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  1. Alan's World is an outlet in Dongguan that specialises in West of England Meat Pies, Pasties and Ciders. Over the last four years, Alan's World has grown its reputation in China with their goods being sent to numerous pubs etc in the country. Alan's World are looking at expanding to Thailand, and to judge reactions, they have sent a small number of frozen, vacuum packed products to Bangkok. they are easy to prepare, simply preheat an oven to 180c, take off the packing then bake for 30 mins. The only thing is that the pies will need to be collected from Bond St in Pakkret, and if demand is night, they will have to be rationed. anyone interested please pm me
  2. Forgive me for the depth of this post, but I wish to lay on the line my situation in full to enable those in the know to respond with the correct information from the details given. I am a 70 year old British passport holder, married for 15 years to my Chinese wife who is now nearing 50 years old. We own three properties, one villa of 5,000 SqM in South China and two adjoining condos in Nonthaburi. My wife runs a very successful fire fighting equipment company, the head office being in China, with a sub office in Nonthaburi, she also holds a Thai work permit. we are both comfortably well off, with assets of over 65m Thai Baht, unfortunately, my health is in decline, the cold winters in china not assisting, coupled with the many steps /stairs in the Villa. We have decided to split our time between China and Thailand, where by the way, facilities for disabled are extremely good. i have in the past looked into the Tha Elite visa, but the financial outlay and my declining health have made me rethink. If the grim reaper should come knocking, sooner than expected, then the Thai Elite payment would be lost, yet with the required 800k for the retirement visa would not. a few questions if I may. 1). To apply for a retirement visa, what form of visa would I need on my next thailand entry. 2). If granted a retirement visa, could my wife be issued a spouse visa off my retirement visa and be allowed to be with me. 3). Is there any way my wife could retain her work permit. 4). How arduous is the actual issuing of the retirement visa, would I have to spend hours at Chaeng Wattana. 5). Is CW wheelchair friendly or do they have special procedures for disabled. 6). What proof do I need to show that the required 800k has been in my account for the required 3 months. Is a bank deposit book acceptable. i thank you for your positive responses, as I have previously stated, I have placed my cards on the table to show my full position and financial standing. No doubt a number will comment on this.
  3. Back in BKK for the Chinese New Year break, went to Makro to stock up with beer for my two week stay. Purchased four cases of what I thought was my usual Cheers Lager, only to find last night that it's a new Strawberry flavoured beer, totally undrinkable , its vile and hideous. I do hope Makro do sales and returns if the sales invoice is produced. if they dont accept returns, the only thing I can do is use them to water the house plants.Even the plants may object !
  4. Thank you, a sensible response at last,
  5. Oh dear wrong time of the month ? Menopause ? If you read what I said, perhaps you would understand ! The OP stated that it couldn't have been brake failure as he noted the brake lights illuminating, I merely suggested that brake lights do not indicate the brakes actually working. got it now or would you prefer another explanation.. I personally have no idea if the brakes worked or not and I am not trying to argue for or against. And yes I was involved with vehicles, both commissioning and training, such as these
  6. Tourist visa options

    The OP openly states he has been in Thailand for close on 16 months, using "tourist" visas or visa excerpt. he then went onto say ""Nearly all entries, TR and exempt, have been extended. I am 36 ,from UK, and LIVING in Thailand on savings which I can prove."" Methinks someone is pushing his luck here
  7. Brake lights are usually actuated by an electrical micro switch on the brake pedal, the brake lights activate electrically, The actual braking system is operated by either hydraulics or pneumatics and is totally independent of the electrical system, meaning brake lights do not show the braking system is operative.
  8. Airport JAIL!

    There are similarities with this case and the recent Zimbabwean families situation, except they were not locked away!
  9. Being semi disabled myself, I hope the following helps. Before I purchased an electric mobility scooter, I on a number of occasions required assistance on arrival at Swampy, and every time it was arranged by the airline, in my case Cathay Pacific. upon checking in, I simply informed the check in staff that I needed wheel chair assistance at Bangkok. Upon landing, I was met at the aircraft door by a person with the required wheel chair, who then took me through the fast track immigration, helped my wife at the baggage carousel then through customs to my awaiting transportation. I believe this service is free, but I always tip the operator. By the way, as I understand it, all airlines and no matter which class you fly, are required to offer this service. Something to do with IATA. now I have my own scooter, I am able to ride it to the departure gate, where it's taken off me, then on arrival it's waiting for me at the jetway, then go through the usual procedures to exit the arrivals. In the pasti have read incorrect posts on here that it's not possible to use your own scooter at Swampy, this is nonsense as I do it regularly. good luck !
  10. Wonder why it was only Males who got arrested, the ladies appear to me to be equally involved
  11. Son of Isaan

    A beautiful tribute and such a haunting version of "you raise me up", I would very much like to know who the singer is.
  12. Surely the four words "living here" and "tourist visa"contradict each other
  13. Built in Korea, damaged in a storm over Malaysia ? Did they miss Thailand and over flew to Malaysia on delivery ?