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  1. At this time I’m a self funded retiree on a METV. Once this runs out next July I will switch to an ED Visa. As I’m 41 at the present time if that becomes too much of a hassle I’ll either marry my girlfriend (doubtful) or go the Thai Elite route. There really isn’t much available for under 50’s unfortunately
  2. MadMuhammad

    HIV scare

    They like you that much too? I thought I was the only one! We really should hangout, we’d probably get them for free with our combined looks/wit/charm
  3. MadMuhammad

    HIV scare

    HIV/AIDS is no longer the death sentence it once was. Daily medication and maintaining your health to a higher than normal standard while inconvenient can lead to an otherwise full life with no shortening of life expectancy. Your viral load can be lowered to an almost undetectable number. I agree it’s not desirable and is not conducive to a lasting and happy marriage but it isn’t the ebd if the world
  4. 2 or 3 seconds. The difference between a life lesson and death. Sure they were reckless but no one deserves to pay the ultimate price just for being a kid
  5. MadMuhammad

    Tourist police top brass checks up on Walking Street

    I feel far more intimidated walking around Rome, Paris & Berlin with all the police armed with automatic weapons. No one seems to bat an eye lid at that so I doubt this kind of thing would have any noticeable effect on anyone else but the whingers on this forum.
  6. With the right resources and a little bit of commitment it took me approximately 40 hours to learn to read and write the Thai alphabet and read basic words. Once I got my head past the initial ‘that’s chicken scratch’ and understood script is just another way to right letters it really does start falling into place
  7. *retired expats that complain about waiting and how precious their time is. *people that have lived here for years complaining over & over about the same thing ie: waiting Everthing else I just shrug and get on with life. Honestly, what’s there to really complain about when you live in a tropical country with such a relaxed life style (oh I forget, *people that complain about the heat. I mean seriously?)
  8. Care to explain why? Honest question I mean short of account & PIN numbers I don’t see the problem of telling people your rough income or even the non specific source
  9. Move all your assets into a family trust set up. If structured correctly it’s untouchable
  10. MadMuhammad

    Apple to open first Thailand store on November 10

    Pay 300thb get 300thb of commitment. As a business owner one would think it’d be better to cut your bored, over manned work force but 2/3 and redirect the wages saved toward the remaining 1/3. I’m confident with the right training, motivation and tracking of KPI’s a gun salesman on 1000thb a day would be for more efficient & productive than 3 bored people previously in his position.
  11. Very true. I actually found it to be so much more enjoyable and fulfilling once I relocated here.
  12. At last a voice of reason and a statement based around fact. Many countries have onerous policies that a far more complicated and financially straining than Thailand’s immigration policy. Just anlther case of ‘I Don’t like it so I’ll make up ‘facts’ and whinge’. Visas, long or short term, are far from difficult to obtain and are very cheap IMO. Sure the address reporting every time you travel or relocate can be a little tiresome but that is a requirement in my home country as well, albeit for other reasons, but it is most definitely not enforced in the way it is here. Face it, you’re an expat living abroad. You have rules and regulations to abide by. You will never be treated like a citizen no matter how much money you think you pump into the Issan Social Security system.
  13. Air ‘should’ be no problem whatsoever. I have had 33 visa exempts in 5 years with 7 & 8 respectively in 2016/17. I’ve never been questioned or beld up for any longer than it takes to stamp my passport.