolutely horrible to die at such a young age no matter what the circumstances. Yep, the human body is an extremely fragile thing. Excessive trauma to really any part of your person can result in a fatality. But I’d much rather be wearing a helmet than not
  13. It may be considered a stupid rule but it has been brought on themselves by discarding their putrid, disgusting butts like they’re someone else’s problem.
  14. It’s actually a law in Oz that when opening the door of a vehicle you must not impede bicycle, vehicle or pedestrian. The person in the vehicle would be considered guilty unless extenuating circumstances could be proved.
  15. Give yourself time to know if your ready

    Retirement age, or more accurately the age you can access the age pension, has been raised to 67 now in Oz. And the government is pushing for it to be raised to 70 by 2035. Doesnt leave non-self funded retirees many options does it? Fine if you’re a blue collar, office worker but I can’t see brickys, concas or other trades pounding there bodies into the ground at that age.