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  1. Blame the farangs..without farangs, no have farangs' price....
  2. How you expect TVF to recommend you the right lawyers if they don't what's problem..
  3. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    Thais love gold just buy her at least a baht.. Only 20K.
  4. Food court money Oh dear

    Probably none of my business...then why on TVF..
  5. He has many friends..dead or alive...
  6. How amazing someone can misunderstand between a Fall and a Rape.....remember the guy who had a fall and claimed to police that he was beaten and raped I mean robbed...
  7. Opening a bank account

    You can't compare an apple with an orange...
  8. Not only many but too too many...
  9. Arm-chair sleuths aplenty....
  10. Prayut pleads ignorance in ‘puppy-gate’

    Just say the dogs belong to a third party, settle all...
  11. ......you can't beat them they are in charge...
  12. Hi there, if one is to enter Thailand with visa-exempt and stays at friend's place ( not hotel ) for 25 days, couple of times per year, does he need to comply with the TM30 form. He is not doing 90-days reporting, visa-run, extensions etc...needs not go to immi for anything. Will he be asked to produce the TM30 receipt at the airport when departing Thailand.....thanks folks.
  13. Sad it takes US 15 years to realize that....Pakistan is now with PRC...