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  1. Snow destinations near to Thailand

    Have a look at Harbin in NE China. Snow and loads of ice carvings
  2. ". I've met a few war fantasists here over the years, you know - 'I was in Nam' barstool buffoons" Taking into account the outcome of the Vietnam War, I fail to see why anyone would want to admit being there and part of it
  3. Singaporean English Lah, but he was smack out of order and a bully to boot. Should have been arrested.
  4. Can we also agree that flying with budget airlines is also a big gamble. Cheaper flights = less compensation
  5. where to get a Bracelet cut off wrist.

    It would help if you said what material the bracelet is made of and how tight it is on your wrist
  6. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    I started this thread to help show that being disabled is not the end of the world, and life can go on, albeit with a few extra difficulties. I must admit at being pleasantly surprised by the response comments and the number of "likes" received. There was only one idiotic comment that was removed very quickly by the power to be, so all in all, what I hoped would be a helpful post turned out to be just that.
  7. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    Thanks for your concern, much appreciated, however in my OP, I did state I was left semi disabled, with great difficulty I am able to "hobble" around, but my balance has been badly affected, leaving me when walking resembling a drunkard ! I fear falling in public, hence the scooter. As for Physio, I have talked to one here, he is American and is the full time pro physio for the professional Dongguan basketball team, he is however reluctant to treat me as my injury stems from a spinal cord event.
  8. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    From my experience , one has to be quite selective when purchasing, I note your comments on a heavy duty, which would mean probably a heavier and bulkier unit that's would likely be very difficult to get into a car. Todays technology allows lighter scooters with very good capabilities, for example my scooter folds and unfolds automatically using a key fob,, it has a top speed of around 4 Kmh and a battery range of 14 KM I have ridden it around Zhenzhen airport, Beijing, Hong Kong and BKK airports, it's able to be ridden to the aircraft door (jetway) folded and put in the aircraft forward hold, and is waiting for me at the jetway when I disembark, with a heavy duty unit I feel that these abilities could be compromised. if you want to know more google SOLAX DISABILITY SCOOTERS
  9. Please stay with me, a trifle long winded. i am now 70 years old, always been very active and up to a year ago could hold my own on the squash court, then the misery started, six months ago I fell and landed on the top angle of a concrete step, damaging my spinal cord. This has left me semi disabled and in severe trouble. i live and operate two businesses in Dongguan, South China, the city is known as the factory capital of China, and through a friend was introduced to a Taiwanese owner of a factory manufacturing the latest form of electric disability scooters and I purchased one.a very good decision. it is totally useless to me here in Dongguan as the city is not wheelchair friendly, but I found a month ago, and much to my surprise, Bangkok is relatively accessible, of course I am not talking about downtown. my wife and I own a small but comfortable condo on the 27th floor in Pakkret near MTT. In our block there are no steps anywhere but ramps, both to the multi level car parks and onto the main road. Being sceptical, my wife and I decided to tour our local shopping areas on Charing Wattana, I was surprised as everywhere we went we "discovered" how much easier it was to get around, than we envisaged. all of the large outlets, whether Tesco, Big C or Homepro all had wheelchair access, with ramps not steps and elevators or walkways all of which when living here previously I had never noticed as I had no need,the Central Department Store on CW can only be given 10/10 as it had everything ramps, disabled parking as well as special lifts for wheelchairs, manoeuvring around it was effort and stress less . i was also greatly impressed by the Thai people, they to a T were polite, understanding and helpful, even nudging myself and wife asIde to help load the scooter in and out of our SUV, this happened every single time and without being asked, I doubt those concerned will be reading this, but if they are, I would publicly like to say a huge thank you. so, as I started, you just don't realise what's available until you need something different.
  10. Chinese

    Don't Muang Airport, which for international flights is operated by LCC and possibly used by cheap Charlie's or low class Chinese. FYI tipping in any establishment in china is frowned upon, so it's a cultural thing.
  11. Chinese

    In a way Thailand itself and the Thai Government are to blame for the huge number of Chinese tour groups invading. This because here in china (where I live and work), Thailand is advertised as a cheap and nearby country to visit, couple this with the fact that it's so much easier to be granted a tourist visa if applying to travel in a tour group, the result is as being witnessed. Basically the tour groups appear to be from the lower income group, who still have the soil from the rice fields in their toes. Europe is now more and more targeted by the middle / upper class individuals who travel independently and are a different ball game. As for the tour groups and their eating habits, do some research on the "iron rice bowl concept" that may help you understand the attitudes
  12. I personally don't consider a CBR300 a powerful bike for Expressway duties, however saying that, i guess the end result would be the same if he was riding a smaller or bigger bike. The human neck will almost always come off second best in such collisions .
  13. Repatriating with a Thai wife

    Nice for a change to read a positive repatriation post, so well done to both of you. It appears that your wife has made the effort to overcome the obstacles thrown at both of you, and that to me shows her commitment in making your marriage work. Too often I read that Thai wives are apt to throw in the towel, start mixing with other Thais, getting involved with other men and placing huge stresses on their helpless husbands. well done to both of you.
  14. British rider Hegarty dies at Macau Grand Prix

    After watching the video, it seems as if he may have misjudged his approach to the corner as he didn't appear to "line up" he appeared to carry on going straight, right into the barrier. Whatever a sad death RIP
  15. Thai teen makes badminton history

    Wimbledon ? I always believed Badminton uses a shuttlecock !