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  1. Are the free VPN's any good?

    Well, neither you nor Bangkok Barry got the best pricing deal which NORDVPN offers! I just signed onto Nord... they have a 3-year deal for $2.70/month (about 3,000-Bt total for 3-years! This is not an advertised deal...I had to search for it! [go to some of the websites which offer coupon deals and I found it there.] Both Nord and Express are the two best of the many VPN's; Express is slightly faster, quite expensive and located in the Brit Virgin Isles, but Nord is located in Panama (much safer IMHO.) and I get good speed from Nord. If either of you are still within 30-days of your initial subscription, you can cancel it and get deal I have. You just again log onto Nord to put '3year' as the code for the deal.
  2. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    Regardless of the patrol boat's speed and armament, our brilliant leaders only bought them to protect their recent purchases.... A non usable aircraft carrier and submarine ;-)
  3. I hope, from the faces shown, that the names of arrogant Thai women and belligerent _boys_ are recognized by some Thai locals and will be posted on the various Thai social media sites. That would bring some needed humiliation to the offenders...
  4. And of those that do turn on their indicators...at least 30%+ have yet to learn that they can also be turned off....!
  5. Tattooed devotees transform in Thai temple trance

    I have never had nor will ever have a tattoo, yet I have to admire the creativity and artwork of a talented tattooist. Only with close inspection, revealed in the posted photos, can one appreciate the detail of the tattoos presented. The delicate lines which would appear from a distance are not just lines but made of dots of letters created in Thai script. To create and complete a design with such detail is something which few tattoo artisans could accomplish. OTOH, those tattooed must have been very devoted or masochists (!)...it must have taken many sittings over months to complete such designs!