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  1. Speed detectors not bought yet: Chayapol

    It's the army get rich musical chair...ok who's turn......
  2. So mistaken you from China is an insult. What an insult to RPC.
  3. Are you sure your thai pronunciation sound Thai.
  4. The taxi driver said you are from China and you get offended.
  5. So much so all those thai immigration bashing....now what ?????
  6. What are you seeking on TVF, advice or financial aids...
  7. I think he should claim temporary insanity....77 years old guy with wife and children behaving in such a manner, has he ever spare a thought for the family....sad but stupid...
  8. Supreme Court delays yellow-shirt verdict again

    85 defendants and so every court's hearing a defendant absent himself......no hearing...nice ploy it can go on and on..
  9. I think most TV members when someone slaps you on one cheek right turn to him the other also...
  10. Bravo for showing the video.....more farangs will claim the video is doctored....the farang is carrying a banana..the thai just did a flip-flop for exercise....
  11. Annoying Soi Dogs

    Get rid of the dogs...put up a notice 5000 bahts for a dead dog... Get rid of the sois...there will be no soi dogs...
  12. Drink laws?

    The OP refused a test....and you claim police framing innocent people....you are a joke...