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  1. and pad ka pao too ???
  2. very clear , thank you for the answer... glad to read that
  3. in this case (extention of stay based on marriage) i wil get a reentry permit, ok. but howlong can i stay outside thailand before reentry ? want to go back to belgium for a (?) time (for whatever reason) : 3, 4, 5 or 6 months is it possible ?
  4. from Kapchoeng market saterday afternoon... enjoy !!
  5. just for re ask an answer to my question ..... (first reaction : id 2)
  6. "... in particular, the notion that wearing neon colours has anything to do with having "an authentic rave experience". you, the writer of this thread , are you sure that there is nothing else in particular ??? (rape dates, drugs , agressions, thefts, ..., ... ) "...every full moon can attract up to 30,000 people from all over the world..." you, the writer of this thread, are you sure that this 30.000 people are not just babboons, drugs addicts, degenarated, and mental defectives ??????????
  7. ethymologically farang comes from the word "farang se" that comes from the french word "français". long time before (19/20th century) then farang se was used to call the strangers from france
  8. one small one (5/6.000 thb) with small freezer comp. would suffice for me , my wife and 2 children as we buy fresh food everyday , and go to market 2 times a week... the food my wife has cooked is eaten the same day... and we buy ice cubes everyday yes maybe necessary only when we buy few kilos pork from the neighbors , or chicken wings/breasts from tesco .
  9. excuse me , but i understand nothing what you are trying to explain us connecting to the case...
  10. never been rejected , BUT told 5 x the normal price ... same same
  11. thailand is not (and never will be) the Top for eat mussels.... and never lure/attract belgian/hollanders for this....
  12. if i drink beers everyday and smoke 25/30 cigarettes, i will reach 185 / 110... if i stop drinking alcool and replace tobacco by E-cigarette , my tension come back to normal (120/75) after one week. COVERSYL 5mg is good repution medicine for high blood pressure (in belgium) my extra advice at food level : less salt in the food, not too much coffee/tea/coke and eat consistent breakfast.
  13. is it not possible/easyer to get one year extention of stay based on mariage (in the nearest imm office)?
  14. during his free time my bricks layer has found something to put in the banana leave, with the children's fishing rod,
  15. others prefer potatos,