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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for some small tailor shop which could fix some of my clothes. Minor adjustments, minor clothes repair. Anyone know any shop? Preferably thong lo or sukhumvit area. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Has anyone tried obtaining SETV from Australia? Couldn't find a report. I wonder about actual requirements and success rates. Thanks,
  3. Matt199

    SETV Report - Seoul

    last few reports of people trying to get a SETV in Taipei resulted in denial. - what's your nationality?
  4. Thanks for replies! I got VEE at Pedang Basar. I was bit stressed though. I picked a line with a lady who was cheerful, smiling and joking with another officer. But her mood quickly changed when I have shown her my passport. She was flipping back and forth and it seemed that she wasn't very happy with my first page. On the first page, I had my SETV extension re-stamped from the previous passport. She asked me to go to to a room where several officers were at their desks. They also didn't like my first page pointing at it with fingers. In the end, I was asked only about onward travel ticket but not cash. I showed them. After several minutes of IOs talking I was let in.
  5. Interesting itinerary. Looking closer at the dates and destinations I don't think METV makes sense here. Apart from METV being a bit of a hassle, the 180 days of METV starts running from the day it was issued. OP could apply for METV only in the U.S, but then he would waste time on METV by being in Europe and Japan. The time spent in Thailand after being in those two destinations would not justify getting an METV. Btw, this site can be helpful to understand more about Thai visas including METV I think a mix of VEE, SETV(s) and extensions would be totally OK. It would not seem like you're living in Thailand full time, and if you have 20k baht on you + good story to say about your finances (potentially if asked) you'd be fine. We don't know your full passport story though, but I think you would've mentioned it if you felt it was important.
  6. Big thanks to UbonJoe, BritTim and JackThompson!
  7. Hi guys, I'm always looking to find a good food place that survived the test of time (50 years+). Does anyone know good places in Bangkok? Chinese or Thai or any other cuisine? I was recommended Prachak Roasted Duck as having the best duck in town. It was certainly a gem to find! Very cheap, good, 100 years of history and a great atmosphere. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, I'm in Thailand on my 4th back to back SETV. I will be going to Taiwan in 5 weeks, and I'm thinking about some options of coming back safely to Thailand. Based on few visa reports, I understand that Taipei was denying SETVs so I don't plan on applying for one there. Instead, I consider: 1) flying back directly to DMK and trying to get VEE (I have not had a VEE in more than 2,5 years; before only 1 or 2). 2) flying to Malaysia and going through the land border to TH and trying to get VEE. If not possible, I go to Penang to get SETV and re-enter 3) flying to Penang, getting SETV there and crossing via land to TH I'm thinking about VEE because I haven't had one in a long time, and I will be leaving Thailand for Christmas period anyway, so I'm fine with 60 days in Thailand this time (VEE + 30 day extension of stay). Obviously, I'd much prefer option 1 then 2, and lastly 3. I would appreciate any advice/comment. Much thanks!
  9. you're correct. Cannot edit my post anymore though.
  10. Matt199

    SETV Hong Kong

    Personally, I think either the address will serve just fine. If you're hesitant to fill it in, then you can ask at the embassy while applying. It will take few seconds to fill.
  11. Thanks! Then it sounds like it is in their interest to be issuing visas if they advise so. I assume not every embassy will be explicit in this regard.
  12. Visa history from the passport is available, yes, of course. My question is if consulate takes a look into its' own visa history records and potentially matches passports to see if an applicant has been applying before i.e. does getting a new passport can help with obtaining SETV?
  13. They cannot look at applicant's total visa history. They can look at applicant's history in his passport. Perhaps what they can do is retrieve visa history from that particular consulate only, but I'm not sure if they do it. Anyone knows? i.e. three SETV from Vientiane in previous passport and the person is applying with a new passport?
  14. Correct. Just want to add that ONLY in case of 30-day extension of stay, the passport holder needs to contact Immigration Office which had issued the extension to transfer it into new passport (done it last month myself)
  15. Matt199

    Education Visa

    I'm no expert, but I can't imagine that those warnings coming from IO are recorded in any way i.e. note in the system saying "don't let this guy in again" (?) You could have a problem next time on a visa-exempt entry or not at all (no one can predict). As others replied already it's best to get SETV & have 20k baht or equivalent in major currency on you. One thing that I read in other threads is that having thai girlfriend helps. Have her at the airport waiting for you, or at least on dial so you can call her if problem arises again.