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  1. gerry1953

    Suan Sawarn Condo development

    In most countries deposits and payments for real estate are held in trust to safe guard against dishonest developers absconding with the cash. It seems to happen far too often here with no regulations to prevent it from reoccurring? I heard of one project where the developer started putting posts in, put in a showroom then sold a number of units (first payments) then left with the money and he didn't even own the land it was being built on? The risks of buying off plan seem crazy here unless you get a developer with a great long term performance record. Even with these should the markets drop dramatically you may be left losing as there would be no incentive to finish the project.
  2. gerry1953

    Suan Sawarn Condo development

    It was years late in 2014 and people who had paid (some maybe partial amounts) sued and some were apparently awarded judgements BUT there was no money left to pay them as the money disappeared? There was numerous postings on this forum in 2014 and the people who lost their investments tried to form a support group as information from the developer was non existent. Since 2014 the structure was mostly finished with work being done finishing and outfitting them. Over the last 4 years they have deteriorated, glass has been broken and it seems parts went missing. The new developer is now trying to sell the same units at 75,000 Baht a square meter which is a pretty nice profit as the units were already built? If I had invested and couldn't get my money back I would be pretty upset they are reselling the units I paid for without giving compensation. The Ivy Jomtien has a website and showroom listed on its onsite sign. It just makes one very leery to purchase off plan, unfinished or speculative condo's in this area.
  3. gerry1953

    Suan Sawarn Condo development

    I came down to Jomtien and took a ride around my old area and found an old condo development which never opened and deteriorated appears to have new life in as the Ivy Jomtien.
  4. gerry1953

    Information Amnat Charoen ( Yasothon )

    The last 4 yearly renewals in Amnat Charoen the desk Immigration Officer wanted a medical certificate with my applications and I am not unhealthy. It's only 60 baht for the completed form at a private clinic near my house with no actual medical exam? I know other local farangs that needed them also. But as we all know sometimes things can change or aren't consistent here in Thailand ????? I can't remember how long the medical is good for - get it on the way to Immigration? Good luck.
  5. gerry1953

    Information Amnat Charoen ( Yasothon )

    Napolean3 - a few things that may help. Amnat Charoen USUALLY requires a medical certificate on extension renewals - others don't? This can be obtained at the hospital or a local clinic. They often require your bank book being updated (to the day of the application submission) if you are using the 800K retirement extension or 400K marriage one as proof of income. Even though the bank had signed the letter the day before my application they insisted on a bank book update the next day? I am just mentioning these because you are without transportation and nearly 50 KMs away. At15 had 3 high envoirmental risks and I would like to recommend 2 others - extreme defensive driving may well save your life and do your best to keep away from local hospitals if you have moderate to major medical issues. Also daytime mosquitoes transmitting dengue fever - especially in the wetter seasons.
  6. gerry1953

    Information Amnat Charoen ( Yasothon )

    I usually do my photocopying at home before arrival but have "on occasion" had to produce more - it sounds like you had a similar or more traumatic experience??
  7. gerry1953

    Information Amnat Charoen ( Yasothon )

    Amnat Charoen Provincial Offices are located about 5 KMs north of town on Highway #212, you can't miss it on the left hand side before the PTT station. The immigration office is behind the first large white building and on the 2nd floor. They are usually not too busy and understand English but it is also a good idea to take your lady to help should issues of residency, addresses, relationship status etc that may come up. They do get immigrant workers from surrounding countries into that office also but I usually am dealt with quickly. As with any Thai government agency it is business like and service "friendliness" depends on the officer dealing with you and his mood? There is a food court under that building and should you need photocopying done there is one close by (for a small fee). No taxi's I am aware of in Amnat Charoen other than motorbikes and a few tuk tuks that hang around the hospital and the Clocktower area. Until you get a vehicle it may make more sense to get a local lad to drive you around for a fee? There are numerous used car dealerships on the #202 and #212 Highways as well as the bypass road. Yasothon is about 50 KMs west of Amnat Charoen I am assuming you are relocating to one of the villages in between? Good luck.
  8. gerry1953

    Dengue fever in Ubon province

    As Joe says just take the usual precautions. I have traveled the jungles in Central America and the Amazon and never caught it but finally got hit with a bad case of dengue 5 years ago in Jomtien Beach Thailand in a condo - go figure??? Sometimes there is a BIG discrepancy between the hazard rating figures and numbers the Tourism Thailand people report and the real numbers the hospitals treat.