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  1. A Low Pressure Area in the Luzon Straights has Intensified into a Tropical Depression and expected to further intensify into a Tropical Storm / Typhoon in the next 24 hours. It is predicted to move WNW over Hainan and Vietnam, If it intensifies further it can be expected to affect rainfall in the North and North East Thailand
  2. DipStick

    Fire destroys 20 Bangkok squatter houses

    I am assuming your post was an attempt at humour, however, you might be somewhere near the truth if squatter huts, flimsy as they are connected to the mains, had failed to have breakers fitted.
  3. if I am wrong, then I apologise, but you have held a ED visa for twelve months “but missed to many classes”, with this statement it appears obvious that you are using and abusing the system. It’s obvious that you are trying to live in Thailand using irrelevant visas .
  4. Brilliant Joe as usual, many thanks
  5. Another question but on topic, I entered on a visa excempt, went to Immigration and changed it to Non OA which expires 2nd September, if, as suggested this Non OA can be turned into a retirement extension 15 days before expiry, will the retirement extension for one year be dated from 2nd September or from the date I apply
  6. A Hi Blooter, I am in almost the same situation as yourself, I am in Dongguan and entered Thailand on a visa excempt which I transferred to a Non O in Bangkok. It’s very difficult to get such avisa from thai embassy in Guangzhou. the immigration in Nonthaburi accepted my Chinese marriage certificate no need for translation? One thing I heard is that monies deposited in your thai account must be proven to have come out of Thailand good luck
  7. DipStick

    Limited use of arms and hands

    Great ideas, many thanks
  8. Not strictly true, Hong Kong nationals with chinese lineage are entitled to hold a BNO passport as well as a HKSAR passport, neither are PRC passports. a PRC passport requires visas etc to most destinations, a HKSAR Passport is much more flexible
  9. Surely it’s all about passports not looks. The signage states very clearly Chine passport holders. Taiwanese and Hong Kongers do not hold PRC passports and therefore are not eligible for the privilege
  10. DipStick

    Limited use of arms and hands

    Thanks, I see your point, but my question was not so much a medical one but more administrative,
  11. Is it just a straight translation or does it also need to be legally signed as a genuine translation.
  12. This is a serious Post, so will those with nothing constructive to add, back off. i have a health issue, that now requires me to use a disability scooter, however, whilst parts of my body are closing down slowly, the loss of feeling in my hands has been rather quick. I am now unable to hold a pen or such things as cutlery, the pen is a major issue, this because I am now unable to sign documents, this is proving a major issue with official documents, such as immigration forms, cheques, bank requirements , the list goes on. i am currently in hospital in HK, they got round the problem by using my fingerprint, however that’s unlikely to be accepte£ at immigration and banks etc. Any suggestions will be gladly received.
  13. This is only part of the story, The South China Morning Post reports in today’s edition that five airports in Thailand have opened immigration lanes for Chinese passport holders only, each manned by Mandarin speaking staff, they also report that Chinese can now obtain multi entry visas and visas on arrival will be free. This could have a positive spin off for non Chinese as the immigration queues will likely be less crowded
  14. DipStick

    financing a car - advice pls

    You’ve made the story even more horrifying, you have bumped up the original 100k per month to 1 million !
  15. My apologies in advance as i Feel sure this has been covered before but I cannot find. i will be eligible to apply for a one year retirement visa on 2nd September, would like to arrive BKK say 21 days before issue, I have no visa issues but due to timing and circumstances, my Chinese wife can only arrive on a 15 day visa excempt, can this be extended t an immigration office