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  1. I do the same in China, but to me the most important is a vacuum packing machine, vacuum pack, freeze, pack nd seal well in polystyrene boxes, I find good for three days
  2. And they have just been voted the.no 1 US airline for Vietnamese Takeaway
  3. Yes I have seen such queues at the priority departure many times, however it's generally not those with premium passes that holds up the line. if you look at the entrance to these priority lanes, there is a large sign, stating who is eligible, and the list is, Monks, Over 70's, Pregnanr Women, Families with Children, infirm persons. cabin Crew and then priority pass holders. so that's a huge chunk of passengers, then it's not helped by having only two narrow security checks, then a relatively narrow entry to the Immigration followed by only three immigration booths, one being sealed off for cabin crew.
  4. It is worrying that so many who live on the fringes of accepted Typhoon/hurricane paths have no idea of the forces that Mother Nature can throw at us. I have lived in areas such as Hong Kong , Taiwan , Philippines , and now South China for over forty years, and I have seen terrible typhoons. You are right, I also have the HK Observatory app and it's absolutely perfect to monitor the typhoon approaches and wind speeds etc
  5. Your PS does show a lack of consistancy by the Customs officers, or are they prepared to turn a blind eye when openly carrying, but draw the line at attempted "smuggling" i recently read, but cannot remember where, that in the near future, all incoming hold baggage will be X rayed prior to ending up on the carousel. this of course happens in a number of busy international airports and the Customs officials will know what's in bags long before you take them off the carousel.
  6. The fact is, you attempted to enter Thailand with four times your allowed limit of wines. The fact that you never declared them, and the possibility that you entered the green channel, and were caught out, you then become a smuggler in the eyes of the Customs officials. You were possibly very fortunate that they confiscated your bottles but not heavily fined you. I think your comments about in your experience they only targeted Arabs and Locals does indicate that you did know you were pushing your luck.
  7. whether I am reading this story correctly or others are jumping in prematurely. FACT this young lad slept in and was absent from the morning parade, which does not show a self disciplined young man. PROBABILITY he like the rest of the conscripts were housed in billets, and I would think it not unusual that there were likely 15-20 in that billet, if so, an earlier comment about an alarm clock is totally irrelevant, so it would appear he was charged with over sleeping and failure to attend a compulsory parade, in which it seems as if he received a period of detention. now the story takes a twist and I quote. “My son was imprisoned on March 27, and then I met him again in the hospital on March 31 [Friday]. I really don’t know what happened and I can’t imagine what they did to my son during that time. I want justice for my son and I will not cremate his body until the case is concluded. The he report then goes on to mention that this young lad was having issues with the local youngsters, but it doesn't mention whether he was Imprisoned in a military establishment or civilian, and that's where it gets complicated. It reads he had issues with civilians who may have carried out the crime, and then the responsibility must lay with the Prison wardens and not the military as most on here are blamiing. And yes I am proudly an ex serviceman
  8. I understand that canned food was the result of WW2, and the food once canned, would be edible for many years to come. I have even read of canned WW2 foods being uncovered and still ok after forty years. Nowadays, I have noted that canned foods have a shelf life of around 12-14 month maximum, which is just ridiculous. Is this another silly EU requirement or is it the manufacturers aiming fo bigger turnovers and sales.
  9. I have been around thailand for many years, either working there, business trips etc, and Songkran was always the bane of my life. i have to visit again next month, but have selected the dates being 23rd April - 3rd May, the whole visit will be spent in BKK. Please tell me this nonsense will be over and done with by then
  10. That's probably because Guandong is a Province with the main city being Guangzhou, where indeed there is a Thai consulate.
  11. Alex8, either I wrote my piece which wasn't clear, or I did misunderstand you, if that's the case I apologise. Basically, what I was trying to say was I am embarrassed when checking in, and observing the great unwashed, dirty Chang vest, flip flops and shorts who then openly ask could they be upgraded. This was not you as you did not ask but was offered an upgrade if you could change into something more suitable, the difference is chalk and cheese. the old trick of delaying your check in until the last minute, is a very dangerous ploy, especially at the likes of Bangkok airport due to the huge immigration issues, however saying that, I believe those days are almost over now as the likely outcome these days would be for the check in staff to find a passenger in the same seat class as you, who is either a card member or known to the airline, they would likely be upgraded and you would be given their seat. It is also well known that a passenger who has booked a special meal is almost never offered an upgrade as the meal will be packaged for say economy class and could not be served as such in business or first. so I guess for non airline card members the upgrade issue is very hit and miss.
  12. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding on this subject, let me try and explain my understanding. i have beenMarco Polo club member with Cathsy Pacific since 1991, and during that period, I have notched up nearly 800,000 miles with them, and a lot also with their One World partners. I literally alternate year by year between a silver card and the gold card. now let's look at the procedures airlines adopt Rightly or wrongly when they accept bookings. It is well known that they overbook economy by 5% as that is generally the number of no shows at check in. When this doesn't happen and every booked passenger turns up, the upgrade system clicks in. the airline has a record of their frequent flyers, so just for example , they need to make room further up the plane to accommodate the economy passengers that they have overbooked by 5% then it's the frequent card holding flyers that get the benefit , and to be sure, the card status will cone Into effect, green card holders are the lowest, the silver card holders have a better advantage and the gold and sapphire are usually the big winners, and why not , they are the ones who are loyal to the airline. in Cathay, to get a gold card, you need to acquire 600 points in a calendar year, and that takes a lot of flights. For example a return business class ticket from HK to LHR will bag you 150 ,points. i really do squirm with embarrassment when I read that shorts and flip flop wearing economy passengers, have the gall to ask for an upgrade even though they do not belong to the frequent flyer programme of the airlines, the height of arrogance.
  13. Qatar like .cx are members of One World
  14. i was in your position last year, albeit with a UK passport. I decided to renew in the UK and it was very easy I used google to get the procedures and requirements, applied online then was given a time and date to attend the passport office. Was in and out within an hour with a new passport in my grubby hands. i am sure Australia will have similar procedures.
  15. Mods, it appears that the lad has been found, perhaps it's tine to close this subject and allow the unsympathetic personality disordered trolls to find annother topic to practice their terrible humour on.