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  1. DipStick

    Android Remote issues

    Typical, with the WC and some decent rugby upon us, it appears my android remote has started playing up. Either it ignores commands or starts whizzing through the available channels. Totally useless. i have changed the batteries, still no luck, has anyone come across these issues before. If need be, can I replace the remote and if so how to “marry” it to the android box ? Does anyone know if the IT Square Laksi would have such stock. urgent responses please. Thanks in advance
  2. There are a number of questions to be answered and these are (1) is your Thai ATM readily accepted in most machines in the UK (2) is the ATM exchange rate acceptable and (3) is the service charge acceptable. personally, if I were you I would exchange Baht to Sterling with someone like Superich here in Thailand and use the ATM as a backup. Although now holding. Thai retirement extension, I spend a lot of time in South China with bank accounts at the China Merchant Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, both banks ATM are Union Pay, and can only be used at Bangkok Bank ATM’s. When coming to BKK, I change RMB and HK$ at Superich upon arrival.. word of warning, do not use money changers within the UK and especially so at places like airports.
  3. Yes quite, reroute them to single lane roads, that’s bound to work !
  4. DipStick

    Don Meung - Pattaya after 11:00 PM

    I am not having a dig, but there are a number of times that flying with a LCC doesn’t always work out, and this one of them. LCC = unsocial operating hours and smaller airports. But it is concerning that your finances restrict you so.
  5. What a totally irresponsible and ridiculous suggestion.
  6. Lunch just after midnight, now that’s a new one !
  7. Al three terminals at NAIA are both horrendous and traffic a nightmare, how you can make the comment you did I really don’t know!
  8. DipStick

    2 months?

    You are wrong, misinformation is very dangerous and you should refrain from posting if you are prone to guessing.
  9. As a matter of interest,the Heimlich manoeuvre can be self admitted by using the back of a high dining chair
  10. Foreign wives can join the same queue as her British husband, have done it Many times
  11. Yesterday, I attended the Nonthaburi Immigration office to convert my visa exempt to an eventual retirement extension. Using a mobility scooter, and after reading reports of this office, I was very apprehensive. my first surprise was to realise that this office was no longer in a remote location, but is in fact in a now quite a well built up area, my concerns about the office being non wheelchair friendly were justified, there was a disabled parking space, but had motorcycles taking it up, there was a wheelchair ramp, but it was very steep,, narrow with a 90 degree turn half way up, very difficult to manoeuvre and in my opinion, dangerous. once reaching the office door, things got worse as the step up was very high, but the immigration officers were great, they helped me in then lifted in the scooter. previous reports of the staff being difficult must be a thing of the past, from the most senior, who was a very helpful young lady, to her staff were jovial and very helpful. Mission accomplished, on the 11thJune they will issue me a 90 day extension after that a one year. so all in all a very satisfied and grateful customer, with the buggerence factor no where near what was expected. I am a firm believer of treating people as you would like to be treated, perhaps that’s why the staff were very good to me.
  12. DipStick

    Are you one of Thailand’s ugly tourists?

    Tourists taking drugs ? Why don’t you expand and use the word foreigners ?
  13. If the op is 65 or over he can legally use the priority lane, no need to pay out money
  14. Instead of making uninformed racialist comments, let figures speak for themselves. Yes, one does hear quite regularly of stupid acts being carried out on Chinese domestic flights, as well as a few on International flights, but considering in 2017 over 549 million passengers were flown domestically in China, then the reported stupid acts pale in significance. . I travel very regularly in China and have yet to witness such acts, and for the record, In nine years have never seen a Chinese passenger drunk and disorderly
  15. DipStick

    Visiting wife's family

    I think you will find there is a huge difference between an electric gate and an electrified fence !