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  1. MadMuhammad

    Foreign businessmen claim Bt12m valuables, cash stolen

    The alarm bells started ringing as soon as you said walking old mate 555 Other than that you almost had me!!
  2. Naturalised Australian Filipino is my call
  3. When I last stayed at Centara in 2016 there was a slimy, stinky little river of filthy water in that same spot. Obviously nothing was done about it and it has only gotten worse. Sad
  4. Based on sheer numbers I believe that the Chinese total spend would exceed any other groups figure. Close to 10 million Chinese tourists last year compared to less than a million from any ‘western’ country. As wth any decent business model volume is the key
  5. If you’re Australian it’s now LGBTQIA. I genuinely have trouble keeping up
  6. Wow that’s expensive! Happy with the result so far?
  7. Isn’t this ‘her’ room? By the article already split so I’m guessing she had left the marital home to hump the other dude so the comments that implying he put up with this mess are off the mark. I’ve been in the same situation and it does drive you to the edge of insanity constantly picking up and cleaning up after someone else that should be of an age to do it themselves. I’d say he needed a release by putting these pics online.
  8. One of life’s great conundrums isn’t it? Who will I bequeath my kingdom too lol I have a very detailed will that includes my direct blood relatives should I meet an untimely end. In saying that, I’m neither married nor have any children so I plan on leaving this world very close to being on the bones of my arse having lived life to the full. I still have a very long way to go.
  9. MadMuhammad

    Professional career lady (girlfriend)acting suspicious

    Mate, you’re the other guy. Probablybascertaijed by now frontgeborevious 6 pages of replies. Best if luck moving on
  10. And this is another reason my assets are protected behind a veil of trust funds and limited companies. Good luck to any wench unravelling thst when I pass (unless they prove themselves of course)
  11. Even when I sit them down and ask them directly I’m still confused!
  12. In your opinion would you consider isolation from family support to play a large part in the apparent suicide rate here? Apart from suicide and self harm seeming to be an accepted and common part of the culture and maybe sone guys spending too much time her and believing in their own heads it is the best way to ‘get back’ at someone, I’m at a loss to pin point any other concrete reason (apart from the obvious of course)
  13. I just got this last week 55 ’I’m giving you untill the end of the year’ Seeing as I live in Pattaya and she’s in Korat whether this means getting serious and moving closer or marriage (or both) I’m not sure. I’m gonna ride it out until November
  14. MadMuhammad

    So here is the dilemma, if not Thailand then where?

    No visa required and visa on arrival for the following...
  15. It’s truly mind boggling for myself, and many other foreigners, how little though goes to disposal of rubbish here in Thailand. Especially plastic. I took this pic @ Songkran in Korat. Just before and shortly after taking this I just couldn’t look at it anymore so continued picking up most of the trash and placed it in the bag. I was congratulated and told I was such a ‘good man’ by many in the vicinity. Sure enough 30mins later it was much the same. They just dont have the education or the ability to recognise the problem.