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  1. Strange why no one blames the muslim countries for not accepting the refugees...
  2. New beer prices

    It's called Entrepreneurship....
  3. The stupid long Q at immigration has nothing much to do with Thai filling TM6 forms...Thais have arrival counters of their own...which foreigners are not allowed to use even they are empty.
  4. Park at Airport Central Plaza and walk (exercise) over to the imm....
  5. Just follow behind your wife, when she has finished with IO ask her to let the IO knows that you are her husband/freang, most if not all will allow you...good luck next time...
  6. Saint Christopher medallion....
  7. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    Of course she has help she can't disappear into thin air....Prawit you dumb ^&*....
  8. Meeting decent ladies in CM??

    """ Willing to please """.........
  9. At least she is not selfish in love.....she share her love....how many can share their love with others...
  10. She was being generous...not dumb....
  11. Meeting someone else back home

    Ditch the old for a new, and when the new gets old you repeat your game again. Grow up.