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  1. If there's enough money in it one of Trump's sons would be the star. After all they do about anything for a quick buck as long as it in the millions.
  2. I've been in and out of Thailand for over 2 years and I have never had a problem, but I do watch it. If you are buying liquor maybe they think you won't notice? Only a theory. I don't drink most of the time is why I'm theorizing about the liquor vs. cheating.
  3. I think you can trust what Putin says as much as you can trust Trump. 555555555 Both sides lie, but Putin is a very good liar and I remember recently that a whole fleet of Russian ships passed right by UK (they could have gone on the other side not right down the English Channel) and on a regular basis Russian jets now buzz close to many NATO countries borders and confront NATO jets at a close and dangerous distance. That's a warning!!! Actions speak louder then words when it comes to Putin.
  4. Maybe I'm reading too much news latelybut seems like there are many Russian people that are violent. Seems like the culture is geared toward violence. What do you want when there's a dictator that hijacked their country and terrorizes its neighbor countries with possible invasions and goes around the world and does the same thing with its airpower. All this violence builds on itself to a dangerous resolution.
  5. Appreciate everyones comments. I assumed the fruits & vegetables were not as bad as USA but now I know I'm wrong and they are probably worse, especially since organic can't be trusted either. Disappointed :-(
  6. Putin was lying about stopping the violence there. He wanted to wipe out all the opposition. He's not interested in replacing the dictator in Syria and never was. It was a ploy to put of US support and give Russia more time to use their bombs.
  7. Personally I work to stay fit and grow as a person and learn as much about health as I can. Staying young takes work but its all about your life philosophy. Part of the reason for being in SE Asia is to learn about different cultures and to have fun. Life can be a drag only if you let it.
  8. I just did that about 30 days ago in Siem Reap. My guest house I was at did it for $55.00 us total for a 60 day visa. I trust the guest house or I wouldn't have done it. Had no problem, but it took 6 days. I could have rushed it for more money. Normal time is about 7 days or a rush I think is 5 days. They run it down to PP.
  9. I've used these motorbike taxis a few times. If I ask how much when they are in a group they always talk to each other and then I find the price is double what Thai's pay. I've changed my tactics to asking lone riders for a ride and how much. I end up paying the Thai price when I do this. They love to stay in groups and are not very nice when in a group. Group of motorbike taxi ask then if I grabbed a car taxi. In Phuket its worse. I want to give them the finger but I'm in their country and I don't need the trouble, but it doesn't change the way I feel about them.
  10. I've heard from a few hotel managers and they said the Chinese are very loud. They feel like they can't do anything about it, but they are disgusted. One in Cambodia and one in Bangkok. I overheard the hotel staff, but said nothing. I came here with an open mind but so far I think many of the Chinese come here and don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. They won't move when you try and walk down the sidewalk and they will just push you aside if they feel like it. Rude and thats just the way it is!
  11. My first hotel experience they asked for 1000 baht deposit. I thought this was normal but came to find out most do not ask for a deposit. Since then I have not run across it and from now on I would just say no and find another hotel.
  12. I wonder how fast he threw his two new gifts, the prayer shawl and bible in the garbage? Another question, where did he hide his Klu Klux Klan white hat? He's an idiot. Its true the democrats have been in power (executive office) the last 7 1/2 years and the blacks are still repressed, but so are many other people after Bush got done with the economy. The Congress and the Senate have been Republican for a long time and before Obama we had Bush for 8 years. In my opinion, none of the politicians have any idea of what the average American is about including blacks, American Indians, Hispanics and Whites.
  13. Patong is overpriced. Food, hotels and taxis are all too much. People told me not to go there but I had to meet a visitor there and everything they said was true. Not worth it. That's why its not busy in my opinion. I was outraged at paying for a taxi ride and no one would use their meter. Paying for a taxi in Bangkok was 125 baht and in Patong for a shorter distance it was 600 baht and no negotiation. People are wising up.
  14. In reply to why I went to go see a doctor. First of all I've had plenty of experience with doctors since my wife died from cancer and I also have had it. Doctors are not always right and the two other doctors I saw thought it needed to be done quick. The point is a doctor is guessing, thats why they call it a medical practice and I've had my share of doctors being wrong especially when two others disagreed with him. Price is an issue and the one I could afford is the one that can't do it right away. And maybe, just maybe this doctor said its ok because he wants me to wait. All I know is its getting bigger as I wait and he was wrong about it not getting worse. I'm not replying to anymore idiotic statements like the one above that doesn't have anything constructive to say!!!
  15. Bangkok in general would be the easiest because its a major transportation hub. With that said, you should try some other places in Thailand and see if you like it? For example if you live in Krabi, maybe the extra time and money to travel is worth it? You can take the bus or train back to BKK or fly to Singapore or other countries from the Phuket airport. Just see what place you want to live before deciding. If money is a problem I'd look at Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai because its cheaper there and there's a train and bus and border runs to Laos and Burma. Good luck...go and see what places you want to live to weigh the pros and cons.