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  1. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    North Korea do not have such scheme....
  2. On the back of the ticket there are columns for you to fill in your name and contact no....
  3. The onus is not on streetlights or her headlight but you no have light on your bike
  4. Well what can UK do, Russia had done that before.....
  5. Bar problem

    So what you expect for the 10 hours duration...take Viagra 10 times...pathetic...chances are the girl you booked is an illegal maybe under-age...you can be charged..get your money back, that's a dumb question...
  6. Three weeks ago going overseas from chiangmai airport I was asked to have my wallet yes my wallet x-rayed.
  7. Help me with advise, scooter accident!

    You are a scam.
  8. Hidden Assets Investigation

    How the <deleted> someone can marry a woman he doesn't trust.
  9. What's the problem with 20 bahts if can strike 6 millions.
  10. Prayut defends Prawit over expensive watches

    All crows under the sky are BLACK...
  11. I thought this happens only in Thailand with all the comments on TVF....
  12. running bare-chested

    Why can't you put on a shirt or t-shirt.....