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  1. Yes it is instant access. If I need funds I simply sell some shares and the money is available in my UK current account within 2 hours,.
  2. Hi everyone, This will be my first time applying for a METV 6 month visa from London but I have a few concerns/questions about the requirements: Section 6 - a UK bank statement showing a balance of at least £5000 for 6 months. Unfortunately I cannot provide this. I am an investor and all of my money is in a UK stocks and shares ISA account. Will this be acceptable? Section 5 - a letter from a UK employer I have a UK LTD company and I am the director. What documents would they require? Section 7 - hotel confirmation in Thailand I'll be staying in my own condo, owned by myself. What would they need? Thanks in advance for any help. I already emailed the embassy a few days ago but no reply as yet.
  3. bradpattaya

    30 day extension in Jomtien

    Does anybody know what documents I'll need as I'm living in my own condo?
  4. Hi, I am currently here on a 30 day visa exemption (British passport). Anyway I would like to extend by another 30 days at Jomtien immigration for 1900b. I understand I need: 1. A scan of my passport photo page 2. A scan of my entry stamp 3. A scan of my white departure card 4. Photo I'm residing in a condo owned by myself. What address proof should I bring? Thanks in advance!
  5. bradpattaya

    SETV from Penang - Advice needed

    Just to confirm I have now completed my first visa trip (to Penang) and everything went very smoothly. Here is a mini-report: I traveled from DMK to Penang on the AirAsia flight on Wednesday (13:35pm). Upon arrival at Penang Airport I took the bus to Georgetown (2.70 MYR). The hotel where I stayed was called "Cintra Heritage House" located on Lebuh Cintra, just off the main Chulia Street and a basic single room cost 100 MYR/night. At 9am Thursday morning I walked to Banana Guesthouse on Chulia Street and handed in my passport with two photos. All that I was required to do was to fill my address and sign in two places on the visa application form. The cost was 150 MYR for the SETV and 40 MYR service fee for Banana to arrange everything. The next day just before 14:30 I picked up my passport, jumped in a taxi and made it to Penang airport with plenty of time to spare. Penang itself isn't a bad place for a couple of days so overall the visa trip was very easy and I had a nice few days away. Any questions let me know
  6. bradpattaya

    SETV from Penang - Advice needed

    Just booked the flights. If I pickup the visa at say 14:45 I should be at the airport by 15:30. That's fine as the flight is 16:45 and I'll checkin online and I will be without luggage. Fingers crossed I make it!
  7. bradpattaya

    SETV from Penang - Advice needed

    I have spoken to two Visa agents - one told me "around 14:30" and the other "around 15:00" for passport pickup the following day. I do not think this will give me sufficient time to reach the airport for the 16:45 AirAsia flight back to Bangkok. What are your thoughts, any experiences?
  8. bradpattaya

    SETV from Penang - Advice needed

    Thanks for that. Yes it's the Airasia flight on the Tuesday at 1645 that I'm hoping for all being well. I'll contact Banana. I've heard these mentioned a few times before. Any suggestions on where to stay that is not too far from them? Thanks again.
  9. Hi I need a Single entry tourist visa and I am considering either Penang or Laos but at the moment my preference is Penang as I quite fancy visiting anyway. If I arrive in Penang early Sunday evening when would you suggest booking my return flight to Bangkok for? Do you have any suggestions on where to stay and any reputable visa agents who could sort my visa out upon arrival. Any advice appreciated. Thank you
  10. Yes its odd and rather annoying. Even if it's a mistake there isn't much I can do now. I have emailed the Consulate in Sofia but no reply as yet. So it looks like my plan of action now is to extend this 30 days by 30 days for 1900 baht. Then I will make a trip to Vietnam and upon re entry I'll get 30 days more and I'll fly back to the UK within that 30 days. Will this work out ok? Just a bit worried doing two 30 days back to back - well actually there will be say 5 days between them. This way saves getting another 60 day from Laos.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I first entered Thailand 1 month after the visa was issued. I didn't realise I had to use all three entries within this three month period as when I obtained the same triple entry visa from London it had 6 months on it. This time I obtained the visa from Sofia, Bulgaria and it seems they only give 3 months. If I had knew this I could have just got a single but never mind, you live and learn. Yes today I was given the standard 30 day (I have a British passport). It is good to know that I can extend this by another 30 days at the immigration office in Jomtien. I wish to remain in Thailand until mid April so I'll need a 60 day single entry once the 30 day extension is up. Thanks again.
  12. Hello and happy new year! I have a problem and I was looking for some advice. On the 6th October 2015 I was issued a triple entry tourist visa. I made my first entry into the country on the 10th November 2015 and today I flew back in after being out of the country for a few days with the idea of starting my second entry. However the airport immigration refused to activate my second entry as on the visa is written a "enter before" date of the 3rd January 2016 (yesterday). 1. Is it really possible that a triple entry tourist visa can have such a short 3 month expiry term? If so, it makes the whole triple entry completely pointless as I have only used the first entry successfully.I have got a triple before and I am sure it had 6 months on it as the "enter before" date. 2. What are my options now. I am a bit worried. Thanks in advance to anybody who can kindly give me some advice on this matter and If you need any more info just let me know.
  13. Hi guys, I'd appreciate a bit of help with some recommendations! I've just bought a couple of condos in Jomtien and I need some blackout curtains for them. Does anyone know a good place where they will come to measure and then provide and fit the new curtains? I've seen a few threads about this but they are from 2008-2009 so I'm guessing out of date by now. Not looking for the cheapest or most expensive, just fair quality for a fair price. Thanks in advance for any answers!