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  1. geisha

    Jetski Mafia

    What are they doing to the beach in Pattaya, all boarded up along the front and machines on the sand ? Not that I want to go there mind , just wondering.
  2. Hi all, I entered Thailand on visa exempt the 1 st of December, and wish to ask for an extension of stay in Jomtien . As I’m spending Christmas week in Bangkok, will Jomtien immigration give me my extension on the Thursday 20th or Friday 21 , which will be a bit in advance as I need to leave on the Monday 24 th morning early. Thanks. I have my notification of address slip.
  3. maccie90, don’t tempt fate ! Just go to a different part of Thailand where she will not find you.
  4. Hi all, have booked to go to Myanmar January. After a nice ( I hope) beach holiday, i want to go to the Thai embassy in Yangon to get a visa. My first there. History , I don’t do border hops, have only one extension. Is it easily done there ? I plan on going to the embassy early Monday 4 th February, pick up the next day Tuesday, and my flight back to Bangkok is 10.30 am Wednesday. Does this sound ok ? This is what happens in most embassy’s in neighbouring countries , but on the embassy page , I read that one was advised to apply 5/ 10 days before travel ! Obviously a bit difficult . Will this be doable , I don’t want to come back into Thailand without a visa. Thanks.
  5. madmen, did I say that Vietnam was amazing ? Sorry , the rest I didn’t quite understand, “ swim to it, fly there” ? Is Thailand the only place in the world for you ? This post was about possibilities, and Vietnam is definately not a dump, and does have great food. Maybe you didn’t like it, you’re not everyone ! No offense.
  6. roger101, hi, I’ve been a few times to Vietnam, why not try it . Lots of plus points, easier to get to than Philippines, a bit safer, much better food, delicious in fact. The Vietnamese are lovely people lots of things to do there, lots of gorgeous places to visit. You could do a trip there if you haven’t been, see what you think. I’ve heard that rent is cheaper than here, and food is definitely cheaper. Beer too ,if you drink. Look at it this way, if you didn’t like it, you could always come back to Thailand or elsewhere. Where do you live in Thailand ? Have you thought of moving to a cheaper area and wait and see what the near future brings concerning paperwork ? Good luck.
  7. geisha

    Visa applications move to the Web

    I imagine that seeing that France and Britain have been mentioned it will be normal tourist visas. Also being that they do not use VOA. Why shouldn’t this work, two consulats have already closed in France, making it virtually impossible to get a visa without an appointment. For me it would have meant a flight and two nights in Paris. I think they’ll be fazing out all the consulats, which cost a lot of money to run. If Myanmar , Cambodia and Vietnam can do it , I’m quite sure Thailand can. I for one will be very happy.