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  1. Dear oh dear, another expat who doesn't get it ! When you as a not so rich foreigner marries an Asian, you marry into the family, and you should understand that you as the husband come below her parents in the pecking order. Your quicksand is likely to be that her income is higher than yours, which could possibly mean without her in come to support yours, you will be financially down the tubes. A situation I would never ever get into. I wish you luck, when she returns to her family and village, leaves you with your child but no financial backup. What good to you is the beach when you have no time to enjoy it as a single father
  2. Have you ever stopped to think that the Thai authorities are more interested in taking in higher than middle class foreigners who can reside comfortably instead of the dross and misfits one reads of on here. Look at the requirements needed to revert back to places such as the UK with a foreign wife. It appears to me that Thailand is more user friendly than a lot of countries. never forget, you or any other foreigner was never invited here, it was your decision and rules have to be abided to. As they say, when in Rome etc
  3. As you are not in China yet, I am assuming that you do not yet have a Chinese bank account. I have lived and worked in China for the last nine years, and it is my experience that moving money out of China is not easy at all. i live in South China quite close to Hong Kong, and as is typical of China, rules seem to be interpreted differently in different cities, so I cannot answer for Shanghai. you do not mention the amount of money you wish to move, but here in Dongguan the maximum per calendar year is USD 50,000 (approx 340,000 RMB) which depending on your China salary may or may not be satisfactory. being so close to HK, I opened a HK bank account, and have on a number of occasions hand carried RMB there and paid into that account, but even that way is fraught with dangers.
  4. As a matter of interest, the BMA have 6x Simon Ss600 Super Snorkels with a height reach of 60m as well as quite a number of Simon LTI 52m Ladders, whether they are still operational or not, who knows.
  5. If you read what I said, never mentioned who or what nationalities, or religions were housed there, I said witnesses, who just happened to have names that I alluded to
  6. After following this from early morning, I cannot get my head around the fact that the fire supposedly started on the second floor, but in a very short time had 25 storeys above it blazing. the flames and heat were so intense the Fire Brigade had to use their aerial towers remotely from the ground. Two words spring to mind, accelerants and arson! Another thing that struck me were the witnesses and those giving statements, without exception, they all had Asian and Arabic names, is it possible this was a revenge attack ? Food for thought !
  7. Oh dear it would appear sarcastic humour is another issue you are not aware of.
  8. Regarding your experts as everything comment. If I told you I was ex SAS, or ex Royal marine or ex Bomb Squad you would probably disbelieve me, but you would be wrong on one of the options. In this day and age, I believe it is imperative that people should be aware of what procedures to take in a suspect bomb situation, and here I give you two options. NUMBER 1 1. Upon seeing a suspiscious package, remove all sharp objects from your person, including eye glasses, contact lenses, pens, knives etc.as you don't want to hurt yourself. 2. Casually walk over to the suspiscious package, and sit beside it and then look down on it from above. 3. When you are comfortable you need to decide what material the package is made of, how many wires are coming out of it, is there a cellphone attached to the wires or any batteries. 4. Once you have ascertained (3) you then lean over it, pick it up and estimate it's weight 5. Once all of the above have been carried out, it's suggested you back away from the package and change your undies, then approach the package again, then pick it up and shake it, this procedure is almost guaranteed to prove whether the device is a bomb or not. OPTION 2 call the experts who will attend with a bomb suit and protective gear, they will probably have a robotic device which has a shotgun or the likes attached. They will carry out a controlled explosion which will again definately prove the device was a bomb or not. does the above enlighten you at all ?
  9. Would you care to expand and explain this comment
  10. Mods it's time this thread was closed, it's totally unbelievable the amount of posters on here who put down and don't trust their Thai wives or girlfriends . The whole issue of the OP has been sidetracked. Remember people you reap what you sow
  11. To the OP before going any further read this. Things may not be as you think. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4577834/How-SURVIVE-fall-death.html i myself thought I had a stroke and THOUGHT I HAD LOST MY BALANCE ETC this article opened my eyes, and two month later, with no medication I am improving every day. As the Royal Marine Commando saying goes "ITS A STATE OF MIND" in other words don't let your mind over rule your heart and body , sadly in your case you have rather pathetically given in..... FIGHT
  12. I live and work in China, And I agree with the shouting, however I put it down to many family members living in crowded conditions with the need to shout to be heard. as for the pushing and shoving, I very rarely see that here, however, I do have a theory and that is, when they tour a pack mentality forms and I have been told that they are frightened of being separated from their pack. Maybe some truth in that
  13. Are you suggesting that you have the ability to identify a nationality simply by the faeces left in the street. Brilliant Sherlock !
  14. "Someone was prepared to pay you to do a job which you can no longer carry out " REALLY ? How about someone was prepared to hire you illegally without the required visas and permits.. Question, if the immigration raided the school, who would they arrest the school principal or the not so innocent illegal worker .. Mr Smith get your head out of the sand and be honest and realistic ..
  15. I am certainly no expert, but logic tells me that as you are working illegally on a tourist visa, your contract could be considered as invalid. With this in mind, I would think you are free to walk, however, I would suggest any salary owed you would be with held. i may be wrong