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  1. Nai Yok Too should ban all publications that contained words like "coup and junta"....
  2. Blame the government for not enforcing the laws...
  3. The two must paid a hefty sum to use the toilets....
  4. Well we do not know the true story...but one thing I am sure is most chinese from PRC are uncouth, arrogant and aggressive..a reflection of the rise of China.....have met many of them at airport centre..etc etc. not only in Thailand but many other countries....
  5. These quality tourists staying in high-end resorts are what the TOT wants...
  6. Can one really hang oneself to death by a bedsheet......
  7. I am going to attend a course to improve my "poor reading comprehension" can anyone advise me where..... Maybe scottiejohn, evenstevens, sappersrest and rawhod can help.....BTW hope I won't be charged for clicking "LIKE"..
  8. What a story, the guy must be connected to the army.
  9. Get the book....Travel tips for dummies...
  10. Don't worry some good farangs will clean it up.......