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  1. Come on...go easy on the Squealer. It's just that 'food' is his primary reason for going anywhere and he naturally figured the terrorists might be a lot like him,
  2. When the Junta "Serious Problem Emergency Checklist" has only seven actions listed: 1) Ignore 2) Cover-up 3) Deny 4) Lie 5) Blame someone else 6) Threaten someone 7) Lie some more At the end of the day.…’lackadaisical’ may be about all that’s left.
  3. Who is this reckless upstart...and does he have direct authorization from Uncle Number One to modify/personalize the Junta’s official and iconic “James Bond Villain” uniform?
  4. Yep..sounds about right. With Squealer Prawit always on the verge of “in-active-ization”…it appears the littler general may be sniffing up for the highly coveted job of Junta chief cook, bottle washer and knob polisher.
  5. Stand back foul demon pollution…the general rebukes you and commands the air henceforth be cleansed.
  6. Hopefully there's some of that 10 million left. The police deserve something for all their hard work.
  7. Gee...and only yesterday they weren't quite ready for the Bronze Age.
  8. Behold...and upon witnessing his presence...their morals were much supported.
  9. Determined to root out evil, subversive, election-ist troublemakers, the General tries out the army’s new 425 million Baht ZX990 (water-resistent-imported-from-China-100%-guaranteed) Pheu Thai visual detection device….
  10. They’re trying to give the impression that they’re behaving themselves today and not putting anything in their pockets.
  11. Inspired by selfless Junta leadership, and Uncle #1's limitless love for the country…loyal, patriotic Thai citizens rush to the scene of the accident with joyous vigor...and work tirelessly to restore the local environment to it’s natural, pristine beauty.
  12. Hayduke

    PM’s office open for Children’s Day

    Great minds think alike....
  13. Whenever I find myself tempted to like the Big BJ...I just remind myself whose butt he kisses every...single...day. Works for me.
  14. Hayduke

    Election no later than March, Wissanu assures

    They don't want an election until they're confident they've got it completely rigged. Sounds as if the General isn't quite satisfied the fix is in. Well...not yet.
  15. Hayduke

    Prayut prayers ‘spare’ Thailand from Pabuk

    Obviously Uncle is just being his usual, modest, unassuming self. We all know he can easily tame the forces of nature with a single wave of his hand. But…he downplays his own divinity and allows us to believe he is actual mortal like the rest of us. The heavens surely smiled on Thailand when they sent this miracle worker that we are allowed to call 'Uncle'.