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  1. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    Regardless of the patrol boat's speed and armament, our brilliant leaders only bought them to protect their recent purchases.... A non usable aircraft carrier and submarine ;-)
  2. I hope, from the faces shown, that the names of arrogant Thai women and belligerent _boys_ are recognized by some Thai locals and will be posted on the various Thai social media sites. That would bring some needed humiliation to the offenders...
  3. And of those that do turn on their indicators...at least 30%+ have yet to learn that they can also be turned off....!
  4. Tattooed devotees transform in Thai temple trance

    I have never had nor will ever have a tattoo, yet I have to admire the creativity and artwork of a talented tattooist. Only with close inspection, revealed in the posted photos, can one appreciate the detail of the tattoos presented. The delicate lines which would appear from a distance are not just lines but made of dots of letters created in Thai script. To create and complete a design with such detail is something which few tattoo artisans could accomplish. OTOH, those tattooed must have been very devoted or masochists (!)...it must have taken many sittings over months to complete such designs!
  5. An electrician I recommend for basic needs

    wpcoe wrote "Are his English language skills workable?" Jaroon's English and my Thai are both minimal, yet there was no problem to indicate to him what I needed done. giddyup wrote " I live on the dark side and some workers don't like to travel too far" Best to contact Jaroon and ask if he will travel to the darkside! If language is a problem, surely you can find some helpful Thai to communicate/inquire for you.
  6. If you need a reliable and honest electrician for basic work, I highly recommend Kuhn. Jaroon. 081-8625291 Today was the 3rd time I've needed him, in the last 5-years. He was to come at 10am, he arrived 1/2 hour early. He has always been prompt. I had 2 ceiling light fixtures which were not working. In one the bulb was stuck and had to be broken to be removed to access the fixture. The problem turned out to be the sockets for the bulb had become defective. He mentioned that was not an uncommon problem. He went and purchased 2 each new 100w bulbs (which I requested as spares) and _3_sockets (the extra socket for the next time I have a failure), returning with my change and a store receipt for a mere 85-bt. He removed and dismantled the 2-fixtures, put in the the new sockets and re-installed the light fixtures and light bulbs. His fee for repairing the fixtures was 300-Bt; I gave him 400. I years past, I discovered my electric cooktop apparently had a problem; the on/off light had a dim glow only noticeable at night when the room lights were off. My electric bill had significantly increased from prior months' averages, even though the heating elements were turned off when the cooktop was not in use. Mr. Jaroon completely re-wired the cooktop. In the month following my electric bill was almost 1000-bt lower and now at earlier averages. Another time I had him do a more simple task: install a new wall shower heater.
  7. Eye Glasses and First Optic in Pattaya

    I, too, give First Optic a thumbs up! I've using then for 3-years now. Sometimes I have new lenses put into old frames; sometimes get new inexpensive frames. I believe his sister (?) is an optician and makes the lenses. Service is quick, often just 2-days.
  8. Direct debit setup PEA / Bank / Pattaya

    For TOT, I simply go to their office and give then a deposit ("loowang na") of 500-Bt against future bills. As my phone bull is usually just the basic rate of 100-Bt/month, as I use it only for the internet, the deposit of 500-Bt is good for just about 5-months. Water...I don't know if you can either set up an automatic payment via your bank or possibly pre-pay via a deposit. In my case, the water bill (at actual cost) comes to the Condo company and I pay that (usually about 172-Bt) along with the monthly maintenance fee. If I'd be gone for a while I'd just make a pre-paid deposit.as I do with TOT.
  9. Need mattress advice

    It's good to be cautious, especially in Thailand, as there are some fraudsters! OTOH, some folks just _assume_ everything is a scam, but fail to investigate, or in this case failing to view the property offered, and rushing to judgement, might make that person ...foolish!! I have no interest in the mattress being offered; I just trying to help a neighbor. I was unable to post pictures directly into Thai Visa, so here they are from my Photoshop acc't: http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc198/grathiam/IMG_20160206_120428%20Copy_zps3qijz5x3.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc198/grathiam/IMG_20160206_120343%20Copy_zpsobjlvone.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc198/grathiam/IMG_20160206_120446%20Copy_zpsnskstutk.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc198/grathiam/IMG_20160207_163339%20Copy_zpsjzsdfpqp.jpg
  10. Need mattress advice

    Too bad that the OP doesn't have a king-size bed frame, as this is an incredible buy: I'm posting this for neighbor of mine who a brand new, un-used and still in the wrapper, Slumberland King-size mattress and is selling it for only 13,000-Bt! He purchased it at Home Pro for 99,000-Bt and has the receipt.. Mattress was purchased to go in a condo he was buying, but sale fell through. He currently resides in a rental condo and the bed frame is only for a Queen-size mattress. He is now planning to return home to Europe, and is selling un-needed new mattress. He resides in the Keha Condos on Thepprasit Rd Robert Bertrand - Righi mobile: +66 861 420 664 e-mail: [email protected] [email protected] Spoken language: French or English Re: edit...I took some pictures but was unable attach them to the post?
  11. FWIW... I was at Immigration today, to renew my OA/retirement visa I had all the needed documents, HOWEVER the letter from the bank and copies of my bank book were _7-days old_! I was told that those documents must be no more than _3-days_ old when renewing my OA visa. I don't know if the 3-day requirement applies to income verification from the Embassy. For residence verification, they accept a recent bill from I-net, electric company, water bill, etc. For me, this is easier than using a house book or copy of a lease.
  12. Good chiropractor

    I completely disagree with the doctor's initial statement and fully concur with the latter. Yes, there are some very good and many marginal chiros. This also applies to the various chiro schools in the US. The latter think that an adjustment (manipulation) is their tool to remedy most maladies. Some believe they must x-ray all their patients. Not so!. A skeletal manipulation is just _one_ tool of many which taught in most chiro schools, yet some students foolishly think it is the panacea. Smilarly, a scapel for a surgeon just represents one of many of a doctor's tools available to use, if indicated, after a patient has been properly evaluated.. A good chiro knows how to take a proper history (OPQRST), evaluate, do appropriate ortho & neuro tests, instruct or provide rehabitilation, evaluate diet, and if it appears he patient has a malady or disease outside the scope of chiro, then refer to an appropriate MD. Students must also have completed the equivalent of three academic years of undergraduate study (90 semester units or 135 quarter units at an institution(s) accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or an equivalent foreign agency with a GPA for these 90 hours of not less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The 90 hours will include a minimum of 24 semester hours in life and physical science courses (chemistry: organic and inorganic, physics, and anatomy (or biology). Western Assoc. of Schools and Colleges is the accrediting commission for California, where I graduated from a university and years later changed professions and became a chiro (now retired). Upon application for accreditation WASC investigates and visits the applicant for a number of years, reviewing the school's finances, faculty, admin, student facilities, research library, published and submitted research papers, etc. If the various requirements are met a school can be accreditied as a college or even as a university. http://www.wascsenior.org/institutions There are 4 chiro schools in California. Cleveland, Life West, Palmer and Southern California University of Health Sciences (formerly named Los Angeles College of Chiropractic). Neither Cleveland or Palmer are accredited as colleges. Life West is a candidate for college accreditation. SCUHC was accredited as a college and years ago, was upgraded to university.status.
  13. Good chiropractor

    Vincens is a fraud. Also, no chiropractor is licensed to use intravenous drugs! http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/753200-norwegian-chiropractor-arrested-by-pattaya-immigration-police/
  14. where to remove a m/c seat transfer?

    I've used the following shop twice, with good results, for seats on two different bikes: Located on the inland side of Thepprasit Rd, across from Soi-8, and just a few doors south. No name on the shop. Choice of color; cost was 300, can be 400 depending on material. Seats were ready in 2-hours,,he was busy at the time..
  15. Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    New 5-year licenses renewal - my 7-hour ordeal!! This was my third renewal of my 2 5-year licenses. Renewal was quick and easy previously, but not today! Arrived at 9:30am before the 10am time for renewing 5-year licenses. There must have been at least 200 hundred people there; all moto and car parking areas were filled to the brim. I obtained my queue ticket; 20 numbers were ahead of my number. It took an hour and a half before my number was called to go upstairs. All of my documents were in order. BTW, they _do_ accept a photo copy of the Residence certificate, which I used with my second license application. The gal inspected my docs then asked something I've never been asked for on my previous license renewals...she wanted to see my Passport! I didn't have it with me, so moto back to South Pattaya and get my passport and return to the DLT. It was now 11:15am. I gave the gal my passport and she instructed me to return at 1pm. Ack!! After loitering for nearly 2-hours until 1pm,, it was back upstairs to watch a video of a few monks lecture in Thai, then a gal enters the room of about 50- people awaiting licensing and she goes over the traffic laws, in Thai. Finally, I'm called for testing. I've my new distance glasses with me, which I now need and use only for driving. She administers the color test, which is no problem, until she repeatedly points out the smallest of the color dots. I can't distinguish which color she is pointing at! I fail and am told to wait back in the room...more of the Thai monk video. Later, I'm called back for color testing and have the same problem as she repeatedly points out the smallest of the color dots. Another fail and back into the room with more of the same Thai Monk video. Gee. I'm now wishing I'd brought my reading glasses with me, as they'd have worked fine on the short distance to the color chart. I've no car (just the license) and travel only on one of my motorcycles. I've amassed over 200K km traveling throughout SE Asia and over 1-million miles when I lived back home in the USA, all without ever having an accident. I'm worried now that I won't get a license, yet the gal returns to the room, handing out papers to those previously tested. I, too, am given copies and they are for me to my to pay the fees for my new licenses! Damn, I was given a pass based only on the color test! I paid the fees: car 505, motorcycle 255 and 100-Bt for each new license. 960-Bt total. I arrived back home at 4:15pm... I was never administered braking reaction nor depth perception tests or had to take the driver's written exam. I would not have had any problem with any of those tests, none of them have small colored dots ;-) Go figure? I got my licenses renewed. TIT! Ironically, while awaiting 1pm to arrive, I spent some time watching Thais take their vehicle test on the DLT testng course. More than one took over 5-minutes to complete the simple parallel parking test; similarly some took 5-minutes, stopping and inspecting their vehicle's location, to manage to get through a narrow 10-yard long course of pylons. Of course they all passed.... Hopefully, your experiences will be less stressful and time consuming than mine was!!