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  1. I was not asked for an onward ticket, but I was ready with proof if they had. This year prior to this entry I used one exempt by land and two visas, one from Cambodia and one from Vietnam. My entry this time I was only planning on staying 60 days max. and I didn't want to pay a visa fee. I was going to in Hanoi, but I was warned there might be a problem by the visa agent. I think it was because this was the second time in a row getting a visa from the same Thai consulate and getting it meant I would have spent more then 6 months in Thailand during 2017. I decided to stay in Vietnam longer then 30 days but I ended up breaking a bone in my foot and Bangkok hospitals are so much better then Vietnam hospital. Hence, I came back a little earlier then I intended and they gave me grief for coming back. I was in a wheel chair too because of the long walk through the terminal.
  2. Thank you both for the input. I will feel better about coming back when I need to return.
  3. I was pulled to the side and told that. I'm not planning on coming back until Jan 2018 since I have to go to Cambodia and Vietnam for business over the next few months. I will have to visit a Thai embassy in Vietnam or Cambodia before coming back here.
  4. The immigration official actually used the word "red flag" after questioning me about my entry at the airport. I only had one other exempt visa this year, most of the time I get a tourist visa at a thai consulate in another country.
  5. I got a red flag coming back from Vietnam this last time and I have only a 30 day entry. How long will it be before I can come back to Thailand? I have used both exempt entries and tourists visas for the past two years coming into Thailand. I travel in SE Asia and go to neighboring countries and come back to Bangkok. I often stay 60-90 days in Thailand and then leave for a month or two and come back,. This last time I came back on exempt entry after spending 6 weeks in Vietnam. I also go to Cambodia and spend 1-2 months at a time but overall I spend more time in BKK. How long do I have to wait, and what will I have to do if I come back to Bangkok? I am a photographer, but I don't work here in Thailand, but I may need to come back to get my cameras fixed from time to time. How long before I can come back here? After this episode I decided to live in Vietnam not Thailand so I don't want to get a different Thai visa.
  6. How about toss all the Russian nationals out of America if they retaliate for getting Trump in as president. If the Russians are not dual citizens and they are on a tourist visa, expel them.
  7. So much for the called for protocol of acting like the guest of Thailand. Driver of the boat made a great decision to dock the boat so they could get off.
  8. Maybe it has to do with that there are quite a few Muslims here in Thailand. I assume many were born here and they are Thai. The Muslim woman in the US was born there, but the lady who was complaining didn't consider her a US citizen. Other than that, I don't see a connection?
  9. Trump says China could have hacked Democratic emails

    No, how about Trump paid for hacking by Russians and Putin organized like the British says. Tired of hearing all Trump's lies. Either resign or impeach the SOB. The world doesn't need more dictators and that's all Trump is interested in along with his lies.
  10. If there's enough money in it one of Trump's sons would be the star. After all they do about anything for a quick buck as long as it in the millions.