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  1. Meat pies Jomtien.

    Does the business saying, "Quality,Supply and Demand" ring any bells ?
  2. Something You May Not Know

    This is typical China, visas are often restricted or even refused if a political event is around the corner. On the 18th this month the 2017 Chinese communist convention takes place. the same restrictions were put into place for the G7 conference and also for the world internet convention, both within the last two years. taking the above into account, it would not surprise me if all the Chinese Consulates are singing from the same song sheet.
  3. 45min wait at immigration is back

    Over the eight years living in China, I have noticed that the Chinese Immigration to be very efficient. In places such as LoWu, Shekou Ferry, Guangzhou and Beijing Irports, they have "Foreigner Only lanes" and usually a breeze
  4. gf son is pregnant

    I am not sure I understand your comments. "DNA TESTS ASAP" The situation appears to be that a young female is ten days late for her monthly period. so please explain, at this moment what is there to carry out DNA testing on ? If you had suggested a DNA immediately after the baby was born, then I would have understood and agreed
  5. Right, let's cut to the chase, how much is a beaker of this Unbranded Lxx beer, am really surprised this hasn't been asked already.
  6. Please bear with me on this as I am no where near up to date with the latest Visa requirements. Background, my Stepdaughter, who is a Chinese subject, graduated from Bristol Uni in the U.K., doing very well with a Law degree with hounours,after graduating she returned to her birth city Kunming. She has been in contact with a large foreign University in Thailand and after getting a tourist visa valid for 30 days, she flew to Thailand for interviews. Now her visa expires on the 17th October. Question 1 If she is offered a position in Thailand, can she transfer her Non O visa to a Non B or will she be required to leave and apply in china Question 2. If she does have to return to china, it may take the Thai Uni some time to arrange the paperwork for her to apply in China, with this in mind, can she apply to extend her present Non O locally in BKK ? i hasten to add, for reasons unknown to me, she actually travelled from China to BKK on a single ticket, meaning she cannot produce a return ticket ! ,
  7. If one wishes to introduce indifelity into their personal/ family life style then be prepared to accept the obvious consequences when found out, as you likely will be.
  8. There were articles on this very subject last week in the U.K. Press. suggest you googles "steps to take prior to downloading IOS 11"
  9. Thanks all. I will contact them
  10. IDL and 5 years ELITE VISA

    I guess the fair response is another question " how long is a piece of string". Meaning the fine will probably be how much you can be gouged for
  11. I am looking at applying for the 5 year family Thai Elite visa, can anyone confirm for a married couple that the cost is 800,000 Baht for the five years ( man and wife) and for each additional family member the cost is 300,000 Baht. Thanks in advance
  12. Any Satellite Alternatives to True Vision

    Yes very cler but wrong. A number of years ago I switched from True to Skynet out of Myanmar. they have over 110 channels including a number of very good sports channels, BBC, Sky News etc. Worth checking them out
  13. That's probably because the Thai Airflight is direct whilst the KLM flight is via Amsterdam.
  14. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    Oh dear, the wannabe special forces bar huggers may have competition