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  1. I read an interview with him in his homecountry. he is an alcoholic. being drunk, out of all your senses. then thailand is not the right country to stay in. He is back in his country. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  2. yes from eating monkey I had always heard, but in this film they say it came from using monkey as for testing this polio vacine. they the scientist got this extra virus from the the monkey as a bonus or hiden passenger with the polio vacine. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Saw a documentary on youtube about hiv had started or originated from vacine for polio Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  4. hello , my friend is moving from pattaya to Surin and his 90 days report is due at same time in Jomtien. Is it not best for him to do notification of new residence and 90 days report, both at the same time in Surin ? to safe him trip to Jomtien? best regards
  5. Travill

    Retirement Visa

    So if you have got 12 month extension based on retirement before, and got it without money in Thailand bank. methold, say you used letter from embassy to confirm you had enough money in your homeland to live here on. Then next time you would have to have the money here for 3 months in bank in Thailand next time you asked for extension based on retirement. Even if it is the first time you are using money in the bank in Thailand, for asking about a 12 month extension ? So it is only your first extension the money is aloud for only 2 months in bank ?
  6. Travill

    Retirement Visa

    hello, is 2 months in the bank not enough for first time users ; of money in the bank in Thailand, for retirement visa ?
  7. just to understand this rule : it is for people that have enter Thailand without getting visa.in other words those that arrive without visa. but those how have enter Thailand with a visa can still do more than 2 border runs per year ?
  8. in my passport stands Non immigrant 'O' M ,and the M is under no of entry. so you are right brittim
  9. thanks for good respond sorry that I got lost in the visa jungle Yea, I have O M visa
  10. Hello, I got a non immigrant O M visa, My entry stamp got me only 3 months, so I already did one visa run and my next visa run is in january 2017. so can I do like 7 visa runs on O M visa ?
  11. Thanks for your answer , so if I understand you properly, I can do like 7 visa runs until july 2018 ? I just have to be careful to also leave before my visa stamps expire so I get another year?
  12. Hello, I arrived on here on 1 agust , my visa expires in 19 july 2017. How long can I stay in Thailand by using visa runs?