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  1. canthai55

    Jawa coming back?

    Got hit big time with the Ugly Stick
  2. Get a Thai translation of 'For Sale' and 'For Rent' Jump on your bike and search the back sois. Most all will have a fone number. Did this for 10 years before I got married. Found some great places.
  3. canthai55

    Replacing car tyres

    For low speeds around town they should be fine. Sustained hiway driving - would you trust old tires - good tread or not - with the lives of you and your loved ones ?
  4. canthai55


    I have my doubts whether Big Red will even market it here. No market for a road going MX bike with lights. This is a CR450X street legal with an extra piston ring. If it is 250 - 275K ... you can buy a CB500x for half that second hand, and avoid the hit in buying the accessories like crash bars, luggage, etc. Or buy a Versys and save 100K - same as above.
  5. You insulted yourself. And assassinated yourself. But play the blame game.
  6. Hear Hear The War on Drugs is a business. This business harms more people, mostly families, than any other on earth. Only uninformed, biased people, prejudiced believe otherwise. Drugs have never been so cheap, plentiful, and pure since the dawn of Man. Want the illegal global drug trade - and all it gangs, brutality, murders and tortures to vanish overnight ? Decriminalize world wide. Only look to Portugal where this is proven to work. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/dec/05/portugals-radical-drugs-policy-is-working-why-hasnt-the-world-copied-it
  7. This is clearly Thai bashing The fire dept and police did not know what jet fuel was. This is not bashing, this is an example of stupidity
  8. You were there ? You witnessed what happened ? Or are you using a Crystal Ball ?
  9. Quit bashing. This summer, in Canada, the fire department and the RCMP closed the hiway for 4 hours. Why - they were afraid of an explosion. What spilled - Jet fuel - which is kerosene. Which has a flash point of 38C Boneheads the lot of them.
  10. Ah - like the neighbors cousins housekeepers dog walkers uncle twice removed experience ... My original post stands then ...
  11. canthai55

    Replacing car tyres

    For a pickup - unless you drive crazy fast for that type of vehicle - most any tire will be OK When the going gets 200 kmh is when you need high quality tires and change them at or before 50% wear
  12. I fail to see - if your are knowledgeable - how you lost a huge amount. Unless your experience was 40 years ago and you have not kept up. Know what to look for and you will not get stung.
  13. Was offered - if memory serves - 640 or 650 K Offered 550 K cash - not bank draft, cheque, - 1000 baht bills He said no way. Told him there are many for sale, and we go look at others. We left. My thoughts - he foned the owner, and got the OK There are many for sale on 12Car - which is the site I used to find one. And he saw the color of my skin and thought I was an easy mark. My wife laughed after she hung up the fone. Of course - now she knew how much I saved, so a trip to the Tong shop was in order !!! 555
  14. If you know nothing about cars, or do not know anybody who is, you are stuck in this dilemma. With knowledge comes greater opportunities - like saving money. As an example - new Teana 1.5 M - ours - 550 K A HUGE difference. Dealers get their vehicles from private parties. Many times just doing the display and advert - for a slice of the sale pie. So no different than buying private, which can often mean savings. ' Thai people do not do routine maintenance, or care to' - this statement is rubbish